2020 Democratic candidates Elizabeth Warren and Amy Klobuchar in their own words

Watch the best moments on the campaign trail so far.
25:27 | 07/09/19

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Transcript for 2020 Democratic candidates Elizabeth Warren and Amy Klobuchar in their own words
Yeah. John won't waste my pain. And that's how I see this moment in Washington. This moment in our country we have a fundamental issue. And that is always our government going to work for. Is that gonna just keep working for the rich and the powerful. Keep working for a thinner and thinner slice of the top. Or we thought I have a government that works for everyone else what I want a government that works for everyone else and that's what this fight until now. So on in this one all the way I don't. Right now. The rich and powerful band. I wanna see tax breaks in Washington. They get in a matter of weeks. They want a hearing on dairy issues get up in a matter of weeks. But for us. It's not gonna happen way. It's not gonna happen because we don't all the lobbyists the lawyers to make it all happened. It's got to happen starting at the grass roots it's got to happen with people who make their voices heard it's got to happen. With people who start with the fundamental idea that I know what this feels like I know that change we need to make in this country. Don't waste my pain we're gonna build a better America and work at it do it together. We need to know and does that help people who are here already. We start during her and many of art. Worked remember our. And we don't break and people who are here. Should have a hard we need to do going forward we all need to refine. Her. People people in this. Year and again. And do. Can't be sent or shouldn't be sent. Back to their home countries we need a lot of change in our immigration. An. Immigrant and sent. Back in 2013. It didn't have everything I wanted to have one good parts including pathway to citizenship. The Republicans want to and that counts and that was the end of I think the main thing right now is keep Cuba we have to be willing to cap back and that's fine. And do what's right for all of our families. Immigration. Does not make us weaker as a country it makes us stronger. Yeah. And it. Right. Late. And that our oh. Government. Grant debit. I. I leave time. I DN. I hope our. Paint. Adds I RES. Economy. Structural change. Our. Idea. But what. That money. I'm Marie. I don't care for every 88 they wrote a fine. KR. Three are all our hero that this country. Breach I don't care worker and greet old age or end at. Harry technical college. College or your knowledge all across this month. Dollars to Hearst art act colleges and university. I. Am but bloggers I've heard. Yeah canceled student loan debt but I 5% of the kids god it. I. Robert worked for us and that means we're just yet started. Our problem. At all and act why it changed at all and are they had all. You have the courage end of country. It's about building the future. And our chance. Money. I'm art. I did grant. So isn't great honor to be standing on this stage not something that in a million years I never thought I would do. I have ambitions job ambition since I was in second grade don't know what I wanted to do. I want to be a public school teacher to hear it for America's public school. It was up a pretty rocky path for us. Didn't have any money my daddy ended up as a janitor. I got to school dropped out of school at nineteen in got married. But a string it's my way back I finished my we're your diploma and I became a special needs teacher. I have lived the dream job. Tell you about teachers. We understand work. Of every single human being. We understand about investing in the future. And we never. Give up. Right now in America. There's a lot it's broken there's a lot that's wrong there's a lot that we need to fight back against but I come to you today. With a heart filled with optimism. And the reason it was a 'cause I've been across Iowa I've been across this country. And right now in America Gary to real hunger there are people who are ready for big structural change in this country. They're ready for change and I got a plan for the hat. In fact I got a lot of plans so let me just mention a few. How about wealth tax on the top 110 of 1%. I write this and thank can afford it. And what can we deal with bad news chance we can cancel student loan debt for 43 million Americans. We couldn't comply. Universal child care and pre K. Our every one of our kids. Wait didn't create one point two million. No manufacturing. Jobs rebuild an industrial based right here in America. I don't climate change it's really existential threat bearing down upon us. I have just one plan I got who plans to attack it head on does not have to fight back. And it's one more than I want to mention. And that is roe vs way I've got a practical plan to protect the rights guaranteed to women under roe vs swayed. Regardless of what the United States Supreme Court does. Daughter. Debate here inland thing with all of you. That day. I'm ought to roll out something. About jobs. About in the nation. About the future of rock hunt hurry. And the future of our planet I figured. Let that light today that. Just say a little bit. About a problem that we cannot. Go. I have focused. On the big. Long heart problems here and take your wine today. Is about the giant corporations. And without our economic plans in America understand. For decades now. America's basic economic policy has been and help the big corporations do whatever they wanted it. My problem with net. Giant corporations. The more and more power they amassed standings. Loyal. To America and they're not loyal to an African workers. Loyal to exactly one thing. Their own bottom line our own profit. And shareholders. About third of them aren't even Americans. Now. What that means over time so stomach EU and American tropics have other want to advertise themselves. American companies Levi jeans proud American companies. Western percent of their production. Is here in the United States. I. Number two pencils what's more American than number two yellow pants. The answer is but our main in the United States for I. Like General Electric which the company like General Electric what is it. It closed its plant in Wisconsin. And opens exactly this same work just across the border in Canada. But as they can save a few nibbles by employing more Canadians than Americans. Well. Giant corporations may not care about American workers. But I do and that's why I'm in this high. I'm tired. Years and I mean years are not for profits better through the roof. While wages stayed flat or workers. And millions of jobs move overseas. We got to change that. And I got a plan for that. Not this one worked. It starts with a back. And that is climate change. Poses. It's sort of Bible. Wet. To the world. It's a huge threat. And in order to fight back against that threat. Gonna need all of the research. All of the innovation. And all of the manufacturing. Green products. They help us turnaround. Climate change. And that's why I'm here in Michigan. Stuff parts. To this plant let's start with first are. And that is we need to increase. Our search. Our foreign team on clean technology. Why can't all. But that's not enough. It's that we need to increase this were search. But anybody who wants to use backwards search. To build a product to start a new process. Got a building our fact. Jury here in the United States of America. And I'm lying. On your hair where there aren't enough lids are certain. I'm Amy Klobuchar I'm the senator from Minnesota. I believe that immigrants don't diminish America they are America. My background is this. I have my grandpa with an iron ore miner. He worked 15100 feet underground he saved money in a caulking can defend my dad to college because he could mean got a high school. My mom grew up in Milwaukee. She came government decided to be it teachers second grade and test you with seventy years alt. And I stand before you today because that immigrants my mom was the daughter immigrants make dad the great. Grant great grandson. Of immigrants. I stand before you today. They ran daughter of an iron ore miner that daughter and a teacher and newspaper man. And the first woman elected to that senate from the state of Minnesota and a candidate for president at the United States. Immigrant story in America. And I got into politics. Because my daughter was kicked out of the hospital. And I was kicked out of the hospital she got to be an intensive care but I kicked out of there but she's sitting there in intensive care. And I went to the legislature. And I got when it first lot in the country passed. Guaranteeing new moms and their baby at 48 hour hospital. So I came into politics. That that something was wrong and something wrong in our country right now. With the president that. Sent out mean tweets every morning going after immigrants when it back we should be working indicating comprehensive immigration reform. An economic opportunity for all in this country. That is America. I it. I think she's not these things like protect air and the key here and that it not just me in the White House. Friends battalion. The Marlins. Is she correct. Topped deep network all the way down and let me here's that you're showing. I don't trust an outraged. It started. Rock station peacefully marched it started the next day after that we 6000. And room. Okay. Here it is refugee order came up. We showed up. Air horns. Then march for something. After here. Every right. We get it. Rainy days. Her appeal. The important respects. And trans gender people beat Laura art care act. Lap and I care. Stuck out. Our way out at that I announce in the mid on that note that aren't an app. Read in the United States that added weight and he made fun of me talking about climate change in the middle Lesnar. So I route back. Drop. Giant done might. I'd like seeing how your hair wig hair in a blitz our. Way. The reason I did that not remember what that I want and make a point. Edit I'm across the river are barred by. Get a higher plane in our politics. And my background. That little different McDonald's dropped my Graham but with an iron are minor. I'm not with each hour Ani Brad union member. My. News paper man. I am before you at the granddaughter and I are mined at the daughter of each hour and newspaperman. The first woman elected that you let that happen this statement. And it gave up Bratton met at the end. Let America about the shared rain is simple idea that no matter where you come from no matter you know mattered you don't have money not. No matter where you where's that no matter how you. That you need in this country. And we have a man in the White House right now that divide that every day he does after immigrants. Adapt of people of color. I'd been a dentist or bike week. And we need to come together and we and in every great thing that my colleagues at an air. We need to get done that we need to bought climate change right. We need to do something about prescription drug and wring nut cut down. We need to go after Pol Pot and bring them down not up and it's gonna happen and let you vote. So I'm good and witness. There is nothing more important that. At boating not only for president but for all your ticket that great Joseph Cunningham if you're over it parents are. Group are represented at why aren't for all. Your candidate for eight state. And you got it duet and the way we do let by the way is re authorizing the voting rights act. I got I got paid what they have done. They the Abrams and he got an errant guards are right now at an outlet that without. It right that is. I'm glad you're so why they get my number went up for our democracy right now is that that's my bill not automatically register at. Every yet. Not break when the days. It now we move this country. I thought here's the part. Thank you every. Every lot thank you thought Carolina. Yeah. We're a. It won't let me back. Word. That our. Tri unity. The words and it is here want to. Are. 00. Okay. A yeah. Relax. Stay. I think the latter. Totally. Here. More I'm. About this right. There isn't a lack. Okay. It's really response to that crisis of our time that we've seen theory very low commodity prices. We have seen age volatility in the that the treatment arms. Also sometimes the weather particularly and Kate thank. Nebraska and Missouri. And we have also seen. Any. Granting of oil waivers that you've never seen before which is really heard outfield. And this is something. They need ministry she could do immediately stop Randy Weaver's especially to big companies. Chevron and Exxon and don't tell us and I were here that you are Mr. President helping I help you. Playing at your own administration. This secretary. Of the environment there and granting waivers so that's the first thing. I think bankruptcies are to the point where we. Go way back to the last crop prices and that's actually in the bill with senator Grassley. That make cities. Operating we have found want here in bankruptcy chapter twelve. It's making capital lease the aircraft farmers because our right now because that the downturn that. Prices it's really hard to act that capital. I believe we need to restore and revived the heart of our democracy. And the heart of our politics in the heart of America which is what my agenda and the focus of my campaign has been all about. So I am talking about the issues that I think Aaron challenges coming out right.

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