ABC News Live Prime: Tuesday, October 27, 2020

Michigan secretary of state: ‘Return your ballots in person, don't rely on the mail’; The growing power of the Latino vote; Sports cards see a resurgence during the pandemic
53:25 | 10/28/20

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Transcript for ABC News Live Prime: Tuesday, October 27, 2020
A song about Tyson fire in Oklahoma a multi day ice storm wreaking yeah. Power lines thousands of residents in the dark and disaster declaration for much of the state. Just one week from Election Day in the campaign trail is soon. Count the candidates and there's arrogance crisscrossing the country today Fannie across some crucial battleground states. Meanwhile the new Supreme Court set to make a major decision on voting in one of those states. Those of Americans take to the polls for early voting more than 69 million ballots already cast as deadlines for mail in voting approach. Still the case is on the rise in battleground states the alarming increase in death rates across the country. Steve being slammed by doctor Deborah burkes road smack of master plan. Meanwhile we're taking a closer look at how cold but he's disproportionately affecting Latinos. Outgoing children deadly shooting in Philadelphia Walter Wallace junior shot by police. Violent encounter caught on camera could Wallace's family and the police have to say. And the violent reaction in the streets were dozens of officers in Philadelphia. Hurricane Zeta taking aim at the beleaguered Gulf Coast expected to gain strength before making landfall there as early as tomorrow. Amid all the World Series excitement tonight the surprise comeback. Baseball cards interest in the hobby is getting a surprise boost by the pandemic our very own political director Rick Klein gives us the inside scoop on card collecting. And all the hype if your collection looks like this. You know these cards like this from the from the ninety's. The it is you're not a millionaire. Good evening everyone I'm Lindsey Davis and so much. Just being with us so much. About Tony Tony is unprecedented the election. He's no different historical early voting and enthusiasm as we are just one week away. From this critically important election president trump is in three states today including rallying the faithful in Michigan this afternoon. Meanwhile Joseph Biden made his closing argument in the state of Georgia hoping to expand the map and his potential paths to the presidency by flipping that red state blue. It all comes as a record number of Americans are casting their votes early making sure that their voices are heard as the country continues to grapple with this ongoing pandemic. Mayor Bruce leads us off on the campaign trail in Georgia. Down in the polls president trump today sprinting through. Three states as Joseph Biden traveled to Georgia estate no Democrat has won since Bill Clinton in 1992. Friday finishing out his campaign with a message of unity and hope. So please happening. Here in Georgia and across America. Racist background. Democrats Republicans independents they're coming together to transcend the old divides and show us cloud. Civil Biden's presence here today a sign that he's feeling confident focusing on states dropped one. As he tries to expand the electoral map he's even hitting Iowa this week while also touching down in traditional battlegrounds like Florida Wisconsin and Michigan. Trump today alone in Nebraska Wisconsin and Michigan. I've got to sale market my ass off. And the president expected to hit nearly a dozen states this week and planning eleven rallies in just the last 48 hours before election today. Polls show he's struggling with critical suburban women voters for weeks he's been trying to win them over six. Women would you please likely each. Today in Lansing Michigan he tried this appeal. I get it out some also get a year husbands. They want to get back to work aren't they want to get back to work we're getting your husband's act who are getting everybody wants it. Truck has struggled to come up with a coherent closing message his stump speech a litany of grievances and miss truths one constant in his insistence the country is turning a corner on the pandemic. Even as cases spike. But he necessary it's Kobe Kobe Kobe you can't watch anything else. They're doing heavy college. Because they want to scare people into lying he's been repeating it every rally as his predecessor gleefully pointed out in Orlando today. They woke. Once is closing argument. That people are too focused on cult beneath that is that one of the relic Colbert Colbert comedy he's complaining. He's jealous of Coleman's media coverage. Trump was watching tweeting it Obama in real time. Plus Obama this morning hit a couple of cars that can't give them all. Today's First Lady Maloney at trump highlighting her own experience with Kobe in her first and only campaign appearance. Let's many of you I have experienced the first ten effects of cold in nineteen. He's heading east nation chooses to keep moving full acts during these spend them right. Not to back. Went. The First Lady delivering a fiery political speech there Mary Bruce joins us now from Georgia. Parent what's the reception nearby voters to -- in making news as it does his campaign think it as a realistic shot at expanding the map beyond the core battleground states. And they certainly do I think it's why you are seeing an even in these last critical days spending time in states like Georgia and even in Iowa later this week statesman that trump won handily in 2016 that fighting teams even though they are very hesitant to say it out loud they are feeling confident otherwise they simply wouldn't be here we did speak with some voters theory obviously Biden supporters here at this event that they are confident. Optimistic. But this time around they may be able to turn the staple. And we also saw President Obama making a push for biting in the key state of Florida First Lady in Pennsylvania it seems like it's all hands on deck at. For both campaigns of this time. They're pulling out all the stops this is the final scramble the president is spending a lot of time in Pennsylvania today of course we saw the First Lady there in her first and only campaign stop of this cycle and President Obama that was his second trip to Florida in just the last three days he's trying to get out the vote for Biden in that critical eyes fourth quarter that we always talk about so much Wear one in four. Florida voters live it is they tight race in Florida it is a must win for boast the both campaigns and it is why you're going to see both president from. And Joseph Biden campaigning there on the ground later this week living. Final stretch where Bruce thing. So much. And down to the millions of Americans already casting their votes well in advance of Election Day but depending where you live there's a patchwork of rules about when ballots must be received in order to count and that. Could impact the final vote in some key battleground states. ABC's chief White House correspondent Jonathan Karl has those details. If you're going to vote by mail it's time to get your ballot in the mailbox right now. Please. If you haven't returned to do it this week now's the time. Driven in part by concerns over the pandemic a record high ninety million voters have requested mail in ballots nationwide but so far only about half have returned them. And all fifty states those mail in votes must be sent by Election Day putting 28 states they must also arrive by the time polls close. Late yesterday the Supreme Court rejected an effort to extend the deadline in Wisconsin. It would've allowed another six days' for those ballots to arrive in the mail and still be counted. He's 22 states ballots are counted if they arrive in the days after the election. As long as they are postmarked by Election Day. There's nothing new about voting by mail but president trump continues to attempt to sow doubt about it. Tweeting without evidence big problems in discrepancies. With mail in ballots must have final total on November 3. Twitter put a warning on that message saying it is disputed and might be misleading. And today another misleading statement by the president. And a game in 22 states ballots are counted even if they arrive days after the election. As long as their postmarked on time. Another factor to watch win the votes are actually counted. It may take awhile 34 states will not even begin to count those millions of mailed in votes in Tel Election Day one of those is Texas. Where polls show Biden and trumpet a dead heat both candidates are courting Latinos the largest non white voting block in the country. Coronado Ramirez a rancher born and raised in Texas told our John key honest he voted early for the president quiet competent. Economy. But bottom line put in poll after poll Joseph Biden has maintained a big lead among Latino voters. Sima Hernandez the first in her family born in the US wants to make sure date go to the polls. And there's too much at stake it's too much at stake with this kind of president in office within dangerous rhetoric. And dangerous policies. Both political parties agree there is a lot at stake in Jonathan Karl joins us now John which is seven days ago we've heard some. State officials say that it's too late to put a valid in the mail so. What other options to voters have to make sure that they get their ballots and even in time and that their votes get counted. Lived in virtually every state you can bring that mail in her absentee ballot in person. Either at designated drop boxes or write to the county clerk's office so if you want to be. Absolutely sure that it gets there he doesn't get lost in the mail it gets there on time you can bring that mail in ballot directly yourself. And John also lets just reiterate that the president's claim that we have to know the final vote on Election Day is just not accurate so. What should Americans expect on election night this year. Well you know look in Pennsylvania as you know is this such an incredibly important stage. You could be critical to determining who is going to win if we're waiting for Pennsylvania we could be waiting for days. Pennsylvania does even begin. Counting those mail in votes can tell Election Day they've got to go and compare signatures cultural process that could take some time. If it say 01 sided race one way or the other he may have a very clear indication who is going to win election night but it looks. Less likely that we will have it declared winner on election night. We'll just have to wait and see Jonathan Karl thanks so much thanks loans it. And now to tonight's ballot why should. After president Trump's campaign stop in Michigan today we are joined now by Michigan secretary of state Jocelyn Benson thanks so much for joining us especially. During this busy time. My pleasure and grant me so first give us a sense on where your state stands on early and absentee voting and any trends that you're seeing on turnout for example Democrats nationally are saying that younger voters are really coming out. Have you seen matter any increase in minority participation in areas like Detroit that's all I dropped four years ago from prior elections. Yes I mean number one meets Justine voter enthusiasm and engagement off the charts more people are on track to vote than ever before in our state and already more people have voted early than ever before. You point two million citizens have returned to their absentee ballots one week prior to the polls closed. Another one point three million have requested ballots and have yet to be returned so. We're really enthused by it the number of people drinking age this year all across the state. And we're certainly seeing those numbers among young are younger voters as well. In fact a significant majority of the newer registered voters are BT just eighteen inch line which is also some great thing to see for the future our democracy. Now in Michigan all ballot to have to be turned in by Election Day in order to be counted given the delays reported in the Postal Service would you say that. In your estimation it's too late to trust putting a ballot in the mail at this point if so. What's your advice to voters still holding their absentee ballots on the best ways return on time I think he just said. What is it one point three million have not yet returned those ballots. Right and we're telling everyone if you've got a ballot returning I carry your local Dropbox and we've installed over a thousand secure replica Fox's all of the states. Or your local clerk's office just added in by 8 PM on Election Day she and we're seeing people respond to that not just in Michigan that all across the country. It's now important she return your ballots in person don't rely on the main mail regardless of what state here and get your ballots in empire State's deadline and for those who. Do you plan to vote actually in person are you confident that your status repaired to run polling places smoothly on Election Day despite the pandemic and also what kinds of processes have you put into place to make sure that everyone who wants to vote in person will be able to do so. Yeah certainly we're ready for Election Day noting as well only been preparing for that even in the midst of this pandemic sense cove in nineteen can get Michigan back in March this importantly will be our fourth election. In Michigan this year and we haven't set up so that. If voters choose to vote in person the Indians sure they'll be met with coworkers with masks the club since he starts and can't sanitize are also distancing cost will be volatile while we recruited over 30000 new election workers to be ready to go including standby reserve group but thousands to ensure precincts are fully staffed. And by getting so many people exactly it's an estimate two thirds of our voters will be voting. Prior to Election Day that means for the once there are meeting to vote on Election Day they can anticipate. Smooth sailing no lines no crowds and a great experience at the. The port system. Now the president has called for his supporters to serve as poll watchers on Election Day what's being done to keep voters safe from any potential voter intimidation especially in the wake. Of the plot against governor Whitner and your State's history with malicious. When the State's chief election not sir if you take very seriously my responsibility and authority to protect not just health and safety or voters at the polls but the security as well. And so we continue it he issued several directives to our clerks and our coworkers. You know what to do if you see voter intimidation we can working with law enforcement to also protect the sanctity of the polling place and we'll also have people throughout the state on the ground ready to respond to things occur. Because he wanna keep those precincts as calm as stickers posse. What the president falsely treated last night that we must have a final vote total on election night you quickly responded back on Twitter nope. Wrong again candidates don't get to decide when results are announced election administrators do so how much of the vote do you expect to get counted by election night in. Any concern at all that not having a final vote for several days could potentially lead to legal challenges if the races closely contested. My priority is making sure that every valid ballot counts he insisted he probably over three million ballots we'll have been submitted early. We will begin counting them on Election Day in in his gonna take time to work through all of that and that's what we should want we should went some short protocols in place methodical. I counting to ensure accurate results. I'm confident that both will be keen transparency for the moment polls close to the moment we have that full tabulation. To update the public about what's actually happening so that they can be confident the results. One more court. And this one a sneak in here of course we've been interviewing several secretaries of state and I've been just asking. What keeps you up at night if anything as it applies to the selection. Well certainly the biggest variable is misinformation. And we've done an incredible amount of investment in educating our voters she's not just know their rights and their options to vote this year but to be who cared to counter. Disinformation or misinformation. If it hits their communities he kept robo calls me at false text messages she and various other things designed to confuse voters about their rights. And it really gratifying thing is that voters are responding to. Iris bright reporting that misinformation to myself and the attorney general so we can investigate and hold accountable those who it seems to sow seeds of doubt falsely amongst our voters about their rights certainly does keep me up at night because he wanna make sure what always. Out in front on top of it and responding to it as quickly as possible so that no voter is disenfranchised. Based on misinformation are just information. And we see your necklace their VO TE Michigan secretary of state Jocelyn Benson thanks so much for your time. And he. And of course ABC news is your home for live coverage on election night when our powerhouse political team our coverage starts at 7 PM eastern on November 3. One week from tonight. And we turn out to an arrest in Philadelphia over a deadly shooting of a black man allegedly armed with a knife. The man's family says that he was having a mental health crisis and they called for an ambulance and not the police. Dozens have been arrested in the protests in at least thirty officers have been injured. And tonight there have been a hundreds of protesters out marching in the streets of Philadelphia. Most demonstrating peacefully but across town scenes of chaos people looting stores and setting fires we will continue of course to monitor developments throughout the night. Are either pilgrim is there were gonna get to her on the scene in just a moment but first this report. Tonight turmoil and Philadelphia anger spilling into the streets of the death of wall to wall. It allegedly harming the night shot by police around. Thirty officers injured this video shows a pick up plowing into one. That officer hospitalized now in stable condition at police say they responded to a call Monday Wallace's family says they told the officers he was having a manic episode. And that he was bipolar this video shows two officers on the scene they repeatedly asked Wallace to put the knife down. Wallace continues moving toward the officers. Prior roughly fourteen shot. While of the Baghdad the first thing that go all the didn't pull their weapon won't let me. The Philadelphia police commissioner there shortly after the shooting I'm haired so is saying I don't have answers for what happened today. And for more on this let's bring in even pilgrim eve it today we've heard from an attorney for Walter Wallace's grieving family has so that they it actually called for an ambulance not the police what else is a family saying about the shooting. Older Bailey's attorney today saying basically you know they were expecting. Help in this crisis situation when they made that call that they don't want this what happened to them to happen to any other family and they are calling. For change tonight Lindsay. And Avis some of the neighborhoods where the worst unrest occurred took place in neighborhoods with strange community police relations you worked in Philadelphia for several years. Policing on the ground there tonight. What went into the community that has long had a history but strained relationship. With police there's Vince in this situation that happened back in the eighties where. Philadelphia police actually. Dropped in Sydney in the bombs basically onto a home in that same neighborhood were all of this went down and that is very much still in the memory and in the minds of a lot of people that live in this neighborhood it's something that they still talk about today. And that distrust of police. Is something that continues. To grow over time and that. Police commissioner today said you know in this current climate they have to figure out a way to train these officers to better deal with these situations when the. Right paternity escalates and OK the pilgrim my thanks to you. Announces the surging pandemic in this country a record high of average new infections a day more than 73000. With Wisconsin having its highest daily increase yet and doctor Burke sounding the alarm about another state that she says has little leased the use of masks. BC's outs Perez brings us a latest. Tonight the corona virus is spreading like wildfire the country averaging more than 73000. Cases a day the highest during any seven day stretch in the pandemic. It is frustrating to me. To see it are least people that are really suffering through this disease. And cancer their family is. Wisconsin marking its worst day a record 5200 cases and 64 deaths. Deaths from Covert are now climbing in 29 states we don't have so doctors are also worried about losing patience with the hope covic because hospitals are overwhelmed. This is finished faster than people are going to start diet doesn't Arafat they started that corrective. Not because they have the public but because they're probably passing pair Debbie needed to believe her care. In Philadelphia case is soaring to levels not seen since many city officials urging residents to cancel holiday Clinton's family gatherings right now are simply very dangerous the highest the Kobe case rate per capita and North Dakota and doctor Debra berkes in Bismarck calling out residents. This is the least use of masks that we have seen in retail establishments. Have anyplace we have been. Nearly 43000. Americans are now hospitalized with the virus. Like 34 year old demand the best at this field hospital in Wisconsin. She has asthma and has been fighting culprit for a month. It definitely impacts everyone differently had it I would look at. Predict its deepest. Base eighteen year old Michael Lang's family says he had no preexisting conditions or before the college freshman came home with symptoms in September. Weeks later going into cardiac arrest in donning. The hug your kids don't your kid everyday ailments she loved them and the it does say those groups something it was happy I did doesn't care what my. Such an important reminder for a song we now bring in Alex Phares Alex tell us about the new research about when those coveted and to bodies and with it immunity may start to fade. Bully Xena so many people are wanting to learn details about this and we have this new study out of brick in that fines antibodies it appears begin to decline after a bow. Three months it still however remains unclear. What exactly that means for immunity or for re infection. This at a field hospital behind me here they stand ready a taken some 500 patients more than 500. If necessary Lindsay. Right now its presence much for your reporting. The turning out to the new images of the devastating wildfires in Southern California more than 90000 people have been forced to evacuate powerful Santa Ana winds fueling two massive fires. Threatening entire neighborhoods. And firefighters have certainly had their hands full desperately trying to save homes at least ten damaged some completely destroyed the utility company is now investigating if it's equipment is responsible for causing one of those fires. CBC's Caylee hard tongue is there with the latest. Tonight those Santa Ana winds fueling tools Southern California fires that forced 90000 to flee this car. I've never rating unrated ago a security camera capturing the blue ridge fire closing in on IndyCar driver Graham rate holes home Monday. Nearby firefighters rushing to save what they could of the Daley family's home. This is what it looks like insight tonight it's hard to see god because of all the word. That we've put into this house and we're learning site firefighters were injured battling the Silverado fire including two now in critical condition. It's tough for any firefighter. Certainly any fire chief did. To feel this helpless when you've got. Part are far family. Forget fighting for the lives. And Lindsay these powerful winds that have been driving these flames they are finally starting to die down that's the good news the bad news though temperatures here are rising. Ten to fifteen degrees above normal Cellini is dry conditions. That fire threat remains Lindsay. Our thanks to Caylee for that and turning now to the emergency in the Gulf Coast Louisiana and now Alabama making it official declaring states of emergency as Zeta regained strength. Our senior meteorologist rob Marciano is at it yet again what's the latest rob. Can you believe it we're here again Lindsay and yet another storm and other potential hurricane. To threaten the state of Louisiana right now about just over four miles south of us and heading to. This spot. So we've got hurricane warnings are posted for New Orleans all away. To the Alabama border and a tropical storm watch is that it now just been posted for Atlanta metro says a fast moving storm that's gonna bring somebody's damaging winds well inland. We expect to be around a category one storm. Tomorrow at this time making landfall across southeast. Louisiana and Mississippi and Alabama storm surge of two to eight feet. We will see it significant rain with us but not flooding ranked it is moving so quickly we will see tornadoes on the east side of this day as it rockets up across the north Georgia mountains across the smoke keys the apple -- -- at getting across the Delmarva in the head and heavy rain and wind and snow. Coupling with the leftovers this thing by Thursday night into Friday for the northeast so she shot of the country getting a taste of this this time year we do a fast moving systems are not much in the way of flooding rain. But we will see how damaging winds and a significant search for this. The eleventh named land falling storm here in the US this season continues to be a record setter. Point 18. Already and already rob Marciano thanks to you. When we come back the police chase inside Wall Street. And why another officer opened fire why federal judge rejected the Justice Department's attempt to intervene in a defamation lawsuit against president trump dropped by a woman who claims he raped her. In the ninety's. Hicks is being called an historic decimation of the pandemic is certainly impact and all Americans. The Latinos are bearing a heavy burden how this may impact the election. Stay with us. Take a look at this dramatic scene captured by a body camera are. Being worn by a police officer inside a Walgreens in Modesto California. The officer chased a suspect up and down the aisles before you fell to the ground the suspect appeared to have a gun and that's when another officer opened fire. I suspect was later arrested and treated for minor wounds. We turned back to the pandemic but specifically the impact it has had on the Latino community Latinos who are over represented in jobs deemed essential. Also over represented when it comes to coated infection and deaths one expert is gone as far as calling it the quote it decimation of the Hispanic community. Our victory Kendall has more on the battle for America's largest ethnic minority. This sounds of the Matayoshi hope unmistakable. From the gold patrol beats. This is proving the general. Like today's music that's so often more slice wistful moments of sightings and teach in yes he's playing that this funeral mass. We are here to safer world to their loved ones who lost a matter science cult in nineteen. People here a spike we. Mexican immigrants from Tina and equipment up. Honoring loved ones that never received a proper good. Windy here on notice. Song telling lyrics. You know we want to feel it should appear in Mexico after her. Here with the Fam the scene of connectedness some kind of went on voting. Their. Photos a reminder of lives cut short from a disease that has ravaged communities like this one are. Or according to the CDC Latinos are telling had a disproportionately higher rate from Colvin nineteen. A recent analysis of more than 1141000. Covad related deaths between may and August fell 24%. Were Hispanic or Latino. Despite being only 18% of the US population. Bottle. A new settlement dean is believed beetle has waited six months for this game. Her mother held until I don't April 16 at just three weeks after getting sick with two to nineteen home. I miss her hand and needed to find so and peace and myself and I think today you will. I was able to actually feel peace for the first time since the day of capacity. At the time cases of the corona virus growing exponentially in New York City. Quickly becoming the epicenter of the global pandemic. It took it nineteen outbreak becoming a top issue Latino vote. Sir I think I always knew little I would not vote for. Definitely won't be for them one that just stood there watched it happen and an end to months to help. Her doctor Peter hodes is one of the world's leading experts on vaccines is drawing more lord. What we're sticking really is historic destination whom are among the Hispanic community by this Cyrus. From the Rio Grande Valley to the big cities a troubling pattern emerging throughout the nation. Elizabeth Romero so polluted nineteen sweep through her Long Beach community. It's like we're shop where young how these get a truce. Never annual she won't eluded her husband away. Melissa bean I was on the phone with her husband Jose who was in the hospital bed when he suddenly went into cardiac arrest. Volume and an Intel home a little. News yeah. Edmonds and bring them back. Even though I'm cool line you are Latino communities. Getting hit show hard by this pandemic we are essential work as much more likely be essential workers we have to be out there. In the patent and the pandemic and some of them have to take public transportation there was no choice. Also many of us live didn't work product housing prices up higher social density and all those things have been a major issue like that he has had a high events. Doctor or been got a steal a Puerto Rican day event is chief of internal medicine at the University of Miami health system is determined to help this community. He's leading one of the clinical trials for the Johnson & Johnson coated nineteen vaccine. And is calling for more diverse participants. We need more minorities were flat you know African American to participate in these studies we need to make sure these vaccines work on our people. He says health disparities among Latinos or compounded by one's immigration status and lack of health care coverage you see these young. Persons with immigration issues that really didn't want to come they weren't done enough. Fields and homestead they came in really sick with extremely low oxygen nation status and you could tell you saw the fear. In their eyes homestead Florida just forty miles south of mine he's been speeches and nightlife where these farmworkers toilet and extreme heat harvesting to. We've kind of you know mentality and to eat you know the plumber does a treatise. Or maybe they need to come to Trace it to be the first online. Resource is and how did they need it with the temperatures cooling more families are expected to hold down together indoors. The nation's top infectious disease specialist doctor into Groce warning that the number of. Gets the root of Fallujah doesn't if precautions are taken this fall and winter. The biggest holidays Filipinos Christmas Eve knew what you win you're seeing it should look different this year. Look out my brother what a house rather finding his big big chill and all this stuff and now we don't know putting up much of without without a lot of people. If you ask me right now. That's what I would recommend small event and actually got older people and my family which we all do you know there's no way a lot of my mom to be in a social setting with thirty people. That's just not what I would line. As hot as it is for us. And you can see more victors report tonight along with other stories highlighting the issues facing the Latino community as we head into Election Day right after this show as part of an hourlong ABC news live special. America's future the power of the Latino vote. Anger by my friends Tommy on the Cecilia Vega. And John King Jonas still ahead here on prime prosecutors accuse this co leader of branding his victims sexually exploiting and treating them as slaves. Today he learned how much jail time senator. The new Supreme Court justice Amy coney Paris morning in and the big cases coming up. Closer look at those and early voting numbers and the rising influence of the Latino vote but first. Hartwig of the day he loved me is in the air congratulations to Blake Shelton and Gwen Stefani. Welcome back everyone to take a look at the growing power of the Latino vote in America in this election and a heading into the future by the numbers. A record 32 million Hispanic Americans are eligible to vote in twenty Tony according to pew research projections that's 13% of all eligible US voters and for the first time in American history. It exceeds the number of black eligible voters in up presidential election. It was still a weeks ago four point three million Latinos have already voted in this election. And stones make up seven point 4% of the total early vote according to target Smart and democratic data firm. The Latino early voting is already surpassed him two point one million Latinos voted early in 2016. And it made key battleground state of Florida at 9151662. Latinos have already voted. That's more than 15%. Of the State's total early vote. Ain't closely watched Texas one point two million Latinos have already cast ballots making up 17% of that State's early vote. And it's worth noting that while Latino voters as a whole tend to be more democratic than Republican this diverse demographic does not vote as a single block. In 20161. In five Latino voters back to trump. And we saw a lot to get to cheer on my. Can track the senate races that could change the balance of power in Washington. Tonight a conversation with democratic challenger Mike SP could actually win the Mississippi six. And if you're a baseball card collector a listen up your cards could actually be worth more because of the pandemic but first. Top trending stories on Former vice presidential binding spending an entire day in Georgia in a state no Democrat has won in nearly thirty years from an Arlington united. And the other nation what the state is one of six battlegrounds Langdon is expected to campaign in this week pool in an effort to flip votes in presidential front line into when he sixteenth president trump also hitting the campaign trail heart. Planning just jump in nearly a dozen state that we can work. They grain. Bread and away. With eleven rallies scheduled in the final 48 hours before Election Day Biden and his surrogate continued to hammer president trauma on his pandemic response from Paul begala and mark. Governor so I'm defending himself before heading to his first campaign stop of the day. Just as Amy Cuddy variance warning today at a private judicial oath ceremony and ready to take. Bench of the Supreme Court there could be hearing some huge cases coming up let me just give you a few of them the election Affordable Care Act abortion. LG BTQ rights and immigration the release of the president's financial records all of those could come. Before the court suit from her offices are the former chambers of late just isn't Ruth Bader Ginsburg. A federal judge has ruled that the Justice Department cannot substitute for president trump in the defamation lawsuit brought by former advice columnist. A law protecting federal employees does not apply to president front. Because his denials of a rape allegation are outside the scope of his employment. Former gossip columnist. That actually called. Leader was sentenced to a 120. Years in prison. Key primary was convicted last year of turning a summons female followers and the sex slaves and branding them with his initials. Playing justice catches up with you as it did today. Meeting it is severe. The key turning -- will not be able to. To victimize people anymore after today's sentencing where we're very grateful for that throughout it all even through today ready area acknowledges that he. It's interesting and controversial and unconventional. Person but in a recently released podcasts from behind bars he also claimed he something else. Innocent. Women hadn't seen it apparently apparently conjuring the only Grand Canyon a world in particular countries I keep on our lives people like yeah. But I mean that I did not thank you. I certainly don't mean and kill him harness. They're the traditional signs of salt baked pie is Chris leaves fried chicken that KFC Yule log is back. Hilliard nostrils what does smells of the colonel's eleven herbs and spices and burn time for cubs a three hour works the reviews on wal mart's website overwhelmingly positive. As one consumer puts it from one blog we'll have you to Hungary to once a light another. Well let me smelled delicious mind the warning on the back and not actually fried chicken. Turning now to the race for control of the US senate as Democrats fight to win back the chamber there's a hasn't gotten as much national attention. Mississippi has not elected a black senators since reconstruction we're talking about roughly a century and a half ago Mike SP already made history wants becoming the State's first black congressman since reconstruction when he won election in 1986. Now he's trying to break barriers again this time in the US senate and he joins us now thank you so much for your time. And promoting Dickens and match. Good evening tea so last month to you tweeted like to quote here Democratic Party leaders have ignored our race for the US senate in Mississippi. They don't think a black man in Mississippi can win and they continue to count out the south and black voters. Now since the death of Ruth Bader Ginsburg donations have poured in. Would now just one week to go until Election Day has the Democratic Party may be investment that you think it'll take to win Mississippi. Lindsay sometimes these B now squeaky wheel gets the grease and so we have to say something to golf. At that time you know it was it was real. It would be the most urgent so yes I can they now. An hour played in prize had been answered now we've spent show. Contributions. Deep interest in the BS EC and the DNC. Speak of their donors. Quite a bit of both every day. They've now committed Mississippi they've allowed us we'll go to run our own campaign but ordinances they didn't. But you're fitted with support they've helped us with holy wit not. Quit oh lead in the field and they've enabled us build what I believe is. The largest I its deepest. Oracle there's admits it was history we've been built and it or you're hand they've gotten into the last couple months and bigots don't reveal itself beat the big problem. So given that would you still say that it's going to be difficult for you to win statewide when president trump is expected to win Mississippi by wide margins. Especially when you were not able to win the seat in a special election back in 2018. When trump was not on the ballot. Or. Do beer beer whale here are not saying you honestly you win it's gonna do much but bandit Hillary Clinton didn't do that than sixty. Also we've noticed an hour and brutal polling that president drop. It lost a lot of steam and its people that's primarily because of his business that is bent of the hour. Everyone know the lot but because you live. We have gotten now more than 3200 but it yet. Who have died how well different rate people are. Ninety months ago it's safe hopeful that their tenacity it will take us back to a don't know the day. But even though we with a lancet it race in the nation. We only had about six bounced around it we didn't every real hard to we got all multiple any better president well. So absurd that really is a harbinger of priest column I really believe that I had to run in a note written now we learned a lot of lessons we corrected. Of course we have a new path and I think we're gonna win here it is Saturday. All right well Mississippi is certainly one of five states that does not allowed no excuse absentee voting and is widely considered one of the hardest states to vote in. The state does have the larger share of black voters per capita in the country. Do you think a black voters will be able to vote in large enough numbers to make a difference a substantial difference in this race. We've already stated you're right we we have some archaic vote involved the region we need to do better. We do have we in birth and voting early voting. What's certain categories. Those weren't sixty but they don't odor those who are disabled and those who can brew. That they won't be home pulled open the third the region's been watching it had been very impressed with a long lines. Of voters are meeting meeting native didn't have to American voters go look voted early 2 o'clock Peabody and those those categories. I want to play for you present from sun and voluntary commissioner's comments yesterday about the black community getting a lot of attention. One thing we've seen a lot of the bid the black community which is mostly Democrat is that. President trumps policies are the policies that can help people break out of the problems that they're complaining about. But she can't want them to be successful more than they want to be successful up. What's your response to that end what do you say to all white voter in Mississippi who agrees with his statement. It's Saturday she's broken they're wrong you know it's it's an awful big trade. I'll Lindsay each of the beloved sport to meet you don't nonprofit. That vote to reverse years and we had a mission close Riegle the low income areas. In the mid south Mississippi Alabama Louisiana could it be enough to stop. And we first time home school of those have never owned a home before. We don't businesses don't Bobble rebuild medical clinic Wednesday to you is that. We work these Lankan political attributed these majority of them are African American. So I don't let jeered Christians say it is. It's night and hopeful you know I've got I got strong words or better and better about stuff there. Just not birds are back at seeing people wanted to live. Didn't sales up. Are coming in to map out an actual organization. Non profit would report to be eighty dollars. I know they want better they want better read it did not want an opportunity bigot an opportunity there sees it the next Lipton fail. Geologic reserve. He's the lie bin it's all the others who believe that we're. And finally you are one of five black candidates first senate running in the south this election season where voters have only elected one black senator since. The 1860s. Talking of course not Republican Tim Scott in South Carolina. What do you anticipate your reaction would be if none of you are able to break through with a win especially after this year's alleged reckoning on race and social justice. I don't think that's going to happen to be honest but you did ask questions in that happens we're just cut you belong building. A rare big board and I did not to go again and again believe Senator Clinton or even though they'll at six votes to run. So he you know it in the south we don't Republicans didn't do its investment. If we get ahead Twitty thirty billion dollars. Coveted in this sleepy. Two years ago we would have better data we would ever been critical infrastructure. We have stronger bitch. So would we do now is is feeling that Becky. Candidates not tendencies like minded candidate. Can I like Alice we're doing the hard work we'll build and to bridge that I can crossed over to the crime me. And so close so we don't work and will continue to do that. It now but I don't think then the which uses are. Just. Imagine what happened I think we're going to be very very well it's a today. All right it is the final stretch my guest thinks we thank you so much for your time bigot too much. And only come back we are talking. Baseball baseball cards that is a hobby that spanned generations is in over a surgeons in recent years. We'll find out what's behind the card collecting comeback when we come back. With our political director Rick Klein showing us his own. Impressive collection. Welcome back everybody this spring was certainly a long one for many of us especially for sports fans the pandemic bringing the entire sports world to complete halt. It's crush many businesses but the business of sports card collecting is on the rise once again especially in the age of coded. Soon find out what's behind the card come back in with some help from our own political director Rick Klein who took little time to share his impressive collection. As well as his knowledge and love of the hobby. These are my treasures they accumulated over over many years of collecting fuel might have blinders boxes or even an entire room blue Gary Joseph DiMaggio. Favorites for many there are relics of a by gone era but sports card collecting is having a moment. And becoming even more popular during the coded nineteen pandemic is what people back to collecting the try to do something that is CB into her car they don't travel for shops like sports car junction in Pittsburgh had been busier than ever. Business has absolutely it's better there's a lot of fresh faces that we're seeing on a seat Aly BCE people are sort. It's certainly not a new hobby this one's from. 1887. The best player of the of the nineteenth century card collecting exploded among the. Boomer generation in the fifties and sixties. And then again a couple decades later when those boomers and their children started collecting in the eighty's and ninety's. Companies like tops Mimi America and upper deck helped sports card trading takeoff. But with the dawn of the Internet age that business changed and card collecting became less popular as stores started closing up. Intertwining each wanting the first time in modern history when all sports were shut down for months due to the pandemic. Many fans found their fixed by rediscovering the timeless hobby. As we all found ourselves and side with you know who may be no sports on martini is. At least was a lot of people seemed to top as a way to really feel that connection between themselves and they deem themselves and their favorite players. EBay reports at basketball cards specifically are on the rise. With a 130%. Increase in sales in the beginning of the pandemic from the end of 2019. Michael Jordan cards surged just after the release of the last dance in April. He had a perfect storm of the Michael Jordan documentary. In which that was so does 1090. In you've had since like our men are members don't and in China or Isiah Thomas Carter Michael Jordan in dates and go back now and see how cool these are our. But he for -- nineteen the sports card industry had been trending up over the past few years we were coming off one of the best years and 2019. And so. It's really exciting to see that momentum continuing to 120. A growing number starting to see the financial benefits that come with having a valuable card. I literally of people who. Spent 23 million dollars and never actually see the cards the fire station doctors safe deposit box and it stays parents who are ready to sell it. Each warning Tony alone to LeBron James cards and a Yan is on Tito Kugel card each sold for more than a million dollars. And it 2009 might Trout card sold in August for a record three point 84 million breaking a record once held by AT 206 hone his Wagner card. They're buying foreign investment purpose because they believe is gonna go out. Dick also are legitimately trophy hunt and it will keep that's. And there's more to it than just having the car its many of the top sellers cultural grating process with companies like PSA and Beckett to make sure their cards are in top condition when a grade from one to ten driving the value and how. People who don't need to worry about is this real not real is this man is this last year when it ends at soup is good at ten. Another reason for renewed interest YouTube and online video platforms. Card buyers pool their money for something called a box break. Where you can watch online is those boxes are opened it revealing the cards inside helping one of them is a big hit high per beluga. Current room. Gigantic. Hit. Enter reality it brought tens of thousands of people hundred center street who wouldn't be here if they bought and operates. Out of tens connecting outlying Arab street being with each other forums on social media watching live brakes on YouTube you name it. That's among the most enthusiastic of card collectors is our very own political director Rick Klein that's on the first major tops issue Willie Mays his rookie card Hank Aaron. Giving us some pointers if your collection looks like this. You know these cards like this from the from the ninety's and the eighties if you're not a millionaire taking us on a tour of his mini museum what's great about this hobby the people that I met the connections that need. Knowing that this is something that I've done with my brother with my father it gives me a connection to a younger version of me. I'd to a sport that I loves to a hobby that I love and this down just inducing hobby rooted in tradition. But still a balding with today's cards featuring new designs need including autographs and memorabilia that's a piece of an Andy Pettitte Jersey. Can almost make out the K. He cured him. The cards capture distinct moments in time. One of the top selling cards of the year. Doctor Anthony found she's opening day first pitch I think they get in a favor by getting that particular picture we know where the ball went after that. It was not pretty that that that type if it's pretty kind d'antoni felt shape that he doesn't deserve it. So what is it did keeps us coming back to cards. There's no age limits you can be Ari could be a hundred. Someone who's collecting million dollar cards still has something in common with someone you might only go to Spencer and hours on a cart. He's just a court of people I've met and it was able to get RF and personally cal Ripken. The real value funds found in more than just the card itself the persistence of baseball part in this digital era. It's something special because Padilla today you are just talking about a piece a carport. And sometimes a flashier shiny one with with something something else putting it. But again today having that king and having it means something I think is pretty special. A throwback to yesteryear are making a resurgence our thanks to Rick Klein and before we go tonight our image of the day and it's heartwarming one. This mother overjoyed as she watches her young four year old walk for the pain for the very first time. I was diagnosed with a rare eye condition when the inside he was cautious at first couldn't starts to hit his stride his biggest fan tweeting now. Thomas got. And that is our show for the salvation distinction ABC news live from more context and analysis of the day's top stories I'm Lindsey Davis thanks so much for streaming with us and good night.

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