ABC News Live Prime: Monday, November 23, 2020

Dr. Todd Ellerin: Best to ‘keep Thanksgiving within own household’; By the Numbers: Race for the COVID-19 vaccine; Steve McQueen: ‘Celebration is part of our resistance’
50:02 | 11/24/20

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Transcript for ABC News Live Prime: Monday, November 23, 2020
Pancake mix we won't hold it. I was seen god move the Michigan border state canvassers whose. State that narrowly voted for president trump for years ago now for president elect Joseph Biden one of two Republican board members voting to certify. Making it official the General Services Administration announces the start of the presidential transition. President from saying that he is told his team to quote do what needs to be done with regard to initial photo calls and says his case continues. Meanwhile the binding administration takes shape. President elect reviewing nominees for his foreign policy and national security teams and what it signals to our country and the rest of the world. Eight highly effective third vaccine this one from Oxford showing promise. The first round of Pfizer's vaccine could be ready next month. And inside operation warp speed. The governor plans to distribute hundreds of millions of doses to Americans across the country. Despite warnings from the CDC governors and local officials millions of Americans packing airports to travel home for the holidays. TSA reports more than three million people passing through checkpoints between Friday and Sunday. As millions also lineup for testing. The Mayo Clinic saying at some point demand will point simply outpace the capacity. And what does what as is getting wrong break down the stark differences between US and Europe in contrast with the Asian countries in their handling of the pandemic. Lessons to learn if we ever want me. Good evening I'm Lindsey Davis thanks so much for streaming with us we begin with breaking news tonight twenty days after the election and sixteen days after Joseph Biden was projected the winner in appears for the first time president trump to start come to terms with the reality that he will not get a second term now this comes hours after critical swing state Michigan officially certified its election results for Joseph buy each now look president and GSA administrator annaly Murphy are acknowledging a transition. And begin to move forward. Between the president said in part. In the best interest of our country I'm recommending that Emily and her team do you what needs to be done with regard to initial protocols and I told my teen to do the same. In a letter released from Murphy to president elect Biden she says itching to this conclusion in part because of recent developments involving legal challenges in certifications election results now this comes after a growing chorus of Republicans today came forward to say the biting transition must get under way retiring Tennessee Republican senator Lamar Alexander with this message for the president. When you're in public life people remember the last thing you do. Our Jonathan Karl leads a software to breaking developments. Today Michigan metered official certifying Joseph Biden as the State's winner. Slamming the door shut on president trumps frantic efforts including summoning Republican state legislature's to the white house on Friday. To reverse an election in a state than Biden won by over 150000. Votes. Georgia had already certified Biden is the winner and Pennsylvania today moved closer to doing the same. As Pennsylvania's Republican senator accused the president of undermining American values. The idea that a sitting president would try to. I don't know pressure cajole persuade. State legislators. To dismiss the will of their voters and select their own. Group of the locked doors and send them to the Electoral College. It's completely inconsistent with any kind of a truly democratic societies. But the president is still begging his supporters for money more than 350. Emails sent since the election saying quote I concede nothing. Pathway to victory is clear. We're making huge progress. But read the fine print most of the money isn't going to his legal fund it's going to his political organization. In the courts everything is going boss. The trump team and its allies have suffered some thirty losses the president's lawyers are also wonder fire for that embarrassing press conference last week. Where attorney Sidney Powell floated up bizarre conspiracy theory she said was hatched by Venezuelan dictator Hugo Chavez who has been dead for seven years. What we are really. Dealing with here in uncovering more about the day. Is the massive. Influence of Communist money through Venezuela. It was all too much even for Rudy Giuliani who put out a statement saying quote she is not a member of the trump legal team. But that's her right next to him at the press conference I'm in charge of this investigation with. Sydney and the people you see here trump ally Chris Christie said it's time for the president to pack it in Concord the president's legal team has been a national embarrassment. A growing chorus of Republican senators is now urging the president to start the transition to a Biden administration. I frankly do think it's time to well it was passed kind of started transition to a at least cooperate with the transition. As for the president he's played golf six times since the election but for the most part he has stayed out of sight. He did attend a virtual G-20 summit over the weekend. But left early before a session on cove in nineteen. Opting instead for another round of golf. Right president trumpet laying low relatively speaking in recent days earning Karl joins us now from Washington. Big news in a TSA what more can you tell us John. Well GSA administrator Emily Murphy. Has finally written a long awaited letter to Joseph Biden that begins the first that sort of transition to read Biden administration. This letter what it does it's free up funding for the transition process also sends a signal to much of the rest of the administration that there is a transition underway. And what is most significant here Lindsay as it appears the president trump signed off on this movie it right after it was announced reps on the letter was released. The president. Unleashed a series of tweets are saying that he is still continuing his legal fight he says are case strongly continues we will keep up the good fight I believe we will prevail. But it's what comes after that there's more significant he says nevertheless. And the best interest of our country I am recommending. It and Lee and her team do what needs to be done with regard to the initial protocols and I've told lying team to do the same. Initial protocol seems to be you know essentially the transition that that's what this letter is about freeing up. The funds for a transition when he says I have told my team to do the same. The implication that seems to me or and we don't have. Clarification on this first certain but it seems to me that what he's suggesting. I was that he will now begin to allow those intelligence briefings to take place. Audit it would normally have started weeks ago and also us coordination with the kronor wires task force. Which Biden and so many others have been Seng lost art immediately. And John it also appears the Secret Service is moving ahead with plans for protecting a seeming to be former president charm. It sure looks that way ABC news learned. Did the Secret Service secure servers leadership. Has asked agents. If Yahoo! is interest asked for basically an all call who is interested in transferring. Down to West Palm Beach are to be stationed at law lot go where the presumably. Which will would be the new permanent home. Offer former president Donald Trump. Jonathan Karl thanks so much. Thank you wanting. And with the transition now moving toward president elect Joseph Biden's history making Kennedy is beginning to take shape today hiding named the first she members of his foreign policy team including secretary of state Homeland Security chief UN ambassador and national security advise church is choices point to a new direction in America's dealings with the world and if confirmed. For the first time ever a woman will be Treasury Secretary are Martha Raddatz reports. If confirmed Janet Yellen the former chair of the Federal Reserve would be the first woman ever to serve this Treasury Secretary. A remarkable first given that she would succeed 75. Men who have filled the position. And more important than ever during this critical period in the pandemic economy. The official announcement expected in the coming days with. Biden first concentrating today on his national security team expecting simple pointed fights. Are you kidding me. The papers. That it purchased securities. Act. His nominees have vast experience. Tony blink at nominated for secretary of state. Has been a critic of the trump administration. My concern is that we've seen it deadly assault. On democracy. Under this administration. Which is part of Charlotte ability. Obsolete. Lincoln has long been involved in foreign policy from state to Capitol Hill to the White House that's him in the situation room. When Osama bin Laden was killed. Another first with Director of National Intelligence. April Haynes the first woman nominated for that role after serving as deputy at the CIA. At Homeland Security the first ever at Latino nominated as secretary. Alejandro my darkness making clear today his would be a very different DHS than during the trump administration. Tweeting that is an immigrant he will now protect those who flee persecution in search of a better life for themselves. And their loved ones at the UN retired career foreign service diplomat Linda Thomas Greenfield. Raised in the segregated south would hold a position of UN ambassador. Leading with kindness and compassion at Martha joins us now from Washington Martha by making it very clear that he wants a diverse leadership team. Absolutely. Lindsay he has made it very clear from the beginning that this is one of his top priorities. To have a diverse cabinet and adverse. Teen he says what he really wants to do is have the best team that represents all of America. And Martha Biden also signaling a very different approach to national security and foreign policy in the trumped administration with its America first policies even bringing back former secretary of state John Kerry. I'm John Kerry who will be basically a presidential envoy on climate it you'll remember John Kerry. I was part of that the parents climate accords which Donald Trump immediately got out about what he became president. I think you'll see with John Joseph Biden and John Kerry they will immediately get back into it. I think this is very much back to the future most of these people. Were in the Obama administration so bear approach will be very similar of course that world has changed in that kind of have to catch up with that. But you'll see a big change going for Portland's. As you say back to the future are Martha Raddatz thanks so much. And as we enter this week in season giving thanks for its time of sacrifice in the name of safety gathering around smaller dinner tables with fewer attendees. In hopes that this time next year will be back with our loved ones that are growing concerns about just how this holiday could set back our fight against corona virus and good news because we all needed it is possible in in less than three weeks on it all goes according to plan in the fight she gets FDA authorization then one of the first vaccine candidates could begin distribution but who gets it first and house now with coordination hopefully soon to take place between the trump inviting teens there's now a third vaccine showing some promise Oxford is calling its treatment highly effective Tanya -- now with a sliver of hope Leone. Tonight what could be widespread progress in the fight against the corona virus. AstraZeneca and Oxford say early results show its vaccine could be up to 90% effective without any serious safety issues. That's good news. What that tells us now that this is the third vaccine. That we have that have given a very high degree of efficacy. Scientists testing different ghosting felt the vaccine was 90% effective would volunteers got a half a dose followed by a full dose a month later. A conclusion researchers discovered after they keep some volunteers only happened dose later boarding the vaccine was more effective that. Way if you can start with public votes. We will have more vaccine available. And we can start vaccinating a larger. Group won't follow flow of people around the world. AstraZeneca is vaccine is more affordable to produce and doesn't need to be stored in extreme cold like Pfizer's against Lawrence in the fridge just. Like you you start the rest all of your your your groceries. This all comes after flies are and what Durham reported their vaccines were found to be up to 95%. Effective. Farms or could get emergency use authorization from the FDA immediately. Following a public hearing on December 10 or Bob Woodruff today with the general in charge of distribution for operation warp speed. Asking him how long before the first Americans get the vaccine after the green light from the FDA point four hours later. Vaccines are on the street 24 hours all's gonna say you know. In the beginning there won't be a choice of which vaccine which Evers approved first goes out first advisors first of all Pfizer. And they'll begin distributing vaccines it will go to 64 jurisdictions simultaneously. Fifty states and territories. And six that proposed cities. Sounds like plans for rapid roll out Tonya Imus joins us now Tom what work can you tell us about the timeline through these new vaccines. Willing to we have some new reporting on this the secretary of health and human services tells our Paul Woodruff that the first forty million doses will be coming from flies are. And would turn a but he calls this news from AstraZeneca. Oxford very promising he points out. That is being made here in the US as well so once it's approved it will be ready. Lindsay Tommy Thomas thanks so much and we'll have more Bob Woodruff on the ground reporting at the headquarters of operation warp speed in tomorrow's vaccine watch. And while there's new hope for a vaccine more than twelve million Americans have already contracted the virus pushing hospitals across the country to the brink stilts millions of Americans are traveling for Thanksgiving to gather with family and friends as public health officials sound the alarms in BC's Victor attend a record ten. From Miami. Fiddling with millions of Americans flying home for Thanksgiving officials across the country are sounding the alarm. North Carolina's governor our actions now. Would determine the fate of many New York's governor these are. Dangerous times that wearing. And the surgeon general. So I'm asking Americans and begging you. Hold on just a little bit longer keep Thanksgiving and the celebrations small and Smart this year. Despite those urgent pleas Sunday so the most travelers passed the new TSA checkpoints since the pandemic begin. More than three million this weekend. With the increased demand for testing like you're at this item line each one of the largest labs in the country is now warning people to expect longer turnaround times. Asking only those who have been exposed or showing symptoms to get tested. The nation facing 167000. New cases on average every day. The ought to go to Stanley from Arlington Texas knows how quickly the virus can spread. Americans to keep your holiday gatherings small in this PSA. I have only over my house person came from march spurred thing. And think anything bad would happen but it did and now fighting Carano. In the us in my and now. I'm fighting against club in 1912. Members of their daily that attended the party got the virus and spread to three others. Weren't even there you Ian and you're staying at home in. York city go preparing for the worst planning to reopen a field hospital in Staten Island. Harking back to the darkest days of the pandemic has hospitals and health care workers are pushed to the brink. Sunday marking the thirteenth straight day the US has broken the record for rotavirus believe hospitalizations. There's a lot of us health care workers Allen never forget the things that we've had to see and do. And it's not just the hospital's feeling the brunt. It's American families in need this holiday season today the mining Morley did he himself Florida. To distribute Thanksgiving meals to 1003. Pool tables. We does comedy friends. Another Lionel they merely I think. You know has been that he felt. I'm so sorry and now knowing that you have everything you need for Thanksgiving what does that do for you as an assembly is just evidence. Fifth of this. Season of gratitude still in the midst of at all and Victor can no joins us from now outside the Miami airports and major officials are now warning that even negative test result should not be green light to travel. It. Bright people want a clean bill held ahead of the holiday but officials are warning putting negative test could create this false sense of security. Also all of this testing is creating a strain on lots across the country just that a president Mayo Clinic telling ABC news that the demand for testing looks like simply. Out paced the capacity and. Victor canto from a very busy Miami airport thanks so much for. Joining us now is doctor tonic teller and and we talked a lot about the vaccine but there are medicines that may help keep the severely sick a library Knox talked about the new options Anderson at the same antibody treatment that the president used we'll start getting shipped out to states tomorrow. Right and this is good news remember the medications we had recently the red deficit here which is an anti viral tribes that virus down the Jackson met the zone which has been shown to save lives and those patients were having an immune storm but. Which we general on what we have our. In oh Haitian option d.s or not to be used for patients were in the hospital you're trying to get. Early haunts those antibodies can can buy into the virus and and make short but it doesn't hijacked. The cell that's the key so it's been approved for patients at high risk. Not hospitalized and it's been shown to be used early on you can't wait too long. Or we're trying to figure out how operational like that at the same time while we're really focused on vaccines. And the CDC is advising against holiday gatherings outside of your own counsel now if Americans feel that they have to travel for Thanksgiving what precautions must be taken at this point if you've not been quarantining. Is it too late to safely at an indoor meal on Thanksgiving even with a negative Kobe tests. Took an important point I want to I want to. Besides the fact that a negative asked is not a licensed. Us to take off our mask and get close to our family friends loved ones. Anyone we're celebrating holidays why you're action because a study that came out from the annals of internal medicine showed that this did Davey you were infected with cold at nineteen the likelihood that you have a positive test is close to zero there was a 100%. False negative result even. Five days later on 85. When you had the onset of symptoms there was still over. 30%. All snag when I say false negative that means you out you were infected with only nineteen argue tests negative to a single test is not good enough rest to be able to say let's take off masked and get close to people we still have to. Practice physical distance thing. And and during Thanksgiving I think it's really important to decide to have families mixed together which I do not recommend but it you're going to due to act as I understand many people are are planning on and it's important to make sure those tables are part to make sure your masking at all times are lesser eating or shrinking to try to open those windows to optimize ventilation these are the things that will keep us out he put negative an unexpected remember. The best thing to do is to keep your Thanksgiving with Darryl and cultural. Really good insight their doctor Ellen thinks so much time and when we come back dog owner who says hot today Gator. Plus the Black Friday deals five days early why this holiday season you may still weak for the best deals but up next. When cases rise by the dozens officials aggressively contact treason test in an attempt to contain the virus might Asia has managed to do a better job of handling the virus compared to the US and Europe. When we return. Australian airline Qantas has become the first your require Kobe vaccinations and companies as the ones vaccines are widely available it will mandate international travelers. Prove they've received one before flying the CEO calls it a quote necessity and describes it as a vaccination passport he expects other airlines will eventually do the same. The United States is now hovering between one to 200000. New cases a day places like Vietnam for example are still in a single digits while the world battles Kobe's. They're doing a better job than others certainly better than the United States as are brick clinic reports. In the fight against 'cause it nineteen East Asia is ahead of the curve and it's easy to see why. Coming back to Hong Kong containment stops before we even glance. Midnight its. They are. Home to nearly two billion people the region is responsible for less than one feet of global config infections. Why don't doing it is nice secrecy. From the onset the region's been basically testing tracing and limiting people's travels. For much of the year Hong Kong and a host of other east Asian countries have close its borders to foreign ends. But for those who do make it onto a plane contact tracing stops right out of the gates. I'm straight up the plane and seven cents. Tenth straight away including downloading. Case stay safe by an act which will be the tracking device during quarantine. Before we're allowed to leave we get a coded tested yet force. Opt to that would strike to a hotel for the night while we await results if given us TEP. Clothe it. Fraiche. And check out that you. We get the clean as 24 hours later the district two week quarantine is still manned tree. The government makes shall we play by the rules that activate my government statements say. Which is connected to the respect that at the end yesterday. China South Korea and Singapore have made robust contact tracing a pontiff there every day lives close factories and infrastructure is accidentally key. Mainland China where testing tracing is especially aggressive just last month in Shanghai a sudden decision to test to airport employees within hours just because they discovered two local consists. By morning they had reportedly tested over 171000. Britons Chinese authorities have quickly suppressed multiple outbreaks since Wuhan. Allowing many parts of the country to return to semblance of normality. Even in South Korea contact prices have been using people's cell phone data to see if there potentially exposed to confirmed cases. As ABC's June he China showed here early on in the pandemic these aggressive systems are not Melian place in the US by comparison. When cases are out of control. When you have to do you raise in the US that are approaching 50%. You there's not any technology that war how. Greater population transition to. East Asian land lessons from the SARS outbreak nearly twenty years ago. And it's taken the global lead containing the virus. Sociological. It would retain all experiences of these. Epidemics. Are how to. Made us much moral senses. Receptive. And now much more here it. Two. Very very serious interventions. To control coat. There's also a willingness by people to which he has to mosque mandates. Must have such a normal part of life here to help cover that I'm in one of the busiest shopping district in paint can see. From the street Hebron mosque production line. Now leading to the store where months since the pandemic must apply now. This store in Hong Kong has made mosques and must have accessory. Face coverings here aunt one size fits so. They come in different Collins. Aren't actually shapes and sizes. Adrian sensitive more popular now. It doesn't it doesn't that mess up you make up underneath. On the other side of gloss we were given access to see how these small estimates. The options the customize nation here and limitless. There's just a general willingness on the part of our nation to sugar get together to combat are simply don't have the same problems. Like. Social distancing and mass murder which we know are huge points and eighth in the US. Something that isn't a problem in much of Asia include all. Actually decent Christian unknown. To saw Al. But it does bring it down by 1040%. And if you didn't like other measures which they caught yup that he sent. Very you basically have it under control. Leaving home would face coverings are not to thought he would. And a general acceptance that the government will tighten and recent measures in mind that infection rights has allowed most of the region to avoid a costly lockdown L sweat. We're finally learning the lessons that we had been accruing. Over the last twenty or so yeah. And while Asia has proved its success in being able to get a handle on this virus. He still bracing for a new round of infections in recent days Japan and South Korea have already cited to see a spike in cases. Hong Kong itself with 73 Daly case is hitting a three month high. And as long as the wolf remains gripped by this region is still at risk and they are hoping their playbook will still be effective. Replenished in Hong Kong for ABC news lives. Our thanks to. It and still ahead here on Crimea and you delegation at the Vatican why the Pope invited the NBA. The major recall more than six million GM pickups and suvs the company saying tonight but up next three vaccine trials three companies say they have a highly effective product. Where things stand by the numbers but first our freedom the day we reported earlier for the president finally signals his willingness to let the transition with president elect biting. Begin. Rule. Welcome back everybody and now back to the promising vaccine is is giving us hope as Kobe case is continued to surge AstraZeneca. Is now the third drug maker to claim its vaccine is highly effective at fighting the virus here's a look at the vaccine raised by the numbers up to 90%. That's how effective AstraZeneca an Oxford University say they're vaccine is based on an interim analysis of phase three trials involving more than 24000. Volunteers in the UK in Brazil none of the vaccinated trial participants needed hospitalization for company in nineteen on the expect to produce and distribute. Three billion doses in 20/20 one on a rolling basis pending regulatory approval. And because AstraZeneca has vaccine can last at least six months in a normal refrigerator distribution could be easier than other vaccines and also cost less than four dollars a dose. Meanwhile Pfizer and buying on texts say that there vaccine is up to 95%. Effective and with FDA approval roll out could begin as soon as December 11. Pfizer expects to produce up to fifty million doses in 20/20 enough to one point three billion doses globally by the end of turning 21. That vaccine however requires ultra cold storage after several days and finally drugmaker Madeira has as its vaccine is 94 point 5% effective based on preliminary analysis. They could have twenty million doses by the end of the year. We still have lots to get to hear on primed to just flew as the search continues for a fishing boat and vanished off the Massachusetts coast. How some are turning to crowd funding sites for help with congressional reference to bring aid to millions now stalled. My conversation with director Steve McQueen he's working on a new series about policing in seventies London and the comparison to new challenges being faced in American cities today. But first a look at our top trending stories on From. We as Americans get ready to celebrate Thanksgiving in the US is battling dire Kobe in nineteen numbers. Averaging 257000. New cases each day according to the Kobe tracking project and that's more than four times the daily average from just two months ago we're pleading with the people please god do the right thing we expect this to get worse before it gets about. In a sign of hope AstraZeneca is now the third drug maker to announce aids vaccine designed to 90% effect did he's giving you doses a smaller one than a normal one at least a month later to help stop the spread some cities and states are tightening restrictions. Washington DC limiting indoor gatherings in ten people I'm asking Americans and begging you can hold on just a little bit longer do you Thanksgiving and the celebrations small. Despite the CDC urging people of the state. Home and avoid travel for Thanksgiving many airports across the country have been passed pleaded cutting taxes on the net team we have ring connect I think I stairs. With a wide swelling and everything. The demand for cooling nineteen testing sky rocketing ahead in the holiday quest dike now. Sticks saying it slams are having trouble keeping up to you saying people should expect to wait longer than usual for resound. Right here Richard will banks sees his dog from the jaws of an alligator reasonable. Malcolm mourners wore large grow diminishing our alma. I'm gone turned and went right back general war we're here aren't all that when you branch is your reaction. You know adrenaline. The shocking ordeal playing out near the will makes home while Richard's wife Louise was inside. Watch again as Richard wrestles garner noted the alligators mouth. While never losing a cigar from his big king Charles cavalier spaniel scampering off within just a single puncture wounds. The incident captured on cameras set up by the Florida wildlife federation in partnership with the F Scott foundation little gunners and united event and now his owners say who has a new leash on life based on the late show all aren't. France is a five players on the NBA sat down at the Vatican port unprecedented meeting to discuss social justice. During a private meeting them players gave them concentrate on containing images quotes in headlines about the NBA members using their platform for pandemic relief racial injustice and voter education. NBA delegation from glued in the players like Powell former sterling brown Jonathan Isaac. Anthony Tolliver and Marco Belinelli with the players will return to the US tomorrow. Israeli prime minister Benjamin Netanyahu flying to Saudi Arabia for a secret meeting with crown prince Mohamed bin sell mine and according to Israeli news media and that would be the first known encounter between senior Israeli and Saudi officials. This comes as a drug administration is work to normalize relations between Israel. In the Arab world. And costume over a billion dollars the US is making General Motors recall and repair a nearly six million being pickups and SUVs. Better still equipped with a potentially dangerous to cotta airbag in Slater it's. Not that off as the British musician Paul Barton is mobbed by on Giuliani who has been on his hair Steelers music and climb over his Kana. Barton is a rock star took hundreds of hungry wild monkeys in central Thailand and that he hopes his music can call. Tourism is down so there are fewer visitors to feed. Martin's leading efforts to raise money for food when our ancestors like some people Monkees only less aggressive or not Hungary. Welcome back the search continues for the crew of the fishing boat that sank off of Massachusetts. The 82 foot and he rose went down about forty miles from the coast with four members on board vote did send an automated emergency alert but no mayday so far the Coast Guard has only found debris. And didn't anti life frat. Well just like the entire year this holiday shopping season will be very different than what we're used years but as acting morally explains for some of the best deals. Don't have to wait till tried. This year's hottest gift for teens is sold out all the major outlets. PS five gaming console unavailable online as desperate parents wait for new batches of products to become available. Characters and encourage consumers share across. More real returned to work on venture and and in a time when shoppers are usually researching and learning how they'll find deals on Black Friday. Many of the best discount already available best by offering this laptop now for a 110 dollars off that's at 52% discount. Colts with this ninja blender eighty dollars off a 57%. Discount. In this air fire just nineteen dollars at Macy's that's 61%. Off. While Wal-Mart has advertise new deals and a new shipment a PS five shopping November 25 at 9 PM experts say stores want us to shop now. Given the demand they're acting earlier they can pursue your orders to users for them over his orders and social distance as store occupancy limits mean shoppers are much more likely to go online to by. 85% of retailers planning to heavily promote online options as part of cold it's safe shopping in many cases retailers have been doing deals all the way through November. We knew deals coming out for this block party we. Our thanks to backing for those tips and next a new way to help those in need especially during this season giving and with no government stimulus and site there reportedly more people turning to site easily go funding for help Rebecca Jarvis has the details. This holiday season many Americans are depending on the kindness of strangers to make ends meet. Whether accepting food donations or it's some are trying by crowd funding to pay their bills. This trend that we're seeing wit so much getting despite the fact that this is one of the hardest economies in our history. Is is a real silver lining to this pandemic Astros lead ad well was working for arts nonprofit in Washington DC before being laid off in June. It is actually real whirlwind of emotions at play and not only was there name but also what I mean dear creating go find me page to pay back debt accumulated during the pandemic raising nearly 6000 of a 9000 dollar goal in a little more than a month. You or. That it was in Gary. Jim. Meanness concert photography business also struggled to stay afloat during the pandemic the single father -- selling some of his photography equipment and cutting back on expenses in new fear I've been known for when an eviction notice landed on his doorstep. Jim's friend Joseph started it go find me on his behalf. The total reaching more than the goal. Thank you so much. The Bordeaux where heart you have had me at my house you've kept the root for a kid says. You've helped us the experts say one of the big benefits of crowd funding is convenience. They also say if you need to ask for help remember these three tips. Be honest what compels people to did he isn't on a story a story where they might see a connection. Obese specific there's no such thing is over sharing you really want to understand. How your money is going to Cree impact and follow up in many cases these donors are expecting anything in return but they would love to know all. How you're doing. Our thanks to Rebecca Jarvis for that US no filmmaker Steve Maclean for his Oscar winning acting twelve years asleep and he's getting a lot tension right now for his new anthology small ax five dramatic films each attribute to the black British experience the first film mangrove is out right now on Amazon prime take a listen. Content of the person who doesn't ring last month is none other community and simply providing this. The man does not well planned combatant with the come and see it legal and exchanged views. And president. Damn right I'm not became a best cruelty. But seriously talk and we need to defend ourselves against all of and is rivers of blood nonsense. They've put extreme winds its split dollar bill. Steve McClain it joins us now thank you so much for joining us tonight we appreciate it. Thank you yeah. So tonight America we talk about the black experience but you very tricks eagerly talk in this scenario about. The black British experience how to that you differ. France and I'm. The fact of the matter is that women relate to I'm dealing with so many issues which are murderers and I'm so it's just a situation where I want to look into. In my own experiences growing up in and along the agents around him is taking an amnesty to get this points. But it's as long losing yours I'm decision to you chew our express and now and then and hasn't been. Given enough. Race. He talked about the importance of these homes being released now you yourself have said that you didn't know about some of these stories until fifteen years ago in oak tree I don't production again pre pandemic in pre modern civil rights movement but the topics certainly feel very relevant why is it important that these stories are told and why now. Well. Yeah it's ongoing. Situation. As we don't know I'm. These these these story is what should own. In in the waist let me talk mean what you know or impartial view of new or. Some kind of history is our. Role I'm team and and and social rooms on. What. Has been going on within recent British history. His arm how people must in the community are being treated and how I'm. Blue you know we met people in new mutual avenue and main street influential weekly socially and culturally. Anyway they can endure invest in and Beecham but I want to EG was. Bring those stories through tomorrow huge huge depart. Well when the first two films debuted it can you dedicated to George Floyd and other black people who've been. The murdered seen and unseen which how is this year's racial reckoning some George Floyd's death affected you and you see small acts in front line. To be honest review I'm. When George he ordered him to you don't actually not amused him he'll. Accountable to route as I imagine we'll back people didn't because he's always one can only. If you solution which is soul into that situation every time since chill. Mary you. Praise I imagine why didn't unconsciously. I kind of put away in his life. Are. Designed to carry our people want the solution until the other. And I saw the sea of friends since Arnold should usually bring our attitude. Surfacing in getting so. Amusing results. I think what you do him and in what is usually submit. To you looking to sell them what can happen. Other people's sons and and I was very surprised. About is no way. I'm coping mechanism. And this of Manhattan's easy to use Ahmanson has made a break on. Our wine trying to do you want as as a human being. Tom and that that's the thing I salute. So is Judy I think we knew how. The mother was a major blow to make loans to make an appearance that's how I'm I think I was with. In a way as announced. A well that's fascinating and that is. We are seeing an immense manifestation none of your coping mechanism so the majority of these films deal of very heavy topics and turn around police brutality which. Moments of brevity like the moment in mangrove when they break out into song but. Movies like lovers rock which incorporates a much vibrancy and fun how important was it to make sure that one of these films centered around music love and joy. Lol just referring to lost question and to Islam. Ounces and don't give my and I'm lucky enough to salute because of people who. Darden told me to be hit and you are allowed to do that that's the way. It was a way of expressing myself hoping we'll do regions two and joy. Celebration. Is more need you. In the mountains. Seat in Weston is. An Austin American tune back in June as low as we do we due to an end in a way to salute. Due to. You know must stand and and and we do really members more. Because that's what we do and again that is that is celebration. Is that fine. She is part of our resist arrest it is Mark Johnson losers do other things. You. Celebration. Tall enough to send. To Carlson's is part of resist. Us men stay healthy. You said in previous interviews at these are British stories they're not foreign or simply west Indian that are part of British history and culture can you expand on that. We'll learn how the British will should recuse Alibaba the problem how can that night. Listen you do you do your duty to include some. Stitches and whiz you know. Where is the current events in history and we Bruton didn't. No we shall walls we. We we and who. We really dumb silly things shore or this country can store descendants and me are needed to comment on them. And I think what it was no way willows we went well within. All still making more than what were welcoming the news. And British home. And therefore there was likable that you engines. And as you know a lot of taxes and and United States she matured as it is was one getting opportunities. Here. Among the arsenal. He's British arms and sort of bring in British history again isn't there shouldn't justice and what we do we regions and I do justice. And and and and mark. And tomorrow. And these films are feature length movies it could be released in theaters that are being released on a streaming platform with years closing around the world is going to movies do you think that that's a finger in the past or are you optimistic about their future. Unreal. Domestic diesel engine will be huge rooms and where will remain television. I I. I used to think we ever going your way home cinema whose name to her from would you imagine a world comes running around. Neither. The whole idea all all going to do movies we elect in. You do need not that you'd. Homes in the this is what makes him tomorrow. I'm going to move east and two that we are happy that you experience in the are being around and regional or. Sir Maclean thank you so much for your work and and thank you for joining us tonight. She brings you. Coming up paying tribute to the man who created the ice hockey challenge as a way to fight something far bigger. The winner of this vote was decided by a fair and open election conducted on the White House website this was a fair election. Unfortunately carrots refused to concede. And demanded a recount and we're still fighting with carrots. And I will tell you we've come to a conclusion Garrett Serbs started tell you the result did not change. Do bad for Karen's. A Turkey and a recount presidential lately will not be using similar material against Marla the annual White House Turkey parting. We will have it right here on ABC news line. Switching gears now after a seven year battle with Lou Gehrig's disease Pat Quinn passed away as you can name may or may not ring a bell but he's creation of a social media phenomenon. We'll be hard to forget will Ganz has more on queens lasting legacy. In this summer of 2014 no one could escape the ice bucket challenged. Not Oprah. The rock. Bill Gates LeBron James. Everyone taking part in one of the most successful social media campaigns ever. Founded in part by Pat Quinn. Every challenge no matter how big or small. Was doing O'Leary is always have to do which was created awareness. In the morning coming in was just. Include expect. That money now totaling 250. Million dollars worldwide. A legacy worthy of quaint. Who was diagnosed with analysts himself back in 2013. Shortly after his thirtieth birthday as in the days that takes people as quickly as they diagnose and it was given this terrible diagnosis. Fatal disease and he decided that he was. Do everything he could. Seventeen million people have uploaded videos participating in Queens ice bucket challenge. Let's look at challenged with the beginning of the end avail us we see that there's actually new treatments. That are being developed. Quinn a huge New York Yankees stand completing the expected talent alongside the Red Sox she took on a LS like it was. A competitors wordy you really. I was knock downed and amassed several times and brought himself back up pat Quinn's advocates see shining a light on an often misunderstood and under represented disease I think that when we find the cure frail us will be largely because of pat. Thanks to will for that and before Rico tonight our image of the day the owner Cleveland restaurant set to close due to rising Kobe cases says the last customers came in order to seven dollar beer. But then he left on 3000. Dollar tip for several employees share he left these parting words see you when you reopen. Nice heart warming story and that is our show for this hour seeking to ABC news line for more context and analysis of the day's top stories. I'm Lindsey Davis thinks so much assuming with us good night it's.

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