US Doctor Helps Blind Ethiopians Gain Sight With $11 Procedure

Dr. Geoffrey Tabin developed a way to correct cataract blindness, an epidemic in Ethiopia.
7:10 | 10/24/13

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Transcript for US Doctor Helps Blind Ethiopians Gain Sight With $11 Procedure
-- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- To get some desperate people an astonishing -- the ability to see again. This is wondrous and emotional work and ABC's Dave senior was right there to witness it firsthand. It's the latest in our series off the map tonight. The gift of sight. As the sun comes up standing you do fielding Ethiopia -- little girl named -- Father brought her nearly 200 miles with one week. That an American doctor would help them. And she's not the only one making that journey -- -- coming over the hills formal villagers from across Ethiopia. Heard the doctor is coming. And we land with him in the remote city of the killing. Doctor Jeffrey -- -- -- come more than 8000 miles from home in park city Utah there was little time to spare hundreds are waiting patients who are blind. We're and one of the highest rates of blindness in the world to -- after -- -- -- On this day he is the third -- pulling into the hospital now this is clear. And most of the people we see right here are waiting for you and -- team -- -- this is your doctor. The aspirin to look at a little -- just being with and to -- Hello there is a cataract. Actually has cataracts in both so he can't see that -- can't think about before he can't. It's Ethiopian devastated by eye disease the -- in sub saharan Africa. Doctors point to poverty poor nutrition. Genetics and -- scorching sun. This is a lot of people who have been screened by the -- is he took him with a tiny piece of tape period numbers above their eyes and a nurse asks this boy he concedes. He's faced a link up. All of his fingers and her identity and -- you can't get out that the building housing the operating room and suddenly completely villagers. Heard the doctor -- here to contribute its line of patients coming from over here. Toward the hospital he -- all daunting. Every single one of these patients hoping that you produce slam operating. The -- is like -- line. Life a life you -- this lady here is totally blind the one -- led by her. She is like so many -- -- here their bodies almost Katie and after years in the darkness. Inside down to -- -- you can see through the windows family members who guided their loved ones here. Pushing through the door get him. In between the -- so doctor all of these patients are -- -- I was totally viable plan. We'll -- -- she doesn't TV chatter than him. In bin over -- promise for an American doctor this time tomorrow. She should be seeing. She should be -- very crude. He quietly gets ready in the quarter of this room with the -- he brings from home alone yellow bag. -- the instruments that used to perform simple cataract procedure he perfected with a fellow doctor Sander grew -- of Nepal. We have sought out the blind all over the world. 500000 surgeries together we'll be doing. About one at least seven -- -- minutes -- every -- minutes and we -- on this team and reading this are extremely difficult because. Every bit here and -- are as a patient currently being treated right now and you can see right here the next five or six patients waiting to go win. And this is just the beginning to come around a corner exit to sign in and wait outside. For the hope that they'll get to see the doctor today. -- that come with me here and you can see this line. These are the patients who all hope to get into that Omar in -- there with the crowd. Little face the -- -- number 245. Nurses putting on her hospital -- You can -- that huge cataract in her left died when she walks in the doctor -- of the finger. She can't see it. And we ask does -- -- the doctor will fix it you don't feel that I think. The youngest of ancient now on the operating table and with nightfall comes the hope -- will be able to see the sunrise. Really the next morning the lines formed quickly. So they're all waiting for today. They were. Just about rated -- did not -- -- several people have been able -- see it. Ten years and they're going to be seeing again for the first time in a long time I love -- and delayed moment because. Catch comes off and its couple seconds to register than people realize they -- -- that you've given them their site yet. Our teams -- on the fact that current credit. He takes one of the first touches off a former takes the doctor's hand and it and the doctor with an order telling the -- Norris. Yes yes but. In Dan. -- Okay. Did you do. -- Swiftly and will have to pay after American drivers task force that they want. It has an American drivers tell -- post up they wanted one. In by his side to doctor's daughter keep up with him from America. Quite including the drops -- -- -- the father now moving to the patients with patches on both -- yes. These are all patients were completely blind where they couldn't see the shadow of her hand moved this close to their case. One day ago. And today I hope we'll find out. A mother brought here by her son pulled the patches -- more beautiful. Can you think. -- -- Okay. As she thinks the doctor we asked if she'd seen her son he's here we should find him. -- waiting for years to see him again. You went to see her yes of course that the -- -- -- Praising god the kids. Does it look and a message only a mother could -- Those -- -- -- -- -- so many -- -- do you think that you can cure preventable blindness. You can't. That's the one intervention. We do. -- people. See the rest of their life and we wondered about one more patient. Little girl we met that first morning bleeding in the field -- and how many. Flashing a smile the -- -- conceive again her father thanking the doctor -- yet. I'm David -- for Nightline Mick Kelly Ethiopia.

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{"id":20666029,"title":"US Doctor Helps Blind Ethiopians Gain Sight With $11 Procedure","duration":"7:10","description":"Dr. Geoffrey Tabin developed a way to correct cataract blindness, an epidemic in Ethiopia.","url":"/Nightline/video/us-doctor-helps-blind-ethiopians-gain-sight-11-20666029","section":"Nightline","mediaType":"default"}