ABC Digital Report: Speaker Boehner Boasts Towering Stack of ObamaCare Legislation

House Speaker John Boehner says he will work hard to repeal current health care regulations.
34:58 | 05/16/13

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Transcript for ABC Digital Report: Speaker Boehner Boasts Towering Stack of ObamaCare Legislation
This is a special report from ABC news. Hello everyone I'm Tanya -- in New York with this ABC news digital special report house speaker John Boehner. Got to give his weekly press conference -- the outlining the legislative agenda he's bound to speak on the scandals rocking the White House let's listen in. Full repeal vote to be that in the last three years. In some critics have suggested it's a waste of time well. Are while our goals to repeal all of Obama care but remind you of the -- president has signed into law seven different bills. That repealed or. Is it enough no. A full repeal is needed to keep this law from doing more damage -- economy and raised in health care cost. But -- Robert progress has limited. And Republicans will continue to work to scrap the law into some charities so we can foolish. Focus on patient centered reformed. -- lower cost and protect jobs. Because -- jobs is what this -- up. These are the thousands and thousands of pages. Of obamacare regulations. That we want jobs. We need to get -- this because this is get in the way of employers hiring workers around the country. That's -- -- continues to be focused on repeal. Because we want to improve the economy and improve the prospects for creating jobs and our country. -- jobs as our primary focused. But while we're focused on number also -- -- on -- in this administration accountable. Committees are working over time to uncover the truth about what happened to Libya. And they're trying to get to the bottom of what happened in the IRS scandal. -- public service requires humility. And -- -- public. Office needs to be constantly reminded. Of that they serve the American people and it's not -- the way around. Americans should never be targeted or harassed. A bother government. Of for their political bullies. And of reporter's telephone calls are being monitored. The -- the the government veteran out. A clear and convincing reason for doing so. I'm an American people are Americans are killed abroad. The government -- should tell the truth. A not shaded or stonewalled for partisan purposes. Our system requires the bonds of trust between the American people and our government. And those bonds once broken are very hard to repair. Nothing dissolves the bonds between of the people -- -- government alike the arrogance of power here in Washington. And that's what the American people are seeing today from -- of -- administration. Remarkable parents. This house will stop at nothing to get to -- to to the American people the answers and accountability of that they expect. -- but the best way. To repair this damage -- for the administration. But to come forward but the truth. The whole truth but also that the American people will have all of the facts. -- I think though are most of facts. I -- know how this happened. Who was responsible for. It's clear that there -- there -- law. Section 7214. Of the title 26 of the US code states very -- Any officer or employee of the United States. Acting. In connection with any revenue -- of the United States. Who is guilty of extortion or willful oppression. Under the color of law. I shall be dismissed marvelous. And if convicted. Of -- five to pretend thousand dollars and spent five years in jail. We need to we need to know -- the facts are somebody made a decision to do this. And I doubt that there were some low level employees -- the since I field office. I've not to OC knows what are him among familiar with what -- -- -- forty years. I don't -- -- other was a discussion yesterday about about the subject. And -- expect our conference in the coming weeks. They have a discussion about obamacare and how we're going to deal -- it. And oh what the replacement legislation would -- -- -- -- that he. Predators. Go over. But if you want. He thought he -- the -- That's why -- I continue to talk about jobs. It's our number one focus. But do we have two jobs here we are jobless to legislate and we're trying to legislate thing visible help create jobs and our country. But we also have a responsibility under the constitution. To provide oversight of the executive branch of government. Before Americans who lost their lives and -- Their families want to know what happened the American people want to know what happened. Well we've got Tea Party groups around the country. Who. Well. Have their applications for their 501 C. A status delayed and delayed and delayed them this morning I found out that 01 of them is in my district. A two years ago. Of this group I came to my office two and four -- That that they have not received. -- there are. Any explanation or gotten their results and they still haven't gotten. Asked me in not to do anything but want me to be aware of it. You've got the Justice Department. -- tapping phones of those in the media. Listen we have a -- -- we have a job to get to the troops and the administration can make this a lot easier. By doing what they started doing yesterday -- -- over emails from Ben Ghazi. A but they can make this a lot simpler by being up front -- the congress ambient upfront with the American people. Yeah. When it moment when you're trying to seek the truth. And if that is the goal to seek the truth. There is no -- It -- Moment. -- Legislation. -- well you've got to play the cards you're dealt. Sunday's yet. -- bad and you still have to play it. Our jobs as to remember that we work for the American people. Our job. Is to to be fair opened. An honest. And dealing though what far political -- -- -- a -- today and if we're doing our job correctly and were seeking the truth on behalf the American people. That's the right thing to do. We hear and to create jobs -- we're gonna continued to do that mr. Speakers you know the health care laws not getting any -- popular in the minds of the public is this the only time the house well. A vote on repealing or do you plan -- other votes over the next a year year. What we -- vote further votes that will take will optional. On immigration. -- you putting pressure on them -- parties group. Way legislative proposals through the -- concerned that those talks are starting to. I am concerned that the bipartisan group has been unable. Two to wrap up for their work and I know that there are some very difficult issues that that have come up. And but I continue to -- to believe that the house needs to deal -- -- the house -- to work its will. How we get there were so there's still little -- The TV. President now. Listen it's not about trusting someone. Our job -- via. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Well you know what's so if it's easy to make a statement to that effect. But is just not reality. The factors as -- there's Treasury Department. Needs to pay the bills the debt limit have to be dealt with the should be dealt with and responsible it. And he can't continue to increase the debt limit without doing something about what's driving the increase. In the debt -- And others out of control spending -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- We know we offered up an alternative during the consideration. Of obamacare. The seminary. Maybe -- nine. Different. Pieces. That -- things like allowing people buy insurance across state lines. Dealing with problem. Those with a preexisting conditions by. Expanding of the risk pools that -- out there things like what the big drivers of book. Health care cost increase and -- reforming medical malpractice. Which. Yes it it causes a lot doctors increased premiums but. More significantly. Other reports that up to 25% of the tests that are ordered are ordered for the only reason. As a cover some doctors -- from a threat or explosive. These the kinds of things that I would expect. But -- distributable it will be -- -- reported. -- -- -- -- -- -- The issue of the issues of barbecue. We'll achieve the -- obamacare because Israel and -- This is reducing access for the American people -- It's make it harder for small businesses are. Mr. speaker of the house -- a person who can predicament was -- the -- its. Willow if you don't believe this it's what I've made it clear. Everything else the house must act. It was his responsibility. For. -- House speaker John Boehner saying he will work hard to repeal obamacare earlier he should -- Power of obamacare regulations tied up with some symbolic red tape. Let's bring in ABC news political director Rick Klein to explain the reaction all the scandals rocking the White House right now. Rick let's look emails about Ben Ghazi the Justice Department investigating Associated Press reporters and the IRS targeting Tea Party groups -- now another attempted repeal Obama care. Speaker Boehner just pulling -- pouring some salt on the wound. Yet there are two main takeaways from me to pieces of significant news -- that the first was. That it speaker Boehner sane at the arrogance of power needs to be restrained here that was an attempt to take all of these scandals are swirling around Washington and -- directly relevant. It's what the house Republicans -- doing right now which is to try to repeal repeal the Obama. Health care law you can be -- organism that you can either say. This is great timing to do that because it's time to pile on Obama or it's terrible time because these other scandals are a lot more important in this can seem. -- congress seem out of touch -- all that the other headline that I -- out of this with speaker Boehner saying he just doesn't believe. That these ideas came out of low level employees. In the IRS in Cincinnati that's a suggestion a pretty strong suggestion for the speaker of the house. That this scandal has tentacles that reach into Washington and you had people and at least aware of if not ordering -- The increased scrutiny for the Tea Party groups in that happened in Cincinnati notable as a side note is that Cincinnati is part of speaker -- district -- he has firsthand awareness of what was going on. And may even have some additional information about what was going on -- just a tantalizing hint at from the speaker that this could be a lot bigger than the Obama White House is allow. And any earlier say he's not interested in hearing about who is resigning he wants to hear about who's going to jail do you think their could be criminal charges out of -- -- -- The Justice Department has launched an investigation as the speaker himself just noted there are criminal penalties for the kind of activities. That seem to be carried out by the Cincinnati field office especially by others as well. Now whether that advice is a level of criminality. The report that we saw this so far suggests that is a lot more about incompetence. That I any kind of criminal intent and so the idea of fighting laws that were broken here at the very least though we're going to have a lot of civil liability IRS is going to be sued by Tea Party groups probably many of these Tea Party groups. It felt like they were wrong they were delayed or held up they were harassed in their minds by these fishing expeditions that seem to have been colored by politics. -- as you know last night in response to all that the president announced the resignation of virus chief Stephen Miller Republicans are saying however. That that's not enough is -- question over the timing he is going to be around until at least June cracked. -- few good questions on this 11 of all -- -- -- -- as the acting chief was supposed to and -- anyway and there's some circumstances where the president could have extended that he -- -- any indication. Of naming a permanent chief there even without a -- now for six months -- possible it was extended anyway. But yes he would he would be leaving in June regardless of this that post two things though one is the is not clear that that would have been a definite entity now will be the -- He will be stepping down in June after the transition the second is that he would have had an old job is is other jobs and iris supervisor to return to. If not for this to the -- asking for now the receiving of his resignation he will be leading the IRS. But in terms of the swift bold action at the White House tried to portray it may be a little more complicated in that gray sky was -- acting chief whose jobless Boston a couple of weeks anyway. Absolutely and as you alluded to earlier the Tea Party leaders in congress held their own conference organized by representative Michelle Bachmann that we just want to play what she said for a moment. Yesterday the president engaged in damage control want I want. He wanted to stop the story because the president -- -- no good very bad week this last week. And so what was so -- again. Isn't want one -- an -- coming out of the White House where they sent that they weren't. I'm asking for the resignation and it looked like this is going to be a big shakedowns by taking down -- mister Stephen Miller of the IRS. When we find out subsequently. That mr. Miller was scheduled to resign anyway and leave the IRS as -- the early part of jail. Again the American people have not been told the truth and what we each know. Is what did the White House now and when did they don't. So you can see there aren't aren't -- lot of Republicans not happy with that timing. Some are even saying Stephen Miller was confused at first when Jack -- asked him to resign. You know there -- there seems to be some confusion over that over the fact that he sent the letter out -- his own employees talking about. Did the fact that he just be finishing his term as -- actually offering -- resignation. I do think the president couldn't have done much more in terms of getting rid of the head of the IRS doesn't have direct oversight of the IRS the all he can do really. Is asked this Treasury Secretary to ask for resignation but back on Michelle Bachmann for a moment this is not a good -- -- great week. For the Tea Party caucus and Tea Party groups around the country. A lot of them today the president feel like. Things have been re energized on their fronts they've got more donors more membership more interest he could not imagine a better recruiting poster. Then at the fact that -- now the irises and meeting and it went after Tea Party groups and really the numbers the the data on this are signing it was very hard for groups with Tea Party in their name to get the tax exempt status approved by the IRS almost impossible for appearing in 2011. And 2010 even -- the Tea Party was all the rage everywhere now you can argue whether they should have a tax exempt status or not but there -- groups on the other side that we're getting -- that has approved an it was a big backlog -- these Tea Party groups. Now that has opened up. And I think you're -- hear them taking something of a victory lap now in saying -- this is what we've been telling you about the Obama administration from the start. This is the dangers that we run into when government runs -- this is why you need it very strong robust Tea -- -- Michelle Bachmann. Very pleased today. Absolutely Iraq we're also gonna bring in now ABC news senior Washington correspondent Jeff felony without the press conference with speaker Boehner high they're definitely. What that stuck out -- -- Tony -- -- mean one thing that speaker Boehner is really focused on is. Getting to the bottom of this -- the Cyrus investigation and it quite literally is in his backyard he represented Cincinnati in the area around Hamilton County Ohio which is where this IRS offices. And speaker Boehner told for the first time a story. About some of constituents of his who actually raise concerns a couple years ago about there a request for. Pay a tax exempt status being slow walk so yesterday he said that -- -- should go to jail. And he said that if he is going to stay on this and really the first congressional hearing on this -- starts tomorrow here in the house so the first of many hearings on both sides of the capitol. On the Cyrus case. Jeff we've been talking to some extent about the Republican. Reaction to what -- democrats' reaction to these scandals. For the Democrats are reacting. -- -- strongly as well the leader of colosio was was in this room holding her press conference or shortly before speaker Boehner and she also had strong words. On the IRS. A portion of the scandal as well as on the Department of Justice. Scandal if you will involving via phone records for the Associated Press reporter -- Democrats pretty much -- joining. The with the Republicans and I guess we can call a rare have been bipartisanship could not all -- senator Dianne Feinstein -- the head of the intelligence committee. She is actually saying -- she has no problem with what the Justice Department did on these phone records for the Associated Press reporters she's been very concerned about leaks so there are some exceptions -- but by and large this is. It's going to be a bipartisan investigation we heard Max Baucus this chairman of the Senate Finance Committee yesterday saying he is also going to have hearings on the IRS. Matter and those come next week Tanya. All right so just what you say the Republicans are. More upset by any one scandal over the others are have these been not equal opportunity offenders. I think -- Ghazi without a doubt has really been. Rallying and -- -- -- were -- galvanizing Republican base. You know really for -- more than six months now some ten to -- is is the -- scandal I guess I would say but I think the IRS. Controversy and scandal. Is the most concerning to most conservatives right now because -- -- believe that they were treated unfairly that some of these Tea Party groups were treated unfairly. And -- significant evidence to show that leaders of the IRS actually did not answer the questions of these Republican. Members of congress here asking questions on the oversight committee so. There IRS right now is sort of a -- a little bit of a gap of some. -- Ben -- but despite the efforts of the White House to based basically acts the acting IRS commissioner. Ben Ghazi stills in the background and that is not going away it's. All right and Rick on the back -- -- -- -- Tea Party favorite senator Rand Paul also spoke this morning that mentioned something peculiar. About Tea Party years and their health care will play what he said. The power of that government to use it to stifle opposition. Is profoundly unfair. -- a position quite worried about the privacy of medical records. I'm quite worried that your medical records how will be evaluated by the IRS that seems to have the ability it seemed to have penchant. To -- political. Political. Persuasion -- political -- to search out political opponents and I'm very concerned about -- someone needs to be held responsible. Someone needs to be in prison. When he's been prosecuted. The resignation as a step in the right direction but we need to find out who wrote this policy of this policy and they need to -- -- We're -- maybe you can both the way -- and that reckless start with you what does Rand Paul mean here why did the Tea Party -- think the IRS is going after medical records. The IRS is charged with overseen -- portions of the Obama health care law other portions of the -- that are impacted in major ways so it's -- the tea -- -- holding on to say we're gonna get the -- more power we're gonna give them the power to oversee health care in addition to what they've had before. And here's the important thing -- I think -- what Rand Paul the other tea parties are saying this scandal which is. Galvanized and captivated Washington last week. This is now jumping into the policy -- This is the connective tissue this is the important -- that they are drawing to the things that they are trying to do on Capitol Hill and the broader Republican agenda is one thing did just condemn a scandal investigated and put. Lots and administration officials through the -- It's another thing to say look this justifies our opposition to the president's agenda this justifies why we're trying to do the things that we're going to do ultimately. This justifies why you should be electing more Republicans the congress to do things like repealing the Obama health care law. Adept at anything to add to -- Rand Paul's words there. And I think what directs it is absolutely right is actually giving a new sense of urgency to what the house Republicans are doing this afternoon they're going to vote again to try and repeal. This health care a law which speaker Boehner once called you know -- -- law of the land but this IRS piece of this is a new concern they believe the IRS is overly intrusive. The Tea Party. Is this is the latest example so they believe that to that adds some new urgency to us so look for the debate this afternoon on the house floor none. As they bring up -- of votes of the health care repeal to focus specifically on IRS in a new sharp way. Absolutely and -- what are -- hearing from the White House are they. Panicked and it -- think these scandals have blown out of proportion. The White House is very concerned about these and that's why we saw such swift action. Yesterday on the IRS. I'm told by senior administration officials at the beginning of the day they believe that. The acting -- IRS commissioner would be able to withstand this for a couple more days. But by the end of today it became clear they had to act on this and really the IRS scandal is the only thing that the White House -- -- in real time -- been -- happened in the past the -- records happened in the past as well so they are taking all of the action on the IRS here. And it's really. With a stronger sense of urgency than we might normally see here from this White House at least does the president has been very reluctant to fire or move aside anyone. He -- said constantly he is not going to play that Washington game. Well this is something that got bigger than than they knew they needed to reacted quickly and the IRS was something that they could actually. Make some action and make some headlines. Absolutely and -- askew you alluded to -- a bit earlier but. The Tea Party was sort of fading out after November's elections seems they've lost some steam this scandal. Has the sort of brought them back and in a strange way just the best thing that could've happened to the Tea Party. That's right we'll beat -- -- selection was devastating to the Tea Party movement of the Republican Party more broadly. And even -- -- in the wilderness trying to figure out what's next for them and -- had some scattered attempts as they try to organize for 2014 for 2016 big question within the Tea Party. They have found. The reason for existence a new in the -- the the IRS was targeting them -- target him specifically a lot of them have been warning about this sort of thing in this. Idea of government intrusion for some time. They are very critical of President Obama and -- political nature of his administration. They see this is all -- peace so you see multiple fundraising emails out there and anecdotal. Information about about numbers going up up interest in meetings in the light. As this is gain steam over the last -- -- yes this is of the development for the Tea Party it's giving them a reason to. That's it exists and -- -- -- existence they've gathered here in Washington today with multiple events headlined by members of congress. And a lot of them just feel victorious if you like this is exactly what they've been talking about hating rallies about for the better part of three or four years now. They're coming back a stronger -- if -- well right. Generally quickly you mentioned earlier bang godsey being the is sort of the one issue of the three that has -- Republicans the most let's talk a little bit. About the emails there there -- in some real contention between the State Department and the CIA is that right. There is without a doubt I mean we're seeing from the emails are supportive ABC's John Carl. And as -- finally released. In some degree by the White House so yesterday that there was. Very much a contentious argument over that weekend between the State Department and the CA I think it's important to sort of remember what was happening in that moment it was after September 11 2012. Actually. Secretary of state to Hillary Rodham Clinton was supposed to go on the Sunday talk shows the White House wanted her to go on. She'd been traveling a lot and she took a pass so that -- the UN ambassador Susan Rice she went on all five Sunday talk shows so that was the context here and the editing going on. In the hours in the 124 hours before she went on the Sunday talk shows you know -- really showed interagency played here between the CIA the State Department. And the White House -- so we're talking about so many months later but without a doubt the CIA is always reluctant to come how things released in email contacts when the State Department as we've seen -- spokesperson was trying to quote protect its building. Which means. Raised the concerns of the secretary so. That's what was happening here in those days. Some 78 months ago -- -- more classified emails that could potentially nearly -- -- Shortening the White House has a significant number of emails on this. You know and we -- solve them a released a yesterday afternoon because. You know the news media has been raising questions on this that'd been and this has been a major issue in the conservative media for. Quite some time it is moved into the mainstream media and as well real questions are being asked here on Capitol Hill so there if this is not the end of this this is. Not the beginning but somewhere in the middle here I think but. The back to the -- Tea Party thing -- Rick was saying earlier. The reason this matters now is -- were heading into a mid term election period and this is. -- but this is the point where -- conservatives and the Tea Party -- can actually have a real. Affect here and watched -- control of the senate Republicans are trying to win back the senate all of these issues been Ghazi the IRS said he -- today. Those are and at least right now Catholic to -- helping the Republican argument. All right and and Rick do you want -- -- and -- out as well. Yet I think this is I think this is -- significant development on the political land in another way is well editions -- the mid terms. You have a period of time right now where the president was hoping to have a sweet spot. And we -- sour significantly in the in the wake of these scandals. Traditionally -- president in his second term has about a year to a year and a half to get things done this is the time of the legislative heavy -- we've got an immigration bill that's out there -- frustrations on gun control he's got. A lot of aspirations around big budget matters the potential for things that happened. I wanna -- people -- more optimistic in Washington they have been a long time but at least it was a glimmer there there was a path there. That happens a lot have a lot more obstacles on it when you have by some estimates a third of all house committees investigating this White House -- seeking their teeth into something significant. And maybe more importantly the that the president's ability to rally the public to pressure members of congress I think is impacted on both ends -- impacted in the ability. To get the public to believe what the government is saying just have to trust a President Obama and his federal government. And then to try to convince a Republican that this is a good time to go along with the president. It's hard to imagine a more toxic time certainly since the election in this period right now given the -- of scandals it's not going to be a cool thing for any Republican do. In the near future to get to decide that they're gonna sign on with something the president is doing it wasn't that -- -- it certainly isn't now and they're hearing from the Tea Party when they're hearing from their constituents. About these awful -- that there are striving to Obama administration -- So you think immigration dead in the water right now ours is there is Arnold and keep moving forward. No I wouldn't say get in the water ready to immigration in a bit of a different position because it's pretty far along without the president's involvement but I do think it if it gets stuck in -- -- the president needs. Exert that the levers of powers going to be difficult for him to do. But I think other agenda item is probably fade away Indian and their prospects while not great in the first place. I think are significantly less so you did about the idea of the so called grand bargain around the budget. That would that would require big buy in from Republicans to accept higher taxes that we -- -- Tough thing to swallow under the best of circumstances these are not the best of circumstances from present -- back. Absolutely I'm and I'm glad you brought up the budget because obviously we still have to deal to sequester. So with so Rick and Jeff -- how is this going to affect all of those ago. Sanctions. We'll -- relate sort of being. This is just a soundtrack to what is or previewed what you know will be contentious negotiations on the budget they're still. Is an upcoming vote on raising -- debt ceiling so really -- Rick is right it definitely has has created sour waterside. I'm not sure how sweet they were before but it definitely has has raised the contention for between this administration. And this congress but still there is an emphasis. An impetus on all sides to get some type of a budget arrangement a budget -- -- I think it's premature to the college -- on immigration Rick is absolutely right. The senate actually had talked to senator yesterday who said he's a bit thankful for the IRS -- -- scandals it's taken some of the -- And the glare off of immigration. It allows them to work through this committee process and at the senate can pass immigration -- -- large majority it's going to put significant pressure on the house of representatives on speaker Boehner. To bring an up and move it -- as well. And -- as we know attorney general Eric Holder of up on the hot seat. On Capitol Hill yesterday over the DOJ's investigation. -- to the Associated Press but he didn't have much to say on the matter he says he were -- himself from it and that did seem to frustrate some committee members. You're right he did recuse himself from this because. He -- why is that is he was the person involved in the leak here he was the one -- Asked. It's one of his a deputy attorney -- to investigate the leak because. Of of what happened last year so he has refused himself this is how things work it -- Look suspicious to some conspiracy theorist but it's it's pretty common for the attorney general whether attorneys. Which is himself -- -- -- just simply didn't have answers their question that did not stop the media of course for asking questions for nearly four hours. On the attorney general on a whole. On a whole smattering of issues and it got very contentious four and for hearing. And -- -- here is best -- it the one scandal of the three that is perhaps going to fade away the fastest because it other tumor so strongly opposed. By the Republicans. -- Back and forth in my mind about which of -- which that the trifecta -- -- is is most -- sorry this moral most. No way. To me to me giving -- story is as -- at a moment ago -- -- further into the game here Monday -- -- seems to be less that could come out that's news the let me a lot of questions a lot of heat on it. It doesn't seem like the one is that it's gonna have recurring headlines. This IRS one I think is here to stay -- and I think. The fact we'll have the first hearing tomorrow from multiple additional hearings in the coming weeks and it's all these folks around the country we're gonna come forward and say I think. I was targeted because of political motivations can you prove that I wasn't. It's gonna just forced more scrutiny more investigations for a long time that's the one that has the -- that lasts the longest. The AP's story I think in a lot of ways has the biggest implications not because we know that this -- happened we know the Justice Department -- looked at these records is definitely has a chilling effect on. News gathering. Eight agencies and it's going to be a lot of folks -- org asking questions for a long time without even knowing the answers because so much -- this is shrouded in secrecy so. I think they eat you kind of hit a lot different points with these these scandals that are going on right now and I can't imagine -- can't remember -- time in recent history where you had. Not just scandal city as we get their time to time in Washington but so many of them popping in different directions that it's hard to keep. Straight all at once Andre and Jeff what about you and -- -- he weighed in earlier saying Ben Ghazi is not have the most residents but. Do you -- do you think that the AP scandal perhaps fatally that's the soonest. Well I think one thing about the AP. Department of Justice a scandal if we want to -- scandal. Is that reporters aren't always the most sympathetic figures here at -- the minds of the public so this is certainly important it -- created the or it's a revived the legislative debate over the shield -- senator Chuck Schumer is reintroducing this -- it would protect reporters this case but. -- been gotten -- has been boiling very hot for several months on conservative talk radio it is I am. Constantly surprises I travel across the country -- with voters at town meetings and other things been Ghazi. Actually is on the top of of the -- of at least to set segment of the electorate so that is going to continue here but everyone uses the IRS the IRS. Comes into contact with every taxpaying American. Or non tax paying American citing that overall the three if we had to pick one of the three that is the most we got as the most -- residents with people here going forward. Absolutely all right we'll just -- -- Rick Klein both in Washington. Thanks you both for being with us today and for more on all of these -- three scandals rocking the White House -- For now I'm Tanya Rivero in New York as has been an ABC news digital special report. This has been a special report from ABC news.

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