2017 and the Trump presidency

The first year of Donald Trump's presidency included staff shakeups and a war of words with North Korea.
3:40 | 12/22/17

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Transcript for 2017 and the Trump presidency
Donald John trump in one year president trump has rewritten the Washington playbook his administration setting an aggressive can that it. And sometimes inaccurate tone from day one. This was the largest audience to ever witness an inauguration. Puree. Both in person and around the glow president jumps every statement tweet travel simple water dominating headlines. Perhaps is most explosive action the one could have major long term ramifications. His firing of FBI director James combing in May the president acknowledging to NBC the Russian investigation was a big factor. When I decided to distill what I said to myself I sit you know. This rusher thing with trump and Russia is a made up story. That firing into the appointment of special counsel Robert Mueller already two indictments into guilty pleas including trumps former national security advisor Michael Flynn Beck president trumps being consistent he believes it British investigation ramps up. Completely exonerated it. Oh. The big east form policies should be seen administration you're going nuclear standoff with North Korea. Him. With. Your friends in front pledging to probably going North Korea threatens the US and its allies. Rocket man. Is on a suicide mission for himself. And for his regime on the domestic front a year of frustrating mrs. for the president his traveled and tied up in court for months no movement on his promise border law. And a spectacular failure on Capitol Hill to repeal and replace obamacare but the White House count the successful confirmation of new worst instance Supreme Court. And right before the Christmas holiday congress delivering on the president's top priority tax reform all. White House that teens to throw line 98 ounce there were dramatic staff shake up and constant rumors of more three senior officials out the door over hectic ten days in July. Retired marine general John Kelly brought in to bring order to be frenzied free Wheeling west wing but insisting in October. In expand to the president. That was not sent in two or brought in to. Control him and Kelly says that definitely doesn't include the presidents Twitter accounts. Those early morning annual rate Knight tweets are often sparking controversy. Favorite foil the media. It was supposed to be eight YE August vacation but after racially charged protest in Charlottesville Virginia. Critics accusing the president of gaining the flames and many neo Nazis off the hook. I think this blame on both sides and with a nonstop flurry of allegations of sexual misconduct by high profile men. President trump himself back in the spotlight. At least sixteen women in the past accusing him of inappropriate behavior. He sent all the women are lining the White House says this issue was settled when he was elected. The dinky stations had not slowed the president down. All year mr. trump boasting of record achievements. We have done more they say than any. President. In history. Active form gives Republicans some wind in their sales. But in just a few weeks there already slim majority in the senate will be cut by one when newly elected Alabama Democrat Doug Jones arrives on the hill administration officials say president trump is resigned to a much more difficult political environments. For the Republican Party next year. Karen Travers ABC news the White House.

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{"duration":"3:40","description":"The first year of Donald Trump's presidency included staff shakeups and a war of words with North Korea.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/Politics","id":"51953370","title":"2017 and the Trump presidency","url":"/Politics/video/2017-trump-presidency-51953370"}