Meet the Trumpettes, High Society Women Standing By Trump

As Trump makes voter fraud and 'rigged' election claims, these women who continue to stand by their candidate and stand up for him in the media.
10:12 | 10/18/16

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Transcript for Meet the Trumpettes, High Society Women Standing By Trump
Good evening thanks for joining us today Donald Trump doubling down on his explosive yet unsubstantiated. Charge that the election is rigged. And just hours ago his wife Gilani at defending her husbands and she's not alone. Despite the vulgarity we heard on that leaked tape and accumulating accusations of Trump's inappropriate behavior. There are still women who remain very much in support of his candidacy. Here's ABC's nick watt in our election countdown series inside the final thirty. Women parts from sticking by their candidate this point that Access Hollywood take grabbed by the despite those eight women now alleging inappropriate sexual advances from mr. trump and I. I think I felt that it hinders our wings. Salad plus kids right why now what is driving them at this point now to come forth and type something Milan at Trump Plaza in that same question tonight in an interview on CNN dismissing her husband's words in that Nash. Infamous tape. As boy told. At the boys that delayed they talk when they grow up and they won that. And the sometimes so we tied their old decent that and talking above the ground send. But. Am. I he I would I was surprised of course. Standing by her man who also defended himself tonight. Speaking would ABC's. On yemen's turned out or what have you crossed the line in the past with women ever I don't think so I'm I have great respect for women I have tremendous respect for women. We wanted to find back have the latest headlines parent trumps most loyal females orders against him. I have Erica great and it's yeah. Take that money went up BA sat out a few weeks ago that women who pull themselves trumpet this. We're dying. He's Superman he's a hero well heeled wealthy limited and rallies but still stumped. Europe and deplorable adorable. You're a deplorable. There are a lot of people out there that say. They're not going to term because they don't want to say that. And they when they go in the Booth and a close this thing that. Without the inside Newsweek who Tony Houghton Hollywood. That's Tony hold Kramer longtime entertainment reports pictures of her with the Donald adorn Eric. Allaire mansion she claims to be the founder of the trump adds that. Steve cast of mind you gave Hillary a silver frame. I can't panic I guess I. Thanking you for god laughs at our lesson that's right I'm sick did I didn't go to her house for dinner key times. They word according to Tony friends and this is or housekeeper Maria Correia. Do you feel you have. To be from. Well I'm happy note that that group because I'm got to meet in the area. Right. But. On the Republican. Does do what I Ruble when a book for me. And that's Carol Connors a successful songwriter and one time singer. With a Teddy games. Do you do okay. Finally Ron this year vegan I had fun racing I've never. It's never else so I'm I. Tell you it won't really knows right now that I'm doing well though say hi Amy Bette and welcome to another installment of USA. On the night she used to host. We'll know right now it very successful loans derail entrepreneur how did don't have next female intuition. Stronger female and listen this group of women we've been through a lot. That we recorded interviews before that that infamous tape leaked to head back to you bet layered his vehicle donated from pat has changed her mind. Meanwhile in Matthews yeah using the story heading Florida beat around. She last vote would make a right before the trump tape was released that night she and that text me. I know it's late but I am mortified at the new comments that company cheese and went on to say unless they meet pants the presidential candidate. I may not be able to continue to stand for Tron I'm very very very very proud. To have my truck Penn sign out here on the front line although they do get so what. Is she back on the truck train I was mortified at the tape came out at that time I felt like. Well you know if pence perhaps as a presidential candidate then. May be elves that calmed down no no I mean it did come down from me very quickly it wasn't shocked when he sent. It was a shock to the came out because as don't doubt that Hillary campaign. Put that out. Lawal crumpled doubling down his claims that the system is great said it will be twenty times. It's a rich system it's a rigged election. It's great like you've never seen before they take these lies and they put them on front page news this is a really exists the votes. And in the latest ABC Washington Post poll Clinton has at least four point top on trumped up just two points from before. Oldest at the news. My and once these revelations. It emerged he just started spending most of his time on the attack. And attacking these women attacking especially if the media. Talking about lies lies lies lies and they've played of that is to excite. His base and get them enthusiastic and up to the polls. At a Hermanson Petersburg Rhonda is still hosting fundraisers for that from pens ticket. I have have a few friends here though that are written. And women. That have hurt all of those things what do we think. And look all of these truck backs. Who are still. And have not changed their minds and are completely. For Donald Trump. We did reach back to you Carol Connors. She says since hearing leaked tape she's now an undecided voters that she's not let officially a trumpet anymore but. Still supports are friends. Today the united front. I think they they got paid sixty she's a liar you can see her face. And I. Opener. Yeah I. Yeah. I am on FaceBook and all around my social media and I express my feelings about Tron. I'm completely slash put down called stupid people don't even know me than an educated what I've done as a woman. They like the candidate blame us in the media. For Trump's recent troubles. And he acted talents her. And let me just tell you about these women that are coming out of the woodwork. Hello I looked at Hollywood 27 years I was chased around dusk you know what you do you walk out I don't want to hear these women I'm victim. Yes there's no doubt someone can get raped. And that's a whole different situation but if your estimates coming on to you. You have to Billy to scream out the person next to the bar hey guess I throwing messed help me if you're not doing that then you're an entity it. On the other side of the country. I'm Tony's eyes that initial tape of him on the bus. What did you think when you heard what he set for wecht of. What did you think of me no woman would like to hear that. But you know nevertheless. That was eleven years ago he did apologize he did say he was sorry most of the men that you know at times had made off color remarks I'd never. Are you ever heard a friend of mine boasting about sexual assault ever. And a women alleging inappropriate behavior. It's unimportant to me whether she was assaulted either why no. What happened. Not even gonna go out there it's at its campaign I have to say it's a campaign to annihilate. Mr. Trapp act. Mr. trump is the only one getting back to the issues clue Harris about these women. I mean I don't know their background you don't know their background and I don't want to know what I do know is that mr. trump is only doing this for one reason. Because he loves America. New poll showing 68% of women believe Donald Trump probably has made unwanted sexual advances towards women. About two thirds of registered voters may land females say. The eleven year old Access Hollywood tape not affect their vote. At times man can be a little blustery and Donald does an alpha man well he definitely is and I've always had dogs that are out front. So I think I know how to handle out fat male and I'm worried about women to. Especially women that are single. Or women that have are divorced or widowed or what ever. You know they need a kind of strong male who was out for them and he will do to act. Meanwhile Rhonda and some other trump pets are on route to a Mike Pence event. We still want to till about the top of the ticket. OK so he's got it right Oceanside. Black eyes that Jesus someone like someone like Donald Trump is the looking I was addicted to anything. Women calling don't alienate all day every day people tried again to Donald Trump. Very exciting. The dictionary of the correct your beautiful young lady questioning me that the math and what do you expect to hear tonight and an NYU here tonight. I'm can't be back right. He's going to be very easy okay he's a great speech here and he's. I'm just looking for and you why Donald Trump to run. Rating ten minutes of Reading our Republican nominees are aghast at it. It may well be the main men tonight that the veep candidate. Guilty. Our thanks to nick watt in of course you can watch the final presidential debate Wednesday right here on ABC at 9 PM eastern.

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{"id":42873123,"title":"Meet the Trumpettes, High Society Women Standing By Trump","duration":"10:12","description":"As Trump makes voter fraud and 'rigged' election claims, these women who continue to stand by their candidate and stand up for him in the media.","url":"/Nightline/video/meet-trumpettes-high-society-women-standing-trump-42873123","section":"Nightline","mediaType":"default"}