Ultra Luxury Cars Make a Comeback

Is the recession over? Ultra luxury car brands, such as Rolls Royce, are now huge sellers.
3:00 | 01/10/14

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Transcript for Ultra Luxury Cars Make a Comeback
There was a time in the depths of the recession when driving a flashy car was a bit tacky. That time is parentally over. The business of luxury vehicles is booming. And it's not just a boys club anymore. But can you really integrate a rolls royce into your daily life. Abc's david wright and his daughters give it a try. The ultimate driving machine, this is not. Nor is it injured to move the human spirit. This is a cut above. It instantly transforms everyone in it into a high roller. And it's just been delivered to my doorstep. This is great. 2014, the most powerful ever built. 624 horsepower puturbo. So this is not your grand father's rolls royce. Wow doesn't even begin to cover it. Hold this button here until the door closes. Reporter: That's cool. To the canopy of lights. The whole car is basically lights. Press tag, $350,000 fully loaded. And it's mine for the day. I'm nervous. Don't be nervous, don't be nervous. Reporter: You have insurance, right? Yes, you are covered. Reporter: Aural the same, signing the insurance forms brings the phrase you break it, you buy it comes to mind. If something happens I give you my house? That should do. Reporter: One of the most hotly contested segments of the car market where the competition also includes bentley, maserati, ferrari and ashton martin. We're talking to people who own their own business. We're talking to doctors, dentists. Plastic surgeons? Reporter: All of them able to plunk down at least $100,000, usually more. Sales of all these ultra luxury brands last year were up by double digits over 2012. In some casings, up 94% since the start of the recession. stewart McIntosh of aston martin insists it's not just press porous middle aged men looking to stave off a mid life crisis or to compensate for something else. A cigar is just a cigar. Reporter: But a very nice one. Indeed. Reporter: It's not just men buying them anymore. Ten years ago, it would be 98% male, 2% female. We're now starting to see that shift with about a quarter of all cars sold to females. A quarter of all aston martins are sold to women? Yep. Reporter: All of them buying not just a car, but a dream of style at top speeds. This is about luxury in motion, not just about getting from point a to point b. The rolls royce, it's not a need purchase. This is definitely something that is a desire. It's a want. Reporter: It's easy to see how it fits with the lifestyles of the rich and famous. Folks like rapper rick ross who treated himself to a rolls royce as a christmas present. But how well does the dream down size to daily life? That's what we wonder. In you go. How is it for taking the kids on the school run. My daughters took it in stride. They are little princesses after all. Finally, a car worthy of them. You don't like the minivan better? I like this one the best. Reporter: Don't touch anything. Arriving at school we made quite the entrance. The natural habitat for this car is really a few miles away. Rodeo drive in beverly hills. People are looking. People are pointing. Even there, everyone wanted a selfie. Can we take a picture in your vehicle? Yeah, go ahead. But just try taking a rolls royce up to the drive through WINDOW at McDonald's. I'll get a quarter pounder with cheese, please. Do you have any gray poupon? Never mind. Just regular. The people from rolls royce kind of grit their teeth when they hear the phrase from that ad. Would you have any grey poupon. But of course. It has a lingering effect what some people have in their minds when you say rolls royce. And, you know, but in reality, you know, we want to be a more approachable brand. Reporter: As approachable as any car worth a quarter million bucks can be. Put it this way, if I won the lottery, I would buy one. I'm david wright for "nightline" in los angeles.

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{"id":21485075,"title":"Ultra Luxury Cars Make a Comeback","duration":"3:00","description":"Is the recession over? Ultra luxury car brands, such as Rolls Royce, are now huge sellers.","url":"/Nightline/video/ultra-luxury-cars-make-comeback-21485075","section":"Nightline","mediaType":"default"}