2020 Democratic candidates Joe Biden and Bernie Sanders in their own words

Watch the best moments on the campaign trail so far.
23:47 | 07/09/19

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Transcript for 2020 Democratic candidates Joe Biden and Bernie Sanders in their own words
Don't children are both in Saturday. Already at least in. Mistake today. Wasn't planned that way but I hope. Charles presence. Here is maybe it clarifying moment personal. There can formally. American farmers would crush vice chair for. Maria chimed in nor would know is that bedroom folks environment. You know he thinks that means. Is being tough well it's easy meets. When someone else's field they had taken a hit. How many farmers across this state and across the nation have had to face the prospects of losing business losing a form. Because of these trumped tariffs. How many times have they gone to bed staring. Literally stared at the ceiling wondering what's gonna happen tomorrow when and where they're gonna make it. And how Bob faction. Charles tariffs and trade wars are they do a lot of American kind of traction especially. The American automobile industry. Choking him with with and its in his life. You know one of my proudest moments you know I got blamed for pushing for the bill General Motors and the automobile industry want my proudest moments. With the President Obama. I let the rescue of the American outage. We know. That millions of jobs. In the automobile companies in the supply chains. We also knew that meant the pride of the nation was a stake is well. Not watching trump destroy. The industry the President Obama help saved is is discouraged. You know I don't think the president really gets the gets the basics. He thinks these tariffs are being paid by China just like you need to Mexico's don't know. He's an amazing that you. Joseph become. Thinking of my mother. Our job is tweeting China is making massive investments in new technologies. Being artificial intelligence and five G either you know why he's tweeting they're not sitting still and our country is. Third movement Ali's name calling John it is building roads and bridges and a high speed rail. Troopers pursuing this animation and Randy Warren trade without any real strategy. That that's the part that concerns me the most you know China's position itself to lead the world renewable energy policy exporting me. Is it's just it's just bizarre. What China is attacking jobs attacking our friends China is pressing his advantage all over the world. You know we are where we need the rest of the world to deal with us dealing with China and they're chi. And there and what they're doing in the western part of their country and how I'm in the eastern part of their country. What they're doing the Wiegert I mean it's but Nelson said. You know and so you but I worry about China we keep following the path that presidential pass. The point of making for years. If we do we need to do here at home. If we stand for for America's entry. If we invest in our people. Our lives our values. The work of our partners. We cannot compete anybody in the world. Hoffman is the productivity American workers. There are three times as productive as workers in Asia. Our ingenuity. A great research universities we have more great win more great research universities in America and all the rest of the world combined diluted. And here we are every major new initiative this change the most what university you won't do we don't want south smallest place. Great labs we think there's somehow governor Kennedy they are owned by the people of the states in which they're okay. And now we went we we should on the 21 pitch. So not come. Taking on China first let's invest. In America. Historic initiatives in scientific research cutting an infant cutting edge infrastructure. We should be rally in our friends to take on China's abusive practices around the world. And I mean our friends in the region said of alienating whether South Korea here Japan nor any of the other. Folks in the region that have been our allies relative to choke. Improve our defenses by so companies don't have to give. Tech. A capability to China that they steal. Work in a way where are we in fact. Treat China the way they treat us they won't let us and best without having in China without them having a 50% ownership. And steal intellectual property well. They shouldn't invest here it is not farmers should praise it should be we should be treating them the way they treat us. And since. Bulwark. You know but I think the president has made the wrong choices almost all along the line. The devastating flooding here and in Iowa overall and throughout the region. Yet president trump denies there's any business these climate change. And and it be funny if it weren't so so damaging to so serious. And what about health care trying to have the Justice Department declared the Affordable Care Act unconstitutional. And he saw how well trying to take away people's health care worker not 2019. And our off year elections. Did you find a Republican it is for health care. I didn't find one and it to you were trying like doubled to eliminate the Affordable Care Act. How do you deal with your child who has a preexisting condition you can afford the insurance how do you. Keep your child on your health care policy for the 26 if there's armed struggle the fine work how idea. Deal with all the things in the fact. Our and are. And the entire health care system your a and nice town here and a tumbling 25000 people you continue to eliminate Medicaid and they want to cut Medicare as well. How long you going to be able maintain your community hospitals here. How long that could last. So folks look. You know president child thinks that Wall Street and super rich built this country. It into the country. The middle class of this country and unions built the middle class that's how we got to where. Won't. An economy that rewards. Work much as well return the dignity of work or work. You know the and I think look I believe that the president is literally an existential threat. To America for three reasons one. He is legitimate threat to our our core values. Folks look. I wanted to be here today and poor people's campaign and asked us what it is reverend barber. You're not talked about this before but the fact of the matter is what you're doing really make a difference you aren't fact picking up where was left off by Doctor King. When in fact he decided that it was necessary to go beyond. Beyond just poverty among African Americans but across the nation. Because for too many years too many years the animated principal. Of what's happened is that with great income inequality. What's happened is the charlatans have been able to pit. Black folks against white folks against Latino it's Europe and because you have a problem with the other but what's happening now. The reason why the poor folks who poor's because of all those immigrants all those Muslims all those African American senator it's a bunch of Malarkey. And the fact of the matter is that the people campaign. Intends to an end to end this exploitation. The exportation is more extreme than it's ever been because of the gigantic income inequality. Exists here in America is greater than anytime since the turn of the last century. Reverence not only that we have less than half the people not almost nothing diocese living in poverty. It's ridiculous that we have this extreme. Extreme extreme. Changed going on deeply united deep inequities in our society. Our policy discriminates. Against and devalues black people native Americans. People of color women LG BTQ individuals people with disabilities. Rick I'm gong quark because that Foreman refugees immigrants asylum seekers and look. They talk about our children these are somebody else's children are all our children. We all are all our children are the kite strings and literally lift our national ambitions a law city can't say it's their children. They're America's children we have an obligation. And every single one of them should be treated with dignity. You know I as you know today is the fourth anniversary of the massacre mother a man known. Church and down Charleston and the fact of the matter is that reverend pinkie was a friend and and he was murdered along with eight others parishioners. But it was only show OK the clearest example of appointment the poisonous ideology of white supremacy. But here's the point. Went in fact one B when we went down there after to celebrate the loss of those people in their lives. Senator or President Obama stood there and he ended his presentation of amazing grace. It's amazing the impact impact. I got to stay afterwards the next day my camera and I went to the regular service. And I listened to them that I met every one of those family members. And they for gays they for gay the grace to forgive. Those who did the horrible things that were done. This in large started. We still have an ultimate civil rights argument today it is. How can you be constitutionally. Able to marry and be able fired three dozen states when you walk dance it's wrong. It's simply simply wrong. You know long way to go through magnetic courage it took. Hundred courage it took fifty years ago to stand up and say I'm gay country and time wouldn't unless you. You know and when people started it would keep up the courage to come out stand up and speak say who they were all of a sudden people realize while. This looks just like me. We just like me. For ordinary decent honorable people. The public's way ahead of the politicians honest they're way ahead on marriage and their way ahead on the basic rights of every American should have. And I'm really proud of the folks in here in the courage to do it they did they started. Fifty years ago. And Annie now hiring. Anyone we check oh and keep it. The question you're you mentioned yesterday that I debate that bag. Bet you know you're only have a minute to respond in a minute to make its statement. Are you concerned that for you all. In reaching voters that won't be enough that on the. Everybody going yeah I think it's a little bit it's it's a little bit as good and killing him it is again. This should do. But it didn't look presidential candidates not involved in the word. As vice president. Basis if we're. There would be too much different street what you do. I think it's. What you should do you deal. You are happy from the for a roughing it. Wasn't about it. It's. Real. My guess it. That. And future. The Americans he's. Leading the Smart thing with the forgiving heart breaks yeah. What we must remember. That the loans were not the only places. Where balked forces. Tried to rise up and capture Powell. Today we are all rightly repulsed. By the sight of neo Nazis and Klansmen openly marching. In Charlottesville Virginia. And we are powerfully by houses of work being shot up. By right wing terrorists. But on February 20 1939. All put 20000. Nazis held a mass rally. Not in Berlin. Not in Rome but in Madison square caught. In front of a thirty foot bat out of George Washington. Bordered. With swastika. Being New York City. New York City. But back then. Both American extremists could not replicate the success. Of their or authoritarian brethren across the ocean. Because we in the United States liked ought. May eight different choice than Europe did in responding to the errors social and economic crisis. We rejected the ideology of Mussolini and hit law. And we instead embraced the bold and visionary leadership. Up Franklin Roosevelt or Roosevelt then the lead off of the progressive wing of the Democratic Party. So again I vote. Whip organize label. Leaders in the African American community and progressives in sight and out saw. The democratic polity Roosevelt led a transformation. Of the American government and the American economy. Like today. The quest for transformative change was opposed. By Dick business. White will scrape. By the political establishment by the Republican Party and invite the conservative wing. Of FD cause own democratic plot. And he faced the saying scare tactics. Then that we experienced today. Red baiting and xenophobia. Racism. And anti semitism. In a famous 1936. Campaign speech. Roosevelt stated. And I quote. We had to struggle. With the old and MD is a piece. Business and financial monopoly. Speculation. Reckless banking. Class antagonism. Sectional Islam war profiteering. They had begun to consider the government of the United States as a mere appendage. Two of their own affairs. We know now. That government by organized body. Is just as dangerous. As government by organized ball. And Roosevelt conclude. A quote. No but look full in all our history. Have these forces been so united against one candidate. As they'd stand today. They argue not him is in their hate for me. And all right welcome day out patriot. Did okay. We are running. When obviously democratic primary where running. To defeat Donald wrong. But we're also running to do something very different want to be clear on us about that as well. I think one of the problems that happens in American politics it is a lot of folks well intentioned laws. They want all this place that look I want to do eight BC and the people voted men and a piece in these people get there. When a paper on us. Message of outlook him and he. Is us not me. Like selling trees. To be able what's that probably will be. But it is actually. It is actually very profile. State. I think come up offers. Some analysts'. Quarterly mean what are the implications when me. Like us not once but shall. Mean. Yes it's. Our government to stand up say that. I think it needs to think that's one is exactly what it means and I think I'm the only candidate who will tell you this. The shock that assailant though she. Reasons. Auto Detroit boat. That belongs the audience of but we law what we have got that you. Is the power or for of them are human. You know the Powell Walsh breezes. You know the Powell the drug companies along. You know what the Powell futures companies military industrial complex the fossil fuel industry. Unique somebody's gonna come hopefully they'll look I am deeply concerned about climate change a lot of transformer and accuses the ultimate. Well it's a flying. Phrase supplying that speech. But he. What is not in that speech is the need to take on the fossil fuel industry. Because they do not go gently into the front. Hope the point economically when I Saturday. On us obviously you know when primary helped when the general election but me letting you while hooking up the got. I can't help but they after the election. One of the points we make throughout this campaign. Atlanta or if one is we pay the highest prices the world prescription for everybody knows that it ripple like also. And he popping up if they 69 billions in profits. 69 billion optic companies. And you pay like all the highest prices the world want to applaud our cannot afford the medicines at doctors who struck a priest is. But you think you know my believe is that might like it. That lower prescription drug caused by act we will bring about the rest of the world councilman Robert. But do you think the pharmaceutical and use McCain than its at all she Bernie we even think about it. And you're right we have been selfish and greedy. And we have allow people to die get sick while we make billions you'll opted fits us. We're gonna low prices like that now. Maybe but I don't think so. I think we need people there. If you are eighteen years of age in America. And you are a citizen of this country you have the right to vote and all this gusher. Right. And I think also. And I think I am the only candidate who will tell you it's. Obviously it goes with outside. That if somebody has made his or her debt that those on. I spent time in jail and got out applause. Applaud those people deserve the right to vote. Well let me take it a step further and a bit criticized widely for things. But this is what I police. If you are a citizen of America law. You'll have the right to vote eve been if you are in jail. Because voting is not a quieted up put people off bad people. It's a question all maintaining. Universal. Right to vote fall all citizens that you commit a crime you pay the price. If we want to cut military spending. We have to take on. The military industrial complex. If we want us and we'll. The wealthiest people and largest corporations paying their fair share of taxes we have to take on but want let's not. So what this campaign if the bow. It's not just winning the democratic primary got to do that it's not just the beating strong we must do. But it is taking on the read alt Powell locals actually Trent who think they own this country.

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