ABC News Live Prime: Tuesday, November 10, 2020

Supreme Court hears latest legal challenge to Affordable Care Act; Imprisoned former US Marine speaks from Russian jail; Hyperloops could be future of travel
54:49 | 11/11/20

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Transcript for ABC News Live Prime: Tuesday, November 10, 2020
Chaotic scenes and sign Armenia's National Assembly two nations at war on the battlefield. And with plastic bottles and parliament. This was moments after a friendly deal to end fighting between Armenia and Azerbaijan decide. Meanwhile your home a slightly more a function. Determined to win an increasingly losing argument refusing to face defeat at all costs to our democracy. Republican. President has some challenges the legality of the election results despite proved. Secretary of state enabling the president's denial pharmaceutical. Smooth transition to a second term administration. This is nearly all the world's leaders with the exception of Russia and North Korea's have contracted. Transition president elect Joseph Biden told president trumps refusal to concede quote an embarrassment. Calls Republican Supreme Court challenge to Obama here in the middle of a pandemic. Cool and needlessly divisive. 21 million Americans health insurance Supreme Court including its newest justice Amy Kong parent hearing arguments about the affordable care. Chief Justice John Roberts said congress should have already done and the real people whose lives hang in the balance it yeah. Yeah. I'm pregnant. There. So this case is on the rise now in all fifty states want me straight more than 100000. New cases each day. Passing has now emerged as the new epicenter of the pandemic refrigerated trucks helped more he's handled it. Plus the latest on Pfizer's vaccine was and how it plans to roll out millions of doses. Russian relations a look at the challenges facing invited. Our exclusive interview with the former marine and locked inside a Russian jail. And is this the future travel energy efficient and almost as fast as a commercial jet green. Good evening everyone I'm Lindsey Davis thanks so much for streaming with us 1784. Votes that's how many more votes George W. Bush had over Al Gore in the state of Florida after the first on official count was completed following election date in 2000. After weeks of recounts and contentious court fights all the way up to the Supreme Court. Bush with a slim margin of just 537. Votes became the president elect now let's be clear twenty to money is not 2000. Tonight one week after election night here's where the race stands for the White House Joseph Biden leaves president trump on more than. Four and a half million popular vote and holds 279. Electoral votes enough to make him the president elect lecture. The pain has contested the vote which failed legal challenges in at least four states in Georgia finally charmed by more than 121000 votes in Havana Biden lead shrunk by more than 36000 votes in Pennsylvania. Biden lead Strom by more than 47000. Votes and admission invited only charmed by more than 140000. Pounds. Prison trump claims fraud in. Voting and ballot counting is giving the former vice president the White House but he's yet to produce evidence and if you allegations that have been raised have already been dismissed by the courts but despite that. The Republican establishment continues to stand by the president not conceding the election including common stay by the secretary of state. That there would be quote smooth transition to a second child administration. The president's refusal to concede drew a rebuke from president elect Joseph Biden today who called it an embarrassment. And that's where we begin tonight with ABC's Mary burns. Today president elect Joseph Biden reassuring the American people that he's forging ahead with his transition. Even though the White House isn't cooperating and president trump won't admit he lost. Sir when you say. To be Americans that are anxious over the fact that president Tran has yet to concede and what that might mean for the country well. Oh I just think it's an embarrassment. Craig Franklin and the only thing that. Communities in this. Tacked I think you. Were wounded. Help the president's legacy. The president has been holed up in the White House since Saturday only venturing out to his golf clubs refusing to accept the reality that he's been defeated. Today on Twitter still insisting we will win. He's filed a host of long shot legal challenges but as yet to provide a shred of evidence of any widespread fraud. But he is getting help from his attorney general bill Barr. Who authorize the Justice Department to pursue substantial allegations of voting and vote tabulation irregularities. Even as Barr admits none have actually emerged trump is also getting back up from senate Republicans. You congratulated Vice President Biden had. So why not. We. Vice president Mike Pence on the hill today also avoiding questions that the vice president if I could see it. Isn't really any evidence upon. But the secretary of state Mike Pompeo did answer questions and reinforced trumps all claims is the State Department currently preparing to engage with the Biden transition team and it's not. At what point does a delay campers smooth transition. Pose risk to national security. There will be a smooth transition to a separate from administration. That message from America's top diplomat is not being heard by world leaders today one after another they called to congratulate Biden. The UK's Boris Johnson Germanys on -- Merkel and French president Emmanuel not grown. I didn't really publicity you. And the best they can law. In addition Biden's message to them I'm letting him know that America's back. We're in the back in the game it's non American well. So we asked the president elect his message for the president if he is watching right now what would you say to him. Mr. President look forward to speaking what options are you considering how will you the had a surprising. Continues to refuse to concede we're gonna do exactly what would be doing if she had conceded. Instead we warn which we have. And so there's nothing really changes but not ruling out legal action. And why I don't see any need for legal action not quite frankly so far there is no evidence of any of the assertions made. By the president or should chase the state Pompeo. Since boosted front page. Mary Bruce joins us now on Merrick president elect Biden seems it really be rushing off any concerns about the president not conceding the race but is there any concern inside listing the dazzling could undermine his victories and his ability to unite the country as he's pledged to dip. I think there is some concern within abiding campaigned at a narrative that the president and his team is pushing. Could be affected in some area of concern is they put it it may be able to create a cloud of uncertainty they are absolutely comp. That they are going to win that they have won but Joseph Biden is a president all lacked. And Joseph Biden is definitely trying to project caught trying to lowered the temperature. Amid all of this uncertainties saying that despite the fact that the president is refusing to concede he doesn't see anything that is standing in the way of their transition. Making it very clear they are forging ahead. And house bunny campaign responding to the legal challenges of the Tron campaign has brought forward so far. They are absolutely confident that they stand on very solid legal ground and of course the president and his team had yet to put forth even a shred of evidence to back up their claims of widespread voter fraud and we have seen so park. There legal challenges facing some very real hurdles. The Biden team staying in a statement. That American democracy is stronger than any clumsy and cynical partisan political scheme they feel that there. OK Mary Bruce thanks so much. One day after firing Defense Secretary mark asked her president trump continued shaking things up and his administration today removing three other top pentagon officials in Martha Raddatz in here so Martha warned officials that have now been forced to. You know you're not gonna recognize the names of these officials say are not familiar names to people but the jobs they held are key chief of staff to the secretary of defense head of intelligence and security. Head of policy. And the biggest thing about seized. Are there replacements they're very controversial. And that includes a retired brigadier general whose nomination for panic actions job this summer. Was withdrawn because of is homophobic tweets he also called President Obama a terrorist leader. And of course this does follow that very abrupt firing of secretary mark asked for yesterday. Within one hour after the president tweeted that he was firing him. Chris Miller his replacement was climbing. The steps of the Pentagon Chris Miller's a former special operations soldier he'd been director of the Counterterrorism Center are really only for a couple of months and before that he was just a mid level person at the panic not. And Martha you've covered the Pentagon for years how unprecedented is it to see something like this especially during a transition from an outgoing administration and is there any concern puts national security at risk. You know if I I certainly can't remember anything like this from any president to make these kind of changes. During a transition we knew Marc Casper was in trouble because he publicly went. Against the president saying he did not think active duty troops should be used against protesters. He said that June so he was definitely not on the good guide list for president trot. But to do so suddenly and to have his replacement and then make all these other changes in the Pentagon really has people concerned. Inside depending on outside the Pentagon about why exactly did this does he want to. Now federalized troops it there are some sort of I civil unrest or is he planning some kind of military operation they just don't know but as you said NC this is precedent. Lots of uncertainty there Martha Raddatz thanks so much. More than 165000. New cases of corona virus in the US have been diagnosed in just the past 24 hours making a more than ten million cases since the outbreak began. At least 239306. Lives have been lost in this country church but a recent news about vaccine development has given hope to a country in a world besieged by this virus are Mecca has the latest. Tonight the country with those grim first 165000. Daily Coby case is and rising cases in all fifty states. Now the nation on the verge of more Covert patients hospitalized. Than ever before. Her 154 bodies in there and and perhaps nowhere is that till more apparent. In El Paso, Texas county judge Ricardo summon Diego leading us it was hometowns heartbreak you think that you have to friends who died who might be in one of these drugs. State shipping in ten trucks and yet another mobile more truck pulling it there are more of that all the way here. Publications soaring here. Every hospital in the area using those blue searched and it's because our testing is so inadequate and were missing so many people my best guess. Is that between three and 400000 Americans are getting in fact it so. It's unfortunately much worse and he needed here and across the country Frontline workers are pleading with the public. If I can do CPR. On a person that's dying because of ovarian. While I Wear a mask you can probably Wear a mask when you walk around the store. Tonight hope resting on that vaccine if finds her gets the green light for its vaccine twenty million doses could be produced every month. We have been suspended that we will have enough vaccine by the end of December to have vaccinated. Our most vulnerable citizens in nursing homes and otherwise and by the end of January enough for all health care workers and first responders. After that sent to workers like teachers law enforcement and food plant workers then adults with high risk conditions and those over 65. The rest of Americans could get access to the vaccine at. At the end of march at the Euro test but the government faces unprecedented logistical hurdles try to move millions of doses of the vaccine. That needs to be stored at minus 94 degrees britney's big freezers at Pfizer it is small containers packed with dry ice shipped around the country by FedEx and UPS. We know how. The truck location but also attract the temperature which is a way of ensuring that the vaccine is actually. Finally given two to the person being vaccinated you still can. Carefully monitoring those vaccines backup and joins us now Matt after touching has weighed in at this point on when we expect us Americans will get the vaccine is wells the FDA approving a new antibody treatment. Rights of two separate things first doctor county hopes that most Americans will be able to get the vaccine by late April. He says that's yesterday now. The antibody treatment approved by the FDA is very specific it's designed for people 65 or over with underlying health conditions and who only have mild or moderate symptoms or not yet in the hospital the idea is to try to keep them. Out of the hospital but. As with the vaccine is seriously due sickle issues here out initially supply will be limited at administering it. Because it's an IP is gonna be very tricky for up medical practitioners. And that lets us talk about El Paso you there are not long ago in the situation there's only gotten worse and you push returned what are you hearing from officials about how they expect to pull themselves out of the crisis. That's a really good question so that the judge here has ordered a lockdown in the city. It's not being observed partly because of internal politics in the state of Texas it's too complicated right now but basically there is a divide between people who say. Let's shut everything down. It'll break everybody Wear masks let's let that it virus subside in the com. Reduce for a while another peep or say what we need to keep business so so that's that. Last time we were here Lindsay eras talk about the possible need for more trucks those refrigerator trucks he showed you in the east but they had. Patten arrived at. You don't. There are I guess six on the ground today more are coming and not in the county judge told me that if the present rate continues and if there isn't a lock down. They're gonna need more of that there are literally bodies piling up in the morgue here in the medical Examiner's office and pass it. Process does concern there Matt thanks for that. And now to the Supreme Court showdown over the fate of the Affordable Care Act popularly known as obamacare health care for millions he is now on the line in the middle of a pandemic H. There's just don't let controversial mandate that requires everyone to have insurance but we heard today from two key conservative justices. It is he's Terry Moran gives us a deep. Today of their own words we heard from the justices of the Supreme Court on the fate of the Affordable Care Act along with its guaranteed protections for millions of Americans with preexisting conditions that drug administration and several Republican led states argued that the individual mandated the heart of the eight CA requiring that all Americans have health insurance. Should be struck down as unconstitutional. And the whole law thrown out with it but even some conservative justices were buying it saying they could strike down just a mandate leaving the rest of the law in place just despite Kavanagh. It does seem. Fairly clear that the proper remedy would be to sever the mandate. Provision and leave the rest of the act in plays the provisions regarding preexisting conditions and arrest. Chief Justice John Roberts agreed noting sharply that Republicans in congress had the chance to repeal the whole act but didn't. I think frankly that they wanted the court to do that but that's. Not our job. President elect Joseph Biden blasting the trump administration this. Cole for putting health care for 21 million Americans on the line as the corona virus pandemic crests in the third deadly wave across the country the consequence of the troop administration's argument. Are not academic or an abstraction. For many Americans there are a matter of life and death in the literal sense. Tuesday started here at his morning seen. In Ohio Christine cal hands thirteen year old son Andrew has an undiagnosed genetic condition. She worries how they could afford his medical bills 7000 dollars a month. Without the ASEAN. Yeah. Comings and Asian out Branyan and earth care. Thanks Terry Moran for that we're joined now by Devin Dwyer who covers Supreme Court Russell Devin we heard from that family in your report for us yesterday such a difficult time from them and sell many course and you heard the more than two hours of arguments today so what's the bottom line here can those families we're depending on this law. Breathed a sigh of released tonight. We can never predict for certain Lindsay based on the oral argument just how the court is gonna go but it sure does look like the Affordable Care Act. Is here to stay and that is an issue huge relief for those families we're talking about people reliant on a preexisting conditions insurance subsidies in the light. Even if the court concludes that the individual insurance mandate is unconstitutional we saw five boots today including chief Justice Roberts. Anne Kavanagh likely votes to keep the rest of the law in place and that's good news for supporters of Obama care. And what role will the new just in clean Derrek Lee in all this reviews on obamacare after all we're front and center in her confirmation last. Kennedy sure we're remember president trump appointed. Amy corridor to the Supreme Court with the express goal of Chile and the law she was far and senator today she had been of course. Skeptical of the Affordable Care Act and she was in academia and individual mandate that skepticism. How was on full display today she suggested that the mandate is still unconstitutional she also cast doubt. I'm whether can be severed from the law so she'll be closely watched in all of this Lindsay but it is very clear that her vote will not be a decisive. Is there anything incoming presidential advisor in the new congress can do to protect and improve the ace yank. Yet you know human before the court hands down its decision. -- the new congress president elect Biden could come together and try to neutralize this case they could. Critique the individual mandate officially off the books that ought to try to put a tax. Could penalty that into the law which would unity gate all of these arguments. Because this town is so divided that's a little bit unlikely but we have seen. Our president elect Biden make a centerpiece of his campaign improving obamacare he wants yet to bolster those subsidies for middle class families also talked about a problem. Public option to compete with that with private plans all of those things bill Lindsay at least the results that we've seen so far from my last Tuesday suggests Republicans will need to get on board so it's going to be a bit of a debate on health care. Once Biden takes office and wouldn't really expect the court to hand down its decision. While the justices are gonna officially vote on this case on Friday and that children write their opinions and we do expect those. But to come down that sometime early next year certainly before the end of June. 20/20 allotments Devin Dwyer thanks so much. Think something. And when we come back this stage is set for a bitter fight for the control in the senate in the state of Georgia howled outside the political divide plans to organize. One of the most influential Catholic Church leaders in America rise to power despite repeated accusations of sexual abuse. We'll break down the new bombshell revelations from a Vatican report. Up next the former marine locked inside a Russian jail speaks exclusively with us. How this case is one of several challenges that could strained US Russian relations during the fighting administration. As we mentioned earlier across the globe foreign leaders reached out to president elect Joseph Biden offering their congratulations but what we are who did not. Russia's Vladimir Putin's Kremlin says that they were weak for the official results and that's a far different approach in their actions for years ago when president trump won his election bush but forty years after Russia tried to influence our election US Russian relations remain strange the arrest of at least two former US service members including Paul Whelan who spoke with us tonight which have only made matters worse Patrick regal has this report. For almost two years we heard little from full real and the former US marine held in Russia as this flying. But whose family and US officials say was a tourist and grant as a political hostage. Kept in pretrial detention in Moscow for eighteen months. We humans trial was held almost in time leave behind closed doors this is simply a dog and pony show for the media they're not doing. In June wheel and was sentenced to sixteen years in a prison camp. Journalists only able to grab snatched comments from him the ball lame from the angels senior want to say something. From our Grammy I don't think I want you thing yeah. Now settled then for the first time ABC has spoken with wheel and from the camp the first time a journalist has been able to talk extensively with him. Places that are very orchard Rama. Com quite dilapidated but we're in mountain you know Barrick. It ski sixty outlets in the building two week I would want in other white out. The camp is a former gulag in more do via. The case is about 300 miles from Moscow like other inmates we learn works eight dollars a day may concludes. Quite welcoming you know they all laughed when I got here it yet but be that shouldn't want Michael Keller caught up into a trap. He Sais he was in Moscow for a friend's wedding when he was detained by Russian intelligence. The whole thing is just like Shia TV it was a black masks. You know it got a guy that you can play wasn't true it was real or not endorse one would have showed up Gagarin. Well. Don't you change you know quite real. The FSB accused we'll end up receiving a flash drive with classified material on its. We'll NCs he was framed by his longtime Russian friends whom he accuses of collaborating with the FSB to sets him up. Under the deal of the day question he came over and now I'm usually are trying to get ready to shut wedding dinner and don't ten minutes after he gets there you know this and come to that oil and channel but. Since Sweden's arrest a second ex marine 26 year old Trevor Reid was sentenced to nine years in a Russian jail in another GBS trial. American officials have said they believe Russia would like to trade weaved in and read for Russians held in the US. So what we're seeing with mr. Whalen and with others that have been detained. Without probable cause and Russia is of negotiating tool these are Pontes these people are caught up. In in the in the tit for tat between the two intelligence services and fortunately somebody has to pay the price. Russian officials have flew to dealing did of the trade for two men in particular. Beats of boots and arms dealer serving a 25 year sentence in the US on a terrorism charge. And Constantine Gerashchenko. A pilot convicted of drug smuggling. The night I was dressed they asked if I. I have little Igor. The jailed Americans case is underlined the challenges that president elect Joseph Biden will face in dealing with Russia. Vladimir Putin has still yet to congratulate fight and days off to the election was called by the US media. The relationship between the US and Russia will always very between cold and colder. It's in mister prudent to interest to keep tensions high with the US because ink. Builds domestic political favor and it also keeps the people distracted from the kinds of things that are going on in Russia. During a town hall meeting the president elect found to maintain a tough stance on Russia. Chuck came to interfere in our election. Is a violation of our stock. And it is time again which it appears to be be going there be a price to pay. But be refreshed it's an improved knows the reason he doesn't want me is present he knows me but he knows I'm really not a mean war with they'll pay a price. But to get home these veterans need at least a crack in the ice in Russian relations. We Lin's family tells us there are currently no negotiations undue weight to his release a new presidency could be a moment that makes that easy yeah. At the silence from the Kremlin on Biden's election is not a promising sign for future relations. I should regal in Moscow for ABC news life. Thanks to Patrick for that and still ahead here on prime the cease fire. And as are my John and a growing outrage over the deal. He iceberg the size of Delaware on a collision course for an island will explain. Kennedy spoke about the Supreme Court battle over obamacare earlier but. We'll take a closer look at the impact by the numbers because actually a good day happy 51 birthday to Sesame Street. Welcome back everyone we turn again to health care in the Affordable Care Act also known as obamacare and which now. Why the numbers of what's the status is Supreme Court to signs the monster seat more than 21 million Americans could lose health insurance if the ACA is entirely repealed which would increase the number of those were uninsured by nearly 70%. And could leave almost. 54 million people or 27% of all adults under 65 uninsured adults because they have preexisting conditions us according to the Robert Wood Johnson Foundation and that's before accounting for -- nineteen. After obamacare was enacted the number of uninsured non elderly Americans declined by twenty million dropping to historic low in 2016. But recent uptick in on insured Americans 28 point nine million non elderly Americans had. No insurance at all in 2019 that's a million more than the year before. Critics of Obama care point to higher premiums and deductibles for those with insurance for example the average premium from mid level plans for forty year old climbed to 462. Dollars a month and point 18 from. 273. Dollars in 2014. According to the Kaiser Family Foundation. And now eighteen Republican led states in two individuals are bring in this latest case he challenged. To the Supreme Court this is this third major challenge since it was enacted. In 2010 and we still have lots to get to hear on crime. The election was just awakened other organizers already gearing up for the hotly contested to a runoff in Georgia was being with a woman credited with getting tens of thousands registered two. Imagine travel they've used to take hours taking place in just minutes we take a closer look at height from technology. How the country music community has stepped up during the pandemic that first. A look at our top turning yeah scenes dot com. What. Written. Including full days in still biting was rejecting president blanks. Yes don't know acknowledgment from president trump that he's lost remember me instead he's been uncharacteristically. Out in the public I think as just mining. All the problems he meant only Republicans in congress were made in Lyon resident campaign has also filed numerous non citizens. Federal and state judges had mountain no evidence of voter fraud. Unusual. And I'm really alarming and in another sign Republicans at current White House are refusing to accept reality there's this from secretary of state my top pay out there will be a smooth transition to send an amendment even in the General Services Administration would facilitate the transition anything president. Also refusing to recognize Biden's victory just withholding crucial transition resources. I'm confident that. Fact that they're not willing to acknowledge we want this morning. There's a lot of much conscripts are planned. Yeah it's. The country with nose ring first 165000. Dealing Kobe's case this nation and pricing cases including all fifty states. El Paso, Texas hospitals are so full anesthesia and Internet search tens and tens of mobile morgue the gentry it is. Music streams an era when some help is on the way in the FDA all the rights and the monoclonal antibody treatment from the very mild and pottery pieces. And drug maker five cents pants that early results show their vaccine could be 90% effective. Fresh or broker a peace deal between Armenia and Azerbaijan. Russian peacekeepers already arriving into the want to. It's the deal brokered by Russia's between Armenia and some ice on it and the war then. The deal sees as a Michelin keeps keep costs and Gordon Sandra I that it has seized in the six week war and on the and you will also pulled back from some other areas violent protests erupted in on Kenya's capital denouncing the deal as a surrender demanding that prime minister nickel precious young designer and the army is because there's so they had no choice between Greek. And it faces major escalation on your responses. A massive iceberg is on a collision course with south Georgia island off the southern tip of South America. Yeah iceberg which at least three years up from Antarctic ice just about as big as the island himself. The next rinsing and rising to the island could be stuck air for a decade. Locked down it is important here Collins English dictionary says the registered. Owner of the million usage in lockdown during 128 up from 4000 to 2019. From other related or just grown pirates. Social distancing and snow ice went wrong there is less than top ten worked. He grinned and ELN for why climb matter Walz came ashore last. OK so you're cooking Thanksgiving dinner this year you can now ensure you're Wheeling case things don't turn out of this vendor resident came up when the bomber. Raising the pandemic is forcing many families to host smaller gatherings this year sometimes forcing an experience clock to take a barn and well daycare in any names given let us. So you've had a confidence drives and on my favorite techniques like. Turner captain and it gives the virus or getting 35 dollar gift card to whole foods break post Turkey burger king day all. Other promotion is limited to we ours and pass. Now we turn to an explosive new report on of the Vatican one of the oldest religious institutions the world continues to be plagued by evidence of sexual abuse and pedophilia but. For the first time the Vatican is placing the blame on a saint. Saint John Paul the sack the report claims the Pope of nearly three decades new of the allegations against former Washington cardinal McCarrick yet promoted him anyway. Are in panel joins us with the latest. Tonight an exclusive Vatican report revealing cook John Paul the second knew about extensive sexual abuse allegations regarding Apple's some miners. Against Theodore McCarrick but still promoted him to archbishop and then cardinal McCarrick at one time one of the most powerful Catholics in America directed millions of dollars to the church even as allegations of rumors surfaced the decades. The 400 page report lays most of the blame on Jules Paul second now a saint whose friendship with McCarron dated back to the 1970s. In 2000 viewpoints McCarrick to the Helm of the church in Washington DC despite knowing the reports the teen (%expletive) the bed with seminarians to beach house. The purple concludes the Pope John Paul the second ultimately choose to believe recurrence denial of those allegations. James grind clings McCarrick abused him for two decades starting with the child in the 1960s. While the report itself is powerful the used to me. It's incredibly heinous and it hurts for poor McCarrick was defrocked went who pretenses last unit amid more allegations. Both Pope Benedict. Differences emerged largely unscathed by this report but it raises tough questions for the church and accountability. For US bishops when they meet next week. Lindsay. In our thanks to you now to the race for control of the US senate North Carolina democratic cal Cunningham conceding to Republican senator Thom Tillis today. The balance of power in the senate at 49 Republicans and 48 Democrats regardless of what happens in the senate race in Alaska when the state just began counting absentee ballots today a balance of power in the senate now runs through Georgia is to run offs in January Arce doesn't summing reports and from Atlanta. It's looking very likely tonight that control of the US senate will lie in the hands of Georgia voters on January 5. Went four candidates were unable to win a majority in the election will try to punch their ticket to Washington these seats have been held by Republicans for the better part of two decades the Democrats rob feel worn Aachen John all soft think that they can make history here. I think that these incumbent Republican senators just felt entitled to an easy dance back to victory. Conventional wisdom says the Democrats shouldn't win they do poorly and run offs year. But Joseph Biden is proving that things changed holding onto a lead in a state that President Obama lost twice. Sitting senators David Perdue and Kelly look we're trying to beat the Democrats. In January I have one of the most radical opponents on the democratic ticket. At the same time they're calling for the resignation. Of one of their own. Georgia's Republican secretary of state who ran the election and says he's not going anywhere. C doesn't sign joins us now. And staying tonight many Georgia Republicans are demanding a full hand recount let's be clear here there's been no evidence presented of any big fraud so what impact. What a recount. Well just like you said the lieutenant governor of Georgia has come out saying that he doesn't believe there's any widespread fraud and of course the secretary of state has said that he doesn't believe that there was widespread widespread fraud and certainly nothing in his opinion. That would hand a victory to the president and both of these men. Are Republicans this has divided the Republican Party in the state. There are people who are taking the president's side and and some who are basically saying that this was a good election. Well run by Republicans in terms of what difference it could make it depends until you laughs. The people asking for recount believe or assert. That there was quite enough it quietly and make a difference of thousands upon thousands of votes but the secretary of state who seeing those numbers firsthand. And is aware of whatever issues are being alleged said that he doesn't make it's going to make a difference so it. It's it's looking like it's unclear or make a difference but we just don't know shirt just. And see we're getting word tonight that the vice president plans to campaign in Georgia this likely won't be the last top official for either party who swings through these next couple months. No we expect they have a sort of a political barbecue here ahead. For the next few weeks because you know I I would expect a scene. All of the top officials. Com and you know it I've talked about this privately. It it would be Smart on the part of Democrats especially. To brief the president elect out here. Odd to campaign for these two candidates because you know we all know of course this is looking like beat the hands of the senate they control the and it will be decided by these races and and and where expecting a long drawn out election season all the way up. Until January which means that even during the Christmas season people court hired. Sick and tired of the political hat. We're going to have to bear threw them on their television. Licenses and resting if I can just really quickly you think that it benefits the Republicans. If this becomes truly the national race that many expect. You know it's it's hard to say I think that you know I think that if you look at the history. Up runoff elections here in Georgia they don't tend to favor. Democrats. It's it seems to be a little harder for Democrats do you get. Their voters out in these runoff election we've seen a number of cases where a Democrat who was even ahead. In the first selection ended up losing badly. In the runoff because it's hard to get people to come out. Bought you know all of the conventional wisdom. That sort of applies to George politics. Seems to have been thrown out the window a little bit. With Joseph Biden leading the polls here by. Barely significant margin in the state that everyone thought. Was Brett went to Steve those in summing our thanks to you. Georgia being poised to flood blue for the first time since 1992 is like because of the hard work of organizations like the new Georgia projects and their commitment to registering voters joining us now is new Georgia projects CEO in say little fox thank you so much for joining us. I. See you organization registered more than 400000. Voters for this election that certainly contributed to only. 2% of eligible Georgia residents not being registered to vote what's your plan to get all these voters turn out again in January and do you believe that the success in Georgia is because of these new voters or or Republicans switching to vote for Joseph by. So we can bury it would get back or arms are I want. Who does that. It was proper. Are. Many moderate or and or. Eight Brothers and he can't or won't. He Blue Nile may. And then he did everything. Act or that vote. And I knew. We are. And I am bill would not be a lot. When the battle of the Greek who shattered. You just had more boots on the ground and going actually on Election Day or also filling out early ballots as your content is edging out youth voters contributed 21% of Georgia's what's the highest percentage of these voters in the entire country each. Also a juror where it's. Can be really difficult to get young people actually turn out what was it about this time networked. What we understand why. Not. Use. Familiarity with. How we talk about. Ordinary or are you. Back at how your rent a a lot of time. Over a year. EU I in the rock. And are you know you aren't doing didn't need me. We had a line mark are you. Have been dreaming ornate gamers. How the mighty new viewers collects. And so route meeting OM IR Enid and rock. We'll move buried under an hour or. Seizing giving young people Jane I'm curious give me like that the 152 version of of what is it that you say to compel a young voters to go out to the polls. Well. In. An eerie. Out by the Lee being unique. And I don't. Know why. Go out like an important. Budding may. Bird or. These are. Re. Not as it. And or who had cracked. It is where. Larry. Where art pattern. There were a summer job. You. And we neutered. This may be people who wish are or. Aren't. So we showed a. And we went to. The responses weren't. You know why is running rather have my health matter and the art. Berman I am very. And people. Around about that. Though. Beat the man we don't have real cameras. Out they want to eat how to. I'm Jordan has certainly been played with voter suppression accusations for years how would you say that this election when and what is your response Republicans who are claiming without evidence that there have been widespread allegations of voter irregularities. Issues with voting machines and poll watcher access. Eric. We got more would be you know rating. Higher. And went. No they're not any candidate and let it doesn't whining. Or who is looking more. Voters are more hours. I get tired of all right right. We. 4500. Years route early burning and I. Not every day and not ever use. Herbal. I human at the Helm of new Georgia project for seven years now our specific inflection points these past seven years and how organization register voters in do you believe if the state doesn't facto approach that this is a lasting coalition and not just a blip on the radar. I. And Georgia had legislators are being over and over. And adding. People are realizing how earlier there are. Literally at a time where arched you know eighty admitted people who how Iraq. Or below are people who I didn't blow out grant and donated related it was. The rate right and lord. It. Quality. Interpret Leonard fein at. The Arab oh are real I think having been. A quarantine. Should be. Paying millions of cameras. Of art. Recognizing. The widening. Do. I want to be easy and you've bring up. And who claimed to be your. Marie. Many door. And out. And lose your. Governor or use. Armed. It. Would have been. Or. Eat or 08. So lightly. Gary. And in particular. Are armed and are wrecking and voting. And you. Opinions or elect people who. Do harm to our immunity is one of the I say it do you think that political future is in the cards for you. The minority and fact. Number. Love the idea. What we do he bit of or house. Or our handling our unity. We're going to build. The wind and an Indian and the and one elect. And they're hard. At organizing. Are good. Are right in say who funds from the new Georgia project our thanks to you for your time. A lot of reality has certainly mimic the Jetsons cartoon with its futuristic flare so for a long time without the next step in travel technology would be flying cars but it's clear the real future of travel is all about the little. The high as early as it's being called touch and are cleans and they'll caught up with the first two humans to give the world. Twenty miles outside Las Vegas, Nevada in this two running throughout dusty desert a cutting edge technology and two people inside it just made history. Breeden. Won't block. Josh goggle and sorrow with a young just became the first humans to ride in something called the virgins April oh. What kind of looks like a ride on space mountain is actually a type of futuristic transportation for most of us. She lived in the fictional country of conduct. That's magnetic levitation write problems. Maglev train tech has been around for decades but a hyper loop super charges. Imagine having known as start up to 670. Miles round about land for underground. This is tightly. It works by putting the passenger capsule inside a sealed to. I did once unique technology uses magnetic levitation to guide. It's like. He would get inside I think she is removed using a series of action comics. This effectively creates iron sky inside pitching as if you currently flying 200000 feet across seed. This reduces Jackson the smallest amount of electricity is needed to achieve extraordinary spoon. The company says the hyper that would drastically cut the travel time between cities from hours to minutes. Her Los Angeles Las Vegas are looking somewhere between about 3040. Minutes tops DDoS attack he and access and about 500 miles an hour. Yet this eat it straight from downtown Los Angeles and downtown Las Vegas and something he can pop over for lunch bar popular Berkeley yeah. Bowl or stuff yeah. Gaggle the company's chief technology officer and McKeon the director of passenger experience with a willing Guinea pigs. So did make an aircraft taking on the runway he went really fast in the last ten. Seven pounds and our debasing that you noticed students son I didn't walk into the vehicle spaces or not it's not astronauts. We love didn't close like this we got and he sat down on us economy. The company also has to convince future customers they are safe confined in a sealed tube at high speeds occasional noise and shaking. Sound familiar to. Are already strapped links. You mean slow analysts GA com analyst who Dresser environment and a very high speed and the desert air plans. The purpose of this test is really it's not safe. For me it's not due to SARS assays for anyone else. The space age idea of traveling by two has been around at least since the Jetsons. I. Today's technology still needs more testing and development and government approvals and and lots and lots of money. But if everything stays on track or floating just a bobbled it may not be long before several competing companies are offering tickets to ride all over the world. Whether peace. And India what are the end Europe oriented and police say that this huge opportunities. For multiple systems fees to zero run and breast cancer and our parents. Burton says once again go from two passengers a day to say 20000. Running faster and cleaner that commercial airliners piper lewd technology might fundamentally change life as we know it. We're talking about a technology that snacks cities as a singer and actress stops and that's tremendous implications. For a married she's still it is great she's still work. Where you get your education and health care. I'm are really thinking about believes that we tenants prepare ourselves and others during the and a very difficult year and we're doing it we're making progress despite everything. Towards a better future and greener cleaner more connected oral. And that would make even George Jackson Browne. Planes and dale ABC news line Denver. Cutting technology there are thanks to clean and when we returned my hunch is if has persisted. During this pandemic. Finally tonight the pandemic has created Havoc across the entertainment industry is your new York and shut down Broadway all those theaters and in actors now out of work. Same can be said in Nashville with the white has gone dark in many of that sings pop and country music venues. Like we have seen and so many places desperation has turned to resilience here's ABC's special contributor Jane Allen. Eight months ago we watched as the whole keep songs on Nashville's Broadway went dark. Arena's shuttered indefinitely a stay at home orders were given cities across the country. In the Knox of aspiring artists and music grows doors faded away and that. Laying it through and yet. Despite the uncertainty of the time the country music community kept the music on as we waited through the darkest days of the pain. Fans rallied around artist as they released me music fit for the time. May have lived in have stared down. So unbelievably. Aren't seeing stayed. They're like the soulful ballads six feet apart by Lou Combs about coping in the pandemic. We're came Brown's home sick remixes. Who benefited veterans in front line workers. Artist Stephen drop in the zooms in face times to surprise are credible health care heroes. Brad Paisley enlisted his fans and famous brands to make the socially distant music video. For his song mil IND. Bringing people together from all over the world. We are on a mission to help those struggling with hunger and food insecurity in in the true spirit of the country music community. Brad and his wife Kimberly Williams-Paisley. Personally donated over one million meals with feeding America to help food insecure famines all over the country. There's a place. Know about Paisley recently joined Carrie Underwood at the grand Ole opry and reflected on the resiliency of the country community. As long as the opry keeps going I have hope this gives me hope for. Our lives in Nashville for country music in general and good job for analog freaky thing going. Levy. Isn't cool. In him perhaps the most fitting way Casey musgrave song rainbow originally released in 2019. Found a new life as a comforting him them for anyone struggling throughout these last eight months. The lyrics hitting homers so many failings hung rainbow drones and their win. Sign of unity as the death told from cove in nineteen continued decline. And he Casey perform the song for the benefit concert one world at home together. She's saying the final line looking camera viewing room zoning watching. Oh. Thanks to Jake Owen for that and be sure to tune in tomorrow night at 7 PM here on ABC news a lot of for a special one hour live preview from CMA awards Lara Spencer will cull those from the red carpet music city center. Crime will air right after 8 o'clock and nine and eleven as usual. And before we go tonight our image of the day and golf shot a you have to see to believe. In the practice rounds of the masters and a call for what John rom skipping his way over the water into a hole in one. On his birthday no less look at this it rolls right on in the after walking on water that pops given job over the water and then. He sinks in Iraq and look at that happy birthday. To John. And that is our show is our mission distinction ABC news live more context and analysis of the day's top stories Ireland's India has thanks so much for streaming with us and did not.

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