2020 presidential field becomes crowded as more candidates enter race

Sen. Kamala Harris officially announces bid for president in Oakland, California, over the weekend as former Starbucks CEO Howard Schultz considers a presidential bid.
3:27 | 01/28/19

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Transcript for 2020 presidential field becomes crowded as more candidates enter race
Moving to politics now back home the field. But to challenge Donald Trump in the 20/20 election is getting just a little bit Crowder Camelot Harris the senator from California made it official over the weekend. So too did former Starbucks CEO and founder Howard Schultz he got into the race for more on the latest in the 20/20 sweepstakes let's bring in our recline political director Washington hey Rick great to see you. Also bookstore with that with this news that Howard Schultz made overnight. He announced a sixty minutes that he seriously considering a run but not as a Republican or Democrat. Critical here is that he says he will be a third party candidate he says he would be an independent. Centrist that would be quite a move and it is it is garnered quite the reaction. From former Obama strategist some of the current Democrats were running for president. And a whole lot of people in the Twitter verse or say this is not the time to go third party this would siphon votes away from the democratic candidate. And could guarantee Donald Trump his reelection but how Marshall says he is thought this through I've talked to some of his advisors they are already making plans to have him placed on all fifty state ballots. Should he decide to make this official is bull tore is kicking off this week he's going to be everywhere he's going to be asked a lot of tough questions about. Whether he would play spoiler in this race. And it's not just. Howard Schultz of course we've seen this field growing over the past couple of weeks people did you edge getting in last week as well Camelot Harris making it official yesterday. She had a huge crowd out they're in her hometown of Oakland. The biggest crowds so far of the very early very young election cycle 20000. People out there in Oakland it was the closest thing. To a presidential style address receiver any of the candidates is notable to me DeVon and not lost on many in the democratic park party. That all of the other candidates so far whether that's Elizabeth Warren are Kirsten Gillibrand. In none of them had decided to go big like this in showed the commander in the -- confidence frankly of of trying to make a big rally and starting it in her hometown of Oakland showing she's not going to be shy of where she's from a northern California despite some of the liberal stereotypes that might surround that. And making that direct case in that big forum that the visuals were striking from Kabul Harris any crowded field she was signaling that she considers herself a front runner and I think that the imagery. Communicates exactly that to arrive. Stand now Rick out we know that Bernie Sanders is is also high in Iran a number of other senate Democrats looking to get in as well. I'll give us your latest take on how many more Democrats you think we'll get an in is there are cut off point. Sort of a conventional wisdom cut off point for wind when they have to now. It's a zillion is a zillion the actual number damage amigo that I I think we were talking about two dozen or so the Democrats making a run Bernie Sanders probably. Among them and when I heard from most candidates is that for the most part they feel like the first quarter of this year by the end of march is when you have to do with the exceptions to that though. Maybe a couple of people have more flexibility Howard Schultz as a billionaire can do it so can Mike Bloomberg whose. A billionaire's talked about running third party in the past he is that if he does it this time it will be as a Democrat. Up to Bernie Sanders maybe a little bit of exceptional I think he's leaning to do literally Joseph Biden because of his name recognition. And no one can talk about 20/20 without that's or work is national fund raising base. I'm makes him someone that could potentially get in a little bit on the leader side I think they'll most of the candidates are going to be. Known by the end of march. It's going to be very interesting to watch these spring unfold recline political director thanks so much for that ring.

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{"duration":"3:27","description":"Sen. Kamala Harris officially announces bid for president in Oakland, California, over the weekend as former Starbucks CEO Howard Schultz considers a presidential bid.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/Politics","id":"60680221","title":"2020 presidential field becomes crowded as more candidates enter race","url":"/Politics/video/2020-presidential-field-crowded-candidates-enter-race-60680221"}