2020 Democratic candidates Pete Buttigieg and Kamala Harris in their own words

Watch the best moments on the campaign trail so far.
23:23 | 07/09/19

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Transcript for 2020 Democratic candidates Pete Buttigieg and Kamala Harris in their own words
And ends. There's bumping mayor. Point three democratic presidential candidates vice president Joseph Biden former vice president is leading the crown right now how do you separate yourself. From the pac ads as that starts today in. I think one of the reasons our campaign has made it into the top two years even would almost two dozen competitors is that were offering something different people. Want to see. The opposite of the current president and they also want to see a different kind of messenger that we need to change our values setting the boundaries of the Democratic Party the right ones I think. We should always remember that our policies on dealing with climate change. Raising wages. Delivering things like paid and we re protecting health care a comprehensive immigration reform the American people agree with us on these issues. And so we have a very strong message but we also need the right economists who won't get caught going on this president's show. Who recognizes that the more we're talking about him. The less we're talking about you and who can speak. With urgency about the future as I can because god willing expect to be here in the 2050s when we will look back. And be held to account as a generation. For whether we did the right on issues from climate. Two fiscal responsibility will decide how the rest of this half centuries going. Good morning here are you the morning. Annan techies from happening to count nine in Mexico City. I'm I have just two questions how from a bit about foreign policy. Press in an episode out of Mexico has proposed. And Eminem that element plan for a Central America in cooperation with the US he proposed it to the president trump. To reduce Healy an immigration if you were to become precedent would you. Be open to collaborate with the Mexican government to fund his plan and also there is being beat if I resurgence of the left and at an American lately. And this allowing Mexico Kristina Peterson and it's about the return has BP in Argentina both civilly. Book Elena Salinas and who is do you see yourself working with these leaders in the in the region these left wing need it. Leaders. Or solicit you must say excitement than those that biosystems. Request that's the end of the study. Concept on Protestants yes that'll to see it go. Possibly and -- places and we put up an awesome authority hospital implode. Full total and an assist those who knows we need. Mexico to be prosperous we need Central America to be prosperous we need Latin America to do well not only because we are all neighbors but because so many of the pressures. That are affecting this country are a consequence of some of the problems that are happening in others. If people if workers in Mexico are earning. Good wages. If Mexico enjoys prosperity and stability of course that benefits us in the United States to and we would be eager. To collaborate diplomatically economically. Of course in ways that benefit the United States but also in ways that benefit the region. A because ultimately were going to rise of faulty. If you were president there we nutritionists say. And for sorry to I didn't. We'll have to write and pilots sorry that's even more confusing go ahead with if the president today how would you respond yes. It well I would first respond by engaging our allies this is not the kind of situation that you want to deal with alone. We would also need to respond by signaling that Iran needs to stop with provocations but do in the ways that. Demonstrates our understanding. That this cannot be allowed to escalate in to a more and more violent situation. Right now we are in an extremely. Dangerous moment. The presidents of the United States has trouble making decisions and is relatively easy to manipulate. The congress of the United States has expressed relatively little interest until recently in its own legal war powers. The position of secretary of defense of the United States is vacant. Iran is seeking to exploit all of these dynamics and we are isolated from our allies this is exactly the kind of recipe. The could lead to an escalation in a confrontation that would in the end. The outside of the control of both US Andy Runyon leaders which is exactly what we've got apartment. So I think we need to engage our allies we need to find a pathway to. And we need to do so and awaited signals to Iran that further provocation will be against their interest arts. For the beginning my campaign for president has been driven by the awareness that we face not just another presidential election. But a transition between one era and another. The fact of which the current presidency is as much a symptom. As a cost. I believe that the next three or four years will determine the next thirty or forty for our country and our world. And in that contest. I'm thankful for this opportunity to share the world's view that shakes my understanding. Of foreign policy and national secured. I do not aspire to deliver a full footage its doctrine today. But I will illustrate how my administration would manage global issues. I want to lay out how I believe American interests in American values can be aligned across American relationships. With a view to everyday life in places like my hometown of south. My central purpose is to argue that the world today needs America more than ever. But only if America can be at her best. As a mayor from the industrial midwest. As a product of the 9/11 generation and is a veteran of the Afghanistan conflict my own worldview is shaped predictably. By my life experience. When I arrived in college in the fall of 2000 scholars were debating whether the end of the Cold War amounted to the end of history. The United States appeared to be the unchallenged leader of a global order. And the new century was expected by many to be peaceful and democratic. By the time I finish my studies in 2007. America was mired in two wars it's respect even among our allies have plummeted. And no one could be certain that the global future would be any better than the past. I was a soft core when the towers fell and war came to my generation. I stayed up late debating things like the march toward the Iraq conflict in a student committee room and Harvard's Kennedy school. Unaware that in a dorm across the street a few students were in the early stages of coding a website to become the engine of the social media revolution. A few years later care. I would find myself feeling like I was answering for America for all her gifts and all her flaws as a student of brought. An American first in Tunisia and then it ox. At a time when the world was growing skeptical about America's leadership in credit note. By the weekend in my tenth college reunion I was it pogrom airfield Afghanistan. The course of my life altered by American foreign policy. And through it I've seen at home in south then why foreign policy is not a theoretical discussion for the Americans that I sort. From send off ceremonies for reservists about to be deployed overseas. To union meetings of American auto workers making German branded cars going to Chinese customers from right in our own saint Joseph county. I had seen the local impact of global engagements. My name is Pete voted judge they mostly just call me mayor Pete back home. Heard Italian who I am what I believe and why we're doing its. Purdue on this because. Our values are on the line. And this season in the life of America's political development. Is 12 and is the idea that American values. Are property. Of conservatives and Republicans. Starting with freedom. Freedom is not a conservative value. It is an American valley. And while our Republican friends like to talk about freedom like it's theirs alone. We know that freedom includes economic freedom and you're not free if you don't have a living wage in this country. But. GOP has sacrificed its ability to claim to be the party of freedom. Especially when we see an attack on women's reproductive freedom that all of us especially mad ought to be standing up to defense. And yes here in Iowa where you turn heads around the nation ten years ago we know that you're not free of some county clerk gets to tell you that we ought to marry. Based on their idea of their religion. We know that freedom comes by way of organizing that's why we stand shoulder to shoulder with labor. And we know that freedom comes by way of education which is why on day one the new president needs to appoint a secretary of education who actually believes in public that's fed. I do not belong to the Republican Party. And neither does patriotism. I got on that great tale C seventy and it took me and Afghanistan on the orders of an American president. The flag on my shoulder was not a Republican flag it was an American flag representing the belonging of all of us in the republic for which it stands. But. All let anybody tell you. That they own national security not when their vision of security goes no further than it put up a wall from sea to shining city. That's not gonna help with cyber security. That's not gonna help win elections secured. That's not going to help us name and confront the violent white nationalism the presented clear and present threat to our country. But. Aren't out to tell Cedar Rapids at the time has come to treat climate disruption. As a security issue that it is. Which is why we should not only. Rejoined the Paris accords got to have a Pittsburgh summit to bring together American cities and communities to do something about the issue with federal support. Freedoms not a conservative. Value patriotism is not a conservative. Only value and god does not belong to any political party at least of all the won the producer's current president. It. Now we. Got a lot of work to do to vindicate our values to establish a true democracy. Where money can't out vote people and politicians can't use their voters. By drawing districts the way they like a democracy where all US citizens including those in DC and Puerto Rico enjoy proper political representation and our capital. And maybe even in this greatest democracy in the world we might go about choosing our president by giving it to the person who got the most votes. Now I think we're all more or less of one accord on our values so the biggest question is arrogant went. And we're not gonna win by playing it safe. Or promising a return to normal we are where we are because normal broke. And we Democrats can no more promise to return to the ninety's that Republicans can deliver on a promise to return us to the fifties. The only thing we can do is to look at that show. That this president's grid that whatever you want to call it reality show horror show game show. And we're gonna change the channel to something completely different. Help me change the channel. Help us win the air out. Help us bring about a new era in the light for this country. And we will be glad that it started right here in Ireland thank you don't zeal on the ground. A. Does this president has no plan for midnight. Today. The report the assault weapons into out. And at McDonald's. So I'm collectively down. And yeah. I actually French fry. At me. I'm. I was a student when I was working. There was a lot of family relying on me. To pay the rent. Food on the table and keep the bells paid by the end of the month. But the reality of McDonald's. Is that a majority of the votes are working. Day. I'm minding on the heading. Household and I think when and if we want to talk about all that aren't just being a symbol of the best of America. Well aren't attack calling it. And we have got to recognize. That working people designers. Livable wages working people who served in these places. To know that there will be a safe work environment which means treatment any physical harm including sexual assault or at the and that's not what we're seeing. So this is the right of the people who organized them. And some aren't and just out for the dignity of working people let the power of the people the collective. Understanding the power in particular of collective while we aren't the only. With those who otherwise are not paying attention and not listening. I wouldn't be standing here today at people did not march and shout. For equality for freedom infinite justice and I am so proud to stand here. Let. A lot of down there. That's you know you can't progress and so if we have to fight it we have to margins. We asked them let people know we are willing to stand up until we freedom and equality and candidates and livable. Right. Yeah. Junk food and what did you. A. Take up to its it's adding mornings I'm gonna. And that the that it likely gone through Alabama and I'm and the truth with this. What discipline. And veterans yes that's. You know what you are right out yeah let's beachfront but it isn't. You're exactly right. I'd turn Clinton. I've been working on it's over the last two years where exactly absolutely right. So we have people who have served our country there's service meaning they were prepared to time. For I democracy. Many have been injured many have experienced trauma that will be life long terms of its effects. Yet we have an administration in Washington DC and get. It Donald Trump. Eyed immigrants from day. Calling Mexicans murderers and rapists. Lots to be. I have billion dollar at least on taxpayers. Acts Walt is nothing more than a vanity. Project which by the way we'll never get built. Dish out the strategy. Let me. And he passed the tax bill. Benefiting the top 1% the biggest corporations in that country. At least it's got it happened at of people running federal agency what do you regulating everything. Pocket of big oil and pharma. I think Britain's private detention centers people. Pretty awful working people profiting off the car estimation I think human pain. Thank not. Had the working people. Affordable health care should be about it and fortunately our big happening taking away especially in this peak condition like. I want you have approved the fact that if you look at this question is what what can act got bit of the area pre conditions. It allowed its hands people did not have coverage now average. And I want to take this extent and that's fine science supporting Medicare for all. With the eighth goal of getting every. And doing that in a way that we also bring down view overall costs and interest it cost is not the barriers anyway. In terms of what they received. Alleviate their parents. Thank you. This is about morality is about let our morals it is about what is right let it be teachings. Of Christ and and other leaders who teach us. The importance. Of living a life that is not about ourselves but about service to and four others. I think about so many issues that we work on and that I'm working on through that lands. For me that that the point of the significance of all of this an obvious salmon for president. That the goal is is obviously and I fully intend to win but I tell people everywhere. That from me the measure of our success. Will more importantly B it that at the end of this process we are relevant. That we are relevant in the lives of other people I was raised by parents were active in civil rights movement. I was raised in the community of folks who sit that your purpose in life should be about service to others I was raised by parents who spent full time marching in shouting. About this thing called justice and fighting for equality and fighting for fairness Angela Knight then. Put that also in the context of what is morally right I often think of the parable of the good samaritan. Because. What did teachings are there from the local loop is is it is about. How do we define neighbor everyone knows well let's let us live as we were at full entry our neighbor as we would want to be treated but. What I like about that the parable of the good samaritan as about defining who was neighbor. His neighbor and understanding neighbors not about the person he shares your zip code. Neighbor is not about the person who lives next door and drive same kind of car like you do what the president has it that the same school you are. What we learn in that terrible is neighbor it is. That person you are walking by who is homeless on the street the neighbor is somebody some child by young person who was a runaway. And who is vulnerable or has been exposed to neglect or abuse neighbor is that refugee who will rise on our shores seeking. The support of what should be the strong arms of Aaron nation and an embrace and not. Not what we have seen from this administration listen flip them sick go back to where you came from neighbors about understanding. And living in service of others understanding that we are all each of his Brothers and sisters. Seeing it in each other a family member a child a friend. Mother of file. And so when I talk about it think about and policy in that context it is everything that I think about when I think about wise support Medicare fraud it is everything I talk about and think about when I say we need to lift up. Working families it has everything that I think about when I say we need to pay teachers their value we need to reform the criminal justice is that we need to help renters out. We need to see what is happening in our country. And street. Our fellow. Human being as we would our neighbor as we would want for ourselves. I'll let. It get it I don't heat outlook and advancement that except one thing. It. I'll take it down for a moment I want to take it down on the ticket down his goat farm moment. We've just celebrated this week sadly. The fourth anniversary. Of the Emanuel nine. And we cannot thicket. And we cannot but get that it it was. In South Carolina. That we can't yeah frozen that our nation. Who fought and died with civil rights. And equality. Die. Doing I bet we would have eight ball right. That I bullets would be back is that our voices would be out well. That we would not relent until it was equality while all Americans all human beings. No not at the annual nine. We got a big girls that they weren't. And it is that god is great heroes so many who've bought by animal rights it is up on the bears sold at Isetan. As a candidate that and the united.

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