ABC News talks about Trump’s take on Democrats

ABC contributors and analysts discuss Trump saying he will "dominate" the 2020 Democratic presidential candidates.
3:17 | 09/13/19

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Video Transcript
Transcript for ABC News talks about Trump’s take on Democrats
One person who we haven't heard from directly tonight though and we think was angles attention and that's the president but you are getting some reaction. This campaign and got both phone and Twitter real time here we haven't heard it at sweet scene a tweet from the president yet on the on the actual debate remember he did say that he was gonna watch this in in reruns because he's to have this event event Cara program Eugenia. Addressed night exactly Tebow can't Tito did he love seat because he's the one of the greatest inventions of man comedy. And really I mean season doing it's it's it's health and in the night. Eight but at this event in Baltimore it was the G Hughes began to Republicans the house retreat there. He didn't mince words he went after akin they're the rivals who were on this stage he said that he went after. Elizabeth Warren used the nickname Pocahontas is city went after her too early he made fun of peak booted judges heights. You know so he's he's in campaign mode already on this one and from a campaign the charm campaign themselves we've heard. For our team is heard from the campaign communications director they're saying that this was and an impressive roster. A dams tonight nothing new president trump will dominate any of them. You talked about Andrew Andrew Yang that in a 100000 dollar. We're Munich public donations offer I don't know there they're saying that that is openly buying votes so. They're ready because I think it's just a matter time before we hear I thought I would. I've got to play if you want to get a sense for what this campaign is gonna look like this is going to be a dark. Dark campaign adversely averted it some of the attacks here Eudora you don't battle Rourke so there's a white supremacist. In the White House and in look at what the president said in in Baltimore and and I think this is this is the approach. You really have to elects me whether you like it or not because. It makes no difference because our country won't go to hell if any of these people get in it will go to hell and that he said. I'm really not joking you have no choice because whoever they put in. It looks like they're going to have a revolution. Of the left the going to take your money for going to hurt your families so I think this is. Apple is now going to be an uplifting. They get too dark yet so I think one of the things they do that had to happen for at this democratic debate tonight. Is for people who look at that and say who can stand up against Donald Trump and listen to bat and punch back. And you had a lot of really good debate tonight you had Joseph Biden punching back. Who who whispered with pretty strong tonight get a lot of people punching back. But I'm not sure that people look at the candidate in imagined that they can stand up to trump and I think that's. I I I think we said it earlier tonight I'm not sure how how much forward progress there were swayed. Even though a lot of what lot of the candidates were very strong it was a real debate I think but people got to listen to important topics. It lead to war when they didn't where they stood on these issues so a lot of the same thing. I have to say I loved the ending a loved it and you can't pass it it was inspiration oh yeah you use on real it was different Islam really. Real authenticity. I think for most of the candidates telling a strict. Even if they've told those stories before it was almost like okay the debates almost over we're a little more relaxed the recess so new Rea.

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{"duration":"3:17","description":"ABC contributors and analysts discuss Trump saying he will \"dominate\" the 2020 Democratic presidential candidates.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/Politics","id":"65586534","title":"ABC News talks about Trump’s take on Democrats","url":"/Politics/video/abc-news-talks-trumps-democrats-65586534"}