ABC News Live Prime: Wednesday, October 21, 2020

National security officials: Iran, Russia have obtained voter registration data; Violence erupts in Nigeria as protesters demand reform; Record number of women of color running for office
55:14 | 10/22/20

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Transcript for ABC News Live Prime: Wednesday, October 21, 2020
Welcoming Windsor early but not these drivers in the Twin Cities region. Record breaking October snowfall of the upper midwest sent to get hit with its third snowstorm this week. So big crisis and the virus seeing a rise across 44 states plus some school districts are managing. The CDC issuing new guidelines over what should be considered close contact. Plus the potential setback in the race for a vaccine after the death of a volunteer involved in the trial. Thirteen days away from Election Day. 24 hours from the trunk Biden debate rematch the president campaigning in the battleground state of North Carolina today the the former vice president keeping off the stump. Prepping for tomorrow and old friends feeling in on the campaign trail. The new report about the trump administration's zero tolerance policy separating families at the southern border. A disturbing number of children his parents still cannot. The landmark moment for Pope France's making history with his support of same sex civil unions. Protests against police brutality turned deadly. As demonstrators are fired upon the growing calls in the violent crackdown in Nigeria tonight's. She ends meet the eight women of color from varying backgrounds running for congress on both party tickets and how they're trying to make their mark on Washington. Being a woman of color. It's a badge of honor drive. Good evening I'm juju Chang in for Lindsey Davis thanks for streaming with us. We begin in Washington tonight where we are following some breaking news. A hastily arranged on announced government news conference on election security they're warning to Americans tonight. For an adversaries may reach out directly to voters with election miss information. FBI director Chris for ray and Director of National Intelligence John Radcliffe had this to say just a short time ago. We would like to alert the public that we have identified that two foreign actors. Iran and Russia. Have taken specific actions to influence a public opinion. Relating to our elections. First we have confirmed that some voter registration information. Has been obtained by Iran. And separately. By Russia. You should be confident that your vote counts. Early unverified claims to the contrary should be viewed with a healthy. Dose of skepticism. We encourage everyone to seek election and voting information from reliable sources namely your state election officials. And to be thoughtful. Careful and discerning consumers of information. And now let's bring in Pierre Thomas from the Justice Department live in Washington Pierre what are your main takeaways. The concerning thing here is at the federal government intelligence officials are alleging that two foreign governments. Now have access to voter registration information and Molly involving American citizens. There's real concern that now these governments can reach out directly to American voters. And try to use disinformation. Try to intimidate them the dating now have direct access to voters in an upcoming election that could be hotly contested. The other things you Judy is this. The they're saying that Iran is already use the some of this information to sit out spoofing email some of it directed at president trump. They say the Russians have not yet utilize information that they apparently have access to but given the level Russian involvement in between sixteen there's real concern that they could. Try to get involved by using this information yet again. Here Thomas. And where to turn now to the pandemic with hospitalizations going up and 41 states cases are reaching an average of 60000. A day should tonight once again the CDC is issuing new guidelines this time the embattled agency is redefining what close contact is. We're now being warned that even a series of short exposures to the virus can put you at risk of catching cove in nineteen are whit Johnson leading us off with more. Tonight a new CDC study finding that even multiple brief exposures within six feet in its 44 hour period may increase the risk of cold mid nineteen transmission. Until now health officials had said you can contract the virus if you spend at least fifteen minutes within close proximity of an infected person. Today in a rare briefing in Atlanta CDC doctors urging Americans not to let their guard down I recognize that we are all getting tired of the impact the Cuban nineteen this had on our lives we get tired of wearing masks but it continues to be. Is important as it's ever been researchers at Children's Hospital of Philadelphia. Out with a new dire warning. Forecasting a continued deteriorating situation throughout the Mountain States in midwest if distancing and mask wearing doesn't improve I want to remind everyone. Mask up Illinois the governor of Illinois shutting down indoor dining at restaurants and bars in some Chicago suburbs. In Wisconsin today a new record 48 deaths. And in Ohio another record more than 2300 cases in a single day. We hit tamp down his courage in the past. We just need to do it again. Hospitalizations. Climbing in 41 states. In Boston following a surge in the positive it be raped the school district again putting plans on hold to ramp up in person learning. For more now we bring in which Johnson and so the CC is now saying that even brief exposures to the virus can add up how does that change our understanding of how virus works when it. During jury could be as significant change it doesn't have to be somebody who sits right next to you at work or school it can simply be someone. You pass in the hall ways briefly multiple times per day. As long as it adds up to fifteen minutes and 24 hours you could be at a higher risk dude you. Intriguing thank you win. And now to the race for the white house with just thirteen days to go in counting that critical final presidential debate just 24 hours away. President trump again on the campaign trail tonight rallying supporters in North Carolina. As Joseph Biden remained mostly out of sight preparing for tomorrow night's debate in Nashville. But President Obama stepped in with a drive in rally today in Philadelphia ABC's Mary Burres has the latest from the battleground state of Pennsylvania. Joseph Biden off the trail preparing for the debate tonight his team sent in its heaviest hitter to the state it's become an absolute must win a. And over the next twelve days. I'm confident we got rid of them drove up next for every other states. Former president Barack Obama in Pennsylvania holding his first in person campaign event a drive in rally in Philadelphia. Good thing I've been. Is not a reality show this is reality. And the rest are busted out the live. Would the consequences. Of the month proving himself incapable of taking the job seriously. At least 220000. Americans. Have died. Biden's team is banking on a huge turnout in Philadelphia and its suburbs and hoping Obama will help energize African American voters. The truth is is that I'm very proud of my presidency but I've been. I immediately solve systemic racism by virtue may be and president. Trump has been campaigning hard in Pennsylvania overnight rallying his supporters in Erie but grudgingly you know not. For five months. To go always started this whole thing. Because you know before the play came in I had it name. I was a coming to you read. I mean I have to be honest there's no way I was covering. Down in the polls tomorrow night's debate could be trumped last best chance to change the direction of this race in an effort to limit the relentless in eruptions that dominated the first showdown this time the microphones will be muted some of the time. When it's not the candidates turn to answer questions. I think it. Biden telling our ABC news affiliate WIS and he knows the debate is going to get ugly. He's trying to sit signaling it has all going to be about. Personal attacks like unloaded tried very hard to focus on the issues that affect the American people and talk to them. On the view today Jill Biden says she's prepared for the president to attack her husband and son hunter but she calls it a distraction. You know our as a mother. I did. Really. I don't like. To see my son attacked and certainly I don't like to see my eight has been attacked the American people don't wanna hear these. Student here is against my family the American people are struggling right now died in has been a laser focused on the pandemic casting it as the president's biggest failure. What coded. Is there anything that you think you could have done differently if he had a Mulligan or do over on one aspect of of the way to handle it. What would be not much look at all over the world got a lot of great leaders of lot of Smart people all over the world came out of China and generation has stopped him. And Eddie prepares to take on biting at the debate the president is lashing out at Lesley Stahl of sixty minutes. Patri cut short their interview. You have to watch what we do to sixty minutes you get such an. You gotta get a kick out of it. Lastly so is that going to be happy. Today the White House chief of staff criticizing stall is quote an opinion journal list. And Mary agrees joins us now Mary Joseph Biden not spending much time campaigning this week off the trail today is not a sign of how important they view this last today. It is a sign of how important they think this debate is Joseph Biden has been hunkered down doing a lot of debate prep but it is also a broader sign of their campaign strategy the -- campaign is more than happy to let Donald Trump's soak up all of the oxygen as we get close to the election they feel that that only helps Biden's campaign to see the president out there at these packed campaign rallies. Often you see very little social distancing very few masks anti here's the president constantly on the attack because of course Joseph Biden is trying to make this race a referendum on the president's handling of this pandemic solid may seem odd to have the president out they're blitzing all of these key states and Joseph Biden at the virtually invisible from the campaign trail that is very much a part of their strategy here are two very different strategies and we have two new polls out of Pennsylvania tonight showing Biden holding a lead there. But the Biden campaign clearly still making a broad push for the keystone state. Get in the polling average has Joseph Biden up here by more than six points but this state is so critical it is likely to determine the outcome of this election so despite the fact that Biden is often the latest polls they are still treating it like this race is neck and neck it's one of the reasons why you seat for former President Obama out here tonight at Becky just ripped in to president trouble unloading on him for everything from the pandemic to trucks taxes to his treatment of the military so this state they are not taking their eye off the ball neither campaign. Credit into the variant and neither are you thank you Mary various. And for the latest on negotiations in Washington over another round of economic stimulus. I'm joined now by senator John sin the Republican majority whip responsible for counting the votes in the senate. Thanks for joining us senator. She's Gigi she. Well stick a plus his office said late today they continue to make progress with the White House and that it. They will continue to negotiate. Com and as you know well today the GOP efforts at smaller targeted bills failed. So what's most likely scenario for getting a deal they could get a vote in the senate what might that look like. Well that's easy question I think there right now as you pointed out you know we've had now multiple bullets in the senate on a smaller than what we would call targeted. Fiscal responsible version of call it released the Democrats in the house he had a much larger version of this which cannot pass the senate. And I guess what I would argue is that we need to be just because we can't do everything to you shouldn't use and we got a lot of things there's bipartisan agreement on GPG program for small businesses. Money for schools colleges universities they can. You don't wanna say lay money for vaccines therapeutics. Unemployment insurance for people who are employed all season bipartisan. Priorities and there are all included in the bill that the Democrats blocked today and so the question is if they're not for that. We can't get the bullets or an old version you know what is the what ultimately couldn't pass. Sir as you know yesterday's senate majority leader Mitch McConnell said and I quote if a presidentially supported bill clears the house at some point we'll bring it to the floor. At some point being the operative phase will senate Republicans commit to a vote before the election if the White House and the house reach an agreement this week. I don't know that we can get a poll before the election even. She and it. They have 20021. Which means she's got to bring him back into town got to write the bill there are procedural hurdles we have to do what the senate. The more likely scenario is perhaps if they reach an agreement. That there will be some agreement to hold on after the election. But that he said immediately can happen here there's a will is away but there are our right now not only on the mount. But also on the actual policy. Sure I wonder are you frustrated that the president the leader of your party is pushing for two trillion dollar deal. Did he knows the vast majority senate Republicans likely won't even support. Ryan I think the president the president wants to deal to his credit he's pushing his team harder to get there. But animal and yes we don't have anything that we. Heard about so far that we can Muster enough Republicans to get across this and its lore in the end we want to get a result we wanted our own mortgages should the American people. Honda in my view is not question the question win and obviously our politics and political season makes it harder to get that done before the election. Well one where another another we will get something done the question is it's when it's matter of time. But do you find that frustrating there isn't a good deal of daylight between you and the White House. Well it's it's never easy for sure and I have the votes in the senate it's like I don't know where members aren't. As the price tag at the White House negotiates and she needs to go optical power cynics among Republicans at least goes down. I don't think that the administration would want put it will almost Florida senate that. Completely divided or at least you know. Mostly divided Republicans where you bill passes all Democrats and Republicans Saudi obviously were always are apple policy full price today. But I think a lot of our members are very concerned that we do this way this target is socially responsible and that doesn't blow the debt. In and money to areas where we really don't you. Present the great state of South Dakota which currently has one of the fastest rising rates of corona virus cases per capita in the country should and I want to put up that Washington Post headline from last week which. Talked about the Sturgis motorcycle rally and how it may have spread corona virus across the upper midwest. Within weeks of the gathering that drew nearly half a million bikers. So along the Dakotas along with Wyoming Minnesota Montana. They're leading the nation in new crime a virus infections per capita. Very few attendees as you know that motorcycle rally in August wore a mask or socially distanced. What's irresponsible for your state to allow that mass gathering to go forward at and do you believe it's contributed to the rise of cases in the upper midwest. I would soon submit to whatever the experts are finding in terms of contact tracing as to whether or not you know there you can duties handled dots I'm not insurer. I've seen a lot of evidence about battle want to tell you is I think it's important cones people everywhere to observe social guidelines to Wear masks and were appropriate. NRC was fortunate early on not to have a lot of cases and we probably got too comfortable Russell and I think it. Colossal the order now realizing these measures do matter. And I hope that we will see more of those are steps put into place or stop the spread of this because. That's not a statistic that you want to be known for and I think the midwest has Kansas Nebraska north South Dakota right now all of those states are seen. Chases rise in we need to get Canada best way to get out of it she's follow and implement the guidelines that we north when it comes up and strip. Is the Prez wrong to repeatedly say we're turning the corner on the virus. Right now 31 states are showing a high or increasing level of Kobe case is she including your own home state. With hundreds of Americans still dying each day. Right and I and I think that it be. The rhetoric around the virus needs to be consistent day whisk. The threat that still exists out there in the end and perhaps we could see an object if we had into the where the state like South Dakota or people or more lined inside. And so if you're saying that that S is not the case would you tell the president to tone down his misstatement or mischaracterization. Of of where we are with a pandemic. The important the first things are true leaders as to define reality. I'm not and I think that the president needs to define realities of the American people the reality as usual got a disease is spreading. And is is still putting people hostile. And sill still adding to. Tragically. Shirley long list include died from I think that's important and now. All right well thank you so much for your candor and your insights and your time senator John Thune a South Dakota thanks. Or. And now the latest update on the reunification efforts surrounding the zero tolerance policy implement and by the trump and ministers and over two years ago. In a new court filing the ACLU claiming that over 500 children and parents. Remain separated saying some have yet to even be found but DHS is pushing back claiming every parent that has been contacted. Has denied wanting their child returned to them. ABC chief national affairs correspondent Tommy Thomas has more. Tonight controlled administration again under fire over its controversial child separation policy the ACLU making a stunning accusation. Saying they've been unable to reach the parents of 545. Migrant children taken from their families at the border before Jude of 2018. We are still looking for hundreds and hundreds of families. Where the pair was deport without the child. Tonight the Department of Homeland Security refuting accusations. In a statement saying they tried to reunify many families but quote the simple fact is this. After contact has been made with the parents to reunite them with their children. Many parents have refused. It's very sad the administration wants a Stanley severe the united. But for various reasons. The delicious if not acceptance to children back again in many of these cases. The trumpet biggest ration said it enacted a policy as a deterrent to illegal border crossings but after fierce backlash ultimately rescinded it. The ACLU try to track down the families after falling a lawsuit on behalf of parents separated from their children and tonight challenging DHS's explanation. Quote we have not even found these 545. Parents so neither we nor certainly the administration can know whether they want to be reunited. And the pandemic complicating their efforts. And now because of coal they'd. That backtracking has had to to largely stopped and so there are hundreds and hundreds of families we haven't reached yet. And joining us now Tommy honest Tom you've been following this story for years now and what DHS is saying is accurate why wouldn't a parent be able team reunited with their child's. Would you do the ACLU what is taking issue with what DHS is seen tonight. But one of the biggest problems you will most complicating factors is that a lot of these parents have been deported as you heard our stories are back in their native countries. And he ACLU tells us pull for Kobe they were working with Ngo partners. In Central America and Mexico good actually go door to door in some cases to help find these parents. But as we heard the report more than 500 kids right now still are looking for those parents Zhu Zhu. Tom the ripple effects continue thank you Tanya on this. And now today first for the Catholic Church in an upcoming documentary about hope France's. The pontiff giving a thumbs up to same sex civil unions. This makes him the first Pope to ever endorse same sex civil unions and while he isn't going all the way in supporting same sex marriage within the church. He is drawing positive reactions from Manning while others feel the Pope may be steering the church in a possibly immoral direction. Our James Longman has more. The news tonight an historic shift from the leader of an ancient institution. But France is becoming the first Pope in the Catholic church's 2000 year history to endorse civil unions for gay couples. This is a man. Crimes and guaranteed in the new documentary Francesco the Pope says homosexual people have the rights to be in a family they are children of gold and have a right to a family. It's a major departure from the position of the Vatican's own doctrinal office. The Pope batting what we have to create is a civil union rule that way they are legally covered. I stood up for that the pontiff has called for civil unions in the past but be full he became Pope. The emphasis on the legitimacy of the LG BT family is also notable experts calling it a monumental moment. Are real way. Not only speaking Castro only on this group of people are also speaking lovingly and making them feel more welcome and. Church conservative Catholics though tonight a calling for clarity. Thomas Tobin bishop of Providence, Rhode Island saying the church cannot support be acceptance. Of objectively immoral relationships have frogs is what's striking a chord with the younger generation. Never thought. I would see something like the in my lifetime. 29 year old Nicholas tracks are from Minnesota. Says the pope's comments speak to his home. It's accidental core wrote for LG BTQ Catholics. I value my faith and my sexuality has equal parts of my identity. But it hasn't always been that way. Our thanks to James long men and we still have much more ahead to get to hear on prime. Women of color from both parties looking to make their mark on Washington our in depth conversation coming. And in tonight's vaccine wants the man running the trump administration's warp speed program. On what he sees as the likely timeline for Americans getting the vaccines. And preventing the spread of coated in a tiny town will meet the only two residence. And welcome back now to the latest on the race for a vaccine and a rare sit down with the former pharma executive. Now acting as chief advisor of the administration's warp speed programs helping to produce is safe and effective corona virus vaccine in record time. Tonight he gives us a behind the scenes look at one of those critical clinical trials taking place. And tells us what he sees as a really realistic timeline for getting a vaccine to all Americans. Here's ABC's Bob Woodruff with tonight's vaccine watch. In a rare interview the scientists brought in by president traumatic. Head America's vaccine program told us that by this spring all Americans may have access to a vaccine. And by June everybody. Could be immunized. So there is it's a plan it's not a certainty that. The plan I think I'm actually pretty confident. Should make it sets that by June everybody could have been immunized in the US and. Doctor month's us allowing is the chief advisor of operation warp speed. The goal is to accelerate vaccine development so as fast as possible without compromising safety I'm getting way too much pressure from the White House. There's a policy but I said it's that many times I've had perhaps the single presser greedy no pressure. And I have both times said if I get to undue pressure I would say it's generally resigned. But as of late he is growing we frustrated by politics. Saying if this pandemic had happened outside an election year the vaccine would not be so political. I think transparency and sharing the information is perhaps it's their right I think doing its. We know within her political objectives. Accomplished then taints even the totally to its citizens mentioned I think he's read dangerous. In fact a recent Gallup poll shows that only about half. Half of Americans say they would even take a vaccine if it were available and free today all the news that seems to be it'd keep. Pull our. Losing faith so bad about the safety Elvis the number of Americans who would like to take his vaccine was approved and toned down I'm very worried about that I'm really worried about that. I think unfortunately it's that it's still politics. Around its I do think. That's if these same events were happening two years ago I I eat away from an election time. I'm sure. The same scrutiny could happen but it's would have a different. Tilted. But with even the first authorization not expected for months there is still time to turn that hesitation to line up for the vaccine around. Today his mission is getting more people to volunteer for clinical trials. Which could speed up approval like this one at George Washington university's vaccine research center. We joined doctor Slough it there this morning as he inspected the trial. Here's those the any woman. Do you have a need. Side effects are a little. Me and I greater amount. Listen to the. Didn't he saying we need more minorities are signed up. As you are here. Her mom she. In 2016 doctor slowly was head of vaccines for the pharmaceutical company. GlaxoSmithKline. And back then he was already preparing for a pandemic. We never seem to really get a vaccine ready soon enough and it's just a dynamic quite. Hudson who examine every time there's an outbreak and unfortunately we're info or an outbreak every year are all the years we knew exotic name. Assuming nothing goes wrong slyly says two companies could have an FDA authorized a vaccine. By the end of the year. My prediction is eight. The month of December. For the more than an accident defies a vaccine you have. Between twenty and forty million doses of vaccine stoke violence and then we can suck demonizing the highest risk. People who. The first line workers health care workers before the end of the year before the end of the year are now not every one in that population ten demonized. In December. But the companies would continue to manufacture and produce vaccine those as. In January we plan to have about sixty to eighty million those as of those who vaccines. For testing is ongoing and will continue in the weeks and monster com. And despite speed bumps and some late stage trials so I always trust remains in science. We you know this will more than anyone else if this gets approved. Would you be in line in the front line to take this vaccine shot. I would look into the dates have been and I expect it to only be approved if today's this of course that's an I would absentee of the vaccine. What about your kids would you I wouldn't Dave Wentz is approved for my. Eight years old kids I would give it to him my. Parents my spouse my friends my. This is Bob Woodruff. Tracking the race for a vaccine from. And still ahead here on prime the blockbuster settlement from the maker of OxyContin Lazio feeling epidemic continues to claim lives. Shine light on racism and video game in the new revealing studies showing just how many people are personally experiencing harassment online. And for the Hummer be making a come back why these former gas guzzlers are getting a make over. And now to a landmark settlement between the Justice Department and Purdue Pharma the OxyContin maker has been widely accused of fueling the nation's OBO crisis. Here's a look by the numbers. The DOJ today announced an eight billion dollar settlement with Purdue Pharma that resolves criminal and civil investigations. Into how the company aggressively marketed its highly addictive painkillers. The company is also pleading guilty to three criminal counts for defrauding the United States. And violating anti kickback laws no one is going to jail under this deal. This clears the wealthy family that controls the company will separately pay 225. Million dollars in civil penalties. But the settlement doesn't prevent them or company executives from being criminally prosecuted in the future. Perdue pharma has made up to thirteen billion dollars over the years from OxyContin according to a 2019 court filing but a lawyer said. They brought and far less after taxes and re investment in the company NB AP reports. Tragically no feeling addiction and overdose has been linked similar than 470000. Deaths in the US since 2000. And the crisis appears to be worsening. Purdue Pharma is now in bankruptcy proceedings and plans to close down in its current form its chairman today said the company quote me. Deeply regrets and accepts responsibility. For the misconduct. Detailed by the DOJ and plans to offer millions of doses of mobile late addiction treatment. An overdose medicines for free port ask cost. The sackler family claims they have acted ethically and lawfully. We feel much more ahead on prime including the deadly tragedy people seeking visas for medical treatment in. Crushed to death then a soccer stadium. Finally cracked down on people calling for an ends of police brutality the unrest escalating after protesters are fired upon. Witnesses calling it a massacre. And they could reach the changing face of Washington our conversation with some of the women of color from both parties. Running for congress right now. But first a look at ours top trending stories on What. When. Number word remember when. Thirteen days now. Which Election Day countdown of the major focus today on critical battleground states. Vice presidential nominee homily Harris in North Carolina vice president Mike Pence. In New Hampshire and we won't make America great again. Again yeah and former president Barack Obama heading to Pennsylvania. It's not a reality show business reality when. And the rest Muster the what the consequences. And. Birmingham sobbing capable of pregnant woman and jobs fairs and Joseph Biden at a home in Delaware preparing for Thursday night's debate and praising the debate commission's plans you were at times. Finalist candidates microphone the signature anymore. More. Its limitations on the. Starting eruption one one of the topics on the agenda for Thursday night the corona virus pandemic president trump saying he would have done much differently look at all over the world got a lot of great leaders and lot of Smart people. It's all over the world who can manage I think generations stuff that. The president meanwhile continuing his blitz to swing states heading to North Carolina the following Tuesday night rally in Pennsylvania. State he won by less than 1%. In 2016. Rotavirus cases. On the rise in more than three dozen states and now the governor of New Jersey and it's going into isolation and I was just informed by my colleagues that I was nothing close proximity to someone on Saturday. Who has just tested positive for the governor's tested negative for the virus this afternoon the city of Boston announcing it will suspend all gamers and learning and Alex. If you spend at least fifteen minutes within six feet of a person would go but ninety. Today they agencies say it might also be possible to contract the virus and even if you have multiple shorter exposures that collectively add up to more than fifteen minutes. Tragedy in Afghanistan's. At least eleven women trampled to death and many more injured. The stampede happening amid depression people at the soccer stadiums. Officials say thousands were trying to obtain visas to leave the country didn't enter Pakistan the spokesman says many of those who died were elderly and. Palmer is making an electric comeback GM's stock producing the gas guzzlers and twenty cents. They're being resurrected as electric super trucks with three motors is no one's thousand horsepower that's more horsepower. And the latest Ferrari in the Hummer TV also hasn't slowed. Which allows it to move diagonally and it's set to go into production in late next year price tag can remember a 1121000. Dollars. Only to inhabitants of a tiny towns near Umbria Italy the despite their remote location they're still falling corona virus guidelines when the elderly parents who don't live together and number 82 and 74 years old they Wear face masks and C six feet apart we may need to do most say they're following guidance because they enjoying life in their small town. And we're following the latest from Lagos Nigeria Africa's most populous city where protests against police brutality and specifically a notorious unit comedy special anti robbery squad. Have turned violent with reports of multiple deaths. Video showing armed units firing at groups of protesters the shocking scenes leading to an international outcry. Our senior foreign correspondent in panel has more. The terrifying crackle of Lorie Brown's pacing denied ever in Leckey prosperous city in led Eagles. Riot police and soldiers firing on unarmed protestors in Nigeria's most populous region. He's tell people please tell people even having to run their shooting at them at the next until game. It began as a peaceful protest. By the time the night was done the streets were full of anger. Full time. And blood and the two weeks Nigerians have been demonstrating against a heavily armed police units new new songs. It was set up in the eighties two point rising crimes and kidnapping. But it became notorious for its abuse of power and. That wasn't about how they're being hard on some big damage but the main. My dad didn't stop and talk about everywhere and it's not mention they never written. Amnesty International has accused the group of expulsion. Torture and murder. Across the country people have been taking to the streets. He's believed to say enough to police brutality. Yeah. Yeah. This young mood boosting yeah yeah. Demanding reform and their wages in a country that some Ritchie who will win. Hope the population lives in poverty. President who would do Behari disbanding the unit last week to try to quell the protest with the deployments of soldiers and other armed forces. Has only made things worse. This has happened many times be cool. The police responding with a lethal fools. With some reports claiming at least a dozen men are being killed. As the ranks of the dead and wounded grows the trash collection has caught the attention of the world. Jubilant and cooling for the Nigerian government to cease the bombing crackdown on protestors. And for the US to stand would Nigerians. Peacefully demonstrating for police reform. Nigerian celebrities who was so a Juba and people who OG and entertainers whiz kid and G Diana among the many. Called for an end to the brutality or. We need a complete dissolution of sorrow and all of us foremost. It'll take more than words to prevent meaningful change here but rarely has the government they Soo much pressure. To bring the kind of reform Nigerians the dying. You panel for ABC news life. And now we tune in to tonight's ballot watched in Minnesota the public had an opportunity. Today to literally watch ballots be counted for 22 when he despite the first blizzard of the season accounts senator in Saint Paul opened up this morning. The county offering for viewing spots to the average GO or Jane. It's that they can watch democracy. In action. And tonight a look at who's on the ballots a record number of women of color are running across the country this year on both sides of the aisle. Our Deborah Roberts sat down for a fascinating conversation. With some of the new faces and bright minds you might see in Washington breaking barriers in June. Eight women. Our country was founded on the ideals of liberty. And just this. But not through meat and hoping that a lot of young women who ask me I do believe the American dream is alive and well we feel duty bound to serve the people. For so long deserted us in this hour news eight unique backgrounds. I ended grand daughter she aircraft nominee we're sorry to. Hispanic Christian conservative member have a LT TTT. We won gold in I'm hang on Chris. As I look at all of here it is not lost on me get this is pretty remarkable what a remarkable sight to see so many women are so many women of color. In an unprecedented wave running for all. This in this human racial reckoning admits to global pandemic. A record setting 298 women running for congress and 115. Of those are women of color an unprecedented. Move. Could change the complexion of congress. But I'm Melanie the idea that they are this many women of color running for office. Well I would say my first spot Deborah is it's about time but I also think you that it given what's happening right now in our country. Record numbers of women are answering the call to duty to step up. And so for me what I think about being a woman being a woman of color and that is an asset it's a badge of honor and pride. I think it's exciting it's also a reflection of the moment Delaware. Living there right now calm and I still am very proud to be running as a woman of color as a queer let the to be able to make national history. It's very specific and I'm a firm believer that. Her presentation matters that it for not there then that that issues at a community members. The intersections and we three are not being discussed or not. C of the 115 women of color running for congress. 33 are Republicans. Those we talked to hope to pave the way for others to follow in their footsteps. To make a you're running as a black woman Republican. We don't see a lot of black women Republicans running for office we've have a a few here on this panel but. It during this particular time during this contentious election during this time with president Donald Trump and so many people seeing him as. Not open in not tolerant to people of color. Has that complicated your your. Campaign or has that somehow. Propelled you to run. It is and just seeing at a time viewed to be running and you're right it's one of those things where. I've never been a politician I've never run for office before. And I never truly and it paid attention to politics up into this plant outside of just voting far you know you'll look at our elected leaders and the president believes he is. My my my married. People are communities soon she must be a Democrat. Pray for and I colony or your democratic wife has my main seriously. So that's been something with this conversation that are happening seeing our case is happening are. Are you know the story shame. People are passing hate I think I'm an economic chances well let me hear what they have to say right before making those assumptions and stereotypes let's listen to one another. And you raised a very interesting point because the vast majority of women in congress right now are Democrats. The vast majority who have been running and winning in recent years have been Democrats yet there is a strong number of Republicans. Running right now for congress. In spite of the fact that you all from different backgrounds. You represented different party affiliations do you feel a sister foot dealt in spite of that camp. Well we have even time to an assistant and raped her on going 304050. Miles per hour. Businesses toffee now I spoke at the RNC convention thanks to president trump. You know he's the one that made the calls selecting be there and represent as a black woman at the Republican National Convention. Sells for mean this is then at true honor he's endorsed me twice and I liked the fact that you have us here today still I can say it up. What you hear in the media just isn't shrill president trump is not racist the Republican Party as it races and they welcoming with open arms. And how do you makes that argument when you're out campaigning camp especially when we have a president who has set a lot of things to people dead. The sound intolerant. They'll I would say look in his actions you know of course you know not everybody loves his lane which I think you'd like to get a rise out of people. That keeps him you know in the headlines and which he needs to do as he's running for president for reelection. But for me in I'll look at his actions. Cannot respond what Voyager jet AM I'm sorry and you know we're going to be talking about. If trumpets or the Republican Party is racist and not. What is this true we gotta we get a look at actions CL actions do speak louder than words and as a brown one man and a woman that is trenor percent the border talent accidentally two BT community members. I mean this administration has attacked everything that I see and four. I right now we're percent. A community that is a hold to the refugee community. Thanks to questions he said he art present you don't like what he's doing so abandon these the pardon. So lots if you have a democratic you know president that also nude in line would you leave your party I sit back and say we have to learn from one another. And just because we may share a political party. So different than if you have a religion or ethnicity or national origin we are on top the same so we can share the principles and like for my collar on purple. So I call myself a purple Republican. Because what I set aside. You all have noticed the polls women are breaking for. Vice President Biden and a much higher rate than president trumps nearly 60%. Of women are siding with Biden 36% with child college educated women about the same. Does that make it more complicated. Four women who are running as Republicans. And what about women who are running as Democrats does that make it a little bit easier to get your message out so Jamie is it more complicated for you right now trying to run. Well I know that I support shock and I have supported him from the beach eat. And I I see winning support China I don't see. The difference you're saying it had more support. Their agreement should the polls so that the polls definitely reflect this. OK well I mean they're just close so landing over I just hope. Pretty much this is all. That's something I've done army. Trump had inspired in every way you want to eat not used to want to work alongside it ends its U. Make vaccines what about you Michelle you know. Likes him. I'm bombings Kansas so it's a very different environment and in many places and I can tell you that incidents by the most part aren't pretty dramatic. Am I being that we're starting to see big changes for example the number for trump asked dropped from my big it was or plus ten. Or close thirteen district eight's eggs dropped down so like I'll plus six. And so pretty amazing in Kansas it is it is absolutely so it has opened up our doors to talk to a lot of people do you think women are better suited to try to. First look past some of this partisanship into work a little bit. Partner inveterate overcoming math. Well you know winning get things then so. Their conversation here we have a lot of these a gritty innings but in general it is being it's named Greg death. Didn't seem Rick who eat a thing. Each and it is our differences acting as long as we get more lean mean. In any policies in congress in a lick it. It's a local underneath the state got earnings Lucy a stronger healthier democracy. Do we have to deal with this whole like ability factor when you're running or just their status. Parent and I don't want it and there's more pressure seeing how these are they now. She our candidates then hit your ignorance is a woman. He sees fit this model and I just seen gone. We need to greatly from that Indian and equally not our young went there it you know we're confident Democrats but it truly. All know what you are at least four V I own breath OCB. Rent me so brown woman and a ground queer woman and and neither one classroom parents and it needs this country. I think that's the whole literally tear any honor yeah every single day and I'm speaking to constituents. You say you're getting hammered again at 100%. Agreed that he gives. I'm hiking. Eat things you how. Common ground. Literally and I absolutely hundred present agreement EO. And still behind eagle and beyond. And normal standard for a male candidate buying. Think there's also dismissed that you always have to be strong you cannot be vulnerable. Sometimes work pretty vulnerable because that he be let people down. We're doesn't meet expectation that we carry. I think about the strength of where we come I am positive that we all have a story about and I think as women of color. We have eight reverence for Elvis in our political affiliations or difference. We don't duty bound to serve the people who for so long this doesn't. I'm see so many heads nodding here. And let's talk about one of the powerful women who just down went before us and moved on to the other side Ruth Bader Ginsburg famously say they'll be enough female justices on the Supreme Court. When there are nine. So when will there be announced the members of congress. Who are women in men particularly women of color. We start focusing on yarn in watney who we are where Eagles out more about each other with each other. Because we talking about the ideologies. Are respect each other's humans and we start listening to understand in not to reply. I'm so why don't we get to a police in which to diversity in congress and in the senate. He's so much that there is no more curse that we're honoring each other's background story and were able to talk to each other Albion on. This community. Us. On the heels of a wildly unpredictable year no one knows how this Election Day will turn out but whether or not you see these faces on Capitol Hill. All are committed to bringing the American dream within reach of their communities. I have to say it has been encouraging. Hearing you all talk. Hearing you all reach across the miles right now to each other's certainly across the aisles as your sharing your thoughts and ideas. This is just been really phenomenal Deseret good luck to you Valerie. Merrill and Jamie Georgette Kim. Michelle and to Mika. Good luck to all of you know you probably are getting ready to go and burned some are robber hit the trail sound. Things you know they ladies yeah. Our thanks to Deborah Roberts you can watch the entire conversation on Good Morning America dot com. And just after the break. Sexism and racism is having on an industry that's supposed to be all fine games. Tonight we're shining a light on racism and video gaming the Pew Research Center finds around four in ten Americans. Personally experienced harassment online show. And it's particularly bad for gamers of color are TJ Holmes dove into the issue for GMA and has the story. Terrence Miller is a star in the world of professional gaming. But one of his breakout performances and a major gaming tournament in twin sixteen was overshadowed. Bi racial abuse he says he injured in real time as he competed. There is not a racist and hit all messages posted. I'd never expected it happened on the scale that it did. Professor could shuttle gray says video gaming has a history of harassment. Went online. In Tony fourteen there was gamer gates an organized campaign threatening women online. Things have definitely I'm better. Why do you still flicks he's sorry is similar things happen to our peoples. Jimmy spoke with a group of gamers all of them say they eat at some point hidden their identities while gaming online to avoid the harassment. I would only chat what Marc trains ambient private parties just because of verbal violence that is going on in the space you made because there's a citizen is don't want to touch cheat people from knowing. One you're a woman from knowing your black and doing something you look that much. You still filled that's what you needed to do who participated. Have gone through any very rigorous amount online harassment that meet me Sheredy. Indeed went off color are they are asking themselves visible in the space they are subject to our whole Holtz any. He's GMA was there as friends and family a professor grades go online with disturbing results playing call of duty. A multiplayer game in which people are pleased to randomly on teen. After a few hours of playing this happens hanging. Wars and I. Think OK. No verbal harassment went on for nearly ten minutes with language two offensive to broadcast. We played an excerpt of this for our group which included Taylor. Who was on the receiving end of that racial abuse. Kaelin you sounded kind of home did in the recording there are good only girls actually were called. Or with something else bubbling opens out users don't. He it was shaking was heartened to focus it was just like four attempts fifteen minutes to street racial attacking sometimes like unbearable. Would be huge year when your Dickau he. This is lighted. Every other run again. A which is the saddest part right I'm surprised that you all not surprised. Only eat super tame compared to the anonymity of the keyboard it allowed them to be absolute and complete Internet drugs. Activision the parent company of infinity ward which makes call of duty told GMA we do not tolerate racism hatred or harassment of any form. The actions we have taken include banning thousands of players for racist and hate or unit names. Regularly implementing new technology to address these issues. Adding resource is dedicated to confronting racist behavior and providing even easier ways for players to report offensive behavior. Xbox the platform though gamers and did you may demonstration were playing on said. Racism has no place and our community players exhibiting this behavior will lose access to Xbox life. Only 2% of game developers are black according to an industry survey. The folks who can help to make these decisions are just not in the road they're not at the table. Until that begins to change Miller warns you don't players of color. Might be discouraged from doing something they love. They so deserve to you BO series without fearing Iranian. And before we go to night we share the image of the day the first look at last night's historic mission. NASA landing gear rice's racks on an asteroid. Touching down in scooping the sample and all of six seconds. That'll take about three years for the asteroid samples to make it back to her. And that's our show for this hour stay tuned to ABC news live for more context and analysis of the day's top stories I'm juju Chang in from Lindsey thanks for staying with us.

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