2020 Democratic candidates on the trail

Hear the presidential hopefuls candidates speak at recent events leading up to the fourth debate.
10:42 | 10/16/19

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Transcript for 2020 Democratic candidates on the trail
It. Don't trouble do any of you get re elected. Including violating the most basic forms of democracy. It's stunning. And it's dangerous. Because it directly threatens our democracy. This is not hyperbole. It's a fact. No prison in American history. Has ever dared to engage in such unimaginable behavior. With his words. His actions. President trump has indicted himself. By obstructing justice. Refusing to comply with congressional inquiry. He's already convicted him so. In full view of the world and the American people. Donald Trump is violated his oath of office betrayed. This nation. And committed impeachable acts. And. To preserve our constitution. Our democracy. Our basic integrity. He should be impeached. That's not only because what he's done. To answer. Where there is committed acts of sufficient to warrant impeachment is obvious. We see in Trump's own words. Receiving the texts from State Department officials. That have been made public. We see it in here is pulling in much of the United States government into his corrupt schemes individuals within the government is appointees. Or have to remember that impeachment is it only. Isn't only about what the prison is done. It's about. The threat the president posed to nation. If allowed to remain in office. Gain. I was happy as damaging things for other people. Even as a kid as a teenager Chernoff has really passionate about our mental issues which is. Why did but a lot of my friends that was crazy at that time is running for the state legislature 21. It was that. Commitment and passion for protecting our beautiful home. Making sure we had clean water securing. Clean air to breathe at protecting our oceans and mountains and forests. These are things that I was very passionate about it that time by it's. A lack of representation for that commitment in our state house. And it was through that service service in the military service in the City Council. That further affirms what I need to be true that choice I had made early on to choose a path of service. And it is those principles and values of service above self that motivate me now to run for president. But also it it really points to to change that. I think we need to bring about in our government especially in Washington. That. For so long every election cycle it's you we have conversations at rooms like this. Across the country. We talk about the same old problems over and over and over again without seeing. Real solutions bringing being brought forward received maybe some band aid solutions and seeking around the edges of these policies but not really getting to the root cause of the problems. Of the challenges that we are facing. And when you look get. What I believe is the core of this problem. It is that we do not have a government that is of by and for the people. This vision that the founders had for us has not been. Brought forth and instead what we have is a government of by and for the rich and powerful. Those who can't afford to buy their influence in Washington. High powered and high paid lobbyists. Who have a direct hand in forming. The policies. That impact every one of us. In art in our everyday lives and we see this across virtually every single part of our government but we were talking about health care policy. Energy policy. Education. Policy. Environmental policy. Criminal justice reform every single one of these issues. We seize this. Shadow of corruption it's it's legal corruption in my view but this shadow of corruption. Of their rich and powerful in the very few who are trying to hold on to that power or or increase their profits that end up. Having that tremendous influence. And pain. Preparing. It brings me. Well when your candidate use looses is there walk it. Each debate format this use it it humans. I'm tired can make it. We one message is that it recognizes years its proposed bold action and doesn't ways. And that's the difference between these others that. Two. It's an every couldn't see anything different than the last three. Quote. I think it will continue to be an opportunity for us to discuss work the biggest thing. We're seeing that that's different is that the winnowing down and I think oppress the differences between each of us and others. The difference would be is that you want the news that the post time Washington. Gut choice if you want. Most ideological. For everybody else. He. Even that act prep and I. I think that means. This it wrong side. Areas that it. Excuse me press would best change. Your in a historic. Nash constant prices. That's what. Just put that way don't accurately stance. T action. So this picture it's others. What you. There. World birds few days here. Gathering was specifically from those that you hear what. We've watched. As well you know very parts. Hold elected as it. Questions. A seamless. So here it's been very. Archer's wife stood but perhaps something. As comes what it's. Tired provide services Walker's. Without its things. Dressed editions that let us. I just couldn't leave them. It. So the question is what is the vision. When you first heard about in the campaign you heard something like this there's an Asian man running for president who wants to give everyone 1000 dollars a month. Remember that. Number the first time you heard that nothing like the first time in my airing New Hampshire. And the first time you heard that sound like a gimmick like hop hop down never happen. But this is not my idea Thomas painless for this the founding of the country call that the citizen's dividend. Martin Luther King. Fought for this in the sixties he called it the guaranteed minimum income for all Americans. It is what he was fighting for the day he was assassinated in 1968. A thousand economists endorsed it and it was so mainstream. That it passed the US House of Representatives twice in 1971 Richard Nixon in the assistance plan. Came this close. And an eleven years later it actually did pass. In one state where now everyone in that state gets between one and 2000 dollars a year or no questions asked in what state is that. And how does Alaska pay port. And what is the oil of the 21 century. Technology. Software. Dade self driving cars and trucks a study just came out of you saw the great attack on Netflix remember this. So he just came out that's an art data is now worth more than oil do you see that. Joel member getting your data check in the mail. I don't. Way to the data checked out. I'll tell you they went to FaceBook. Amazon. Google. Netflix and the rest of the gang who again are paying zero or near zero in taxes. So this is the true nature of the 21 century economy that is data it dividend that we should all be getting instead is giving spirit often McLeod. To multinational tech company that will pay zero back into the system. So after I'm president thanks to you all thank you New Hampshire. I upped our present we pass the freedom dividend. How would you spend a thousand dollars a month in real life after it starts getting deposited. Into your account. Tuition. Health care. Food without clean a savings cleaning. Housing. How much of it would stay right here in New Hampshire. The vast majority of it a little bit of it would float up the cloud. You would upgrade your Netflix subscription and elected. Extra Amazon beauty. Most of it would stay right here in New Hampshire they would go to car repairs have been putting off and he care expenses in Little League sign ups and nonprofits. And arts organizations. This is the trickle up economy from our people our families our communities up. Is particularly powerful for a rural areas that are getting depleted systematically in this economy. Creates a genuine path forward and also gives our children. Chance to live the kind of life that they want in an environment of their choosing instead of feeling like they have to go to -- places. And.

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{"duration":"10:42","description":"Hear the presidential hopefuls candidates speak at recent events leading up to the fourth debate.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/Politics","id":"66324217","title":"2020 Democratic candidates on the trail","url":"/Politics/video/2020-democratic-candidates-trail-66324217"}