2020 candidates may skip next Democratic debate

A FiveThirtyEight tool shows how the 2020 Democratic presidential candidates are averaging in the polls in key states.
2:37 | 12/13/19

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Video Transcript
Transcript for 2020 candidates may skip next Democratic debate
We're gonna switch gears to our elections here in the United States. There is a fast moving story right now involving the democratic presidential candidates and you can read all about it up online abcnews.com. Here's the story. Next week is supposed to be another democratic presidential debate at Loyola College out in the West Coast however. There's an issue there is a union protest right now and thus far the seven candidates that are analysis shows wouldn't qualify for this debate. They are vowing not to cross the union lines these are workers at the university. That are seeking wage increases. And so far as we said all seven candidates by name booted judge clover charts tire standards warning Yang. All vowing not to attend we're gonna keep an eye on this is they say you can read. All of our latest reporting on this story right now Eddie BC news.com mark Collie Kendall Carson. Has been tracking that in the meantime we are unveiling a new polling tracking method if you will involving the debates. And everything going on from state to state our colleague Micah Cohen over 538 has the latest on that he Micah. Hey John where super excited about these new polling averages we think they do a better job of capturing the state of the race and other averages out there. You can check out on screen how to tenants are doing Biden is doing really well nationally booted judge has surged into a small lead in Iowa and New Hampshire. Please notify 38 dot com you can click around every state see what's going on Barney's averages better than others but here's what we're expect. One they make inferences about what's going on in the states based on national balls. There's really helps when you don't have a recent poll of this contest contests to the polling average adjust for house affects. We know that certain pollsters produce better results consistently are some candidates and others are polling average accounts for that. And number three. Historically. When polls move out there and think debate. Or they Iowa caucus says. At movement is more likely to be real and movement that just comes out of nowhere when news cycles. How our polling averages will be more likely. To take new poll seriously. After those big events again we really encourages you can read more about all of that's on 538 dot com click around check out what the race looks like an ever. Is that. Micah Cohen thank you very much as he mentioned the law than a 530 dot com right now. To see their latest tracking methods that they bond deal.

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{"duration":"2:37","description":"A FiveThirtyEight tool shows how the 2020 Democratic presidential candidates are averaging in the polls in key states.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/Politics","id":"67721704","title":"2020 candidates may skip next Democratic debate","url":"/Politics/video/2020-candidates-skip-democratic-debate-67721704"}