Woman allegedly trafficked on Backpage.com: New law is 'closure'

The anti-sex-trafficking law was signed by President Donald Trump a week after federal authorities charged seven top officials at the website with facilitating prostitution.
9:06 | 04/12/18

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Transcript for Woman allegedly trafficked on Backpage.com: New law is 'closure'
finish line a onto your desk. They ry worked hard. Thank you. Thank you. Reporter: Tod a mother's improbable victory. Nicole and her daughter Jessica, who says she was sold sex on the website backpage.com when E was just 15rs old.joining president trump, joyful, as he signed the fight onliex traffic act which gives prosecutors a victims more legal firepower. His is so imant to all of us. I thank U, Mr. President, so much signing this bill into la Reporter: Ivonne's daughter ambrose was killed after being sold onbackpage two years ag shwas just 16. It means soh T our family. To lose your child. To have been trafficked, rna slavery -- Reporter: Outside the house, the group that H become like family. I always feel that Desiree H me. She gave me thewords. She wanted me to S out for her, in her nor. Reporter: Bage.com, shut down in a federalaid last Friday, opera as classified ad wte whose racy sections like "Escorts" and "Bodyrubs" enforcement called thinly-veiled code for prostitution, much of it underage. In the past many have filed lawsuits claiming backpa facilitates prtution. A called the communicas decency act has protected the site under the new law, companies will be held liable for knowingly faciling online prostitution. It' gre day for T wo and girls and boys who have been trafficked. Because they now have the portunity T seek justice. Reporter: It'he lates reckonfor backpage after seven of its etives delly indicted last week on counts foomoing prostitution andy laundering. Was today a little bit of closure for you this. Yes. It is reallyly day for realling to really truly begin. Our voices were heard.it wasn't in vain. Th pain was not in vain today. Reporter: We first met Nicol and Jessica two years ago. At the time she asks to call her Natalie. Now she S she's ready to reclaim her true identity. I am not Natalie. I am J. I am not a title on lawsuit. Or an alias used on backpa I'm not any of those things. I am Jessica. I am a proud survivor, a mother, a daughter, a sister. I am all of these things that I want to B K for who I . D not jus what's happened to me. Rte a high school freshman, sheshe was sold for sex on backpage.com after running away from home. How many encounters do think U had durthat ti Over 150. O 150? Yeah. Would that have been possible without backpa? No way. Reporter: She said her pimp preferred the site. Did he say about backpage? He said I safer, it's easier not to get aug but M in all these clothes. Took prettyvocative pictures of me. And thentoage and you can click on post an How ofte you rk? Every day.'s too simple. Ask if you'reor over, a LE yes click was as far as at we It tore our family apart. Reporter: Her father, Tom, T nights lookingorher. What ran through myd is at I was going to do, how I S going tle it when I found her. Eporter: After many months Jessica was freed after a raid by police. Finalloing home. It wasn't easy an I didn't know how to TRE her. I didn't know if she wantee to hug her. It wasawkward. First time since the day she was born. And see her. I cut her umbilical cord. I felt awkward to hold my own kid. Reporter: We teamed up with tle's vice squad to find out for ourselves how simpl it was for young girlso sold onliis undercover detective created an ad for 18-year-old girl named adding a ical data Here's the kicker, right?youngerfriend. Reporter: Within minutes of sing post, ad was up and running. That's the way youure out -- We've gotten several pho calltexts. Another call. They'really coming. Hey, beautiful, are you angel? Right then there's another one. Hasn't been ur half an hour. This is crazy. Reporter: This post actually to a real-life arrest. STA here, stay here, it's okay. Shut up! He tried to bolt. Pol you're unarrest. Reporter: Back page did tell us they make sure tolways cooperate with law enforcement investigations. They also touted amulti-tiered system for scrng adult ads,luding employing modera, a filter for key words, user-reported flagging system. But last year a U.S. Senate report found backpageasng that key word filter to act edit Adu ad erasing words ke Lolita, little girl, and amber alert, to H underaged traffickin T fact that these terms were stripped O through this screening process's note at that girl's age was magically changed. Repor that senate report play a crucial role in jea'l of holding bage accountable. Shd her family ultimate sued backpage andched a settlement. Her case theirst to focus on the claim the site was editing ads. One of the executives allegedly behind the practice, CEO Karl Ferr back in 2015,d B a no-show when initially called to answer questions on capitol hill. But we tracked him overseas. Here we are in Amsterdam. We realized that backpage.c was sold to an med Dutch holding comp we started lng. Did Karl Ferrer own companies in sterdam? Ferrer seemed to be running other escort websites from abroad, including a sit similar called cracker, avale nearly everywhere except U.S. Ferrer has turown interview quests so we've come to this ho in Amsterdam, we found outthere's a conference Karl I scheduled attend. Karl ferrer?we'veeen looking for you, do you a cod? I'm Gloria Riviera with ABC . Weant to ask you a F questions. Oh, no comment. Aw enforcement tells that underage girre trad onckpage.com, Y company. No comment. Saw a real-life example of this last week -- I'm sorry. You're a father W would you want Tayo him? He wants T know why this is goingon. Ase -- Reporter: Months later authorities arrestedrer and backpage owners Michael lacy and James Larkin. On state chargnalifornia of pimping underageictims and other felonies. Those charges were drop judges citin a protection. In early 2017, backpage juttiv werein called to testify on capitol . After consultn counsel, I decline T answer your question. Reporter: Now backpage appears to be gone for good, with the recentharges against Larkin, lacy several other utes. Ferrer was not N INT week's federal indictment of backpage executives. But initial "C." Are cluded throughout document. My sensesc.f. Is likely Carl Ferrer. And he made a deal with the government to provide infoion and probably for a lesser sentence. Reporter: That indict says the company earned over $500 million in prostitution-related Reven since its inception and that virtually every dollar flowing into backpage's cof represents the proceeds of illegal tivity. Theument was always, well, I very difficult to police the inter they way, we can't be hel responsible for millions and ions of content oviders. Well, taw now makes it very clear that they must do . Reporter: Jessicaays there will always be more work todo. I hopt's for people, that you kn, if you're fig for something that's for aood cause, then don't stop until you what you wa Reporter: Neitherother nor daughter ever fighting eachther and all daughters for sale. I W to hug you. Okay, you can hug me. Reporter: For "Nightline, I'm Gloria Riviera in washon, D.C.

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{"duration":"9:06","description":"The anti-sex-trafficking law was signed by President Donald Trump a week after federal authorities charged seven top officials at the website with facilitating prostitution.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/Nightline","id":"54411734","title":"Woman allegedly trafficked on Backpage.com: New law is 'closure'","url":"/Nightline/video/woman-allegedly-trafficked-backpagecom-law-closure-54411734"}