2020 Democratic candidates Cory Booker and Beto O'Rourke in their own words

Watch the best moments on the campaign trail so far.
25:55 | 07/09/19

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Transcript for 2020 Democratic candidates Cory Booker and Beto O'Rourke in their own words
Like every bump on. Public. And what the Abu we will. They want provocative blog. A bill that's about it there are. Yeah yeah. It. I'm right. I'm. Let's do not believe it but. I don't. But you can't by the people don't elaborate. Yeah I. I don't that have been right. And I. I. Good for what it will. But development. And the okay. Not to put a good. You have got wouldn't come out wrong. We. Look. Food on the electorate not reliable enough water. Ought to. And it doesn't let it work I want I have eight. Every part of upbeat than the 35 and that's correct and that power but all of. A yeah. Don't go away repetitive incredible event. I don't the big dog I want you. Wonder if what started the parents about the many of our previous president. My. I think. Bob. I. Actually thought it could happen then but not next confidant. About that he thought about it and we. And walk around the we're gonna throw. They would not have quit. Got your favorite got a run up food and got that emanates from you. Not a very good and I don't help. It's wrong. I. Have a hard all the buildings who live. Paula. Kind of Harry Potter got myself. I'm more the Star Trek yeah. Mary now. That was searched. I've never seen that before I want that serves it. That is credible and I've thought deterrent you have no idea. Physically. A bomb rocks and know that you're great. Illinois looked so it's finally looks at. Agree problem hitting point one. Don't let don't you like me my mom is like golf multi market. There you get your. I will. Although I think this is yet another example where tons Trump's first weeding out. Toxicity. And then he'd backs down ultimately. And yields to. The outreach. Ordinary Americans know that it was stupid in the first place to make such. Threat if you receive president that new threats. Got nothing. And now capitulated to Democrats and Republican. And speaking out against. I'm here to talk about my campaign what I'm fighting for. I got into politics because. Of my community which is a loan from America the height of marriage amendment directly targets low in public. Directly targets low income women and this for forcing women of color like. My city which is majority black and brown so. You know I will fiercely fight to defend and protect the rights of all women. Com and particularly those who are often targeted things like Hyde amendment when world World War I of working class. I want to congratulate this year's honorees that's what this actual gathering at the ballots. It's these grassroots leaders that give us what we truly need to win. We have a lot a lot of presidential candidates here this afternoon. Put our strength as a party comes from the grass roots. Or party does not need a savior we need each other. We need. He's been our bonds we need to organize we need to build community strength. I am here are literally because of that tradition. Mike Graham Bob was born and raised in Iowa. I gambling. Problems. From a mining town called Buxton. Where blacks and whites went down into the minds together to carve out of the earth bear American dream. Where we. How to community that lived together built commuting together they built a more beloved community together. They were affirming that we in America have a common purpose a common cause a common American dream and tests and but today those bonds or being test that. Leading many to believe that but forces tearing us apart or stronger. Than the bonds holding us together we are being tested. When millions of Americans work full time jobs pick up extra shifts when they can but they still eat food stamps. To feed their family when there are shrines. On our streets to shooting victims. Like the ones in front of schools and houses of worship across our country when we have a criminal justice system. Ms. Bryan Stevenson says treat us better treat you better if you're rich and guilty than poor and innocent. We are being test that. Yes it's a moral moment in America. And we must meet this test. I'm running. For president. Because we can't take more more years of Donald Trump. I'm running for president. To beat Donald Trump bad. I'm running for president because beating Donald Trump is not enough. We must have bigger aspirations. And older three and just that beating Donald Trump is the war it is not the steely. Leaving him. Beating him we'll get up out of the rally but it will not get us to the mountain top Democrats. We can't let this election be about what we are against. It must be an election about what we are being war he who we are poor. We are for every American worker. They deserve a living wage a write more union and to retire with dignity and security. We are paying our public school teachers. Where they are not doing them supporting them and what is. We are floor. Every American having access to health care and make no mistake. Abortion is health care and healthcare is that right not a group. We're floor ending mass incarceration. And the name of every shooting victim in America. We will take a fight to the corporate gun lobby and we will wed. The call of our country. We come from generations that no matter what the challenges they kept their eyes on the prize. They came up from the minds of boxed in to gather that he rose from sweatshops. And thumbs. Together and Warren Buffett known that they could be bombed cross bridges knowing that they can get beaten. Did not turn against each other in the justice. They stood with each other or each other. I am a god and bullies and bigots like the pushed him down. By doing but work and the struggle and the sacrifice to lift people up now Iowa. It's our term. This is elected election is not a rep ran. One person in one office it's a referendum on. Donald Trump. Watch this election to be about him on his terms and it's tart that's how he wins. We win when we rock with race and rates rise with patriotism. Love of country and loved. We're one another. We will not stay in the Bally's Bally of darkness and fear. We will rise we will lift up our voices will raise our sites we will win this election. And a cup. Nice. Thank you. Thank you know. When you live in a neighborhood. When you. Have to have that furor about your own family members walking the office shootings in this country out of control. When you come home at night and you talked we're neighbor who is working a full time job but talks to you about not having an grocery money. Debt when you are in neighborhood where you literally out warnings please buy this city. About the quality of their water and worried about lead in the water these are not issues that are just policy issues for me there intimate emergencies every single day. So not comparing myself to other people watched one route people in the issues I've been dealing with for my entire adult life. And I feel a sense of urgency that we can't wait. And in that so often what frustrates these senators I come to the United States senate and there doesn't seem to be almost SARS imagine if people had to go home and live rightly. We're be literally have people likes pots Smith shop on their block. I I honestly think there might be more urgency about these problems fine president United States. Fact that these experiences. Where my family is when my house this. These things are gonna compel Meeks and use every single second of my time as your president to make things better for people or communities there're the margin. Because from climate change to health policy he's affect americans' most were living on the margins people struggling to make you people. Who were living in disadvantaged communities whether they be wolf house or urban how's your millions of Americans who every single. Day or in a struggle not of their own making. And you're gonna have a president that stands up and fights for them increasing debt. All I'm really confident we're gonna do well here. And I believe we're gonna win South Carolina because we're gonna on the boat people here. We're going to be hit in this graph we've won the best organizations or he built. Campaign in a retail Conway in the same way IP a machine in Newark, New Jersey is and see what we're gonna campaigned hard here. And this is failing. You know I was joked at a large percentage the black folk who live in Newark hail from South Carolina. And it's a community where I come down to and I feel at home because I've been coming to this communities and so little kid my dagger right over the border and North Carolina and Andersonville. We were used to campaign we used be it every Thanksgiving spending Hilton head. This is a state I know to state I love I'm coming here to compete and I believe we're only here. There. I will be there I've talked to reverend gasp of either more officers. Yes. So there's my view radical concept for you but I'm not in the business of giving campaigns invites. Aha I hope this I'm too busy trying to do for myself right now hope but up but I'm I'm running hard and and I will see this. The last time we had in red Opel. In fact record setting turnout the highest number of votes were gotten by president Kennedy was 20082000. While. We had a candidate can speak in energized base we need that kind of candidate point one I will be that can. That gets record levels of turnout for base voters as well as easily reach out to folks I'm confident now. My past career speaks towards that and I'm gonna do that that's how we're. You're name is. A and store. Oh. However. Few pretty rich. Levy. July. Going back. Look I'm not taking swipes like other candidates. You know I I I'd think that what we benefit from right now. Is that democratic voters have an incredible field people to choose from. And what would ever do you believe we need this as a chance for you. Apple would really Kennedy high fits that very well. All what art reviews. What I believe. What I believe as we need them best candidate possible. Not only compete Donald Trump that's just ticket entry. But but all my community my street. With issues that have been challenging us for decades. We need a candidate that can actually not just beat Donald Trump which is getting out of the valley but can get us the mountaintop and that's why I'm running. Yeah. Thursday a legacy of slavery and segregation and suppression is alive and well today in his country and that is what has kept so many people down and away from sharing in the success in the greatness of our ancestors. Built in the first place. And so it's it's more than just ability it's more than just partisanship it is fundamental structural change that we need in in this country so like joins they went on war. And the problems that I see in the rain Rachel want to address that in affected if we do not bring everyone into this. And allow everyone to tell their story never get it right. Home to home. El Paso, Texas. Yes or it's. Our national community in the western companies who Brito did. Yeah he's speaking. So why. Not somebody I don't. Yeah something Barbara. And more powerful in his own heart of hearts the number of people help. Texas. Save big. Stay bonus and. The lines. Those facts and you know right now that's usually look at our. Mile South Carolina. In. I don't know how so it is. Sleeping on cold. Most. The report their mothers. We don't our differences. We still want. Yeah. It's strange. Exiles. No I bet you guys beyond its what is stranger Buell an artist America. We pulled up behind us we're over let's not and I don't know let us celebrate and embrace America. It's cooler story. Supporters. I think you have to go over to where young people. Com. Or for anyone who's ever run for office and it has listened to to any advice column jokes so you do not sure what for young people. Because they don't turn out to vote you're wasting your time. I'll give limited resources to send them with people who traditionally. Voted in five out of last five elections. We turnout magic on Ted we thought if you. If no one ever showed up for me I wouldn't vote either so it's what we go to those places where we go to war he's as we did in Denmark and South Carolina or South Carolina State. Or USC. The real USC as people South Carolina tell me. And everybody introduce ourselves as we've we've done today and and as we are doing today listen to people. About what is most pressing in their lives on the killing about the extraordinarily high cost of of education. And the student loan debt that follows and the fact that historically black colleges and universities like Portuguese have an additional problem and that their endowments are smaller. And other private universities and soul. Critically important that we make greater federal investment in those HPC use make sure that we reduce the cost of higher education. Make it debt free for middle and lower income families and then if you're willing to dedicate some part of your life. To public service to teach in a classroom to work it to be a good problem to help to restore coastal lands in in this community. Let's wipe clean your student loan debt she can focus on that public service. These are some good things we're Huron from young people in and I know from our experience in Texas. But it works because during our senate run we saw a young voter turnout during early voting. Increased by 500%. Over the last mid term you're so so showing up for people listening to bring them in. Toward democracy. Problem not only gives them a seat at the table he gives them a reason to stand up and to be counted. And in Texas they did it would make sure that in South Carolina if we have anything to do with it. They do as well but that it begins by showing up and listening. Thank you lady Pamela appreciate it. There that this group really important what would run just said their life expectancy for trans woman of color in this country is 35. Years. In in Dallas Texas my home state we just saw a two murders a trans women. Chanel. Lindsay. And in Malaysia Booker but both murder. So far we have with impunity. And and unfortunately it's not the exception it turns out that it's the rule. Com as we listen to members of the trans community across this country the crimes that they are reporting are not being followed up on. Very often and that the victims become criminally justice involved this is a community has not been treated with the respect and the dignity that they are owed. So want to make sure that we call attention to this and now today. But also want to make sure that in our administration. We take concrete steps to make sure that we meet this challenge head on in those proposals that I mentioned at the outset of our run. Begin the process of doing NASA think you've ever percent enough for for trends and collect two more Cynthia says. Yes. This game here. The political. Curious what you do as president. Arts degree of control particularly dealing with the senate and party it's not even. This what you. Questions about on this third anniversary. Of the pulse nightclub shooting that targeted members of the children. Q community in Orlando. How to redress not just the intolerance and hatred. Fans. Did an administration that encouraged that hate crimes on the rise each of the last three years. How would take concrete steps on gun safety to make sure that it. We don't have this level of violence 40000 almost Americans lose their lives this year. To gun but so in those states have adopted the universal background checks. All the loophole. The boyfriend loophole that Charleston loophole of the gun show loophole. Rescinding near 50% reduction. In gun violence let's adopt that federally seconds. And I see this as a Texan. No automatic. Rifles. Wept and spoke of war. Designed and engineered to kill people really effectively and efficiently in great numbers. The long on the battlefield but do not belong in our communities but stop the sale. Of those assault weapons into our communities. And then red flag laws which are now being adopted on on a case like Casey diversity bases. In the top ten nationally so that someone who. Themselves or someone else is its stock reports to lay those three proposals do not have to be. The bulls of the democratic party for a single candidate. I find a lot of resonance throughout this country including with Republicans and gun owners and non gun owners alike. We'll save lives is it we do that and I think that's when the best ways to honor the memory of those who lost their lives because of our inability to form. The political will to reduce this carnage and bloodshed they trust him a question. Certain. Don't mind on this. An educator Donna Florida she's in the SE teacher and an open minded voter at the moment. Com she recently started a campaign. In our county in flat or Kenny Florida. She you contact representatives about us getting more fair pay. What they do it's I want to know where is America going wrong right now. With our educators. And not just teachers but even the lesser sum here is not environment. And what to meet you at a new administration to improve upon that. Public school educators you mention the instructors in the cluster which also are talking about the janitors. Capture workers school bus drivers to Chelsea's librarians and nurses everybody who makes public education possible in this country. Perhaps at this really divided moment the last place if we come together. Without respect to revert to our differences. Why are those public school educators and so many states including mine in Texas maybe it sounds like. Your mothers and in Florida working two or three jobs just to make ends meet. When the most important job is threatened when that kid and a walking her lifelong love of learning we do got there's no stopping her as a stump and us. That's a country.

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