Over 3,000 civilians were killed in Afghanistan in 2018

The director of the ACLU's National Security Project discusses the Trump administration's transparency in reporting civilian casualties in Afghanistan.
5:03 | 05/01/19

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Transcript for Over 3,000 civilians were killed in Afghanistan in 2018
Joining the conversation knocking out Sean see from the ACLU and director of the national security project there. Is with us knocking you know you are number of she human rights groups have been pushing the trump administration to be more transparent here. Why don't we need to know these numbers and how bad do you think it actually is. Thank you very much he needs anything pushing for secrecy around TT controversial operations Sri years. Now especially the administration secrecy on the rice because. Americans need to note in numbers of people civilians and suspected. Fighters who are being chilled in our name and the numbers have been. Are higher ask Ali independent media and human rights groups in the administrations have disclosed. Exactly isn't as saying. I just two months ago than actual administration. And trump. Revoked his executive order. Soul into it wasn't biting her to transparency. But at least is included CI EA strikes which is being amongst the most problematic for their lack of transparency. In lack accountability. And help our audience understands Tina the significance of these Covert strikes in taking ownership of them. Some experts have talked about how this can actually exacerbate. Dangers and threats to the United States by inflaming tensions and in communities because. As well as intentioned as some of these operations may be they do end up sometimes causing some significant collateral damage. Yes there's there's choose your knee problems he earned one he's. That's you know the US is engaged in operations to escalate increased. As exceptional as targeted against a few. Harris or Einar militants. Fighters and it mostly did since and including Knight the CIA. What happens he's won the government's. That are more missing in areas where Renault team recognized armed conflicts or to look little she. It's also an issue with respects assumed the harmed he's been carried out and communities. Because people who meet Lee. A faceless to most Americans. They're not in communities in which he streaks to place and they understand the result in resentment of wonder whether the United States is months and more. Especially when Saddam. And I guess. That all is very compelling sir begs the question Elizabeth why does the trump administration not want. These numbers released the particularly after his predecessor had made such significant headway. And trying to combat some of the things that he was talking. Now that the big question because actually did look back and look through when they were when the executive order was issued to decide not to have this report come out this man look back and said. What actually was the reason. The NSC fed at the time that you bomber role amounted to superfluous reporting requirements. Apartments that do not improve government transparency. So I think they thought that the department defense. Puts out eight a record and it strikes. And this didn't seem a nearly immediate immediate was duplicative in some way but it is the CIA strike since then just a pet. To give you a sense the numbers the 2016 report was the last one with issued by the US government for these non war zones and it found 53 strikes. And flipping between I mean all about Ford earned fifty combatant that's. And that's not an insignificant number for what here. So 450 deaths from secret strikes between sixteen and as Tina was saying we think that the number has escalated significantly. As the truck administration embraces this approaching a row quickly before we let you go. What recourse to human rights groups and advocacy groups endorsed have. To try to force transparency here are these things that could before it. In court. He. King though is Gary or any congressional action and senate members of congress after Christian trump. You know executive order house and they want to increase transparency. And just today. Thanks to congress. Do you decent history record on. The Defense Department just goes to provide a detailed report on civilian casualties. By strikes says that would be really important to look out for see how credible daddy's. But the CIA the CIA still struck shrouded in secrecy. Indeed they are in this administration taking a step back into secrecy. On these drone strikes in secret operations Keener shots he with ACLU take you so much Tina for coming in.

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{"duration":"5:03","description":"The director of the ACLU's National Security Project discusses the Trump administration's transparency in reporting civilian casualties in Afghanistan.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/Politics","id":"62763364","title":"Over 3,000 civilians were killed in Afghanistan in 2018","url":"/Politics/video/3000-civilians-killed-afghanistan-2018-62763364"}