One-on-one with 2020 Democratic presidential candidate Steve Bullock

Montana Gov. Steve Bullock discussed being excluded from the first Democratic primary debate and his 2020 Presidential campaign plans.
5:44 | 06/14/19

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Transcript for One-on-one with 2020 Democratic presidential candidate Steve Bullock
We're gonna talk about the three. Left over candidates who sadly didn't make it on the stage under the democratic national committee's rules. Steve Bo look of Montana. Who else Seth Moulton a vast shoe salesman we must now wait doesn't that make it we caught up with Steve Bullock. A short time ago to ask him what he feels like being excluded from the first debate neared its. I want to ask you about some big news the past 34 hours on the debates the DNC is declared who will be and who will be out. Unfortunately your one that the in the party has said didn't qualify under the rules that he which are 65000 donors 1% polling in three. Major national polls or are you gonna contests that are you going to be a fight to get on that first stage. Look gusher disappointed in the DNC pictures this is making room for someone actually warrant reinstated its name ludicrous things. Through our open party are ignorant welcome legislatures. And also. Represents works in her Larry it's it's one of those things where dogs are places that we as a party Kim. Overlook you you did put out a new ad today which is kind of tongue in cheek you call them force us. Which you can't say on the air but it sounds like you you don't agree with the way they've set this up toward. I think look it's been a movie targeted as much as water would be walls aren't. Polls. Spend a moving target to a certain respect but it really is you know. I mean your cell reduce its trend. This is fast breakfast parent we still have 200. Work a little bit of steeplechase. When somebody's obstacle sucks but this is we select 23040s. For the first voters expressed. There preferences area and continue to do Jack who have been due in his bowl meeting with donors and talking about it really every time that a guy elected Montana. Are trying to put people over sort of politics in the political. And that's where I'm dense. All the way Oregon Ducks 13 times month. I've got to believe that this is deeply frustrating to you even know. You are one of the last to get in the race you had a job to do you say legislative session didn't wrapped two recently and it. People want another how can you be Joseph Biden some of those other front runners if you can't get on that stage. While it was literally years ago and it's you know rosy spin is well this is what it is I can only control loosening skiing and you know what I can control that are really erotic saying search and I think didn't you know we still quite a ways to go ms. Fawcett. You how do you turn things around how do you jump start these next few weeks he can get on that second staging you. Charting a strategy to target specific groups are you seeking out certain donations are you gonna. Launch a new messaging campaign what the what's in store to jumpstart this. Everybody who goes to Steve Bullock dot com it's listened to Chris it sure helps and do. Council looks like you who you know iTunes. I couldn't beat. On national television and everything well I was trying to get everything done in Montana but I think there's still plenty time. Prior we're pretty rosy spin on this Shannon this he's good very optimistic guy. But very long odds to come out of this first debate a lot of attention lot of momentum he kind of enter the race late. You do you get the sense that he is eternally optimistic about this. Yeah absolutely I think there's there's some interesting and you it's not making this debate from the perspective of someone like Bullock or Moulton who entered late but. You know the one question I have is what about those next moments that coed. Healthy breakthrough. And he needs some moment where you go viral and and you gain traction people who didn't know about you before acting out be advantageous to these candidates who don't have tiny recognition. I also think that they make good point when they say that they're not concerned that has merit we are so early. In the election here and and I think that. Bullock and Walton have said you gotta be persistent about this race and and I think that's what he was saying when he was talking about. 200 and some odd days before getting out there for the first island voters and and when he says that he's getting me out on the trail unsaid about the debate. The point is that. Voters are going to decide the election and not to defeat you might not have. A chance he might have three minutes. Let us forget 2007 you know win a young unknown Illinois senator Barack Obama came under nowhere meant in. She's probably announce employee in the polls it in years and cycles past British I don't takes exactly so you just really don't know for someone like folic he does have a pretty good ressam has arrested governor so. You never know if they're if there is going to be different chance for Brigham and we've certainly capitalizing on this. Increased attention have absolutely this this is one of the better things happen to their campaign thus far who sonic that the campaign ad they released this morning that. They have been out there doing a lot of interviews talking that this issue voters who support. Paula are riled up piece. Jock in the video that we just watched the campaign ad. He's I'm not that the DNC and and hurtful explained is to the DNC don't repeat the mistakes of 26 cannot connect with these voters who want to be there are. A record number of candidates I had at hand even in there have been an ample a number of opportunities to hit 21% in the poll 23 polls would have been qualifying pulls a lot of calls that they are so he. A certainly has a lot of work to any sort of sitting there and then NASA may and he did have some workers have interest in Watsonville room. Great to see all of you in Miami in just a couple of weeks trying think so much Chang has that thank you so much.

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{"duration":"5:44","description":"Montana Gov. Steve Bullock discussed being excluded from the first Democratic primary debate and his 2020 Presidential campaign plans.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/Politics","id":"63723553","title":"One-on-one with 2020 Democratic presidential candidate Steve Bullock","url":"/Politics/video/2020-democratic-presidential-candidate-steve-bullock-63723553"}