ABC News Live Prime: Friday, November 20, 2020

Sen. Blackburn: ‘Now is the time’ for Trump to present evidence of fraud; Businesses crumbling amid pandemic; UNICEF celebrates World Children’s Day
50:25 | 11/21/20

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Transcript for ABC News Live Prime: Friday, November 20, 2020
Ex police responding to a shooting in a mall in Wisconsin tonight multiple people injured federal law enforcement now part of the investigation. Are we getting closer tonight to emergency authorization for a cold in vaccine the hard work still ahead tonight to end this pandemic. Refusing to concede. President trump unwilling to admit he lost the election we talk with Republican senator Marsha Blackburn we did have been nice. Floor the vice president elect. I could not have expected. To feel so. This New England state opening its arms tonight to new families seeking greener pastures in the pandemic. And tonight the children speaking up telling us adults the world they want to development. It's. This data has been. Good evening everyone I'm juju Chang in for Lindsey Davis thanks for streaming with cost Shwe and a week with hope. Hope that in fact there may soon be a vaccine that helps us start to get control of this and and the church that has claimed 253000. American lives and counting cash today Pfizer took a major step and formally requested emergency use authorization for its vaccine cash and FDA panel is set to look and tell all of this next month the company claims millions of doses could be available 24 hours after FDA approval all of this taking place as cases continue to skyrocket and the death hole rises are whit Johnson leads a song. Tonight from coast to coast long lines for testing. Looming holiday restrictions and a mounting death poll nearly 2000 in 24 hours as the corona virus spirals out of control. When you look at the number of inspections that are growing up. They're really breaking records or hospitalizations. And numbers inspections day. But today the first vaccine nearing the finish line Pfizer and its German partner bio and tech officially applying for FDA emergency use authorization. The government has already stockpiled forty million doses from Pfizer and Madieu and a if approved the first round could be shipped out by mid December. We developed a very extensive plan we're gonna get it down to the states states are gonna tell us exactly where they want it to be. Still be immediate concern is Thanksgiving. The CDC urging Americans not to travel. Every day new crackdowns in California and overnight curfew goes into effect this weekend for most of the state. After its worst day of the pandemic over thirteen thousand new cases. New Jersey's largest city Newark issuing a ten day stay at home advisory starting the day before Thanksgiving where. Everything Indonesia. Should be also are wholly if you get a excessive. Only if you need groceries and in New York City the original epicenter of the crisis. The mayor warning it may close indoor dining bars in gyms by early December hospitals buckling under the strain. Half of all states in the US reporting massive staffing shortages. Nurses in New York City marching from a hospital to a nearby cemetery demanding more staffing and PPP. We are here because we are. Good. We think that that they pulled it right this did not rob we are not ready. In Indiana. Respiratory therapist amber Hodges has watched about twenty of or patients died from the virus. They craft full bath that you don't yet have a fine we'll think about what you need to do if it can give it keeps going and make a break for yourself. Then to let you pick things up. Nurse carry wag nearly lost her own life to Covert one illegal workers. It. She Donnie. She did but Cary got a second chance receiving a double lung transplant. And who my message. Doesn't nurse. It makes any of this. Can get out there. To bring it home to people who won't necessarily. Whoever asks. One sweet sounds. Isn't real. And which Johnson joins us now from one of those testing sites in New York City each wit I know we're getting new information tonight on the timeline for the vaccine lot closer the next steps of the rollout. Did juju the FDA just announced a public meeting to be held on December 10 now this is a chance for FDA scientists. And other public health officials part of an independent advisory committee asks fighters are questions about its vaccine and review the data after that. There will make a recommendation about how to move slower to the FDA commissioner is promising that the process will be as old when. And transparent as. Possible juju wit all eyes on a process thank you. And turning now to the presidential transition president elect Joseph Biden meeting with House Speaker Nancy Pelosi and Chuck Schumer today H and now ward tonight the Biden transition team is in touch with congressional committees such meantime today president trump with a rare appearance in the White House briefing room which but still refusing to concede the election bush and for the seventeenth today in a row not taking any questions from reporters our chief White House correspondent Jonathan Karl reports. The president has largely stayed out of sight since losing the election but today he came before the cameras and falsely asserted he actually wanted me. Campaign. Which I won by the way but did find that out. Almost 74 million votes in fact trump lost by nearly six million votes nationally. And by a decisive margin in the Electoral College while the president did venture beat for the cameras today he left without taking any questions. Fax neither he nor the vice president. Has answered any questions in the more than two weeks since the election but the walls are closing in on the president. Two day Republican state officials in Georgia after a painstaking audit. By hand of every vote announced the state had certified Joseph Biden as the winner. The numbers reflect the verdict of the people. Not a decision by the secretary of State's office or courts or by their campaigns. The president's legal team is now floating the idea of trying to ditch the election results in states like Michigan and Pennsylvania. And have the Republican state legislatures pick the winner instead of the millions of people who voted in the election. Our on the ballot hey the Republican leaders of the Michigan State Legislature traveled to Washington to meet with the president. On the way they were met by protesters some Republicans are outraged at the prospect of the president. Pressuring local politicians to throw out the election results. Mitt Romney tweeting. The president has now resorted to overt pressure on state and local officials' to subvert the will of the people and overturn the election. The white house Press Secretary insisted today there is nothing inappropriate about the meeting. It is not a happy to see meeting there'll be. No one from the campaign there he routinely meets with lawmakers from all across the country. But there's nothing routine about any of this. Meanwhile president elect Joseph Biden did something today the president trump hasn't done more than a year he met with the speaker of the house. My Oval Office. You wrote me Costin who cut. Former a lot of time. She and dumping Karl joining us now the president invited to lawmakers John from the Michigan State Legislature. White House today he's been challenging each the results there where she lost by 150000. Votes what more can you tell about this controversial meeting. Well juju this was a meeting with the two Republican leaders of the state legislature in Michigan. And the legal team the president's legal team have been suggesting that they could somehow bypass the will of the voters. And shoes the elector Ers choose basically the winner of the presidential election in Michigan instead. Odd that these two leaders Republican leaders made it clear they would not go along with that they put out a statement that said. In part quote the candidates who win the most votes win elections in Michigan. Ended Michigan's elect oral votes. These are simple truths that should provide confidence in our elections and they spoke about asking for coded funds which I thought was interesting each and are also learning tonight John that the president's son Don junior has tested positive for coal bed. Yet Don juniors are spokesperson put out a statement saying that he tested positive. At the beginning of the week he has been self isolating the statement said out at his cabin. The statement also says -- T is currently asymptomatic. So many developments follow thank you so much Jon Karl thank fugitive. And joining us now is Tennessee Republican senator Marsha Blackburn thank you so much for your time. And happy to be Wiki thank you. Not at all let's get right to it it's been seventeen days since the election and two weeks ago you joined our show and told my colleague Lindsey day march that you served on local election commissions and that elections are not run by federal officials but by local fish such and today many of those local officials have spoken Georgia just short time ago certifying their results. For Joseph Biden victory there more states following next week have you spoken yet with the president elect to congratulate him on his victory. I have not spent ten net at with a president like we did have the vice president come to the floor. Vice president elect. Come to the floor this week to cast and take cast of day by congress residing at the time didn't get seized secret car. And that you know we're watching the process. Lay out GG doing just as we did in 2000. When a Tennessean Al Gore. Act and George Bush were going through the counting of the hanging Chad. We will work through this process I will say now is the time. For the trump campaign if they have and air information. And that they need to present in court now is the time they need did take be taking that evidence. Typical art. And so now is clearly at a time given that the child campaign has should. Withdrawn or lost court case after court case you know sixteen thus march on and in those courts of law judges have seen no evidence of widespread election fraud and package. To the contrary they tossed out cases such summarily isn't time do you think for you and your Republican colleagues to except that Joseph Biden as a president elect and publicly declare that. Here is a process the media doesn't declare and as we had discussed previously with Lindsay. This is something in your loved telling your state officials do as they certify those elections that is a the an important part of our process the other NG issue is this is put the attention on diesel local election commission. Cleaning up their rules and when you talk about Georgia and the importance of the Georgia race with a two run offs and dad are they here and didn't die evidence that has come forward in the year with. Individuals and then had lived out of state or were deceased. The questions are ranch. Does the buckets of the issues whether it was a mailing out. Of the ballots the certification. And they came and I'm making certain that this signature matched both floor. The ballot was separated. I does art things that we feel confident in dead Giorgio will get a handle on on these issues I think also let's say senator but he some see in the next Steve eat and then next year. These state legislatures. Are going to move forward and they are going to pass laws is addicting about having your state legislatures. And your local election commission in charge out Wednesday are going to be gear to predicting there were gaps. And they are going to be the ones that are going to cling not accident that's a good positive step so let me just. Follow up in your earlier remarks he referred to and I believe you referred to Joseph Biden as president elect you certainly referred to Connell Harris as the vice president election does that senior publicly acknowledging that status aside from the semantics and declaration or auction you know. You know final action. There will be time to to do that right ma'am. I it is important that we settled this I think it's every illegal that it is Camden Donald Trump would get. Or more years of course he is that cannon dent out of my party but. Bay here in mind and I think this is so important to keep in mind to write me I'll. We have gone through nearly four years. That exact. It Democrats say look first where the resistance they named themselves out and then I want to obstruct and then. We had Russia and we had Ukrainian we had impeachment. All of these things to. Is it Donald Trump was not legitimately. Elect and we don't want that to happen we went through the entire eight years of George Bush. With people saying well he was not legitimately. Elected. Let slip that people this country speak it is not. The John the any of the news organizations. Declared the winner this is up to the people of the country it is up to. Though the boards of election it is activities secretaries of state. And don't want us all and that has transpired in the electors have been appointed. And there is eighty I alike to oral college in then that is the time. To make Canada use it dies it declarations. And add that only whether it is president trump for four more years are Joseph Biden for a new charm. That will mean that time. To do that right I just I want to point out I I know senator. Is and the election security an election integrity. In is what I'm hearing more outbound. I'm people whether they live in Georgia RE they are here in Tennessee they want to make certain that these. I irregularities. Are investigated. And that these. Our address and yet there's no proof of any of that thus far senator I know you choose your words carefully so I just want to. Double down on this idea that you referred to your senate colleague commonly Harris as a vice president elect. And at that. But to. And what I'm going to tell you again in his eye believe every legal but it was Downey Donald Trump could get four more. Gears and in the end if I'm Joseph Biden is deemed to the president elect and Connell a Harris. That vice president on land it and we will move forward from there and at this polite we need to have these investigations. Done. We need to have on the truck campaign. Presenting their evidence in court. And we need to make certain legal ballots are camps and let me tell about pandora senator let me ask you about your senate colleague on from Tennessee the retiring senior senator Lamar Alexander rushed he's calling for the transition to begin so that everyone can be ready on day one do you agree without assessment I mean Joseph Biden has said that lives could be lost with delay they aren't able to coordinate with the crush of buyers task force on vaccine distribution. Every senator was offered an opportunity to half a briefing yesterday. On both the vaccine distribution. And on the progress with the vaccines and I think Donald Trump deserves a tremendous amount of credit. For operation board speed. And for getting these vaccines. To use to the market this quickly it wise it is something that is unprecedented. And I think it's going to be a tremendous. Opportunity. Out for the American people to see what happens when you get government regulations. Out of the way. And wind that agencies are told to work with the private sector to make it a priority. So that you solve problems for the good of all all the people pets and it's going to BS a big success. Lower or his campaign senator that's an eloquent answer but it doesn't answer the question I asked which is do you saying the transition should go under way so that. Joseph Biden can how to run a virus house worst briefings Yasser now. There is going to be the opportunity for damage as they began to think to war if they are declared the winner which of course right now it looks is yet. They're deleting Indies Electoral College and from what I'm hearing they are mating forward. On the finally coldly cases. As you well know senator are breaking records across the country many of the top 100 hardest hits communities are rural areas a quarter of a million Americans are now dead ash ten Americans dying every fifteen minutes since the pandemic began each putting partisanship aside. A whole host of benefits are set to expire December 31 to help unemployed and struggling Americans each do you plan to work which Republicans and Democrats to try to get a new relief bill. Package. Eight we have been working. And trying to get him as a matter fact we have twice good and it. Our senate bill on the floor this would reposition. 350. Billion dollars at here is active money that was left to number. And begin to keep you long I in June unemployment insurance placing it up 300. Dollars a week money for vaccines for testing of course he she know the rapid test is something that is important. I appreciate your time honestly and I appreciate your perspective thank you for joining us as EG and G some acts I've got a buying. While the senate has gone home for the holidays out of session until November 30 church but even when they come back congress isn't any closer to passing a new stimulus bill to help the millions of people and thousands of businesses struggling as the pandemic continues to drag on ash there are so many more stories out there and tonight ABC's will car brings us a closer look at want a Hollywood bar that sides promising future fade away. As cases when opt. And lock downs continued. Once upon a time in Hollywood there was support for customers' hoarding it costs due. Thing when friends. And it between finds. Watched actor Kevin Smith still fight any silent Bob report its podcast this governor bill and again in a manner which is on Hollywood boulevard in Hollywood California. Today you'll buy this scum and villainy cantina on Hollywood boulevard filled with silence. In dust. We were very very excited. Right before of the locked down happen and we found out my fiance and I who owns the bar at me that we are gonna have a daughter. And the next week. They called for. Bars and restaurants to close. That was back in March 8 months later with the LA county still largely shut down to the states restricted to your system. Any Hollywood boulevard businesses are boarded up scum and villainy is still closed in its owner JC wife and Burke says the rain is piling up. Our rent here is 21000 dollars a month. Which is just a crew wing because. It's being on Hollywood boulevard we don't have outdoor dining space to take advantage of the the laws that LA put in place to expand beyond I think as of December 1 will be over a 160000. Dollars behind on. Since the federal government has not passed a second stimulus bill in California has only passed legislation that allows runners to put off their full payments to next year. Wife and Burke has essentially run out of options. The community dough in evening Kevin Smith are rooting for the bar survival. Some of the greatest nights of my life have been spent to scum and villainy cantina it was an oasis in the middle of Hollywood I really hope. Take over didn't kill. There's our. But even with the support like the Burke says he can't ask people for money since he has no idea what blow when the crisis spine Leon's even if we opened up. Tomorrow at full capacity with. The full faith of our customers coming back which is he going to happen immediately. There's no way that we can pay essentially double rent after being shut down for. You know eight months and counting since the government. Asked us to close down and we did. And complied with what they asked us to do to help stop the spread or Kobe had I'm hoping that they will come to our rescue. He's not alone across the country roughly won it by businesses has closed already. Leading some to wonder if 28 when he will lead to the death of Hollywood boulevard I think it's going to be. Boarded up shops. Smoke shops seven eleven's. You're going to lose all of Tinseltown magic that's been. Built up here over the last twenty years tragic opera right and Burke whose year has been a roller coaster. Last week seeing this beyonce had their first child a girl. He still holding on to hope that she might the of the seeing her first song in a bar that survived a year nobody will forget. In Hollywood will Clark. ABC news. Rooting for them well we come back the FBI is joining that urgent manhunt after a thirty year old allegedly fired his assault rifle to. At an officer. Forcing evacuation of his neighborhood. The teenage murder suspect accused of killing two people during protests is now free as we're learning more about the weapons used that night. But up next no knock warrants have been a contentious point of debate after the tragic death of Rihanna Taylor. Did you know several of the officers involved in that incident also took part in another case that another family has been left outraged. Stay with us. The death of Rihanna Taylor has sparked anger and questions about the manner in which she died since the beginning each. She was inside her home when police executing a search warrant stormed inch. Her boyfriend a legal gun owner fired one shot and police responded with a barrage of bullets she. In tonight's 20/20 our team explores all aspects of this tragedy age but in a sneak peek right now we wanted to take a closer look at the papal warrants that brought police to her home that. One David offspring bill Mario land. So many things had happened for brown tailored to die that night go go go go go go. Whoever shock it is possible. If anyone to blame. The system failed everybody. I think the system failed to be human. And I think it's a chain of events after that. On a night of march 12 into march 13 law enforcement set out to execute several circle. I hang out. More urgent home yes they're going to hit four different house and his staff that went one over on one out. Let's go let's go out and that's how we find ourselves outside her apartment. Very early morning hours but which. The Warren for Rihanna Taylor department was written at the known not on board. No knock warrant allows him to show up. Many residents of apartment take a battering ram and bust the door that no not. Warrants are just not comment. It's some of the more dangerous things you can do and law enforcement both for the officers and the people inside. The opportunity to prevent the destruction of evidence is what God's decision. To ask for a no knock war. Police reportedly thought that the economy in Denton. Receiving drugs are holding cash they wanted to recover whenever they come and. They knew that annexed Kuwait. Out to markets Glover. He use that address on big state. Today new date that was actually listed as one of his permanent address their intelligence was that one package that Bentsen and budget Marcus rubber. While he was when Hoover plus. The presumption is there are drugs is there jamarcus looks as absolutely. I've never had anything illegal sent to umbrellas are released at that age verification from the US postal inspector. The postal inspector came forward and that night telling any number of Ellen PP. It jamarcus has received he packages he sits in the community. Everyone place. Police in the streets. Rihanna was never someone who hailed money for you sold narcotics never held narcotics for you. Well known belt this topic of Britain aren't. Go through I don't do. They were the briefing that evening before law enforcement officers went out in the Warren from Rihanna Taylor department was changed. What with the change from unknown not tooling not to announce his decision with that that was the detective in charge. Our intent was to give her plane time becomes or with businesses chips probably their loans bang on the door. No response bang on an Indian no response at that point start announcing yourself please just from the door Kenny says he never heard. An announcement the police of course say they did it. It wasn't me out there playing cowboy Ian and be an out of control. Mean we were asked to do the job and task. We wrote doing the job he may say I was just do my job. I think responses dammit that's your job is something wrong with your job. I think it's crucial to understanding this story to understand today it's. These sorts of problems. Are not news to Alan PD the department has had all sorts of issues and it's had issues with police raids specifically in. In 20185. Of the officers who were involved in the raid on Taylor's home. Executed a different grade. On another. Dude. Our arts and what it art what. Last. Or. We eight so hers and V. Yeah the police get a complaint about someone at that address growing and selling marijuana. But they wait so long to actually look into that complaints that by the time they read the lone player. Someone else's moved angels. We're. Earth and rearm. Us this scourge. Is it a coincidence that these two cases happen in the same police department in similar circumstances. Or might there be something culturally questionable and that police department. And our wars in my estimation were committed tabs on constitutional. Because they were executed disproportionately against. People off Carla specially bred people. Have you thought in your mind had we done it differently. Only. We would've either served a no knock warrant or we would have done the normal thing we do which is about ten seconds. To not give people time to formulate a plan I get tapped people time to get their senses so they may have been an idea what they're doing. Because if that happens Tony Mike that it happened around their veal you believe she Billups. If you had just. Storm did yes. And that give them time. Couldn't. Saying her name embryonic Taylor a special 20/20 event with the global courier journal airs tonight at 9 Pacific. On ABC. She and still ahead here on crime. As a homicide investigation continues the mother of the fifteen year old found dead in a sugar cane fields. Is speaking out in an ABC news exclusive. And it's an overlooked story as the country waited for president trump to finally concede. All the Republicans did well on election night and that could have profound implications. On future elections we'll take a look by the numbers. But first our tweet of the day paying tribute to trans day of remembrance during a year when more trans women have been murdered. Than any other. And now back to the election Democrat Joseph Biden has won the presidency but down ballot Republicans made substantial and unexpected gains such that will have lasting impacts. Here's a look at a numbers. Just one senate seat that's the Democrats net gain despite predictions they would flip the senate control now comes down to two run off races in Georgia in early January she and Republicans gained an unexpected nine house seats on net setting them up to potentially flip that house rat. In 20/20 two. These winds includes fifteen Republican women who defeated democratic incumbents. And because Republicans won in state houses across the country should they'll now control the redistricting a 43% of the House of Representatives share compared to Democrats control of just 17%. Of the nation's redistricting. This redistricting which sometimes means gerrymandering. It happens just once every ten years. So these Republican victories will no doubt have long lasting impact. Shall we saw the time to get to see your on crime. We have the latest on that mall shooting in Wisconsin we told you about a few minutes ago. It's the state that's been welcoming so called couldn refugees why some families are packing up and moving we'll tell you where. And the town deploying monster robot wolves. Because. While it's Tony twenty folks. But first a look at our top trending stories on From. The World Health Organization says in the last four weeks there had been more and cope in nineteen cases globally and in the first six months and the pandemic from senator Rick Scott. Florida says he's tested positive for corona virus in Florida Republican. Traveled to Georgia last week and was seen campaigning in a crowded sports market earned Republican senators David Perdue and Kelly left boats aren't January runoff races that will determine which party controls the senate and Donald Trump junior announced he also tested positive for the virus at the start of the week and has since been warned unions. You wouldn't have a vaccine to the word from me for another four years because FDA would have never been able to do what they did what I foursome today. Today advisor applying for emergency use authorization from the FDA and if it's improved the vaccine could be sent down just hours later as part of operation works meet federal officials say the US already has forty million doses of vaccine stockpiled health experts are urging Americans to avoid travel and only celebrate when those who live went on Thanksgiving. The Treasury Department is ending some of the Federal Reserve's emergency funding programs from there were created to help boost the economy amid the pandemic. Several of those programs like the main street lending program which provides loans to small and medium size businesses will expire December 31 the Fed responded in a rare public rebuke saying it would prefer that all of its lending facilities are left in place to continue to support so vulnerable economy. I'll read my house the seventeen year old accused of shooting and killing two people during protests in Kenosha and hasn't been released from jail on a two million dollar bond ridden house claims that he fired in self defense. Authorities say the American teen he used was in legally purchased by friends and pays for my written house. Rich house didn't cross state lines of the protest from Illinois to Wisconsin from isn't clear where exactly the money to make bell came from. Britain's house attorney recently thanked donors to a legal defense funnel. The FBI has joined them manhunts in North Carolina for a gunman who opened fire on a sheriff's deputy last night. Poor shooting a second victim today. Authorities say a thirty year old robber at least rather fired an assault style weapons Evelyn Orange County deputy responding to a domestic violence call when he's an allegedly shot and critically wounded in a resident inside the search perimeter and stolen cars the deputy was treated and released. Neighborhood was evacuated the Astros are just considered armed and dangerous. This isn't the latest Japanese horror film but one town does help it scares away some there. Doug to monster wolf the red eyed machine comes equipped with an infrared sensor that can detect them pesky bears and then L'Oreal nine near begins. Flashing red eyes blue lights and equipped to make more than sixty different types of sounds more than seventy of these monster wolves I sold one town with frequent bear sightings as it ever since it bought two of these beasts. The bears have disappeared. And now to a terrifying scene today inside a Wisconsin mall near Milwaukee each an active shooter authorities say multiple victims or wound to action ABC's Alex Torres has the latest on this developing story. Tonight chaos and confusion after multiple people were shot dead at this mall just outside Milwaukee. All her out or swat teams is swarming the Mayfair mall or while at osu Wisconsin late this afternoon after reports of gunshots and an active shooter. Witnesses describing the horror inside. We draft to that ran and ran in the opposite direction and found in a stairwell. Nearby and went down to the basements of the store Macy's and hit there. At least eight people wounded many wheeled down on stretchers an exact motive remains unclear. Tonight the shooter on the loose and urgent manhunt under way. And Alex pres joining us now this is very much a developing story Alex what you tell us right now. Well did you as you might imagine some terribly frightening moments for people inside that mall today officials say more than 75 officers responded on the scene to church and tonight they tell us luckily in appears none of those injuries are life threatening. After June. We're grateful for that thank you Alex for us. And the family of cool Juan Charles continuing to search for answers about the final moments of his life as a homicide investigation continues. But his mother in an exclusive interview that aired tomorrow on GMA. Is speaking. I've heard it could've done that could have done more I didn't I didn't do Woody's was suppose to do. Have you had done what they're supposed to do must sell would be Herat today. Footage obtained in the investigation into the death of the fifteen year old show him leading his Louisiana home much days before he was found dead in a sugar cane peel and gruesome fashion twenty miles away from his home his family has questioned why measures such as a missing child in visor and we're not issued by state police despite the family reaching out the moment they realized something was wrong. Again the interview will air tomorrow morning on good morning and up next to the ABC news exclusive on a huge fall from grace the woman allegedly behind the affair that Ron downhill song church celebrity pastor Carl lands is also speaking out should you don't know about this pastor he had a huge following that included stars like Justin B church and pro athletes now he's lost his job and is trying to repair his marriage as his alleged former mistress is telling Amy robot are side of the story. Did he tell you loved him yes it. That she left and move them. The woman he says she was the mistress of Carl lens formally known as Justin Bieber is hipster pastor from hills on church is speaking out. Like I married. In east at AM but he doesn't wearing. You have ever seen wearing when he told you he was married for seventeen years and free kids did you think I can't be with him I can't date him or did you think. I'm okay with that it's all good I was married two point I didn't want to judge him because I was like. I like to meet people and feeling. Dylan come up a blank canvas you know you get to know an Emmy led them Pino on colors on UConn going just. Sticker put stickers on people and seen the going to be added and the dancing and ID owning did that's him consent on and to him who could use a little bit more with the lens was known as a rock star priest to -- song. A church previously frequented by celebrities like Chris Pratt and Vanessa Hudgens and followed online by more than half a million people got a lot of people are. As I love Carl Moore really mean to Ream says when she met lens five months ago they began what she calls a consensual affair. In spite of what she thought were red flags including him telling her not to Google him saving her number in the notes at instead of his contact list. And refusing to tell her his last name or what he did for a living. Despite regularly posting photos of himself on line with Hollywood elite and NBA stars something she says she didn't know what first. Listen penalize work but with celebrities NIC what exactly do. He keeps saying. I manage celebrities and made. Travel with them he didn't want to see what he does did you think that was the red flags you you'll give you his last and a who has. Because. No it was a strange Kareem says she searched online and found out more about him I realize that he's a passage from hell song you know clinical. I was at this church like six years ago it ended alsop want to. I'm England. She says she confronted him I told him and nobody like him and not you can catch you but I have a question I think. Ladies something wrong when you marry into the U sitting here with me he said. Now he's liked. It's you. Kareem says she tried to break the relationship off several times but that Lance kept coming back to her. Until late October when she says his wife Laura found out about their alleged affair. Did he call you to tell you is that what he did it was a phone call yes. He called me a midnight and he said. My life he was in the holy can he was in Holland isn't my I find out. And I get a going to go and has like. Extends. The next month hill's song firing him citing several reasons including quote moral failures. Lens later admitting online that he had been unfaithful in my marriage without saying who he had been when. He'll songs has now begun an investigation. Into the culture of the church but Kareem says Luntz is rising celebrity may have contributed to his behavior. When you some many so much power. They become god to people. And I think people from god that the concept of religion and beliefs in I think that people look at Carly he's got to. I know that you said that you have already gotten. Hate and people who aren't sent with. Your choices. Even for having the affair with Carl in the beginning knowing that he was married is there anything the you would like her to know anything you would like to see her if she were to lessen. That's too bad for her you know woman telling I think she should deserve to could be heard they went and she didn't. Annie and then a meant to hurt her. Lots of food for thought Bruce switch gears now to cover in nineteen migration and you may have seen more moving trucks harsh neighbors packing up during a pandemic X let's because millions of Americans are relocating as campus is shut down homes are in touch. And some seek more space to Rome and in destinations like Vermont's locals are seeing a boom here's ABC's aerial Russia. This time last year making Carmichael and her young Californian family had no idea they would end up living in the woods Vermont. Kobe was absolutely the hugest reason why we chose to leave Southern California there was rising numbers. And not a lot of precautions being taken by our neighbors and our communities so we knew we needed to Gus. Had some available funds and decided to break her lease and buy and our knees so that we can travel safely across the country during co led. As a self contained unit with our own bathroom invents. After eight days and more than 3000 miles on the road they arrived in Western New York staying with family. There. He's got yeah yeah yeah. Them memo you know. Now. But after a socially distant visit with old friends in Vermont the young family decided to move into a rental outside Burlington. We love it. I could not have expected to feel so at home. In a place they've never been before my kids are overrule the amount of space that we have. The car Michaels are one of the many families who are now calling the green Mountain State home because of cove it. Working from home has really influenced a lot of smaller towns and a lot of smaller cities these are -- is that lets in the past decade really saw an exit out there's actually reverse migration back according to a study by pew research young adults ages eighteen to 29 had been the most mobile's during the pandemic. Especially with colleges going online and record job losses but the next largest group were older millennial there were a lot of people with young children just say I work from home. And I have cried it outdoors east you'll see if in naming our air this trend comes as welcome news to Vermont state officials. We have been working for a couple years now to try to address at Democrat. EI. RA is an old age and end there's a workforce short state officials hope the pandemic may shift this State's demographics by attracting younger residents screening and Doris Day it's. Is so great and our educations as and we eat more students. And Vermont schools are funded based on enrollment numbers so administrators say despite new students is beneficial are not using any. And I know in the last ten years in her. It really don't have room and our buildings and encourage. The. Windsor central supervisory union is a small 1000 student district and usually in rolls thirty tip fifteen new students a year. This year it in rolled more than 200 with nearly half of them coming from out of state. In your. Arm. I don't I don't you're able to. Access to the outdoors with a big drop for a Lexus till the brand Ann Allen Richard as far as like Arab state that. Fully values the outdoors I mean Vermont. Can't be beat the Missouri native state they had planned to move abroad but then Kobe hit and with border shot and infection rates climbing in their state. They started to look elsewhere. My wife has an autoimmune. Disorders we felt like our our governor back in Missouri was not taking things very serious with regard to the virus and so that coupled with people that just. Refuse to Wear masks and everything else and Missouri native pretty simple decision to head to a place where. The correct protocols were in place you know we rented you all hadn't sold a bunch of our stuff and blow the rest into the backers in its lead to grab three days to get here. Now Hilton brand continues to work remotely and Richard teaches twelve year old Lydia and school we love it. There were some doubts because of our our young when here. You know she's in middle school but she's thriving with so many newcomers like kill the Brandt and Richard moving to the region. Local realtors say the housing market is unlike any they'd seen before. We catcalls from so many people from out of state they aren't see things even if they couldn't get here want to take video sometimes it unseen realtors say inventory was already well before the pandemic. Now the competition to buy a home is fears you know the bulk offers aren't any I mean multiple like five to ten to twelve within hours. So it. I am pretty. Pretty not. It's impossible to say if most newcomers will stay for years to come and it may not be known until the scope it era aerial rests at ABC news New York. And when we come back celebrating children stay with. Yeah. And finally tonight it is world children's day everybody first established more than sixty years ago auction each year UNICEF says it's an opportunity to promote a peaceful safer world for the next generation cash tonight adults you might recognize are asking children what world they want to grow up. This is how. Alex. He's just keep things saying. When the will open its eye. To a seasonally. Mom's. Not need to in the U and I. Mano woes as Wednesday's but listening to young people's voices and understanding what got the vote in today's water. You've got to say something. You know you around the world young people you all BP oil age won't let them. And assists and an invisible and yeah. Don't exist school if you were in charge of the United Nations. What would you change. Our in tagging and TJ. Could change how people hey cover me in Manhattan hair because they are happy why it's yeah. I'm going to give you the last really say anything you like to seem to all of the children are important election in the state who like yeah in this election. Follow him to win moved. My music couldn't it's. Spreading. Yeah. This fortune and stay sextet from its. They do that's a fantastic message. And before we go one more child on one world children's day and it's our image of the today. This one who brings us so much joy and that beautiful little baby all seven pounds eight ounces of him is Samir and a deal Della while he is the second son now our politics pretty search senior producer NTN coach who is now spending precious time with his new son and his lovely wife she and Big Brother Rea us. We wish them all nothing but got asked. And that's our show for this hour stay tuned to ABC news line for more context and analysis of the day's top stories and juju Chang. Thanks for strain with us.

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