ABC News’ Cokie Roberts interviews Barbara Bush: Aug. 18, 1992

At the Republican National Convention, Bush contrasts her role as First Lady to the potential Hillary Clinton.
9:26 | 09/17/19

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Transcript for ABC News’ Cokie Roberts interviews Barbara Bush: Aug. 18, 1992
Ms. bush last night Patrick Buchanan gave what we collars raw meat speech. Where he did take on Hillary Clinton and you have. Has said you don't like those kinds of attacks what was your reaction. Well. What pat that is different than what Barbara Bush does not comment. And never had I've never taken on any opponents of Georgia's. No it there wa eyes gets a little bit different this time and that both. The governor and mrs. Clinton had said they're going to become partners. So I guess that's a little bit different. But in in for me. I have such a great candidate such a great product to sell. I don't have to talk about the others never happen that way. He said is a little bit different I think it's a lot different I've never seen wives become as much a part of the debate yet but I'm not. I'm not a co president. Equal partner so it's a very different thing I've never seen campaign where. Catholic. Get me get two for the price of one or some other something that says that mean she's fair game. On public statements I suspect she did. But I'm pretty fair Graeme gained public statements but I'm not a policy person I don't about half late for the first time since that. President has been in national office you did make a statement about abortion recently why did you decide to do. I decide to do that. It didn't really make a statement about abortion. What I think asset was this then. There I have friends who are pro life I have friends who are pro choice. All of us are pro bush. That's what's really important at this convention. But it was at a time when the platform committee was meeting and that was a faction. Saying exactly what you said which was it has no place in the platform so. It was it was unusual for us to well I didn't really mean it that way but didn't. No point getting deeper I think and in some people it's a religious thing. And I think sometimes there's the division religion and state that's really what I'm thing. The platform you know is not something you have to put your nose and collect on the line on its bear as a general principle and a I can't remember. A platform for many years past Democrats or Republicans but so are relations beacon delivery at one I wouldn't advise the F. V. Unity and you will be doing something I don't think any other First Lady has done which is addressing the convention. Nancy Wright addressed the convention. And I addressed the convention last of the really sad thing is none of you let's remember up up up up up and brilliant speech last. But. Nobody really. And this is not going to day. I'm so humiliated by this but this deficit but cozy little enough that it's Barry Shiller. Five minutes armistice not. In them if you won't. The facts at wake up at Saint Louis that very last she grant you this so provides. We have heard. A lot about family values and something there that everyone is concerned that. One of the things that we seem to be seeing more up again in the platform and then last night mr. Buchanan's speech is talking about. Homosexuals and gays and lesbians. You have written a note a year or so ago it a couple of years ago someone sends you did. Discrimination against individuals should not be top apps. One who believe he shouldn't be judgmental about others I'm not arguing with Pat Buchanan or anybody else. It's just from for me. That's not right I have great. Sympathy. And compassion. Four. I'm just not judgment you know I'm 67. Haven't quite come to making all these major decisions yet and thank heavens I won't have to. Do you have any concern that that's the home this campaign seems to be taking an binoculars and but there's a lot could see not nearly. Worry about I think it's I'm not word. But I mean I know that George and I both have great. Compassion. And thoughtful or. But for all people. And we believe in civil rights for local people so. Is it it doesn't bother even dozen platforms. You remember how many outbreak veteran. For the first time ever you haven't longer track record than almost anybody on a positive stories. Have been a few that have been just slightly negative very. How it does have you have you respond. I don't respond to them I mean you feel about this and they hurt. I didn't like them at all if you're turning that Vanity Fair. I didn't like that at all in the restaurant just Plainfield. Believe down. You know it's a campaign year Coke. And then hear a politician's daughter you know on campaign years people try to hurt the candidate whether they do it through his. Eight ancient aged wife or children or friends that hurts. But then. Prepped I'm a profit to served. That article now in defense of myself I must because I'm human. Have had the things that for twelve years the same ladies who lived with me for 32 years. I couldn't be old and the. And I've heard you say and and you say two politicians. And you worry about your family in this. Now. As have been pleasant for the no but I my word about them out there than months. Fabulous. Strong wonderful supportive. I did my boys were down here rate expecting when I got here but other than that they were. Great place thank you overboard everything I think that any witness it thanks mom we got down here we had to clean up after you. I. Philosophers. Probably not how politically. Is probably you know I think they've been cleaning up after me for years at the thought. I think one thing that is interesting that and one of the reasons this whole Hillary Clinton things is that she is the first. Candidate's wife who has had her own record in the way west valley mountain quail Gloria we'll have that for president. I didn't that's right it and and a lot of people talk about you as a role model. I don't I don't. Agree with that. I mean I'm 67. Life is changing. And I am not judgmental about people think it's just they have tougher decisions tonight. They have a career Europe career woman. You know you have to just sort out your own life in your own thing only thing say is be darn sure. That your children at home know you love them. Here there forward. You put your arms around them that's on thing I don't think. I'm certainly not I'm jealous that Hillary that's great that she got to do rule that. Can he still has the same problems everyone else. Do you think though that that you are it. When you say just. Casey I know that you find out in my life right but it wasn't different that's right and and most women in America now don't have the choice to stay home more valid there's not too you know is. I'm checking you and the future mother who stepped right in became a great congresswoman. That's possible. And then I'm looking at you who has raised the family. But don't discount me. I mean I've written two books I've raise wonderful children have raised hundreds of thousands of dollars. So I don't field be level. At a pretty good about mine. And a lot of people say that let what they see in you is what they most admire whatever it is. Whether it is a grandmother who's been at home or a woman's out trying to do something about. Literacy or aids or whatever it is. Why do you think that is why they invest in new whatever it is I don't know but keep on bill that's in effect but don't stop now the fact that the that the I'm. And I don't believe that incidentally but anyway that's. What well it is true that your negatives as my husband says are lower than the tooth fairies. Up up up. But why do you think that it's. That's absolutely no idea I suspect it's because I don't making decisions. I've been. So spoiled that I could do things for others and I know that so much. And because I love people and I don't know. Would you like to debate Hillary Clinton absolutely not I'm not running for office but. You know I don't have to I've got the best candidate.

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{"duration":"9:26","description":"At the Republican National Convention, Bush contrasts her role as First Lady to the potential Hillary Clinton.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/Politics","id":"65646571","title":"ABC News’ Cokie Roberts interviews Barbara Bush: Aug. 18, 1992","url":"/Politics/video/abc-news-cokie-roberts-interviews-barbara-bush-aug-65646571"}