51% of Americans think Trump should be impeached: Poll

Voters are watching the public impeachment hearings closely as support for impeachment of President Donald Trump grows in latest ABC News/Ipsos poll.
6:46 | 11/18/19

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Transcript for 51% of Americans think Trump should be impeached: Poll
Week two now of public impeachment hearings and a new ABC news poll that found. 70% of Americans think president Trump's decision to ask Ukraine to investigate his political rivals. What's wrong ABC political director Rick Klein is here investigative reporter and where does your basket sit there and so analysts are with you because. For folks at home watching this sort of the broadest sense they've seen that have mines hours of testimony depositions. Documents. It's pretty clear now that in just did widest sense as we see a majority of Americans. Feel something was wrong. Here in this July phone call gently over that we can DeVon Reese. I'm more depositions more witness testimony that all went back to the same thing which has trump seems to be tied to at all. In most cases we saw that trump actually was making phone calls repeatedly to Gordon some months. And talking about how he wanted to Ukraine policy to go and that's not even NASA development political appointee over there in Europe Rick in ads. People start to learn about corn someone who wasn't a familiar name now becoming more familiar. Learning about all of these witnesses corroborating the central sort of part of the case for impeachment. People think the behaviors wrong but that doesn't necessarily mean they support impeachment or removing from. Yes it does appear that I think is significant so 70%. Of Americans think that what he did was wrong only 51% think he should be impeached and removed another 6%. Think he should be a pizza maybe not removed so to me it's that it's that difference between 51 a 57% and 70%. That if I'm a Democrat I'm looking as the target audience I'm saying that those people that. Or do you think there's a problem here there mechanism what the solution to that problem should be. And if you're watching the hearings you're you're tuned in the 30% I think was perfectly fine I don't think you're gonna convince them realistically you talking about. A more narrow segment but that's a big number 50% or 70% those are still sizable Puerto. Of the top hats Regis site to another data point in this new ABC news poll 21% of people have made up their minds it's a pretty small number. Which would suggest your point that a lot of people were still digesting information now in week two. Yeah and the idea that one and I ended up their minds just based on last week ethnic is significant because again. We don't know how this has been digested we have presume that everyone isn't watching every second of the testimony and understanding what all of these. These unfamiliar names mean you can read and stories online and try to get a sense of it but. That's not really help people consume stories like this that by watching it all so IE the they are engaged people are interested in this and taking it very seriously still split on what the consequences should they. And I just got back from a weakened reporting in Atlanta Georgia talking to people about how they feel about these impeachment hearings are closely there watching it. I spent some time here at Ebenezer Baptist Church pass calls the famous fried chicken. I've talked to folks there on the black Wall Street Auburn avenue in Atlanta here's a little bit about what we heard about how they're taking in this impeachment process. On that problem and offer no productive. Did you did not go on doing your thing amid take two that's. The only god let me Jim or twelve more months or whatever and just leader devoted relieved to have a vote. I think voters are gonna decide that anyway I'm not politician actually state that he should be removed but he's he's guilty. The constitution is very important to this country democracy. And sovereignty of our country want to make sure that is if you're what do you and worthwhile yes. So you're following all the U premium spirits up. But I didn't feel that this. Yeah. It was said in a movie wants. While all the money. Simple as that follow the money. Nothing. You can never get in the taking in about anything. It directly. Maybe. You know. Teflon Don we'll see if he can sustain even more evidence coming out this week and it's a packed week. An impeachment hearings ahead three straight days starting tomorrow eight witnesses. What are we watching for. Well I think tomorrow Devin we wanna watch for a lieutenant colonel than men this is an army officer who is detailed to the White House he works for the NSC he listened to that July 25 call so he has firsthand information he says he thought it was very wrong for president to you ask a foreign power to investigate a US citizen he will be a big witness and then of course on Wednesday were gonna hear from Gordon salmon he's the man who have the president here and testify. Directly to what trump was the what I. On the ground X security in the pressure campaign that the ukrainians theory is right there Gordon someone that's got to told the ukrainians the money was being with how he was telling them the president wanted to investigations. Richter were some indication that perhaps. Because he's had to revise testimony already perhaps he's in some hot water you may not even show up although her latest indications we have is he will. Yeah a lot of would you call around that age you he struck still by how many people we're talking about here that actually work for the cup administration currently. These are not your disaffected former officials or people to quit in some kind of protest. They won't support every day to the trump administration some of the men reassign them a different posts but they work for president trump. He calls lot of them never choppers for these are hard people. Two to impugn the integrity these are people that that are the as we saw last week with the testimony from the ambassador's the public servants they're State Department officials. Either military officers in the case of lieutenant colonel Lemmon and it's just due to be difficult I think to say they've got some ulterior out. Republicans over the part of their defense has been that all of these people are second hand third hand in some cases. But that we the president sale in this morning on Twitter and suggesting responding to Nancy Pelosi that. Maybe you testify first tea tech doesn't get much more firsthand than that here's between the president says even though I did nothing wrong and I don't like giving credibility to this don't I know due process hoax like the idea. A testifying. Perhaps I will in order to get congress focus again strongly considering it Rick there's a chance he's gonna sit down with congress. I mean we've literally seen the movie before. It's not. Happened it India debts that to me for TV in the the president dangled the possibility of cooperating with Mueller someway he is not. Going to play along with the future couldn't he answer questions and have written form or something didn't he do that with smaller town why I think that that could actually be very interesting. To see if what he would say until element right. It would undermine its. Going to be a wild week starting tomorrow we will have full team coverage here including with our air and clarity. On ABC news live starting at 8:30 AM eastern time gavel to gavel the hearings you can stream the mine your phone in your pocket throughout the day. I will be back Wednesday and Thursday.

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{"duration":"6:46","description":"Voters are watching the public impeachment hearings closely as support for impeachment of President Donald Trump grows in latest ABC News/Ipsos poll.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/Politics","id":"67116704","title":"51% of Americans think Trump should be impeached: Poll","url":"/Politics/video/51-americans-trump-impeached-poll-67116704"}