Young White Separatist Finds Unexpected Allies

Part 2: Matt Heimbach feels Black Nationalists understand his views of wanting races separated.
3:00 | 01/17/14

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Video Transcript
Transcript for Young White Separatist Finds Unexpected Allies
This story of a man on a mission to divide America. But -- time -- finds common ground where ever he can't and now he's uniting with some very unlikely allies here again. Is ABC's Byron Pitts. Ben -- -- is being called the future of organized hate America. And now is on a road trip looking for talent. In this strangest of places. -- -- -- don't -- -- dial on your hands when this column. You're watching -- why -- Israel ever corner. A militant black -- and what does the white men half -- -- to show you that he wanted he would -- back. He wants praised the Boston bombing despite Americans -- -- -- community. I hope the smaller dragons. He's called white people the devils. Would guess who's coming on today's show I don't. -- -- Whites in this country. Have not had our own country it's been a multi racial society from the beginning next year because he believes he's found an ally. Someone who also believes the races must separate. And I think that's really important to be able to reach out black nationalist you can't work together if you don't sit down and have these discussions they are in many ways two sides of the same -- Nasty one race shaped in part by reading of history -- while his experience as a gulf war veteran. When I was sitting there indie rock they're prepared to be saying hey you Glaxo incident court why do you hear fight in the white man's war. Don't want seemed frustrated that as an African American man I don't see the world as he sees this seems to me that -- angry and messing. God sees countless atrocities. That happened people. Been on -- happy about that why should -- to not do what -- -- -- really. Seriously though this man here seems to be more in line what -- saying that you often. That's -- interest why are we adversaries were -- certain Witten but why you acting as if we on the -- -- came away from this encounter hopeful about future collaboration directing that -- best friends tomorrow now. But I think there's a lot of overlap into what we believe so was how to -- road show continues heading from Chicago. To this African Caribbean restaurant in Indian after its. And -- -- reverend -- a job and former black panther militia and black national. They have this is now an ordained minister who's running for a seat in the US conference. In more consider race war is coming -- -- killing days. We are nation of laws yeah. For permanent job blew his world view was crystallized when his son was convicted of murder a crime the job -- still insist his son did not commit. That gold zone every day going to a courtroom of their -- it seemed like that there is. Restrict. But it did defendant is black is. She -- and the -- it's a whole different war. Not the guy you'd expect to hit it off with Manheim -- Yet over lunch of catfish and plan -- change they agree and some of their least favorite things -- Adding report in a -- human we can agree on that I know we do is give me that -- while. They've made it -- -- tendency to find common cause and a common enemy. We'll put on -- why do we hang a couple of bankers and -- the couple dynamite I think we're finding common ground would you shake my hand on -- immediately to the international -- Actually yeah that's why can work with Clinton's for the black nationalist I can't stand working with the white people that are traitors and I I -- -- west for the that is in -- ditch. And the job who agrees with -- vision of the future. After the race -- separate after their common enemies are dealt with. -- -- finally be time to deal with each other. I will gladly sign on a piece of paper for everyone a year as we count we're gonna have a system of one for one let's just do -- -- -- overweight. Now unfortunately. Nicole's. You -- promoting this thing is that you are promoting current survive and -- Patrick takes part. It doesn't stopping from -- that with the plant now on the table to -- just jumped in one do you look at like that for those who would listen. See you two -- say look you both grace you're both just parent. I would say that. You. Better wake. You know -- -- understand what's going on than we do elected. Astra Manheim dot boys spend so much time trying to change the world -- his private world. That's changed the most family in -- means so much to you. But yet -- -- people who closest to you the people who know -- best people who lose. Blood you share. Don't feel good about where -- Of course it -- from doing it for them there are some I'm ashamed yeah but unfortunately. That's the price they pay. For Nightline I'm Byron Pitts in a -- -- Michigan if the diversity. Thanks to Byron Pitts for that remarkable report and to the production team led by ABC's -- plan --

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{"duration":"3:00","description":"Part 2: Matt Heimbach feels Black Nationalists understand his views of wanting races separated.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/Nightline","id":"21579389","title":"Young White Separatist Finds Unexpected Allies","url":"/Nightline/video/young-white-separatist-finds-unexpected-allies-21579389"}