ABC News’ Powerhouse Politics team breaks down vice presidential debate

“Sen. Harris won the debate and Mike Pence helped himself,” said ABC News' political analyst, Matthew Dowd.
7:16 | 10/08/20

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Transcript for ABC News’ Powerhouse Politics team breaks down vice presidential debate
Tonight's debate I'm much more respectful and some ways substantive debate are powerhouse roundtable is here now to wait in rom Emanuel let's start with you. The events of the last week there are certainly unprecedented the president has a Kobe disagree there are enough people. That's another statement right. That's not just. At 34 people tested positive connected to the White House outbreak how well do you think that vice president pens did defending that outbreak an answering questions. About how seriously the president treats a virus. Well I mean it truth is not very well because the facts are very well that's that simple he has a horrible and the American people made a judgment even free the White House. We're cove it is infiltrated the White House vivid images 16100 Pennsylvania Avenue. And the Colby has undermined everything they think about that sacred secular place. And you can't change people's you look they've gotta conclusion over the last six months about the way the drug administration has handled Colvin for them for the country. And now at the White House and to me this is like a period at the end of the sentence and I think the fact is if there's anything at what is said. But come on Harris could've done more which was hurt I think she's getting very good job she was confident she was composed it she was strong. But what could have been done is that you work Clinton chart because aid HHS secretary was not doing their job. And still. We continue to lag everywhere else in the world when it comes to protection. And moving forward in making sure that we have what we need for a firm line workers an ever families and to meet I think this is going to be. The people of meaty judgment which is why he's her to see these poll numbers are breaking incurred further further strengthening for Joseph Biden income. Here's Sarah similar question to you course a vice president is also the head of the White House corona virus task force a majority of Americans disapprove of the administration's handling of the pandemic do you think that the vice president was effective in defending their response. I think he was very effective he had to kind of responses about all things the task force has done. That have been positive and there have been many. Positive things that have come out of this therapeutics faster vaccine research more PPE four. Ventilator were not shipping ventilator so other countries they have done a pretty good job the problem is the rhetoric hasn't. Match the actions there hasn't been clear and consistent guidelines out of the White House about how Americans should be hey. And that is chair and chair and so. It hadn't vice president trump our TV had president trump what vice president pence do a lot more talking in the early days of this pandemic. I think that then political landscape would be much more favorable to them right now. He that I see you shaking your head. I think it's really hard for them to talk about the response that they had for the corona virus when 34 of their own. I have contracted the corona virus I talked about the fact. Says my kids can't protect his own office let alone the country. Him with 34 infections and the GOP right now that exceeds New Zealand Taiwan and Vietnam cases together. We shot over 124 million people. It's so I think he was he with this round said he did not have an answer he could not have an answer because there was no incident half. And so I think he would have been better suited to be the talk about what they plan to do in the future rather than trying to go back in history recreate what they did before. Adding that wanted to stay. If you for one minute I mean of course vice president pens kind of dodge that question about. Uses abortion Roe vs. Wade in overturning that what do you think that does fourth those. White suburban female voter. Yeah I think he loses them we know that a super majority of Americans believe that a woman should have a right to choose. And I think coming here is made a very very clear. Where she and Biden stand on it we know that Mike Pence that was up ultra conservative extremists particularly on issues like choice and so I think him standing on that I think. It probably alienated a ton of women in the fact that he failed to answer what his own state with two. If Amy commie bear was brought into the Supreme Court and that issue of choice became the came before the Supreme Court. As I think that they lost women they probably lost some men to do that they felt a lot of people support women's right to choose what happens with their body. Matt Dowd want to bring you in here with no stimulus checks since July the president shutting down stimulus talks and millions of Americans worried about putting food on the table do you think senator Harris. Was effectively able to make a case that Joseph Biden will be the man to revive the economy. Well I think we're in a moment where. Eighty present a country thinks were up on the wrong track and so anything that talks about how bad it is and how bad things are today benefits. Senator Harris and Joseph Biden in this race and I think. Whoever is the candidate not in office is a beneficiary of what is going on today and and so I thought as I say I think senator Harris won the debate not by a large amount but won the debate. I think Mike Pence helped himself. In the end the debate among Republicans who look at him and say I like Mike Pence. In this I think senator Harris comes out of this more popular. But I think the fundamentals. As we look at this entirety of the race I think the country still upset about Kobe. They're still upset about the economy they're worried about health care and all of those things in that dynamic. Are frozen in place right now Mike Pence had to figure out a way to shake that he didn't shake that dynamic he didn't do badly. I'm one other thing about Mike Pence that I found fascinating watching this. Is Mike Pence misleads and prepare Kate's as much as Donald Trump. But he just does it with conviction and sincerity that's what I thought was amazing about watching this debate. He doesn't come across as very sincere rob last week's presidential debate was widely considered to be the worst debate ever. We often say the elections are about the top of the ticket but with five and 77 and trump 74 with Kobe to. Do you think that tonight was more important than the typical vice presidential debate. Yeah I'm and I don't think this will change the race and that's not good for Donald Trump I think it's very important because in many ways these are under studies. 22 candidates and I think they're showing themselves only for 224 but what kind of as I said earlier I believe she did come on Harris is talked about being a partner. Parents was very much the loyal soldier who won I think I would touch on while all the issues were touched by Susan and asking questions about policy. More than things it's out there is palpable is his sense of America is lost and more spiritual which is why about the vice president's speech it gays Burke was so important. And it took an eight. To asks a question. About America and us as a country in a community and do something that we care for each other technique while the policies got questions got asked. The thing that is spiritually speaking in America took an eighth grader asked. Thank you so much shore powerhouse roundtable we appreciate it and that is all for us tonight from serie event and met thank you so much for joining us be sure to keep it right here on ABC news live coming up next in Hong core of the vice presidential debate thanks so much for streaming with us. And good night.

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{"duration":"7:16","description":"“Sen. Harris won the debate and Mike Pence helped himself,” said ABC News' political analyst, Matthew Dowd.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/Politics","id":"73492300","title":"ABC News’ Powerhouse Politics team breaks down vice presidential debate","url":"/Politics/video/abc-news-powerhouse-politics-team-breaks-vice-presidential-73492300"}