11 Questions for Seth Rogen

The actor discusses Alzheimer's disease, "House of Cards," geeks in Congress and legalizing pot.
3:00 | 02/26/14

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Transcript for 11 Questions for Seth Rogen
When they invited me to talk about alzheimer's and it is affected. My life and my family's life and it was a very -- -- Opportunities -- idea objectives. Yeah definitely. Again I think one of the most distressing things I heard was talking to doctor -- news. You know. Two hours doctor are you saying that a lot of people would normally. -- -- seeing curing alzheimer's disease are. Not seeing that the -- they hear and and they are choosing other diseases to -- witches there -- -- -- Speech tonight students. Could -- my mother in law. As early onset alzheimer's about it since she was in her fifties and now she's in -- early sixties and it's there you bank Stan. Roots so brutal honestly but it just made us decide to tried to some. You have your charity -- for charity. Just -- for an awareness among -- -- let's -- 152. Pitch. To young people from under intense right. -- it's a disease that has no known cure or prevention and that will probably affect you and your family one day and it needs more attention. There's an easy question yeah but I can't and healthy hearts news oh man that's -- good question. They're all pretty great. From moderately to the most it's a good question. -- There also none of them -- are also white. I'll I think what I want to so -- lose -- people. Which she think that you're more as which might be more suffering under. -- -- -- Now I know what. Scandal analysts attribute to -- though when we when we went to the White House today and as soon as doctors to -- the -- from scandal. -- -- -- -- -- It's full board for -- Questions usually keeps from the from the stats. And you think that. You children. Whose. If they are on politics well. That's the question parking -- pretty cool. Don't let them. Out. The he did it's incredibly. Sad EU's. Nice to one among a comedy I -- honestly it's -- -- -- an opportunity to work with them at all but it's. Terrible. And Hillary. -- That I would support pressure on duke it out not sure she's waiting for the announcement so she can go to abilities and it.

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{"duration":"3:00","description":"The actor discusses Alzheimer's disease, \"House of Cards,\" geeks in Congress and legalizing pot.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/Politics","id":"22690742","title":"11 Questions for Seth Rogen","url":"/Politics/video/11-questions-seth-rogan-22690742"}