ABC Digital Report: Obama, Turkish PM Discuss Support in Syria

President Obama says US will continue pressure on Syrian President Bashar Assad amid opposition.
46:13 | 05/16/13

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Transcript for ABC Digital Report: Obama, Turkish PM Discuss Support in Syria
It's a special report from ABC news. And -- when I'm -- -- learning your opinion look at a live shot of Washington DC the Rose Garden at the White House there. The president is -- speaking with prime minister of Turkey let's listen in. It is a great pleasure to welcome my friend prime minister -- back to the White House. This visit is also another opportunity for me to return -- extraordinary hospitality that the prime minister of the Turkish people. Showed me on my visit to Turkey for years ago. And that included my visit. The prime minister's beautiful hometown of Istanbul. This visit reflects the importance that the United States places on our relationship. We do our ally Turkey and I value. So much the partnership that I've been able to develop what prime minister who want. Today we discussed the many areas in which our countries cooperate. Including Afghanistan where our troops. Served bravely together. The G-20 where we promote our shared prosperity and Iran where we agree. It is critical that we do not see that country acquire a nuclear weapon and potentially. Trigger an arms race throughout the region. Given our shared interest in peace -- want to note the prime minister's efforts to normalize relations with Israel. This will benefit both the Turkish and Israeli people can also help us make progress on -- -- state. Solution including an independent Palestinian state. Today we focused on three areas that I want to highlight. First we agreed to keep expanding trade and investment. Over the past four years are traders searched and US exports Turkey of more than doubled. As the United States pursues a new trade and investment partnership with the EU. I wanna make sure that we also keep deepening our economic ties with Turkey so -- creating a new high level committee that will focus on increasing trade. And investment between our two countries and will help fuel. Turkish innovation. And the progress that Turkey's economy has made. Over the last several years I think has been. Remarkable and prime minister deserves much credit for some of the reforms that are taking place. Second as NATO allies were re affirming our solemn commitment to our mutual security. This prime minister on behalf of the American people -- want express. Our condolences. To the Turkish people on the victims of the outrageous bombings that took place in -- problem. As always the United States stands with you as you defend your nation against terrorism. We want to thank you for the cooperation you provided us. In threats against the United States. And I -- take -- subject to commend you and the Turkish people for your perch. In seeking an historic. And peaceful resolution of the PKK violence that has plagued Turkey for so long. And just as the United States stood where you in -- -- search. For security we will support efforts in Turkey to uphold the rule of law and good governance and human rights for all. Finally we spend a great deal of time on an issue that has -- the region the issue of Syria. Under the prime minister's leadership the Turkish people have shown extraordinary generosity. To the Syrians who have found refuge in Turkey and I know this is a heavy burden. I've made it clear again today that the United States is -- to keep on helping. Countries of the region including Turkey shoulder this burden. Doing our part as a major donor of humanitarian aid to the Syrian people including those refugees in Turkey. And we're gonna keep working with our Turkish partners to deliver the food shelter and medicine that's needed to save lives. At the same time. We're going to keep increasing the pressure on the outside -- And working with the Syrian opposition. Prime -- has -- at the forefront of the international -- effort to push for a transition to a democratic Syria without. A -- a -- And -- is gonna play an important role as we bring representatives of the regime and opposition together in the coming weeks we both agree. That Assad needs to go. He needs to transfer power to a transitional body. That is the only way that we're gonna resolve this crisis we're gonna keep working for a Syria that is free from -- -- turning. That is intact and inclusive of all ethnic and religious groups. And that's a source of stability. Not extremists because it's in the profound interest of all our nation's. Especially Turkey. -- organ mr. prime minister want to thank you for being here for being such a strong. Ally and partner in the region and around the world I know that Michelle appreciates. The opportunity to host -- everyone and -- two. Wonderful daughters this morning. I'm looking forward to our dinner tonight and has always. Among the topics -- appreciated your vices. -- -- -- hearts -- how to raise. Our daughters well. -- little ahead of me in terms of in terms of their ages with the premise of front permission I want to make one other point. There's been intense discussion in congress -- around attacks in big -- We lost four brave Americans. Patriots who accepted the risks that come with service because they know. For their contributions are vital to our national interest national security. I am intent on making sure that we do everything we can. To prevent another -- tragedy like this from happening. But that means we owe it to them and all who serve to do everything in our power to protect our personnel serving overseas. That's why at my direction we've been taking a series of steps. That were recommended by the review board. After the incident. Were continuing to review our security at -- Threat diplomatic posts including the size and nature of our presence. Improving training for those headed to dangerous posts increasing intelligence and -- warning capabilities not directed -- Defense Department to ensure that our military can respond. Lightning quick in times of crisis but we're not -- mail to do this along. -- congress as a partner so I've been discussions. And my team has been discussions -- both Democrats and Republicans. And I'm calling on congress to work with us to support and fully fund our budget request to improve the security of our embassies around the world. We also need congress to work with us to provide the resources -- -- authorities so we can fully implement all of the recommendations of the accountability review board. And we're gonna need Congress's help in terms of increasing the number of our Marine Corps guard who protect our embassies so -- wanna say to members. Of congress in both parties. We need to come together and truly honor the sacrifice of those four courageous Americans. And better secure diplomatic -- around the world -- -- -- by the way that we're getting some help from the Turkish government. On some of these issues that's how we learn. The lessons of -- Ghazi that's how we keep faith with the men and women who we send overseas to represent America and that's -- -- stay focused on his commander in chief. So -- bet mr. prime minister welcomed the United States sort of the weather's not fully cooperating with -- lovely Rose Garden. Press conference but. I think we'll be okay. Thank you. That is they must gun that it was a missed that on -- that's defended it. To -- and you can defeated American militia did it did it must inundated those them my. Your friends and has the news on Sunday night and I'm an alliance and here to London and wanted to invade the mood here in Washington is that in -- who have designs minute president I -- housing. -- thanks put on the. Does this and shown to us on occasion. Dignity passing by myself and my -- -- In an incumbents aren't enough -- conditioned -- I would like to. -- -- -- -- condolences for the terror attack that took place in Boston at least is that bundles that are. The American people -- -- that an evening we country which has been fights and against except for many of these at least for -- loss in -- life. Fight against terrorism and so we've done very well understand the feelings and sentiments of the Americas -- on the in face of such events. And as sticky and the United States exited through the miracle does not we have both that is determined to continue to -- it jointly against terrorism and yet my dear friend deputy she -- it it is. Or -- -- -- Turkey and the United States I have an English. That's coverage of the Middle East and hit the ball and essentially -- two other areas including conduct issues such as -- energy security of supply and. And many other issues and in all these -- And on hold these issues that we display of very strong cooperation is -- musings and President Obama today we talked about relations between Turkey and the united sandals so it's. About summed up the coalition is within an honest also -- -- -- do. We had a public -- exchanged views on -- in the global issues jazz and art exchange of views and opinions will continue throughout the day's -- with other things could. -- -- that we'll take place during the rest of that it known that it 200. Me because apple rush that he 62 the I -- to go on his way to a lot of -- that there on -- -- -- -- -- -- -- event with the -- amid the believes Actividentity well into the economy two studies student in. But I don't hated -- -- the positions each segment and indicative -- was he would these. Leland Jensen. We thought these media but I dvd you do that you it's unlikely you know Glenn billion dollars at Logan's -- look at it's an easy for the dealers took this is them. I'll just getting -- patients we have to take events on the Kevin -- did the bidding -- kind of economy. There to judge me by -- On the hire an agent -- making this weekend. -- -- -- And his accomplishments he that is what he's -- and we did it needs to losing an election with floating -- did -- evil. Any values and does he -- our nations and he had the wind is continued to. -- up our economy patients in our discussions that's. In the inflicting to the regional -- uses Syria and this was the top of arts and lemons and listen each city a lieutenant. Trying to -- -- Syria should it not only are we discussing -- we talked about what has this happened so finally talked about what can be done in the future. And this -- we -- Viewed that overlap as the prisoners. It's just says ago Deutzman we will continue to and disgust as he shown rates as detailing I'm -- -- It is evening there but they didn't tell you that religions Islam on the most ending this damaged blood and -- in Syria and -- -- illegitimate demands of the people by establishing a new government. I'll look at to areas where we envelope full agreement with -- I think it's a sadistic tendencies -- forcing the opposition and says and in. And outside and in by the is leaving. Are important issues we also -- that they don't have to prevent says Syria from becoming an area bridges organization's appeals agreed that. And chemical weapons should not be used it's all -- -- and their rights should learn to secure that these are all a priority areas. -- for all of us you know that we discussed what needs to be Dunston on these issues at the prison and this evening we'll continue to to talk about his -- to. And men -- Iraq -- it was also another any of the special class on regional issues -- prosecuted you'll listen. The protest French addictions in Iraq and listen -- -- The -- and ensuring the participation of all political groups in the elections. -- post very important in -- with. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Against -- Marmara which was thinking that humanitarian aid to two Gaza do. That she's -- -- -- then mr. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- killed and as you know we are redolent -- Syrian government says -- for compensation. For those who lost their lives and the visited a Taiwanese aid to Gaza. Will contribute to it's easy to peace in the Gaza and to a unity Moody's and Palestine go to my income on Tuesday -- it is and -- Turkish public -- then Northern Cyprus and we've -- is. Is always in favor of we Johnson and that Copeland said Chris Lee believes that's there -- a lot of opportunity to us it is. To reach an agreement on the Cyprus issue and -- -- is an area retreated to focus on we've also discussed here on us they town Afghanistan. All these issues and he had been -- it also. Briefly you. It touched upon some man and and -- developments in the Africa and also about pardon -- -- -- markets. Our -- -- fight against terrorism Omnivision. Will continue to indicate that likes -- before them and that we also touched the bond issues -- opportunities that defense industry. And then I can't say that this is -- a so -- -- as certain turning point in the context of Turkish American relations on the regional and global donations to the -- the partnership between Turkey and the United States serves our basic unity and stability and then -- will continue to do so even more in the future cars and I don't cut my remarks shortly because not because I'm glad tried to -- the -- from the rain and the rain is considered to be a great source of that abundance as but I must appeared to say that -- I hope our discussions will be beneficial for our future relations and over forward. So let me just mention a number of host this -- -- do you want an umbrella. Because. -- -- -- -- -- -- All right very good this'll be incentive for the processed. Concise questions amounts to give concise answers. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Fortunately forgotten us. I. Ask you about the air. Pressure the American people nobody in the White House. Knew about the agency actions. It's. When he did. Do you think -- -- it and about it worry about it news reports. It's Friday. And also are you posted -- being -- -- it -- justice but the case. Also a minister and minister what is the status on efforts to normalize relations with Israel and you still -- it got him. Well would respect the -- certain I spoke to this yesterday. My main concern is fixing a problem. And we began that process yesterday -- Asking. And accepting the resignation. Of the acting director there we will be. Putting in new leadership there will be able to make sure that following up on me. IG audit that we gather up all the facts that we hold accountable those who have taken. These outrageous actions as I said last night. It is just simply unacceptable. For -- -- even be a hint of partisanship. Or. Ideology when it comes react application -- -- I am category -- folks want you won't we get a couple of Marines they're gonna look good next to us just because. A lot of -- got to change -- but I don't know about. Our prime. -- prime minister. -- that's -- -- to you guys I'm sorry about. But. But let let let let me. -- -- make sure that. -- answers so the question. I can assure you. Bad. I certainly did not know anything. About. BIG report before the IG. Report had been leaked through press. Through press. Typically BIG reports are not supposed to be widely distribute or share based tend to be. You know process that everybody is trying to protect the integrity of but. What I'm -- is certain of is that. The actions that were described in that IG report. Are unacceptable so in addition to making sure that we've got a new acting director there. Were also to make sure that we gather up the facts and hold accountable and responsible anybody. Who was involved in the us. We're gonna make sure that we. Identify. Any structural -- management issues to prevent something like this from happening again. Were going to make sure that we are accepting. All of the recommendations of the IG has in the report I'm looking forward to working with congress. -- Fully investigate what happened to make sure that it doesn't happen again. And also. Look at some of the laws that. Create. A bunch ambiguity in which the IRS may. Not have enough guidance and not be clear about what exactly they need to be -- and -- rights of the the American people have confidence. The the tax laws are being applied fairly and evenly. So. -- in terms of the White House and reporting I think that. -- you've gotten that information from mr. Carney and and others. I promise you this meant the minute I found out about it than my main focus is making sure we get the -- fixed. You know I think that it's going to be sufficient for us to be working with congress. -- the IG has done an audit it's now my understanding going to be recommend -- recommending an investigation. And attorney general holder also announced. A criminal investigation of what happened. Between. Those investigations. I think we're gonna -- -- figure out exactly what happened who was involved. What went wrong. And Morgan real implement steps to fix and that ultimately is the main priority that I have but also having -- and people have they understand it. We've got. An agency that. Has -- enormous potential power and is involved in everybody's lives and that's part of the reason why. It's been treated as a clause -- independent. Institution. But that's also why we've got to make sure that. It is doing its job. Scrupulously. And without even a hint. Bias. Or hint that some -- somehow they're favoring one group over another. And as I said yesterday. I'm outraged by this in part because. -- government of a public figure is the if if a future administration. Is starting to use the tax laws to favor. One party over another or one political view over another obviously we're all vulnerable. And that's why is as I've said doesn't matter whether you're Democrat or Republican. You should be. Equally outraged -- even the prospect. The terrorists might not be. Acting we've. The kind of complete neutrality that we expect and I think we're going to be -- -- -- -- -- get -- get it done and we. Who are begun that process -- keep on going to want to -- -- Our governments have spent. -- -- -- Soviet Union -- at the quick question as a. Beneath on the -- and that humans but according to my appliances and most probably. You would be -- to Gaza in June guts -- -- but. It will not it is the only two Gaza it will also go to the West Bank Duluth. -- -- -- -- Q I place a lot of significance on the this -- it -- over -- peace in the Middle East talks and this is it is no way to means -- Denton. The taping of one or the others and I'm hoping that -- That is it will -- -- unity in Paris and listen first of all this is something that I focus on very much and I hope that. My visit to. Can con tribute to -- processing -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- In the future. -- -- -- -- -- Using dummy unofficial lending saying that. It's chemical weapons and and to implement in this whether it's -- limit them valuable that information be negative -- is shared between the -- that is what these within our that these stations and not just intended it to stay at who. -- the United Kingdom's and it's old other settlements the man who's news W sadness -- information because we share information. And them and we'll sue monk and -- of the UN this City Council and older and evidence authorities. Collusion and beat him and ended missing and it -- will also receive -- definition in the public -- so that -- -- -- -- to the public so we'll continue to -- in this way. Well. As the prime minister indicated. You know our. Military is our intelligence. And diplomatic personnel are constantly sharing information. And -- -- in the past we have seen evidence of the use of chemical weapons inside -- series. It is important for us to make sure that were able to. Get more specific information about. What exactly is happening there. But separate and apart from the chemical weapons we know that tens of thousands of people are being killed. -- artillery and mortars. And that the humanitarian crisis and the slaughter that's taking place. By itself is sufficient to prompt strong international action that's why prime minister. And I spoke extensively about the steps we're taking on humanitarian. Efforts. The steps we're taking to strengthen. The opposition politically so that it is inclusive and representative of all the people inside of Syria. The steps that we need to take to continue to strengthen the capacity. The Syrian. Opposition that are on the ground. Fighting to protect themselves from. BS averaging. And that we continue to. Try to mobilize the entire international community. To put more and more pressure on -- -- that he recognizes that he's no longer legitimate. And that he needs to go in that we are able to move to a political transition in which. The institutions inside of Syria. Are still functioning. But we have a representative. Multi ethnic multi. Religious. Bodies. That can bring about democracy and peace -- -- -- serious. With respect to what -- -- in the -- around. Red -- what I've said is that. The use of chemical weapons. It's something that. The civilized world has recognized. It should be out of bounds and you know as we gather more evidence and work together. My intention is to make sure -- were presenting. Everything that we know to the international community. As. An additional. Reason and additional mechanism for the international community. To put all the pressure that they can on -- submerging and to work with the opposition to bring about that. Political transition. How they're -- range of options that the United States. -- allegation and and preserve the options of taking additional steps. Both diplomatic and military because those chemical weapons out of Syria also threaten our. Our security over the long term as well as our allies and and and friends and neighbors. -- but. This is also an international problem. And it very much my hope to continue to work with the all the various parties involved including Turkey. To find. A solution that brings peace to -- stabilizes the region. Stabilizes those chemical weapons. But it's not going to be something that the United States does by itself and I don't think. Anybody in the region including the prime minister would think it US unilateral actions in and of themselves would bring about. A better outcome inside of inside of certain. -- -- Thank you Mr. President I'd like to ask you about the Justice Department how do you feel about comparisons by some of your critics. This week scandals to those that happen under the Nixon administration. Well we all and you guys engage in those comparisons and. You you can Gordon. Read the history -- -- -- and draw your own conclusions. My concern is making sure that if there's a problem in the government that we fix. That's my responsibility. And that's what we're gonna do. That's true. With the respect to the IRS and making sure that. They apply the laws. The way they were intended. That's true would respect the security of our diplomats. Which is why we're gonna need to work with congress. To make sure that there's adequate funding for what's necessary out there. Now -- respect the Department of Justice I'm not -- comment on a specific patents and pending case but all. I can talk broadly. About. The balance that we have to strike. Leaks related to national security. Can. Put people at risk. I think important men and women in uniform that -- sent into the battlefield at risk. They can put. Some of our intelligence officers worn various dangerous situations that are easily compromised. At risk. US national security. It is. Dependent on those folks being able to operate. -- confidence that folks back home have their backs. So they're not just left out there. High and dry and potentially put in even more danger than they may -- be. And so I make no apologies I don't think the American people would expect me as commander in chief not to be concerned. About information that might compromise their missions or might. Get them killed. On the flip side of it -- we also live in democracy. Where. A free press. Free expression. And -- open flow of information. Helps hold me accountable helps hold our government accountable and helps our democracy function. And you know. The whole reason I got involved in politics is -- I believe so deeply. In that democracy in that process. So. You the whole goal. This media shield law that was worked on and largely endorsed by folks like Washington Post editorial. Page and by prosecutors was finding their way to strike that balance appropriately. And to the extent that this case. Which we still don't know all details. To examine this case has prompted renewed interest. About how -- we strike -- -- properly. And I think. Now's the time for us to go ahead and reduced that legislation. I think that's a -- become precision to have. And I think that's important. But -- -- also think it's important to recognize that. -- Win. We expressed concern about -- at a time when I've still got 60000 plus troops in Afghanistan. And I've still got. A whole bunch of intelligence officers around the world. Who -- in risky situations. In outposts. That. In some cases are as dangerous as the outpost in -- -- That part of my job is to make sure that it. Were protecting what they do. While still accommodating for the need for. Information so. Or or the need for the public to be informed and be able to hold. My office account. Prime minister wanted to ask you sir. If United States does not step up its involvement in Syria. In your view how will that affect the war and what plans do you have to react to the bombing of the border town of the president -- of -- for. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- complete confidence and Eric Holder has -- general he's an outstanding attorney general -- does his job with the integrity and I expect to continue to do so. -- -- Bond -- them -- do you that you are talking about a month blew the lines of Atlanta and -- I'd like to look at as they also with the glass half full. -- -- -- Stun gun shooting of homes and they do it costs us he would do and we are what we would like -- is yet. Down the parts of the international community -- respect to what's going on Syria who fueled. Uses this is what I knew we just sick and I -- for -- and I do believe that the united he would isn't doing the same city. And and other countries and whose team getting -- United Nations execute our city the two -- In the home -- -- -- Obama associate producer then you have other countries as heart disease doctors and I'm still sensitive to what is going on is seriously aren't -- -- says with a. Six candidates in this business. That it welcomed. Allegedly pulled yet to be he's using other countries. And I don't miss it will be enough together it's just to see how we can cause us on -- things up in the way it which don't dependency issue -- -- -- Their -- which will ensure that transition to took a democratic system in that area authorities say see. -- -- that -- -- dictatorship she didn't go away in Syria and to be replaced him in a democracy or. And I think this is a restricted responsibly -- -- -- several countries that believe in democracy and this is what local we will continue to do. My -- cinema the -- on the Turkish TV television. -- -- present. Those questions you. You mentioned that themselves should go. And that the question this home and when. -- timetable. And or some show will be talking about the Syrian tragedy an excuse this time. What's the idea and this semester gonna lose. I'm. And mr. prime minister before your departure -- -- -- -- -- tidbits you had expectations from this visit and that you have some. Expectations what is your general observation about this -- We would've preferred us no two years ago. Last year six months ago two months ago. And there has been consistency. On the part my administration and that. -- lost legitimacy when he started. Firing. On his own people and killing. His own people who. Initially were protesting peacefully. Four a greater voice. And their countries' affairs. And obviously -- escalated. During the course of time. So. The answer is the sooner the better. In terms of the question how. -- we were discussed. There there's no magic formula for dealing way. A extraordinarily. Violent and difficult situation. Like sooners if there was -- -- The prime minister and are what are verdict. Acted on it and it would already be finished. And instead what we have to do -- apply steady international pressure strengthen the opposition. I do think that the prospect. Talks in Geneva -- involving the Russians. And representatives about. A serious political transition that all parties can buy into. May. Yield results but. In the meantime we're gonna continue to make sure there were helping the opposition. And obviously dealing with the humanitarian situation -- -- close consultation. -- -- Turkey which obviously is deeply invested in this. And with whom we've gotten outstanding. Relationship with. -- -- -- -- -- Did you did you do thank you very much you. -- can I know we will be meeting again this evening so we'll have time to go any further details. As I sit -- -- -- -- used to overlap and without discussion at this evening we will continue to explore what we can do together on the added what we -- -- -- And considered as parts of a road map from. Looking Geneva and beyond. Russia and China being part of this process. Is very important and -- does not. And in June. This is important in the context of the permanent members of the UN Security Council their -- this station in this process will certainly maintained that this. Since then blew up the pressure on the international community continues to be a very important elements that -- and diplomacy -- ended. They. The justice and -- time. A look at the -- and humanitarian support that we have this provides and so finally see -- that says support is. On the equaling if you want someone and a billion dollars and we continue to keep an open door policy and we will continue to do this because. We have a border which is 900 -- kilometers in length with Syria and we had them. Q there relatives across the border and besides -- it was -- -- so. And amp suits and -- -- we will continue to use its identity these are very important. Core region and is because on the one hand. None of the six that had been taken anti is that in case it would normalize -- -- -- -- and Israelis we don't need to do you. Has mother. Problems and issues in the region and is it doesn't. And we had -- it has taken steps to. And India's Syria and Israel together to solve their problems we had 25 rounds -- on this special but unfortunately he came to an end of the but the -- that. All of the steps that we -- that's usually respected regional police. Included look at results and we can work together with the United States with determination to achieve peace in the region thank you. And let -- -- Rwanda news -- and we are discussing all of these issues in his net. Then whose seasons. Of the job of this is -- to be taken by the UN it. Council -- and the Geneva process are an important we will continue to assist that between us to thank you think -- right. Thank you. Thank you -- And that was President Obama holding a news conference in the White House Rose Garden. With the prime minister of Turkey there -- prime minister -- to one. Both the leaders now -- back inside for some afternoon meetings and then a dinner at the White House I want to bring an ABC news political director Rick Klein also in Washington to talk about some of the questions that. Both those gentlemen feel this afternoon Eric before we get to you want to bring up a portion of the video that we saw because they think this is going to be this shot a lot of people are going to be talking about. It's such a unique piece of video that news conference -- at about 48 minutes late according to our calculations and it was not under very favorable weather and this was what had to be called in the Marines standing with umbrellas there to issue the president and the prime minister. From the rain -- a -- and elect turn their it's a very interesting shot an obviously the White House. Certainly dealing with a very tumultuous week this one more piece of interest that will be added to the next. Still though let's get the -- at about one rhetoric. That topic inside was supposed to be about Syria. The president obviously having a lot of his plate right now he actually gave a pretty aggressive response to Republicans. Who are blaming him for the lack of security and bank Gaza that attack of course that the US consulate there that killed four Americans. He implied that there isn't enough funding because there is no budget is that a strong argument what -- gonna continue on with. It sure isn't pardon me again because I can't resist but when it rains it pours for this White House and -- -- Looked on they got the I think we saw this very aggressive response to the White House that's trying to play the offensive -- again they have been. It just hit so hard by criticism of -- over their response -- the melding of the talking points finally last night after -- for months they put out emails that -- that. Surrounded the talking points at the White House developed. But now it's -- -- to move beyond that and say look we know that for America's -- we know that was a terrible tragedy were cooperating with investigations. Now we need to figure out what the steps -- sort of put the burden back on congress -- say look I need full funding. For our request for security we need to make sure that we're implementing all those reforms that puts the onus back on congress frankly. That's an area subdivision and in where one area that Democrats have been pointing out Republicans have been. Hesitant to fully fund the State Department security -- there's no suggestion that that would change the out -- living Ghazi but at least he isn't something to talk about this a little more proactive. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- And -- the resignation of the acting IRS commissioner Stephen Miller that announcement being made by the president yesterday himself. Miller though was set to leave anyway. At the end of June the president calling those actions that he had made unacceptable. But the president hasn't gone so far to say what additional steps will be taken is there is -- need for that. We'll hear any still hasn't named a new head of the IRS -- they've been leaderless for about six months they had an acting commissioner whose term has been and at the -- sometime in June a look at an extended anyway. But now he's got to put someone new in there and I think they -- there has to be additional actions taken because they'll be so much pressure on this I think. One little dizzy tidbit they are -- said he did not see -- need. For any kind of a special counsel and outside investigator he said the internal investigations including the Treasury Department inside his own administration. And congressional investigations will be sufficient to his mind there will be more calls for that because clearly they're going to be more questions before they were more answers on this with. People out there around the country saying I think I got additional scrutiny as well as a conservative I felt like I was target as a liberal like hell I was targeted this opens such a hornet's nest open. For anyone be able to save the iris -- policy -- is admitting it. On the front and so I think there's going to be way more investigations. The but the big question because of a special counsel the president resisting that it. Least for now what millionaires or brought by some of the reporters out there at the Rose Garden today was the Justice Department seasons -- -- the phone records from the Associated Press. Om and -- reporter had asked whether or not it was a fair comparison to link that kind of activity to those of the Nixon administration. Going forward whether that argument going to made that comparison is going to be assembled it is that tricky areas for Republicans because of the fact that it's obviously a member of their own party that they're trying to. Paint on to this. Instance. I think anytime you bring up Nixon and raises interesting and complicated politics Republicans want to be associated with that either. I do think it's a stretch to suggest that we're seeing nixonian level scandal in this administration I think the president was careful in his response they're measured in his response. You imagine what his private response might be. It to a question like that. But I do think that you hear even Republicans using that word and I think probably using it a little too casually in describing what happened here it's important to note that would ever intend. May have been here about the worst you can say is that they are playing politics in some way that. If this tax does that happen under Nixon I think -- quantify it -- much different and much more serious. -- to go back to the issue that both of those leaders front in the Rose Garden to discuss and that was the issue of Syria. And again the question about the Red Line of whether or not chemical weapons were used. -- some of the Syrian people that the president has said that he is still unsure about who used the weapons there and there had been a great deal of discussion about. The amount of evidence -- evidence at all existed against the Syrian rebels there. The conflict now spilling into Turkey which is why the prime minister has such a strong state in this out any likelihood of an increased presence. Eight in Turkey. By the US forces. It didn't sound to me like the president is ready escalate -- -- if anything he's portraying. -- the necessity for patience for the necessity to avoid unilateral action. In Syria he's as frustrated anything he showed it again today to decide -- still -- power asked specifically how much longer can be set -- which happened two years ago but they are moving very methodically. On the -- front -- I don't think there was any indication from today -- the pressure from Turkey that that is about to change and in a significant way. That red line. I think is not quite what it looked like when it was first drawn it is certainly changed. And -- distinctions in the president's mind that are important ones about who use and with what intent used chemical weapons in Syria. They're -- they're assembling all that information and taking good a lot of time doing it. I and I have to ask isn't kind of -- taking macro approach to everything that's been having the White House and watching in the past couple of weeks. -- -- -- assessment of how much political capital the White House the Obama administration has lost. Given -- fact that there is still some bipartisan measures out there that they needed to push through congress. Here's the big picture that you have a White House that now is in a zone of legislative action this is the time -- -- should be getting things done and he's -- president. Going around the country rallying support getting Republican suicide they were just tiny cracks that suggested that was possible and -- would have had to happen this -- this summer. All of that now stands in serious danger and it may be some irreparable damage that was done in the past week to the president's reputation. To the the credibility of the federal government to the president's credibility and to political viability because -- anything Republican. -- have less reason over the past week to to go along with -- -- the president has done. As a result of these scandals it is energize the Tea Party movement it is. Eight reinvigorated Republicans this created a crisis or -- -- feeling of crisis around the scandal city Washington right now that is going to be hard to -- Until -- unless the all the information out -- I feel like that -- the tentacles of the events of the last people spread pretty foreign to this agenda. Up pretty accurate analogy -- ABC's political director -- -- Rick Klein Rick thanks for being with us this afternoon of course we'll have a complete recap of the visit of Turkey's prime minister to the White House in Washington DC. On For now. I'm Dan thoughts -- with the CBC news digital special report. This has been a special report from ABC news did --

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