ABC News Journalists Preview the Iowa Caucuses

The ABC News team on the ground in Iowa gives their take on what to expect tonight, candidate by candidate.
19:30 | 02/01/16

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Transcript for ABC News Journalists Preview the Iowa Caucuses
ABC's Josh Haskell on the campaign trail eating lunch something I actually never really get to do but it's caucus day and it's going to be a long night so we needed good meal. To kind of get us ready for those long hours the result pouring in on the democratic and Republican side in a very tight race on both sides. Now joining me for a little impromptu lunch everyone's favorite restaurant in Des Moines change road is our whole ABC news. And that's a political director behind me Rick Klein shows Walsh not Claiborn. Covered Bill Clinton this court's conference Hillary Clinton. And as terribly covers rubio we've got patent holders on court until we have a packed house and the kind of roam about. Show you guys. What they're feeling their predictions and also what they're eating because again. He got have a good feel sort of a long night so let's make the rounds. Starting here with the show bush the Kindle goes a little crazy or get to a record insurers can only help them. Dimples or is it. Risk envelope. Tell us a little bit about your predictions going and caucus night and what you think. Ultimately end up happening. It's not because it's not a primary day where we'll go toward a traffic problems before they go to work noting how did show up tonight. I think through how it. I'm at the meeting. We're very long time and expecting. I'm. You know a lot of non violent. Covers and might lead to your third cycle it is in the third when. Forget everyone's like this election so crazy. Every year. Why has been to. It is true that every year. Unbelievable stuff you know after I'm pregnant within the next everything burned had been lined up from nowhere in the book. Here's when I'm off Obama. Thursday. Year. I'm Bloomberg and very much I'm we'll I want. I'm race. For a little bit here in Iowa had reason. And my last question for you. Happen to catch up if. On talk a little bit about. Where he stands. That's wrong ballot question because I knew that trip tolls between the glass cited what we gonna have to drop outs tonight. Very clear yesterday and has no intention dropped. Several times I reporters can't in his mind. Mary others and you want but I haven't laughed at present when he's. We've got angry at. And sorry I notice that finally back and ask don't you chose this place. Yes the history here tell our viewers where we are what you eat a parents and. Why panic. Drink hot I'm. We're here. Are pretty. You're Greek salad some point. OK we'll take you so my show us. And looks like Mike who might just fell inside the salad but we want a really big shippers. So much is Mike gimbal Mike gimbal. Mike Kimball is on its last legs for the long election season but I'm here were my friends and outlets continued up. Moved down the table as I just trying to put my kids back together. And while we haven't they know it's been a busy day for you Rick what are you following what's gonna happen tonight we'll leave yet area. There we go. Talking about everything talking about reverses when it's noon the big story becoming pretty and it mark rubio were revealed that they're immediately. It's really a after so I think that's the big story is gonna have. Inside whatever club does obviously he loses allegedly killed a big polluters festivals the other that developed. On the democratic side you know everyone has offices and Hillary is beautiful and out but could it already has it was a what Obama dating years ago this little thing that becomes feasible dynamic that's going to be the be they'd be exciting. Going back to the Republicans. Josh Howard is talking about how every year everyone says well that was so crazy didn't expect that you're hearing them more and more get out and attendant forgot that this with the Iowa caucus now know enforce the what is Donald Trump brought to this race. He could solidified a night in Iowa. We'll look he is made his pregame show six miles long people that excited about what's going on right enormous crowds and long. For the Boeing source won't Wear you typically begin today he scrambled everyone's perception of politics you know. I some multiple of Iowa's senators two Republican senators. Practice was reported today. And they can't understand they they do not understand how their party these populist the toilet if I want it cannot understand how. Captured the hearts and minds of the party exceeds ECB anger they feel it but our policy position they don't get it at all. I brought Chuck Grassley is really upset over it we don't pump illustrate issues I don't yards to saying look you know I don't even know that he's a conservative. Get the thinking of the word on so. Everything you thought you knew about the Iowa caucus and abandoned by this guy and I I think that's gonna play out right of the political. And one reason why we wanted to do this launch a big part of politics is. Talking with people about policy out meeting your sources friends coworkers talk a little bit about how that's been for you this week what you been up to you. What you like about a place like change grow and why it is so important to stay engaged and not just by watching the people's right under him. This is Disneyland. It's unbelievable I you know I could walk. Downtowns of doing right now and I know what people but I do. Two blocks my house. ABC. 888 Everett the whole political press cool the water everywhere and sets up. Can't hear this restaurant here took from my 1 August 2004 this is brand it is he hot spot you. You could not go. Two steps without running into someone you do and it's kind of escape route between this and some of the downtown restaurants this is where all the action is that it is. Those on. I wish I could convince everybody of every year. I don't happen like this public you know sports reporter for the super bowl of north. The bats he just does not get better known everyone everyone's got some gossip everyone loves the game that we play. Are you comfortable to talk predictions. Are. Flatly wrong like yeah. A Connecticut. So tell us which you have for GOP tells us I I thought. I thought that that from solidified this thing and I I think is likely to be the winner is on the polling by the simulate those that the people will and I think there's always the winner for the Phillies. As well I can easily see a scenario where local news. Revealed comes in third but he's declared quote the winner as he exceeded expectations. And the democratic side I developed accidentally I trust them only especially when register but the X-Factor is going to be. Whether that passion turns out to vote. And I was here on the ground at 2008 when everything. A lot about it on the gulf war went on Harry's certainly. If you get that this incident or not quite. I don't know quite always to be able to overcome what I expect him real loss and feel free drop another slice of pizza but thanks. The platelets that is okay good we need to be good news sometimes. And that is Matthews plays tough for any questions for Rick while we have a month camera the that is going to be dying to ask him. Rick what's what don't ask me what he. Going to be the biggest surprise. The biggest prize I would say it's going to be to clarity. The field afterward. Better sense of what Ray Flynn looks like after people for the a lot of candidates who will be immediately obvious we'll have a sense of the conference we'll have a sense. Big question is trumping a real blow yesterday. And Cruz has yet to pass. Beyond beyond Iowa fifty pounds. Who is the anti trump candidate likely be among governors of street governor's table there. You wouldn't have been a little to lower down Ben Carson as you know well how does he have any anything left many members support Rand Paul was he over the warm expectations that. Katic parlay that it was something else. I think all of those things are our supply this and then on the democratic side I guess you. I think is that mark rallies around. But his supporters to be so critical because they could make a decision to go support one of the other candidates their candidate doesn't happen. Support so a lot of interest in maneuvered democratic caucuses. Thank you so much great you know. The meeting I'm gonna go on this on the table and talk with the or Hillary reporter in our new GM echoing her list from its. Yeah. To prevent packed. Great kid pops yeah. A yeah. So would that alcohol is you only get tired. Feel like this I know it's our business but it's also important after a long day when he gets coming up there he. Talk about the race looked up. Yeah. Continent's art. Nine. While there's been a lot of things. I'm here and on the day after the deal was packed inside. Treat and mom. Costs and I have not. Want my priest did not feel let. All the Eagles they accidentally economy like like styrofoam packaging and plastic. Normally I don't really. Find a full works in Poland kind of jealous that Liz was able to find a. I'm going I'd get an unhappy. It was out of fort yeah. Right now that I. I think all of us certainly don't see how we react even night we'll it's crazy it's been nonstop. Alternate Criss cross they're going and many events that end it's time to find helpful thanks. And I keep Hillary Clinton elements right now talking area needs. You know. Is confident they want to eat knowing your company. Her parents I'm glad I had. You know I mean it's not your fault the gimbal inside intact. We've got a hundred Matthew. Hey guys so you want to ask you real quick we get a little bit lower sorry. Waterford. I joined him. Yeah I'll put on guys having. You know my thoughts going and covering and aren't beginning. Oh that's great. And you at one point apparently enamored with the front runner and highlight his front runner nationally and since he's not a single digits so. You know he's up pulling him before they're hoping for a surprise I AM and not add. Confidence. But I needed to get those bits that I think it. Let us closely we've seen anything new Rand Paul made a form. UNN's. What are the thoughts inside the Caribbean campaign now. Maybe they're thinking about it yeah thank you very on. Now I need you need me. I have you been asking. We're in on Monday. I'm thinking here if you. Kennedy going on the way. Stainless problems that might happen. I'll play that counts that is an. Of course it isn't and eat bugs and at count on. You can use that you're not asking. Five. As popular among he. Bankers in Donald's farm it's really taken away that's sports and I feel. Bit authenticity. In getting. Just tell you. So I think ultimately you say that about him. Many like tech crews plan. I think that's something. And I didn't think person got so I think. Then I mean yeah. Good news. When you're running for president. Sitting on through. But anyway yeah. It's surprising. Holding right behind Mars ninety. Warm ups in my exit thing. Rom com thing. The index. You have to do all right well as an ego thing. It's equipment has been modest. A little different event coming up. Some restrictions have access for instance not avail. I happen not rest of my way through the night a couple of hundred people to get zero lying. Ask questions and trying to compete with anything being greatly loudly and yeah Brad and I yeah yeah yeah I think I'm. I get progressively unless it is we can't you rent and utilities everything. We've let. About by right as I was looking yesterday staffers there really aren't going to. Glickman rally tomorrow night I'll probably not a life going to be aired its going to be so much fun on the one month ago that half the violent story. You're gonna fly hair and and we are not Miami and each company plane what you guys in that time. Very I. Eight and yeah. And it's raining every copies the news. Rice talked about it. What we do. Marco Rubio who worked on the other hand want is that twenty think. If it's we're talking. I'm in Iowa considerable amount of time does it compare to take doesn't compare. Who. Carter's I mean aren't instruments don't and a need something to. He's not about offenses about seismic events led up. You can't pay what they say about I'm. I mean again they're very confident out ayalon I think the big deal. Now in. Always good. Yeah like I'm. One you. At the right. And then. And he hasn't had its mark a lot of people a lot of it was little water here I didn't look up and not even. Thank you know. Larson this moment in November. Now we knew. Candidate actually drop from. I'm some say that you know. We have got out. None is different so right. Last night. And you there live now. People who don't like him don't like. I'm. And that. Well I really wanna think our team here launch everyone's got at least we got the best team in the business. Question about it immediately. I have been eaten it also wants little. Hungary but it's okay someone Scotto old. The bullet in the gimbal on the road this gimbal in the trash. Sorry for the love of Iraqi road it's so great to hear from so many of our coworkers and last but not least I got to show you guys what were you. We're eating our. You can pizza that's. How long that he. And that's the eighties those night which the room everyone waved her second. Stay with us on ABC digital all of our shows whirled news tonight Nightline special report. Local coverage tonight from Iowa through thank you for tuning in.

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