A look at the 4th Democratic presidential debate

Twelve candidates are set to take the stage in Ohio on Tuesday night.
2:51 | 10/15/19

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Transcript for A look at the 4th Democratic presidential debate
And guys as you know a lot. A whole Potts has happened since the last debate ABC news hosted. In Houston but tonight it all goes down again the fourth a debate is going to be hosted by CNN in the New York Times with twelve democratic presidential candidates. Taking the stage at outer buying university in western bill Ohio and our Rachel Scott is already on the ground there in the spin room Rachel good to see you. I feel like the conversation is going to be. Very different tonight with these impeachment proceedings hanging in the balance. Thanks Jack good to see you as well Kimberly yes I mean the impeachment. A proceedings have dominated the conversation in Washington and the big question tonight is -- dominate the conversation on that debates staged. We know that this is the first debate since that impeachment inquiry was launched we also know that every single candidate all twelve of the candidates on the speech tonight. Do you support the impeachment inquiry and another wild card will be well Joseph Biden have to be on the defense tonight. In Joseph Biden will tell you stop he said it over the weekend in Iowa that he believes he is the reason why this impeachment inquiry would want to in the first place we know what the center that was the president's. Call with the Ukrainian president which he repeatedly urged him to investigate corruption. And Joseph Biden and his son who had business dealings abroad while his father served as vice president and so. The question tonight and the big wild card right of whether or not that was his democratic rivals attacked him on whether or not it was appropriate for his son to have those feelings. I caught up with Joseph Biden over the weekend I asked him why his savage just now deciding to step down from the board. Of the Chinese backed company he again denied any wrongdoing and that. If he is elected as president no one and his family will work with before entity or even happen office in the White House Kimberly. Yet that's definitely. I can definitely see that being a part of the conversation on something else that's a little bit of a change it was ten last time in two more people this time. On that stage Tom's Dyer and tolls to Gabbard making her way back how do you think that's gonna impact things. That's right this is. For a presidential primary history here it isn't the largest that we've seen on a debate they twelve people on one speech. And the challenge for these candidates is. How you how your message breakthrough. Especially if your candidate that struggling to pull out of your message breakthrough with that many candidates on one stage I asked. Senator coddling parents about that in Iowa this weekend and she said. That would search. He hard tonight it's hard to discuss serious issue she said have a minute and fifteen seconds they answer. And so that will be the task of the candidates on the stage tonight especially those that are not doing so well in the polls. They would have to convince voters that their vision for America is better than some of the leading front runners in this race and partly. All right Rachel Scott already there and a spin room thank you for the preview.

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{"duration":"2:51","description":"Twelve candidates are set to take the stage in Ohio on Tuesday night.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/Politics","id":"66289135","title":"A look at the 4th Democratic presidential debate ","url":"/Politics/video/4th-democratic-presidential-debate-66289135"}