Wonders of the Deep Blue Sea

Nat Geo explores the inhabitants of the deep in their "Kingdom of the Oceans" special.
5:07 | 03/09/13

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Transcript for Wonders of the Deep Blue Sea
It's what spring breakers your most blood in the water as they -- clusters of hungry sharks migrating north -- the East Coast of Florida. But for the south sea creatures living in the ocean deep steering clear of dangerous waters isn't an option. In this rarely seen underwater menagerie survival depends on a fascinating and beautiful -- -- -- adaptations. ABC's Tanya -- dives in. Off the coast of Florida thousands of Spinner sharks migrating north and close to shore have closed beaches and frightened vacationers. The ocean is most on display when it makes us afraid. But what happened near the shore is only a sideshow. With three fourths of our planet underwater -- the main attraction lies beneath the surface. The diversity of life in the -- is staggering their -- groups of organisms that have no counterparts on land. A world where courtship and -- Life especially avoiding death lays out against an often alien landscape. Millions and millions of years animals and plants involved in -- And only relatively recently came and that's why there's so many more different kinds. Creatures in the coast -- But the eternal dance between the hunter and the hunted is for all its brutality. Balanced. Creatures on the lower end of the food chain have developed astounding ways to protect themselves. The simple jelly fish with its stinging cells the riots. And a blanket octopus can actually -- hatch one of its lovely aliens hasn't. And of course there's always the -- And the aptly named Spanish dancer is a sea slug who can fly. A lion fish has. Venomous spines and some hermit crabs. Attacks poisonous and nominees to their shelves and take these masters of disguise that -- fish. That helped light sea dragon. And the stone fish many also use their camouflage to ambush their own meals. But sometimes something larger is the answer. So one of the best places to hide. It is near something big preferably something big would -- But even involved defenses don't always work this enormous pool of lantern fish does nothing to stop the Spinner dolphins who pushed them to the surface. Where there is no escape. Krill also seek refuge by forming a dense ball which makes it harder for small fish to find a target. What allows the blue whale to -- Can't escape from the blue -- which evolved to eat them scientists Cody evolutionary arms race. Because then -- have got to come up with solutions but the creditors have to keep up. Of course part of this easy ability to survive visits and reproductive and Rollins. The Asian sheepshead grabs may have a mug -- only a mother could love but his mating dance is still a success. Once a year spider crabs and molds and meet in a massive orgy -- to -- And for Hilton's sex is just part of teen friendly. Amazingly. Many -- reproduce just once -- here always at night just after the full moon. And the entire -- unleashes a blizzard of sperm and egg that unite to form -- new week. We can and hundreds of -- And so it goes and -- we're just beginning to understand. How life works in the -- we haven't even begun to scratch the surface. But why should we care about the creatures of the deep. It is simply in our best interest. So many economies are absolutely dependent on healthy -- 15%. Of the world's -- Comes from fish produced by the emotions. That on trivial and if you care about living creatures. The wonder and magic and beauty of the something that you should care -- This kingdom of the ocean is -- hours. I'm Tanya -- for Nightline in New York. Fascinating Tennessee creatures were so for -- Kingdom of the oceans premieres march 10 on Nat geo wild take -- out.

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{"id":18691249,"title":"Wonders of the Deep Blue Sea","duration":"5:07","description":"Nat Geo explores the inhabitants of the deep in their \"Kingdom of the Oceans\" special.","url":"/Nightline/video/wonders-deep-blue-sea-18691249","section":"Nightline","mediaType":"default"}