11-Year-Old 'Inspired' by Hillary Clinton

Sabbia Gale-Donnelly says she is 'very proud' to support Clinton for president.
1:20 | 07/28/16

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Transcript for 11-Year-Old 'Inspired' by Hillary Clinton
I find it threatening and making role model she's incredible it is somebody anemic offense let Acxiom because she never let us. Anxious continues things I mean things running every day. And I really do believe that she Kendall all the land. I ain't acts he's worked in this country is challenging even before. I think she's really devoted parents have liked it hot takes making things better for lending and I think that means people like. And I'm very fast and I support him. So that's the question are you're gonna jump into politics. Right now I'm getting panicky state teach Atlantic state. But maybe I teach at well. With Hillary Clinton. You know running for president. Giving this major party nomination. What does that say to you about what you could do in life. Well it really tells me that if taxes that there is just girls anymore it's not saying don't you can do everything it actually pinning and we can do everything. And that each angle on delaying any congressman have we want him. She showed us that alarming is baking in the our film about better you that you're gonna pull out tonight what is your banners that. I cannot in the smoking case heavier really remind me the alleged that cut itching and equates. Tonight changing night that'll science and I think I can I think I can't I know like and because she can't. And she's 38 incredible.

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{"duration":"1:20","description":"Sabbia Gale-Donnelly says she is 'very proud' to support Clinton for president. ","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/Politics","id":"40968445","title":"11-Year-Old 'Inspired' by Hillary Clinton","url":"/Politics/video/11-year-inspired-hillary-clinton-40968445"}