2020 Democratic field swells as WA Gov. Inslee launches campaign

Washington Governor Jay Inslee announces he is running for president with plans to focus his campaign on climate change.
2:25 | 03/01/19

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Video Transcript
Transcript for 2020 Democratic field swells as WA Gov. Inslee launches campaign
This may also come up of course on the campaign trail as the twentieth when he race heats up even in this early stage we have a new entrant. And so we want to turn to ABC's Mary Alice parks our deputy political director because. Jay Kinsley the governor of Washington. Is coming on board in the this 20/20 crowded democratic. Feel what do we know about him. Well let me know about him is does he have a chance I want how did take a look at this. Headline from his hometown paper the Seattle times right there not a way I imagine governor and we want to start off his day. Even a hometown paper asking if he hasn't hats in this very crowded field where there's obviously half a dozen senators and party and announced. Might she sounds scary as that of course he had a chance he had a shot he's a sitting governor so even though he doesn't have that national me an idea that some of those. Senators enjoy he's going to be able to stand up there on the debate stage and say look I've. Run a government I've done this and bin an executive. Still going to be an uphill battle for him as he tries interviews himself to the rest of the country. Something else important keep in minds about him and his bid. He's trying distinguished himself by running on climate change and making that issue the cornerstone. Of his campaign. In his announcement video today he said we are the first generation to feel the sting of climate change. And the last generation they can do something about it he promised to be the only candidate. Willing to make it a number one priority in his administration. We'll see if that makes him stand out in this crowded field other. 120 candidates seem to be actually banding together a little bit to work on issues around marijuana. This is interesting to me they're a five senators who are running for president but are sitting democratic senators who all signed on to a new bill yesterday that would legalize marijuana at the federal level. Now he is speaking about Jay in Joliet a governor of Washington marijuana is legal there in Washington State. But this bill would take it to a whole different level legalizing the drug across the country. I would also go as far as to expunge the record up. People who had been convicted of marijuana related misdemeanors in the past. I talked to bar release she was one of the house members that energy use the bill on the house side. She called this nothing but a criminal justice issue as and that's what made it not radical in her her eyes but essential. ABC's Mary Alice parks are deputy political director of thanks to you.

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{"duration":"2:25","description":"Washington Governor Jay Inslee announces he is running for president with plans to focus his campaign on climate change.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/Politics","id":"61413564","title":"2020 Democratic field swells as WA Gov. Inslee launches campaign","url":"/Politics/video/2020-democratic-field-swells-wa-gov-inslee-launches-61413564"}