ABC News Live Update: Senate Republicans vote to advance Supreme Court nomination

Plus, the director of national intelligence announced Russia and Iran are attempting to influence the election, and President Trump and Joe Biden are set to face-off in the final presidential debate.
35:44 | 10/22/20

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Transcript for ABC News Live Update: Senate Republicans vote to advance Supreme Court nomination
Good morning I'm Diane Macedo who want to go right to the nation's capital and to the hearing room where in just a few minutes the Senate Judiciary Committee is expected to vote. To advance judge Amy Connie Barrett Supreme Court nomination. To the senate floor agency chairman the chairman and Lindsey Graham sitting down Barrett's nomination. To fill the seat of the late justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg is expected to advance with no democratic support. And that will set the stage for the first full senate confirmation vote to happen this close to an election. And as we wait for that vote to start I want to bring in senior national correspondent Terry Moran is here Washington reporter. Devin Dwyer DeVon walk us through what's going to happen. This morning. Marty Campbell the committee is in now in the stages of wicket what is called reporting denomination to the United States senate this is. By tradition what happens in our caught in the confirmation process is in our country the committee does the vetting they do the questioning. They review the documents they do the background checks for nominees to all federal courts including the Supreme Court. How once that's done they take a vote on whether or not the committee endorses. The nomination before sending it to the full United States senate today it's a little bit different. Because the Democrats are boycotting this hearing Diane and they have called this process ill legitimate from the start they're not showing up. There's been some bad debate over the committee rules whether this can even perceive the chairman Lindsey Graham you see in there. Is determined to push this through he says he's found a loophole in the rules they can't hold this vote. Hot and as we heard they are just the other day from Mitch McConnell. They will vote on this nomination on Monday in the full senate to Iran and NFL but the guys in a little bit too to recap after the vote the right now let's listen in. So what's happening there on the senate committee floor. The Republican members of this committee for. Asking questions that matter to you. But showing a tremendous amount of discipline. To make sure that on our side the hearing room well. And each year view when this is over I hope you feel like. A sense of accomplishment. This is why we call Ryan. This moments like this. They make everything he'd go through matter. This moments like this where you can tell young conservative women there's a place at the table for you. This is it groundbreaking historic moment. For American. Legal community and really politically. Senator Blackburn and earned spoke eloquently what it's like to be a conservative warm woman in America. He try to be marginalized. And I just want to thank both of them. For their participation. And a bit about the judge then we're gonna vote. I've been here awhile and have never seen anyone more capable than judge Baird on the law. Two days of that and no. Sent corn. Made that obvious to a sad and negotiate having noticed he mentioned it. But it deep and wide understanding of the law but the most important intimate. Understanding what a judge does vs what we do. And to all the people out there wondering about judge bear attack can tell you this city laws Amy will not be. Applied to. They case in controversy will be done. Law as written in the constitution or by statute or whatever regulatory bodies she's gonna review. She will take her job home without agenda. But imported to me is this okay. To be a complete person Indian Supreme Court. So K to be pro life. She embraces. The pro life cause in her personal life. Mission understands. That judging is not a call us does a process. She embraces her faith like millions of other Americans. And there's some things being said about her friendly they're disgusting. And I just want to compliment her family. For giving her the backing she needed. To take on this job. And I want to thank the members of this committee for standing up. Against some pretty vile things. But again my democratic colleagues. Did not go too far in my opinion. But we'll win with this. Forget about what we think as political people for a moment. All of us sir. In the political. Process. In October and 2013 when they change the rules require a simple majority. To packed a DC Circuit Court you could see days like this coming. It was a decision that senator Schumer and Reid made in collaboration. I remember the night. Before the rules change vote senator Schumer culled me. And inform me I was very disappointed because I've been in a bunch of groups around here trying to keep. The traditions alive having a sixty vote requirement to get on the court. And I remember tone senator Schumer you regret this. Today he will regret it. And all I can say. Is that judge court six. Was filibustered. Two or three times requiring us to change the rules. They started this. Not me. For up to needed to be a sixty vote requirement in the senate today. True and denying judge course of the votes necessary to go to the floor. Was just. The beginning of the end of the process that it serves the country where. How could anybody in their right mind believe the judge corset plus has qualified to Sotomayor and Kagan. How could anybody in their right mind after listening to do it. Judge parent not understand she's not disqualified she's incredibly qualified. So called kitchen sneak. Apparently don't matter anymore this about trying to create a situation. For your favor and politically. I don't know where this and our how audience but I do know this. After listening to the excerpt. Vice president Biden's explanation about pork packing I'm more confused than ever. The one thing I can say. Is it the real energy. And the Democratic Party is to pack the court. Is to expand from nine to whatever number they need to make it liberal. And as to my good friend senator Feinstein. What happened to her by showing an active team and kindness to those you all you need to know. The top what awaits. A senator who gets in the way of the agenda they have for our nation. Beginning with a what the court. Today we start changing the number after every election. To make it the way we would like politically. Partisan lies is thinking and that the independence of the court. Lots a stake in this election. But today don't want to celebrate. Home to celebrate the fact. Then and Judging Amy Barrett will be reported on this committee unanimously. That. To all the young women out there like Amy Barrett this is a big day for you. To the country as a whole we're going to have an associate justice. On the court that. You should be proud. This is a good day if you don't believe me. Just listen to what the baby aces. American Bar Association. Is not high on senator Lee's list. Written many Indian. I think they do. Give some Republican nominees are time but I continued to use them because. Keep as many traditions in places I can. But. To folks are watching this hearing. Their job is to evaluate the nominee. In three categories professional competence he's character. It is judicial disposition. They spent hundreds of bowers. Talked to hundreds of people from all walks a life a Baptist Church. Judge pair. And here's what they think. The American Bar Association standing committee on the federal judiciary and has completed devaluation. Of the professional qualifications that judge Amy Barrett. They you know the standing committee combines his today relation to the qualities and integrity. Professional competence and judicial temperament. This substantial majority of the standing committee determined that judged fair is well qualified. In a mall and minority is of the opinion that she is qualified to serve on the Supreme Court the United States. The majority rating represents the standing committee's official rating. Which is the highest you can gift. I asked. The two prisoners present to worse they question. Would go to do you feel comfortable going before judge ferret. They replied. Absolutely. Another. Piece of information. Was from. So Harold. She was the dean of notre named Walsh school. While judge Ferrer was a professor. Remember what she had to say. Have only communicated with this. On this committee on two occasions. The first was two years or ten years ago when our road is strong letter in support. Have now justice. Elena Kagan. Whose term. As dean of Harvard Law School overlapped with now own. The second is today introducing in endorsing. Amy corn coming back Connie Barrett. And equally strong terms. Some might find these recommendations. Ingests a position. But I find him entirely. Consistent. So tonight. I voted for but. The committee will hold over this 4632. Home line consent policy modernization act. Ask unanimous consent that notwithstanding. The motion of October 15. Setting the Vodafone did Barrett nom nation at 1 PM. The committee proceed immediately to vote on the Barrett nomination. Any objection. Without objection. On the motion to report denomination that Amy Tony Barrett. To be an associate justice of the Supreme Court of the United States. The clerk Nicole roll paper returns. Favorably to the floor the clerk will call the roll. Mr. Grassley I missed your morning. Mr. Lee. Mr. cruise. Mr. expands. Mr. Ali. Mr. sellers. Listeners I'm mr. great battle. Mr. Kennedy. This is my friend. Mrs. Feinstein. Mr. Leahy. Mr. Gergen did mr. White House. Is close return. Mr. please. Mister Blumenthal. News around now. Mr. Booker. Ms. Harris. Mister chairman. Mr. Chaman the votes or twelve PA's ten no boots. The nomination will be reported favorable lead to the floor with a unanimous vote. Senator cornyn. The chairman. I'll just take a couple of minutes side I just find this to be a surreal. Environment we're in Wear our democratic colleagues announced yesterday there gonna boycott one of the most important votes this committee will help. Probably during that our entire senatorial tenure and that is vote to confirm. Provide advice and consent to a nominee for the Supreme Court of the United States. But I just want to comment and hung the pictures that are in their chairs like this is some sort of sporting event. During Covert nineteen and rather than show up and do their job. They can choose to continue the theater that was part of the of the hearing. Then of course this is all pretext for war. Their argument as I understand it is somehow Amy combing fare war violated her oath of office. Contrary to everything she's done and who she is. And somehow that the Affordable Care Act is hidden jeopardy. She explained I think with a great first killed the the issue before the Supreme Court it's really one of several ability which is very technical doctrine. It doesn't have anything to do with the merits of the Affordable Care Act. That it has to do what you can sever the unconstitutional. Portion from the rest of the ACA and it that it will survive. But the the fact is Democrats according to go wrong from the AC. And then senator crews in my state the last six years the premiums for an individual under the age we have gone up I believe 57%. The average deductible about 3000 dollars. For payment for the deductible is 121000 dollars which means that in essence you do not have insurance coverage. You're essentially self insured. So what Democrats have done is they've they've they realize that all of the promises that were made to the American people. Leading up to the passengers EA CA. They have been broken need. I remember pres Obama's and if you like your policy you can keep your policy if you like your doctor you can keep your doctor none of that's true. They said that we would have essentially universal health insurance coverage. That's obviously not true so HCA is failed or democratic colleagues recognize that. And that's why they have from him. The presidential candidates running in the primary. All the way down to people running in this election on November 3 including in my state. Have advocated a single Payer system. Sometimes called Medicare for all sometimes called the public option but it's all a slippery slope toward a single Payer system. And I just think it's important to point out. What they are. What they are advocating because it is ink extraordinarily radical. For that hundred then maybe eighty. Million Americans who get their health insurance on the job they would. They would eliminate that they wouldn't take that away from them in order to put them on a single Payer government program. Medicare. As we know. Has its own financial problems and something we obviously need to shore up its commitment we made to our seniors of if you pay into the Medicare program you're going to happen. Have health coverage. When you when you become eligible. But dumping 330. Million people into the Medicare program than a single Payer system will bankrupted. And we know that providers. Depend on making payment mixed between Medicaid Medicare. And private insurance in order to pay the bills without the private insurance. Premium. Or our payments. Our health care providers or hospitals. Including those in rural parts of our our states wouldn't be bankrupt. So I just think it's really important. To just lay out the facts here this is all for show. They haven't given up on the ACA because they realize that. It did not fulfill the promises were made in the past now it's unaffordable. To most ordinary. Texans and Americans. And so they have thrown that out the window in favor of a single Payer system and finally. You know senator Schumer said everything is on the table. If they win the majority. It was I think you've observed mr. chairman that if the shoe were on the other foot. We have no doubt what they would do under these circumstances. But beyond that senator Schumer said. That the legislative filibuster is in jeopardy. That they will turn this and is simply a partisan. Body where you don't need to do the hard work to get bipartisan support. They wouldn't consider turning DC into a stated. In this state would get two senators Puerto Rico. A state. And getting two senators they want to permanently. Transform. This country. This isn't about incremental change this is about revolutionary. Changes in our country and then finally. As we've all served their advocating. Hacking. The Supreme Court with additional partisan judges. And as Ruth Bader Ginsburg pointed out there goes the crown jewels of the American republic which is our independent judiciary becomes nothing but another political body the second. Legislative or political branch. So I just wanted to take a minute and thank you for your patients. To lay out my thoughts and observations with regard to this. These theatrics with which our democratic colleagues. Her presenting us today. This is all for show this is to try to capture a narrative. Which is simply false. And cover up. What they are really about. So thank you mr. chairman. Thank you senator corn miner grew you sit. Why don't we do the business the committee within a few more judges and not the subpoena Rivera ages the Senate Judiciary Committee Republicans vote to advance judge Amy Connie Barrett Supreme Court nomination to a full senate vote but noticeably. The committee's democratic members were not in that room they boycotted the vote putting up poster size photos. Of Americans who they say would suffer if Amy Connie Barrett. Casts the deciding vote on the court to strike down the Affordable Care Act Terry Moran and Devin Dwyer joining me now from Washington with more on this. And DeVon the status off your what's the significance. Democrats not voting today. Highly unusual Diana mean we haven't seen in modern times. Democrats not show whop. To vote for a nominee to the Supreme Court there was a fair point made by chairman Graham. And John Cornyn there mean this is a lifetime appointment. To the Supreme Court that said Democrats have been pretty firm in saying that this is unprecedented. In its speed this nomination if she is in fact confirmed on Monday or early next week would be one of the fastest in modern history just about thirty days the average is seventy. Of course also Democrats are still see dean over the apparent hypocrisy here just four years ago Republicans blocked. President Obama's nomination in an election year so there's a lot of. A political finger point need to go around but this is a very significant. Moment usurp her chair Graham call it groundbreaking and historic. It certainly is that adding this now a very qualified judge. And just the fourth woman to sit on the Supreme Court. How likely on her way to confirmation Diane. And Terry you've covered a number of Supreme Court confirmations have you ever seen anything like this. Now are two different Tara up until 2017. Diane. Senators could filibuster could insist that the senate vote with sixty votes to confirm Supreme Court justice and that forced. People to talk to each other. That forced a serious examination of the nominee and the conscience of each senator that's all gone Democrats blew it up for lower court justices and 2013 and then. Republicans blew it up and 2017 to put Neel Gore's a German court sort of different aero. And this is not just. Democrats. Refusing to participate it's an effort to undermine the legitimacy of any coney Barrett no Supreme Court justice has ever been confirmed. This close to an election the Britain's record was in July of an election year. And and Democrats have made their case the people are already voting and there's something wrong with this nominee that it's also an acknowledgment. That she did very well what the American people in testifying her poll numbers support for her nomination and confirmation went up. And nevertheless. What I think Republicans hoped will be a major. Election year issue for them she's. Absent from Donald Trump speeches and from the campaign trail right now it is a victory no question about it for Republicans. But one that might cost them in the coming days. All right we'll find out the election less than two weeks away Terry ran in Devin Dwyer thank you both. And turning out to that race for the White House at least 44 million Americans have already voted but with just twelve days to go until Election Day. The Director of National Intelligence has announced that Russia Andy Ron have stolen American voter data. Gaining access to names addresses and more in an attempt to influence the election our Chief Justice correspondent Pierre Thomas has the latest. At a hastily arranged press conference the directors of national intelligence and the FBI. Announcing that Russia and Iran have stolen information about American voters. In an attempt to meddle in the upcoming US election. This data can be used by foreign actors to attempt to communicate false information. To registered voters that they hope. Will cause confusion. So chaos. And undermines your confidence in American democracy. A senior government official familiar with the new intelligence selling ABC news' that Iran and Russia were able to target and exploit state and local election databases. To obtain voter contact information including names and addresses. We are not going to tolerate foreign interference in our elections or any criminal activity that threatens the sanctity of your vote. Or undermines public confidence in the outcome of the election. ABC news has learned some of the new intelligence in those around a series of email us into an unknown number of voters in Florida. The claim to be from the cowboys who sources say are actually from Iran in example obtained by ABC news reads. We are in possession of all your information. You're currently registered as a Democrat. You will vote for trump on Election Day or we will come after you won alleged recipient of the email fearing for her safety. You first read that somebody as your answer and they like to come back Barbara I was at my god my scenes. Some of the power boys and ultra rightwing organization which critics have described as racist. Haven't race trumps real action tugged my yeah. Okay. A number of intelligence officials believe that framing the proud boys for voter intimidation. Would reflect poorly on president trump. Some Democrats disagree. I did not get the impression it was change at any political figure and I'm surprised that the and I reckless said that at least at this press conference it was rather done to undermine confidence in our elections. Some critics directly appointed to his own mission regarding the specific threat against democratic voters as playing politics. That the what is a very concerned with what the Russians might be planning to do with that stolen mold and registration information given their success in the 2016. Election. Diane and I concerning for sure appear Thomas in Washington thanks care. And president trump and former Vice President Biden are set to face off tonight in Nashville this is the final debate before Election Day and this time there are no rules in place to minimize interruptions. ABC's Mary Bruce has the latest from Nashville. Twelve days to go in just hours from now the last best chance to change the direction of this race. We're going to win four more years in the White House. Non defense president trumpet looking for a badly needed boost. After their chaotic first faceoff and you just don't here's the deal I know a lot more money that is new and let him finish the debate commission is trying to prevent a repeat of those relentless in eruptions with an unprecedented move. Commuting the candidates for two minutes at a time when it's not their turn to answer questions trounced not happy about it. I think it is very advanced. And I think it's very bad have been abducted about par offensive about this stuff get about part of America. But that's not the case the topics are up to the moderator ground rules trump agreed to while the president has been blitz in key battleground states. Joseph Biden has been laying low off the trail the former vice president telling our ABC news affiliate W I and and he knows the debate is going to get ugly. He's trying to say it signaling united cell going to be about personal attacks on to try very hard to focus on the issues that affect the American people and talk to them and while Biden hunkered down in debate prep. To. Following his biggest heavy hitter out on the campaign trail to energize voters pumped up their by the former president Barack Obama at a driving rally in Philadelphia unloading on trial in a blistering rebuke. Good thing that this is not a reality show business reality. And the rest of must've had to live. Would the consequences. Of the amount proving himself incapable of taking the job seriously. Going after his successor on everything from the pandemic it to Trump's finances. And reports that he's allegedly hundreds of millions of dollars in debt and has a Chinese bank account. Blitzer do magic but that a secret Chinese bank account. When I was political legend you that box new motto Brimelow concerned about the. What a call me beige. Do you. Okay president. Who all of the bunch of money to big. Or streets. Now the White House is not officially commented on those latest allegations and the president insists his debt is quote tiny compared to his over all wealth but there is no question tonight's debate could be a huge potential make or break moment for his campaign and of course millions of Americans. There are already made up their minds they have already decided 44 million ballots now already cast across this country. Diane time Mary Bruce a national forests thanks Mary. An ABC news political director Rick Klein joins me now for more on this. Rick millions of Americans have already voted at 538 polling average shows Joseph Biden leading president trump. By about ten points right now so what's at stake for the president and for Biden tonight. Yet scientists has been a stubbornly staple race all huge events that have rocked the country over the last weeks and months they seem not to really influence the race that much yeah. Easily Democrats sun anymore pool where they stand. The president trump though this is almost over the last best chance he passed it to change the conversation on the way to make this much more into a choice between him and Joseph Biden. As opposed to a referendum on his own presidency. And why didn't I think what we're really not to screw op things don't go for him he's been pretty quiet on the campaign trail the last couple days. This is going to be by far the biggest audience to eat and he's. I'm a Portland tonight it's all I'm Biden likes where he stands right now can't be complacent. I think he's gonna haven't been a balancing act and how he responds and there are a lot of personal tax credit. The dynamics are in debt and all trauma needs to make a lot more noise than Joseph Barton and disabilities go to. And in terms of the changes for tonight we hadn't or heard. Been Mary's piece they're going to be at turning off the lights for example during those two minutes that each candidate has to speak. How significant are these changes and how do you think that plays to their strengths and weaknesses. Well presidential complaining about the changes he thinks its other commission it is trying to Muslim and some way to put his side to it which is dead. I don't trust gonna get a clear two minutes of the struggle every answer to state basically anything he wants. He's been complaining about topics aren't necessarily going to be covered you realize he wants to in the moderator or Joseph Biden can do about it. I'm we know didn't headlines and it's the president is likely to want to jump on likely to launch into some some real personal highly personal attacks against against Vice President Biden. And let him do it sort of think it's obvious potential as she works and away the president it's a goal is just he'll deliver his lines delivered to clean. And president trump has also complain a lot lately about the lack of foreign policy discussion in the debates what kind of topics are they expected to hit on tonight. Isn't the same as the last time Condoleezza moderator Chris well police a list include things like Hogan nineteen in the economy and race relations foreign policy is not its own bucket. The president easy correct when he says it is is intended to be foreign policy but he was never announced that it was always intended to be the moderator. Foreign policy I am sure will top model particularly with the headlines. Overnight about time attacks by foreign actors took to try to communicate with American voters I'm president again and bring it up however you want so. I got a really used to this kind of work in the rest only on odd to meet on the white campus signal where president Ted's case is that he's complaining about. And this briefing on election interference by Iran and Russia is a curve ball less than two weeks. Before the election to say the least so what can we expect to hear from the candidates tonight. On election security. Yeah that was really a stranger event last night at people level wondering got 2016 genes column easily a little intervention and and and go to occasions and campaign. This sucks and so it is very different but it was a political achievements what did Director of National Intelligence. John Radcliffe had a say in saying this is particularly aimed at hurting president. Jimmy saw the people who question of whether there is. Election interference going on meddling by art and Packers clearly India is. It's always been probably more on politics in the country in not wanting to get it particularly with regard to Russia so you can imagine is coming up as a topic not just a question of they were trying to be influenced and whether enough is being done and fundamentally whether people are being scare away intimidated. I'm gloating when he choosing how and how does that Ocala. Her head ABC political director Rick Klein thanks Rick. And be sure to tune in to full coverage of the final presidential debate tonight at 8 PM eastern right here on ABC news lives. And now to the latest on the corona virus at least forty states are reporting an increase in cases and yesterday the US reported the highest daily death tolls since mid September. Some hospitals are reporting beds are filling up Matt Gutman is in Billings Montana with the latest. You're watching get another patient being wheeled through one of the nation's busiest icu wards its capacity 24 bit sweet. Probably are averaging on any given days somewhere between 28 to 32 icu patient. ABC news get a tour at the Billings clinic hospital icu in Montana where they've converted offices. It to hospital rooms and started doubling up on patients. They help people in the operating room and how we can get a room opened for their care here for taking care and on the cardiovascular unit there are literally competitions all over the Hospira Kobe patients Alabama hospital yes. Her act. Cove in his meeting hoard landing in so called flyover country in North Dakota just 11% of hospital beds available. Researchers at Children's Hospital of Philadelphia forecasting a continued deteriorating situation for welcome Mountain States in mid west. That is if distancing and mask wearing does not improve I want to remind everyone. Mascot the Illinois the governor of Illinois shutting down indoor dining at restaurants and bars and some Chicago suburbs. In Wisconsin to date in new record 48 deaths and in Ohio another record more than 2300 cases in single date. Hospitalizations climbing in forty states. In Boston following a surge in the positive but he rate the school district again putting plans on hold to ramp up in person learning after nearly six of every 100 tested persons. Tested positive. I didn't hold my old schoolers look. But in places like Montana bars and restaurants were humming Wednesday night and social distance. And fury in Billings it's up to bar parishioner even to write a press release for each Kuby death though she never knows their names. Every time I write a press release by a think oh my gosh and I can be writing a press release that says a woman in her seventies and and it's my mother this is passed away. Dan what's remarkable about hospitals like this is that this Osce has capacity of 24 dad's right but they have expanded their well over forty patients in the hospital right now. Covert patients who require icu care sedate created new rooms they've converted. Offices into beds there turning nursing homes into icu units. But at some point in across the region not everybody's going to be able to cope. As this hospital hats especially with the numbers doubling over the past month that means a lot more hospitalizations. But unfortunately the reality is it also means. Many more deaths else. One note about the CDC redefining what close contact means. It's a really important definition previously. You were at risk if he spent fifteen consecutive. Minutes. With someone who was a Covert positive case now they're saying it's fifteen. Cumulative minutes over a 24 hour span meaning you don't have to sit next to someone in an office all day he just pass them. In the hallway multiple times. And still be at risk. Unless of course you're both wearing masks. Diane I'm more broad never Mac government from Billings Montana thanks Matt. And that does it for this ABC news live update I night Maceda thanks for joining us remember ABC news live is here for you all day. With the latest news context and analysis we'll see you back here at 11 AM eastern.

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