ABC News Digital: Breaking Down the GOP Debate Show

ABC News Contributors Matthew Dowd and LZ Granderson preview Wednesday night's second Republican Debate.
14:51 | 09/16/15

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Transcript for ABC News Digital: Breaking Down the GOP Debate Show
We were talking about the clock and Dallas what do you think of that. Is. Out of ten believe the hard way clocking well boast about can I think it's funny as you can carry a gun in a university can't care clocked at school. I think you've read it and know what it ties the record as a corporate fraud at the future is very neither art shop class. First I want to talk about. Els the LT did you have a dentist to Detroit this an ounce pour only part of it I was port authorities say Anderson is. Bernie is right or to the people like you are with gore first communion. Refrigerant raucous. Lawyerly if you are well I would anybody expected where this racist today leading in this debate tonight it can be I was thinking about this today it reminds me. And arranged marriage it started as an arranged marriage right at two dynasties. And and the people dissent when I can go for this arranged marriage and then they found some rogue night. And their job couple in up with a rolling nightly occurrence for open night I tomorrow night. I'll give you Rhode. An argument broke when I expect yeah. On this week together when I jokingly say that we are no dollar terms not written really running for president. And I guess the people weren't paying attention has said that because they brought into an accident has the follow through with policy and action run for president and that's the interesting thing since the last debate when everybody thought okay he's in it can he survive the debate. Now we leave leads the polls. But it debate though both with no real debate with sort of like Fridays ago. And he has an opportunity currently since he's mr. reality TV we become that he was mystery arms to you here. But it and apply that at spirits are very Q so what else happened the Donald today he you know endorsements. Well into Tuesday. A certain Super Bowl. Whitney NDP have seen maybe unseated I didn't quarterback in New England endorsed the one Tom Brady would be fixed I actually print it out. That's it pretty. Are you know what to make I can be a mistake right now. These are against reporters asked him about the hat that was in his locker you have to make America great again patent it in the locker. He trumping go out together golfing that's by whatever but he had a supermodel he's have a super model boats are likely to humans is before the end of the year who knows. And he says you've executed cutesy and he thinks that the riches in memorabilia. But that he also says it would be great. In terms of him being president there would be putting your group putting green on the White House markets are you that. So that's an endorsement from Brady and so trop. Being swap and social media savvy person that is suites. Thank you Tom Brady coach Ditka. Coach Bobby Knight and all of the many champions that have been so supportive. And I think evidence so I think lead by elderly that Eric that I. It's perfect that Tom Brady. A member of the New England Patriots. Who obviously he's one question about his cheating ability no question that Bill Belichick knows IT. And that film gate that happen it's they're going to get well by gate spy spy gate cited through film film gave his win in Selma did with the ouster. That's that's that's a problem that problem the problem. And so the other thing that happened today which I think is really interesting in the status race is enemy poll came on Michigan years in my home state. How many people actually interviewed Detroit for this because it's GOP primary voters probably should really get past that made music industry if if that Ben Carson is now beating down trop in mission first time in three mutt that somebody else mistakenly. Well I Ian MacDonald consistent source of the nearly every cabinet now madam. That we start celebrating and cartons achieved during Black History Month long time ago I just write one boy he's the Detroit boy. And I don't know if you believe that you run around a table he went on the reins of a former ex member of the roundtable are you runner for president. No I'm not running for president and running from president. Spezza quickly can't yeah I'm really disturbed over the fact. I understand this desire. To want to how something different. Having a different voice in a different perspective. What I don't like what's disturbing to me it is. Ignoring everything else that's kind of require for the job. And just embracing different. You know was like voting for a Jonas brother the president just because it's different it's like. When you actually go and immersed into ideas in which you have someone who's different than what you use to. And this to have the political savvy to actually get things done you know besides President Bush. Yes but that's I was about to Fannie people spot they have definitely different than their used to obviously article comments cumulative anybody and everybody black. And inane. And Muslim born in Africa and everything else that's different right. That when they're factual or different. But I think that's now there's been a reaction to that if if if if you have any political pedigree your. Your history which which. Which is part it's happening in the dim army now now it's her what's happened democratic primary I know we're surprised the emergence of trot but are you surprised at what's happened now with Hillary Clinton. Oh. What a surprise about it there won't be so surprised. It's like let's take a bastard a step back all those polled the people kept quoting. Nobody should with the posting here. It was like do you like Hillary Clinton for president sure because there's no one else being talked about now there are options and she's actually haven't earned his nominees nice to believe she will eventually. Earned his nomination providers is that jail. Ed and you begin to see that during does this isn't about coordinating someone actually about a politician. Who had to earn their I think you're right a theft and. Anything about her which she get she obviously was the heir apparent in 2008 and then it's young up and coming person Barack Obama takes your route right. And at the point in time when she lost which was made in one another Clinton right with two in that same old thing we don't want another it was the Iraq War to let their reckless but part of it was we don't want the thing Moakley. Why would they think eight years later. They would want the same old Clinton. Seven years after that I think part of the problem which is different. But he depth and she's gotten older it is god bless criterion is that may have thought with a definite is less accurate of them and and now this time she's run as a woman and I think she reversed but the country want them immediately. I think what's different this scenes she's learned what went wrong. And more important the country has seen. What kind of leaders he actually is because you have an opportunity to perform at a much higher level house in abused. Being in congress for your state be an intimate couple sound bites here and there or to put Iraq War with everyone else that's not really showing your separation well secretary of state now you Sorenson said. The race I'm I'm curious when their debate which is October what what we're here tonight was about to be. And the big debate which is the first mean the first one as the Smart one for people effect when it's ten people. Our eleven people acting now with Carly Fiorina added what's your sense who's out who's got the most to gain who's got the most to lose. Well you mention I think probably has a lot today. Because a lot of people did not see life. Her first debate just heard about it was tweeting about it with both about it and obvious not an expert to perform level expectation. And chic is closed today expectation you can begin to see her. Be in the same conversation with Carson in terms of nipping at Trump's heels. Who has the most looms as America to cut and I don't sounds funny. But despite you're gonna hear about ridiculous rhetoric you're gonna hear a lot of xenophobia remarks from trump economy here a lot of you know we need to do business present mr. vulnerable block. And at the conversation becomes dumb down and just about read me. In a country loses because we aren't able to have really thoughtful conversations about where we want the courage to go next and what sort of leader we. Well I hope I have I've put a lot of stock contrast in the faith and faith in the American people that they're gonna sort through all that and Davis the catch drop leading instead of everything I chemical that they the American people actually starts February. Over time they will figure out candidate that actually can perform and be a good president on both sides of the I I agree with you about Carly Fiorina actually pushes against the argument that anybody that's sitting at the what they call the undercard to date. Doesn't have a chance she was at the undercard in last time vaulted into the main event this fact the somebody still on the first round I think as a chance to do that. Possibly it though it's probably not getting as many viewers to mean the pressure really adds I'm tonight. Now apparently bank Jeb Bush and Scott Walker who at some point in time it. He got exactly is through and could ever got dramatically. Who at some point in time this year we're leading the polls were the front runner in this early in the spring and early currently in the summer. Now both of a fallen dramatically. And to meet money's not in a statement may still have the money is I think they have to performance some weight tonight these the Donald Trump in order to get their campaigns and there's yet. When he sees me. So many but it wasn't your money is there evidence a year earlier bravely at a lately and at the end of those who are watching you cancers. Go to Twitter has Tagamet nails the and tell us you think has the most to gain in the most to lose debates really appreciated past. Matt and housing and back to question about money roughly one conversations I agree with you when he walls they view you actually need to be. Are full except our policy. Actually have idea and I think. When it comes to bat Jeb Bush will eventually be fine because you don't have those things the persons will be. Front army as the others walker that but Donald Trump is right about Jeb Bush that he when he calls them low energy low energy low energy. There is something about jabbed it feels boring it feels like he's not gonna do everything he needs to do the downturn that he has a pretty good re that would yet I think Donald Trump. The great read if people. He is a good read of people except when in the mirror. I think Donald Trump is right when it comes in effect that its energy. It's it's low in comparison to everyone else's what are you talking Kasich will trump for even Carson from sometimes infinitely more I'm. But if you listen to what bush is actually saying. You realize the guy connects to govern when you actually. You don't walk in had to govern and I think there's a number of those folks injuries John Kasich has governed have the senate I think even Marco Rubio has at least slow. I look a little whiny little mark if you slow roll rarely. Marco Rubio. Has put together a consistent policy argument he says he has an obviously bad felonies but basically as long as Barack Obama ones but for Barack Obama and vehemently and rightly that because it serves a thing I do. And why they're the thing about it I needed bags you can I. I don't know like for don't like Florida I have boatloads you don't like any you don't like there are below the payment not ever vote you've probably never finished your elected you'd never does that saying you ate fish. It's the closest you came with long Jeff Miller's first. You are this MITRE river record right here to give it passion for fitness. You and I both know. That once that New York Times story came out. About Marco Rubio inability to manage his personal finances and how he's basically being under Garrett at by some rich. Billionaire who just might smuggled who. That's one thing with them if they you know at the interest in England and will go on final topic of this that. The reason why. Everybody that super pacs had three people that would enable the state. Timmy I told us that the media the day. To me having a super back and not having a campaign that's right well it's a little bit guy the guy on Mount Everest and has two broken legs and extra oxygen tanks which is you'll stay alive while longer but he only where and I think look what happened to Rick Perry had a huge. So let's. Oops they never went away cut requires legal fight and he didn't realize he had died from. Like if I do thug who put on some Smart glasses. And that we were just forget that he wasn't Smart knows what he's wearing glasses and nobody you need to know. Even it out with a prologue must. So what happens to the folks that are statement. One and 2% while they still rate in Munich Bobby Jindal Bobby agent call between a hockey lobby. Bob waste and we. Put. A story what do you think that's about. Their time they got there they want it they're. When our money. He abandoned can't go back to Louisiana. And a you know fox. Fox like candlelight and auditioning. You know people were you know the next go round you know youth of color. You know so it's important that there be diversity. I'm just I'm not taking phone calls here because LT porn objecting tweets. Mattel is a lot of elderly it for the prince and LT is a little northern Gaza between us right now you know. This is any end of the day of unity candidate of the it's been a candidate they are rumors get started oh my god I don't do that Els the ring but what else do that there. And second tweets yes and I think it's that the pitcher that we don't have near enough alcohol there's not a near enough Scott's right. Social the world who tweeted that good I asked for alcohol did I not asked for alcohol horns that. Thank you thank everybody in this room knows I was like you know get a rather distant rock gently you know. You can Bradley's draped. We would love Els the and I would love to see your tweets were gonna take a break in the aftermath of this pre debate thing and then have a post debate in which we don't really know apple. CNN's gonna try to get as many advertising dollars it sounds like at a group. First it was two dollars and now maybe three hours so we don't know it's going to be and thirty year and 151130. When we come back. But we did before to a corporate bar closed and that. You have are you can have alcohol on our next round we you have up and our equipment and immigrants to drinking game and it's Donna compartments stupid vs China is that side of bed and the Comerica greater. He has been an American. Who is greater than. Nothing if I always a question the great Allah be degraded. If back at the we have state comeback with a after the Republican debate on that I'm LD let's keep going. We just did that. Let's just coated in front and we just then we went donated we don't want that.

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