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Biden’s bold economic plan; Senator says impeachment trial delay is ‘appropriate’; It’s Not Too Late: How outdoor heaters affect the environment
49:22 | 01/23/21

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Transcript for ABC News Live Prime: Friday, January 22, 2021
Good to see good. Lunch for you here. Look forward to working with your. See you around campus. History made tonight. An African Americans now in charge of the Department of Defense for the first time in American history. Retired four star army general Lloyd Austin already at work just hours after his nearly unanimous confirmation sent. We will not let people. You can. Hole in his second full day on the job president Biden lays out his old plan to turn around the economy. Question tonight when Mike hard hit Americans get some much needed help from. Backseat. They have not gotten us what we need real concerns tonight about possibly deadlier overseas variance and vaccines this year at home. Governors across the country begging the federal government for more supply. National Guard outrage bipartisan backlash. Troops were told they had to sleep in the capital's parking garage cash and while it's become quite fashionable. Ran out Miller hope that they experienced. Well. More sustainable use. Jitters eight looks for ways to stay warm and stay green in his sweets it's not too late. Harvard on the floor and my. Data from your hair out farmers moment for the country in the world. Remembering the legendary pink area tributes pouring into the to honor his remarkable life. Like this. Good evening everyone I'm Lindsey Davis thanks so much for streaming with us we have come to the end of a historic week. As a former governor of New York the leak Mario Cuomo once said you campaign in poetry you govern in prose. Brawley inspiring words and calls for unity at Wednesday's inauguration progress and change in Washington still require getting the votes in the congress divided almost equally. That process may still be mired in gridlock. On his second full day in office today president Biden turned attention to the economy making the case for. Bold action on more economic relief to rescue the country from the impacts of the ongoing pandemic. Which is now claim more than 4121000. American lives and millions of American jobs. And is nearly two trillion dollar economic proposal as are some push back from Republicans. And House Speaker Nancy Pelosi is announcement that she will send over the article of impeachment on former president trump Monday. Means the senate trial process will start next week. Late today the senate agreed the actual trial will begin the week of February 8 leaving just two weeks to focus on president Biden's cabinet and legislative agenda. Before a likely contentious senate trial begins our senior White House correspondent Mary Bruce Lee decide. On his second full day in office president Biden's agenda clashing with the looming impeachment trial of Donald Trump. Biden today signing executive orders to expand food stamp benefits for struggling families. Forced on us. Need unity to nineteen. And lay the ground work for a fifteen dollar minimum wage for federal workers but Biden will need congress to deliver his nearly two trillion dollar rescue package and right now congress has something else on its plate impeachment. The bottom line is this. We're in a national emergency. We need to act like we're in a national emergency. Biden wants an additional 14100 dollars in direct payments to most Americans 600 dollars which is already passed is simply not enough. If you still have to choose between paying you really putting food on the table. He's calling for extending unemployment benefits more money for small businesses and 160 billion dollars for vaccine distribution in testing. We have the tools to help people. So let's use the tools. Won't use them yeah. But the senate is about to be consumed with Trump's trial House Speaker Nancy Pelosi today announcing she is going to send over the article of impeachment on Monday. And according to the senate rules of the trial would have to begin at 1 PM the next day. Make no mistake. A trial will be held in the United States senate. And there will be a vote whether to convict the president. But a trial next week and put the brakes on the Biden agenda. Right now only two cabinet officials have been confirmed and some senate Republicans say that when the impeachment trial begins everything else will be postponed. Clearly if the impeachment articles come over Monday press. The opportunity for president by getting cabinet in place is done until refuge. Republican leader Mitch McConnell wants to delay the trial several weeks to give trumped time to prepare his defense and late today the president seeming to suggest he too is open to a delay. For more time we have to get up around me he's crazy. And the better. So this way they won't have to walk and chew bubble gum right out of the gate Mary Bruce joins us now from the White House in Mary senate majority leader outlined in the plans for the impeachment trial lay out the schedule for us. Okay Wendy's and here's how this is now going to play out the article of impeachment will be delivered on Monday and as you know the rules state that the senate trial that have to begin. Exactly 1 PM the next day so members will still be sworn in as jurors on Tuesday but now they decided that both sides. Well then begin in two weeks to prepare to work on their defense and prosecution. But in the meantime the senate can work on other business including. Trying to work on Biden's con confirmation confirming his nominees and his Kobe relief bill. That that means that the senate trial for president trouble to begin in earnest the week of February 8. And this seems to be a schedule that both sides of the senate as well as president Biden are in favor of to allow other business to move forward before the trial starts. This appears to be a true compromise a word that we don't offing here here in Washington these days. But it allows Republicans to get what they want which is a little bit of extra time for the former president's team to work on their defense. And it gives Democrats in the new administration what they want which is sometimes if you hit the ground running get some leg work done on on this new agenda and also get some of those critical cab. Nominees confirmed Lindsay compromise is a word we haven't heard it and so long Mary thanks so much. Thank you. For more on president Biden's economic plan and its potential impact we bring an ABC's economic correspondent Deirdre Bolton. Deirdre thanks so much for joining us now Biden's plan expands benefits for unemployed Americans a latest jobless report showed a slight decrease in new unemployment jobs the companies continue to lay people off. They sure do and Lindsay and this was the first. Gain out of president Biden's mouth this afternoon talking about the jobless the fact that those numbers are rising and people through no fault of their own have lost their positions. So we look at the overall economy and me even data in this week to show quite frankly we're going in the wrong direction. And the most in the recent data points from the Department of Labor. Should that last month we lost a 140000. Jobs so this is the first time we've actually net net loss jobs. Since April it's not a surprise while the virus is here is really difficult for people to want to go and even if it's legal to restaurants and bars to travel. There are so many industries that are hard hit and Lindsay you know this statistic is laws I do. There are close to sixteen. Million Americans who are on some form of unemployment benefits right now. Wednesday and today the president extended the snap program known of course is for. Food stamps for an estimated twelve million Americans get a sense of how much the pandemic has made matters worse when it comes to. Issues like poverty and hunger in this country. It really has about one in six Americans is really threatened to buy food scarcity and if you look at that statistic we that is leaf. 50%. 50%. Increased. If you compare that number to 2019. So almost impossible to overstate. How many people are really living in a vulnerable position right now we know that president Biden sign off on an increase of course for the snack program. And then also encouraged in the US DH in crews are rather in prove an increase by 15%. What school age children. Will have access to one of the side effects of the pandemic in the schools being closes on a lot of kids when they're not physically in school. Are not getting enough to east. Or not getting enough nutrition and their diet Lindsay. And tackle is Biden's order that works toward a fifteen dollar an hour minimum wage for federal workers and might that be able to help pave the way for for broader minimum wage increases. This is huge news I mean people have been talking about this for years the last time that we saw the government move on this was 2009. And we stopped course that seven point 257 dollars 25 cents an hour. Federal wage than his does not be antsy. But the little pressure on congress to pass this not just for federal contractors which president by ended today. But she consider increasing this for all workers. What's interesting issue is we had a little bit of a test bubble and by that I mean economists were watching really closely that cares act in March you know we had that 600 dollar per week. That was not by accidents you know actually take a forty hour work week. Times the 600. You do in fact can break it down into this new minimum wage and when economists were looking at that they just said you know what that did increase consumer spending which of course as we know. Is two thirds of our economic activity and there was that positive bump it sounds so there are a lot of economists even if you say listen a higher federal minimum wages how Paul what would be more helpful. Is that higher minimum wage for all kinds workers Lindsay. Perhaps we're getting closer to that Deirdre Bolton our thanks to you it's. We're joined now by democratic senator Ben Cardin of Maryland senator thanks so much for your time tonight. Now earlier tonight senate majority leader Chuck Schumer outlined the schedule for the full senate impeachment trial now set to begin the week of February 8. That gives about two weeks to focus on improving president Biden's cabinet picks and getting started on his agenda how much can the senate get done in that time in any concerns from you. On that schedule. Oh Lindsay good to be with you it's it really depends upon the cooperation between the Democrats and Republicans. President Biden needs to have his cabinet confirmed by the United States and he needs to have it done as quickly as possible. We only had two confirmed cabinet positions now will take up I think too early next week. But we really need to take up as many as possible and we have. The full team in place to deal will for each national issues some that the endemic to the economy. To seek national security so I hope we'll use those two weeks. In the meantime it's appropriate to get the president the former president opportunity to present. His defense has counsels be appointed the two weeks is a reasonable period of time for proper preparation for the trawl. By both the managers and president Trump's lawyers. Now today president Biden focused on the economy and his one point nine trillion dollar pandemic relief bill but. There's a little appetite among Republicans to support such a large bill even if they do back some of the components. We saw how difficult it was to pass a comprehensive bill in the fall so. Given the urgent needs of Americans. Will be more effective to break this bill up and try to quickly passed targeted measures if both sides can agree upon. Well I think we have to take up a comprehensive bill the American people need this is not whether it's the Democrats Republicans this is a bill that's got to get done. A we have a crisis in addition fusion of vaccines in America we need. The federal government to be more aggressive in helping states in the distribution of the vaccines. We we note our state and local governments need additional help. A small businesses need additional help American families. Are hurting and that this will help our economy well all of us so I think we have act. According to the need and the need is great. And Republicans have been criticized for decrying the high price tag of president Biden's proposal despite them supporting trillions in spending in tax cuts under president trump. But other little calling out the apparent hypocrisy. Is there anything you can do to change the fact that many Republicans have turned into essentially deficit hawks again and likely won't support a bill this size. Only look at the specific provisions I think we're gonna get Republican support it's hard to believe that they don't recognize the needs that are out there and our community. The economists all agreed that touring this type of an economic challenge you need to be able to put money into the economy and helps us all and includes. Helps us deal with the deficit by getting our economy out of this. Pandemic as quickly as possible. And we also see president Biden trying to focus on measures to speed up the production and distribution of covad vaccines but. Many state officials are expressing frustration over the lack of doses right now what's the single most important thing the federal government do you think can do at this moment. To make sure more Americans are able to get the vaccine. It's a great question we need a national plan and that plan needs to be understood. You need to get. Direct. Information from the federal government you gotta be consistent. And then we need to use every tool we have at the federal disposal including the defense production act. To make sure we have adequate supplies are for the vaccines app for the protective equipment that we would that we need in order to contain this Faris. A distaste need to have a clear understanding as to how the distributions going to be gone. And they have got the capacity that that the personnel they have that. Have that they became plants in that community she treated fairly at that outreach in the underserved communities so we need an overall strategy from the federal government. And the resources to make sure it's carried out. And lastly your part of a bipartisan group that's calling on congress to affirm ratification of the equal rights amendment which has now secured enough states for passage. If congress changes the deadline for ratification a what are the chances of this moving forward Ann and why is it important happened decades after the amendment was first introduced. Well we we had these states that have supported it 38 states have already voted for the ratification of the equal rights amendment the constitution. The problem is commerce put a deadline on when the ratification process. The constitution does not provide for a deadline so. By passing this resolution we believe we enabled the 38 states that are re ratified the equal rights amendment. That it will be poem or our constitution. So it's an exciting moment. I think most Americans believe we are really happen equal rights amendment in the constitution we don't. So this is a time that we can really move forward and and show the world that America is joining in making sure that we provide equal rights would. Hey you know a lot of people are feeling on inauguration day perhaps there is home you know there were so much talk about unity just curious to get your sense you're actually inside the capitol doing the work. Do you feel more hopeful at this point is there something that you're designing. A perhaps now things are going to be different. Yes I really do so I mean I've I've had conversations with my Republican colleagues I think they see a new beginning. We have an administration that wants to work or congress both Democrats and Republicans. They've identified the issues that we think we can it address in congress and including. Getting cook at nineteen under controlled dealing with our economy during the tough issues such as immigration. I think there's real hope among our colleagues that this congress will be able to get down to business early. Be able to work together it's going to be a challenge the nation's divided. But we know that president Biden understands the United States senate he understands that congress and work slightly to work with. Aren't we appreciate that optimism and thank you so much for joining us senator Ben cart and we appreciate it thank goodness. Now to the images that are igniting outrage on Capitol Hill and across the country hundreds of National Guard members were moved out of the capital that they were called in to defend. These images show them then getting rest on the floor of a parking garage. So who made the decision and why and how Long Will choose remain in the nation's capital here's our congressional correspondent Rachel Scott. Tonight outrage in Washington after images like these. Members of the National Guard unexpectedly forced out of the capital they've been defending for weeks in order to rest in parking or judges. It breaks your heart I mean these are people who work here serve the country. Protecting protecting our freedom and democracy Anders oh he's that. Lawmakers humbled sides of the aisle were furious some offered up their opposites. Hours later that order was reversed in troops were allowed back inside the world where they live. It's still unclear who gave the direction the National Guard capitol police issuing a joint statement saying they are working together to ensure troops have appropriate spaces for on duty breaks. An off duty troops are being housed in hotel rooms. Today the firstly Dr. Joseph Biden making a surprise visit to the capital. Passing out cookies and thanking troops. Its. A car. He hit my family thing. First Lady expressing her gratitude their Rachel Scott joins us now Rachel there were some 25000 National Guard troops in DC help secure the inaugural so how many are still there and how long are they planning on staying. Yeah most of those troops are still here we know that some governors like Florida's governor have ordered summoned their troops back home but present when the is not going away tonight we are learning that there are plans to keep 7000. Members of the National Guard here until March Lindsay. And we also heard some troubling news today about co lead cases among some of those troops kind of elaborate on that for us. Yeah and law makers are particularly concerned about is raising some questions about Kobe in nineteen protocols you saw those images of the troops axle closely together and tonight we're learning that more than a 150. Have now tested positive for Kobe nineteen lawmakers looking into that tonight too as well Lindsey. All right Rachel Scott our thanks to you. This week is we inaugurated a new president began starting to adjust to our new normal our nation's battle against cove in nineteen. Raged on more than 25000. People died in this country since last Friday. And today the world received a stark warning from our friends on the other side in the pond as we continue to struggle with the vaccine rollout. ABC's whit Johnson brings us this report. Tonight a new warning that a highly contagious UK very which has already threaten the US could also be more deadly there is some evidence. That the new variant. The very that was first identified in London and the south east. May be associated with a higher degree old. Mortality. I'm trying to go on nine and two set might. Appointment for the second Eckstein. And there's nothing available. In New York City the mayor asking the federal government for permission to use second doses as first doses it's going faster and faster there's just no supply to keep up what. The state burning through 97%. Of its first doses expected to run out by the end of the day. More is on the way but the shortage forcing fifteen vaccination hopes to close for now. Did get the code red and abhorred what's there and anybody in New Jersey long lines before daybreak. And in California drivers a Dodger Stadium waiting up to five hours. There was a three to four hour wage. So we came back this morning. At this pace of the rule out the mayor says vaccinated all of LA county would take until June 20/20 two. Still a long way to go with Johnson joins us now and wit as you reported the UK Marion is more transmissible than the original strain noting that is there anything if people can do to protect themselves from more contagious version of this virus. Lindsay believe it or not more health experts are now suggesting wearing two masks in high risk situations like when you can't avoid a crowd or yearn close proximity with other people. We know the N 95 mask is the best but that's generally reserved. For health care workers so they are recommending alternatives that can be easily found on online retailers the bottom line Lindsey the more layers the better. And double masking okay whit Johnson our thanks to you. And you know we come back the tributes are pouring in for one of the greatest to ever play the game of baseball was also a champion. A civil rights. The mystery mega jackpot winner in one state and billion dollar jackpot still up for grabs. But up next the growing concern about more children testing positive for coping. Welcome back a few mercies of the corona virus or so we thought was that it didn't seem to sicken children the same way as adults but. Concern is now growing as more American children test positive two and a half million and counting. Doctors see new cases of that rare multi symptom inflammatory syndrome linked to the virus. ABC's Marcus Moore has this report. Tonight with Arizona hospital still overwhelmed with cult that patients. The state now seeing the virus in a staggering number of children and teens we are now these needing staged. In the country. Four co written her integrity and children with nearly one and seven Kobe case is now under the age of twenty. Arizona's largest hospital system. Reporting a dramatic spike in the number of children admitted they need IV fluids they need extra support with oxygen. And about a third just as adults who are hospitalized with coded. They need icu care as of mid January nearly 21 half million children in the US have tested positive for Colbert since the start of the pandemic. Last week alone seeing the highest weekly increase in new cases for thirteen year old Maggie flattery her cope with symptoms got increasingly worse. For two months her mother says she could not get out of bed and had let yeah. Shots are very happy and I still grieving the onetime ballerina and New York has had to drop extracurricular activities due to the virus has long term effects and while severe cases of Coke that remain uncommon among children. Doctors say they're seeing more instances of the rare multi system inflammatory syndrome in children linked to the virus in Texas eleven year old case and Abbott. Has a long road to recovery. After battling that rare cope at leak syndrome. Witnesses say it has literally has affected he and such a different YA. As far as just zapping him of his energy level. The Lindsey number Daryn has said that it has trials already under way for. For paces twelve to seventeen years old and then Pfizer announced today that. It's vaccine trials for children twelve to fifteen are fully enrolled and are underway tonight. Lindsay had sounds promising Marcus our thanks to you still ahead here on prime Detroit Fannie alliance supreme leader after he appeared to threaten former president trump. The Arctic blast heading for millions single digits in some spots. And you won't believe some of the statistical feats in Hank aaron's legendary career will take a look by the numbers but first. Our tweeted a day in the NFL commissioner of the Solomon nurse thanking front line workers in surprising them. With Super Bowl tickets. Waiting now feel he's. And then made away fastball. OK on that god. Are remembering baseball legend Henry Hank Aaron 86 year old past week she's fully in his sleep overnight. We'll have much more on his life and legacy coming up one in which he faced on racism to become baseball's home run king first. Oh by the numbers on his history making career. Air and finished with 755. Home runs a number 715 was the most significant. Passing Babe Ruth for the most all time it's a record that he held for 33 years until. Barry Bonds surpassed in though bonds' accomplishment has been tainted by suspicions of steroids. He never did hit fifty home runs in a single season but he hit at least 48. Times. Remarkably he was a 2.5 time all star to record that will likely never be broken. He also holds the Major League records today in runs batted in with 2297. And in total bases with 6856. Aaron finished his career with 3771. He its third all time. In 1982 he was elected to baseball's hall of fame would 97 point 8% of the home. Aaron famously said. I wanted them to forget Babe Ruth I just wanted them to remember Henry Aaron certainly. We always will Hank Aaron was 86 years old we'll have more on Hank aaron's incredible life and legacy coming up we still have a lots to get to hear on prime tonight how to ski industry has struggled to stay afloat during a pandemic and keeps you receive from the virus. And stay warm and staying green are genders he looks at ways restaurants can stay open and keep you toasty while helping our planet the first. A look at our top trending stories on Number but. A. President biting taking aim and the pandemic in 400000. American to die. That's more have died in the fall from World War II in the nation tries to rein in appalling vaccine them all out. With the dwindling vaccine supply this ABC now telling people there is some flexibility when a second dose can't be given on time. So was saying you could probably do with six weeks later named lead to additional weeks. Quite frankly you know logically I don't think that's gonna make a big difference and tonight the CDC also sing an exceptional situations with the same brand new vaccine isn't available for a second dose it's better to switch brands convinced him that second dose. In New York City the mayor asking the federal government for permission to use seconds doses as first doses and it's gone faster and faster there's just no supply to keep up. Today Twitter at taking down an account claiming to be Iran's Ayatollah Khomeini on retreats to graphic of former president trump and go thing and being thrust into with a drone strike. Which isn't the account was faced with the image from the tweet is now displayed on the odds on his English language website and any turning official account remains on line puts it has been criticized for a double standard on content. A friend found the former president's Twitter accounts. They left the Iranian supreme leader isn't alone when he Rickie Lee threatens Israel and spreads covic misinformation. We're tracking a major cold glass stretching from the midwest all the way to the northeast as we head into Saturday morning wind chills will be below zero from Minneapolis to Green Bay it will feeling it teens even in the northeast to major cities near city doesn't eighteen to fourteen in Boston in the meantime we're tracking several storm systems coming across the country the first one in the west tonight. It's free of heavy mountain snow from the Sierras of the Rockies and San Francisco to Los Angeles getting on some rain and they really needed after the fires earlier this week. That system makes his way into the upper midwest by Saturday night with some heavy snow 36 inches possible from Omaha to Minneapolis and a second storm. Hi Natalie is across the country as we head into early next meet. By Monday night heavy snows block stretch from Chicago all lanes in the northeast including DC a good feeling weird city of Boston that's Monday into Tuesday so heavy snow on the way potentially early next. And the jackpot and the mega million hits a staggering one billion dollars. And three nights remain on this tiny Maryland town where once he gets is now worth over 731. Million dollars. Allowing call it settlement. And a lot of fold our store owner sold the winning modern. Tiny mining town of 300 families is buzzing. Locals say everyone knows and looks out for each other nobody knows who won the jackpot yes and may never know what Maryland is one of seven states where winners can choose to stay anonymous. We learning the details about the new vice president eye catching wardrobe during the inaugural event. All designed by up and coming like fashion designers. People all over social media is using expressions like she slaying. She always constant way did you read comics and what are you let me. Let's and is one of three black designers who gave a shine to the new vice president this week that comes at memorial Harris paid her respects and it. Coast designs nice Kirby Jean Lehman. I am lost. And indeed historic swearing in ceremony that purple ensemble. Christopher John Rogers yeah. He. Beating the Bermuda the final destination was this. And arm and a pro industry. Welcome back everybody among the many businesses scrambling to adopt to a new normal during this pandemic hundreds of the nation's downhill ski areas and resorts. Last year Americans made more than 51 million visits before Covert abruptly cut the season short costing the industry an estimated two billion dollars in lost revenue. Devin Dwyer takes a closer look at how ski areas are trying to bounce back and keep their slope safe from the virus. From the Colorado Rockies into the California Sierras. They're getting and I'm not here there's hardly any clients on the stage and every math. A historic pandemic ski season in full swing. But with fewer skiers and lots of new rules just. A fair I I was in line tonight was gone down the run my mask must come down the ski patrol it. Asked if put it back up and I thought that was very nice of. Hopefully like doing the best he can following the rules and crossing our fingers that we don't have an outbreak at Cochran ski area in Vermont the slopes or playground who. It's like instead of going and playing dodge ball or basketball whatever they Communist he'd sign in has gone touch Lewis the snack bar moved outdoors and staff for taking down skier information for possible contact tree's seen obviously if things. Get really bad and the spirit. Yes we are taking huge last march a ski resort in Sun Valley, Idaho became would of the nation's first Covert hotspots. Dozens infected after Teddy after ski parties like this one. After ten days we could count thirty people 35 people forty people days later nearly all of the nation's 470. Ski resorts. Move to shut down early for the season. It's not this evil that's a problem right it's. Everything that comes lit and and isn't very combustible next taking people from all over the country and the world. And putting them an Eli. Or is he bar or any sort of being where. And Brett. This winter most major ski areas have closed their lodge is entirely or restricted who can go inside. No indoor dining time limits for warming up each one of our resorts Mara. Different and there are different now. Hinge point one a regional. Plan based on basic framework and then they are doing things that are unique and there are circumstances. Many resorts now require reservations capping the number of skiers to ensure a less crowding. Face coverings are required at all times chair lifts are only to be shared with members of your family. Ski area operators call them critical steps for safety and confidence that any huge added cost. You have to outweigh so much capital early in the season. Makes note you know push the snow and it's it's extremely expensive and you do all that before anybody shows up. A year committed to providing this product that's it's very expensive and and it yeah we had been. Canceled flight mid December it would then elements from. Resorts for skiing and snowboarding are at the center of a twenty billion dollar a year winter sports tourism industry in the US. Millions of visitors to American ski cities from around the world fueling local economies. It's our responsibility. Or everything to work together to make sure that. We're not putting people compromising situation. Our visitors and and our fragile small local communities that have limited health care delivery systems us. In Southern California Mammoth Mountain is it going to restore the Los Angeles urban nights. We're county thousand people it's how we're sugar. Yet we're talent that is you recreation based or three or four million people but this season it's. Much quieter. The town not allowing indoor dining or short term rentals and people can get fine for not wearing a mask whenever. Very small hospital. Mammoth has come up with a reasonable land. You cheat both the economy not dead. And luck to each and deadly effect the locals. It's a delicate balance between safety and financial survival that not everyone is happy about there's not a lot of people here were. Currently locked her happy it went road. With so much of America might opt ended by the pandemic many are just thankful to be back on the slopes. We do this soul so lucky that these mountains have been able to adapt. And develop. A program that safe that keeps everyone you know relatively distance. But still being. That's sharing you know fairly traditions. Making memories in the mountains is the nation's ski industry grapples with an unprecedented. Year. For ABC news live I'm Devin Dwyer it Breckenridge Colorado. Hopefully it is all downhill from here not just for the ski resorts but for all of us our thanks to DeVon for that and speaking of the outdoors that's exactly recovered nineteen has forced many restaurants to go but in some places. Winter can linger a little longer and restaurants are trying to keep patrons warm in order to keep their business hot. In this week's it's not to later change using takes a look at the impact the increase in outdoor heaters is having on the environment. The researchers who came up with a potentially greener and more efficient solution to keep you warm. Hi I'm tinge easy and it's not too late. Raging hand if you miss eating indoors. Yes we did tip. It eating Al fresco even in mid January has no armed only here in New York City. Chicago to Boston to France where 75%. Of their cafes have heated outdoor pack. They are dying in the end in New York City you either have to have a pretty extensive outdoor heating system or personal. Or in this case. They'll ask them how. Can you tell me what is it made out. It's made it look. Not at the last but a kind of perplexing type material there's training session systems built into the the base as you can see there are so that. You know whether rain or shine. You know these things are done withstand the elements. You know the New York hospitality business has really taken such ahead so. It was really important for us to to have experience like this we could keep people employed create jobs you know the. Question automatically becomes an equal pay how the the difference if like a group within it and then my group and then that you have airfare by. We have air pure fires an eighteen year like I mentioned as a great job of sanitizing the space after every reservation. The pen and transformed the streets of New York City there'll lined up with these outdoor dining area as some of them working and others are not. This place had to shut down only operating on weekends in New York City if you don't have the even landed him. But France is now banning outdoor heaters for cafes and bars starting this spring why. Well they're far from sufficient eight neck pain and must be honest to their only warns one person team on the cheek. It means CT. We heat outside the in the wouldn't. Because in the Balkans thought it's to take it sooner that we have to step dad because. Series intelligent Stiefel to teammate. I don't think it's lights that begins. The diction of greenhouse gas emissions begin. Cheap. But many still significant. Here in New York the company that supplies propane to restaurants says that eighteen a giant increase in demand. Usually supplying 100000. Cylinders monthly this winter 250000. On average each month. While the greenhouse gas emissions from outdoor heaters that happened to be saving some small businesses is a drop in the giant emissions bucket. The drop in the wrong direction. And in addition to a much bigger problem. Almost a quarter of the world's energy use. Comes from H access to this accident has the heat all of the air instead of just the air we feel. To freeze and a movie theater or to beat liar when you're not supposed to be you should sell. I get the general concept makes total sense to me if you can take even five to Greece. In any less consumption way you're having a giant impact on the overall system. Actually facing the climate is Sheen and emergency we are leaning gay I'd bet it was not a big sacrifice. Compared to being put teams they're being our planet in every race and while it's become quite fashionable to do here on. Instead Graham outdoor cove in safe experience well. The have to be more sustainable solutions. Of course there it's. Some researchers at the University of California Berkeley have been working on the solution far before cope it started. You don't want us. The person it and he's gas heaters. Global mediation. In all or actions. So different locations. The current. And sadness. This probably lessen my present day study not only which parts of the body need to be warmed more than others to keep cheat recently more. Can actually get older and you record. And her below temperatures and. I'm uncomfortable and honor dictates your areas. You're experiencing here. But they have a solution that's already tested and proven for indoor energy savings and would likely work outside to. So we want you. I'll need radiation. To get some really create an absent an election ultimately. Possible links to. Anti means it's able. News insulation that they you're a little. Her ex under the table or what. The ultimate. Sanction cooler. It's your time it wrong it's what you what you. We already know that if you it just sat just down two degrees in the winter of two degrees and summer you can save a ton of energy. A literal 2000 pounds of C a tip. Soon do that today it's easy and energy saint could ultimately help another restaurant stay a lot. And in Jersey and counseling and. A ton on the energy. Our thanks to ginger for that and when we come back. Honoring the hammer. The struggles hands faces you broke down barriers and broke records a look at sports and civil rights icons life and legacy. When we come back. The. And finally tonight a pronounced stoic Major League Baseball superstar Henri Hank aaron's sought racial equality at a time when most thought it was impossible. Aaron was born in the Jim Crow south three decades before the civil rights movement. But he did live long enough to see a black president and vice president. His quiet confidence and consistent excellence around his really clear may have perhaps the greatest to ever take the field. ESPN's Tim Kirk Jane looks back in his life and legacy. Hey Daryn is the all time leader in RBIs in total bases. He was the dean's home run eighteen for 33 years and he played in 24 all star game. Yet he was still under rated in a heartbeat. It was not flashing eat 755. Home runs but never fifteenth in the season. He was remarkably consistent. But he was overshadowed by more charismatic players in bigger mark. It's Hank had played in New York like. Meant to me we all know the difference to our. He was like walking and no new and World Series since he. It really wasn't. Spot. Shown on the way then that it did initiative along. Born in segregated Alabama. Baseball was aaron's way out. A star in the negro leagues his 23 year Major League career began with the Milwaukee braves in 1953. But in 1966. The Braves moved to Atlanta. Putting Aaron back in the deep south where he had worked so hard to escape. Payne who's returning to a different sound. Returning to in new so an inland today is considered the Catholic. But the news so. In 1974. Era and was on the cusp of breaking the home run record and he'd been held for forty years by an American icon Babe Ruth. Erin received death threats and racially driven hate mail to 3000 letters that day. And best three things you can't given. Black. Follow live thought. Things like this really makes me push just that met our. Paying saved. All those hateful letters in a box in the attic. And at one point I said Hank is no denying. That's true but has that obscured review the fact. That millions and millions. Of Americans not just black heart. My respect that you space softens and he said I know I know that's true. But it still doesn't change. What I had to go. For him to stay focus and and hit 756. Home runs. And I just don't understand it I don't give it. You know the guy had you know 3400 home rather than an amazingly he's like you know a guy and people who was hard on the guy. Take care. On April 8 1974. Hearing hit his 750. Home run passing the bade. As the all time home run keep. Here's the pledge by downing. We'll. Okay it's. Okay. Yeah. And a record thought to be untouchable was broken by an African American. As Erin stood at home plate. Teammates and family surrounding him with tears of relief and designs he said Backus thank god. On the okay long. Marvelous moment. Okay. Hank Aaron. Hit more home runs than they do. Drove in runs them here. Scored more runs in the remains. And hand over tweedle. News and told the basics. Then the runnerup. Standing. Erin played two more seasons after breaking Ruth's record. Then looked across another racial divide. I'm looking forward to one day that a black will be able to run a ball professional ball club. And I'm hoping that that black will be mean it would not considered him. On trial. Exceptional it did turn those existent reaching out. Here. Aaron accepted a front office job grades in 1976. And worked for the club and several capacities for thirty years he will be best known as one of the greatest players of all time. When his lasting legacy will be that grace with which he carried himself. Through the breaking of Ruth's record. And the dignity he showed when his record was surpassed some say fraudulent. I Barry Bonds in 2007. Aron was not just hall of fame players. Civil rights activist recipient of the presidential medal of honor. In a channel in every way. He broke records as well as barriers are thanks to Tim and ESPN for that enters into their parents passing is now reviewing calls for the Atlanta Braves to change their team name. To the hammers in honor of Aaron. Before we go a fitting image of the day. The number 44 Hank aaron's number the Atlanta Falcons in Atlanta united both announce and they'll retire the number for the 20/20 one season in honor of the legend. So many paying respect to this great ambassador to a game of baseball. And beyond. That is our show for this hour be sure to stay tuned to ABC news live from more context and analysis of the day's top stories. I'm Lindsey Davis thanks so much for streaming with us half of Greek weekend.

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