VP Pence discusses 200,000 COVID-19 death milestone, Supreme Court and race relations

The vice president defended President Donald Trump’s response to the pandemic and said he’s confident Trump will nominate a woman to take the late Supreme Court Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg’s place.
7:21 | 09/24/20

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Transcript for VP Pence discusses 200,000 COVID-19 death milestone, Supreme Court and race relations
supreme court seat. Here's linsey Davis. As you well know, yesterday was the grim milestone, marking 200,000 Americans passing from covid-19. No other country has suffered as many deaths as we have. We account for 20% of the death toll but 4% of the world population. As head of the coronavirus task force, how do you explain that? It's a heartbreaking meal stone, and really, our thoughts are with all of the families that have lost loved ones in the course of this pandemic. But Lindsey, in all of my time working on the white house coronavirus task force, I'm convinced because of the actions of the president, the dedication of the health workers and sacrifices American people made that we saved hundreds of thousands of lives that could have been lost in the midst of this pandemic. I want to show you a picture. I don't know how well you can see that. This is a picture that president trump tweeted out. You've probably seen it at the rally last night in Pennsylvania. Thousands of people packed closely together, hardly any social distancing. As, again, head of the coronavirus task force, when your recommendation is for people, Americans to stay away from large gatherings, how do you justify scenes like this? The recommendations from early on have been state specific. We've given our very best counsel to each individual states and individual communities. Because the circumstances are very different from one state to another. We trusted governors in our states, and most importantly, we've trusted the American people. At a press briefing on September 16th, president trump said if you look, take the blue states out we're at a good place. Nearly half, we're talking about 90,000 in red states. Do you think it's appropriate for the president at this time to be talking in terms of red states and blue states when he's the president of the united States? One of the realities that we saw from early on in our response to the coronavirus pandemic is that it impacted states in areas of the country individually. We first saw in Seattle, and then in the greater New York and New Jersey area, then new Orleans, then Detroit. And one of the reasons that I believe we've saved hundreds of thousands of lives is because at the president's direction we focussed resources, we focussed testing, ppe and supplies on the states that were being most and after the American people made those sacrifices for 45 days as a nation, we truly did slow the spread. We flattened the curve. But when the sunbelt outbreak happened after memorial day weekend, once again, we focussed the resources. So I think the president's approach here has always been to recognize that the success that we have been able to have to make sure that no American that ever required a ventilator was denied a ventilator. Sir, now the supreme court, you've said in the past with regard to roe V. Wade, that it should be thrown into the ash heap of history where it belongs, if this nominee does get onto the court, can you assure Americans roe V. Wade will be overturned? Well, first, this week we will mourn as a nation a true public servant in the passing of justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg. She led an inspiring life and a tenacious advocate for her judicial philosophy. And we honor her service and mourn her passing. And this Saturday, I have every confidence that president trump will introduce to the nation a woman who will bring a judicial philosophy in the tradition of justice Antonin Scalia, to uphold the constitution, to not legislate from the bench and apply laws as written. It's been written that Amy coney Barrett is a top contender. There have been some scrutinies from some about her alleged affiliation with a religious group, people of praise, in Indiana. Some people have suggested that they have practices that many Americans might find extreme. Do you feel that there have any concern that she would be able to potentially keep this covenant with the organization at the same time serve the American people independently and objectively on the supreme court? Judge Barrett is an extraordinary jurist. And she's among a number of women that are currently under consideration by the president of the United States, but I must tell you, the intolerance expressed during her last confirmation hearings about her catholic faith, I really think, was a disservice to the process and a disappointment to millions of Americans. Switching gears now, in a speech yesterday you reiterated something you said during the RNC as well with regard to Joe Biden. You said Joe Biden says that America is systemically racist and that law enforcement in America has an implicit bias against minorities. You said it in a manner that said you disagree with that. Is it your belief that a black man in America gets the same treatment as a white man in America by police? President trump and I believe the men and women who serve in law enforcement of every race and creed and color are some of the best people in this country. And we reject the notion from Joe Biden and others that there's an implicit bias toward minorities in law enforcement. Lastly, in the bible, Matthew chapter 12, it says out of the abundance of the heart the mouth speaks. You want to determine where someone's heart is you listen to what they say. How do you square that to a president who frequently resorts to name-calling, sleazebag and worse. President trump has a heart for the American people. Like no president I've ever known. I see it in the way that he's worked every day to keep the promises to the American people. When we took office, our military was hollowed out by years of reckless budget cuts. This president kept his word. The men and women of our armed forces, we rebuilt the military, restored the arsenal democracy and passed the largest pay raise in more than ten years and I truly believe that's why you're going to see four more years of president trump in the white house. The people that are rallying around our cause and have supported us every step of the way know with this president, this vice president, there's been promises made and promises Thank you very much for your time. Really appreciate it. Thank you.

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{"duration":"7:21","description":"The vice president defended President Donald Trump’s response to the pandemic and said he’s confident Trump will nominate a woman to take the late Supreme Court Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg’s place.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/Nightline","id":"73211608","title":"VP Pence discusses 200,000 COVID-19 death milestone, Supreme Court and race relations","url":"/Nightline/video/vp-pence-discusses-200000-covid-19-death-milestone-73211608"}