ABC town hall participant: Trump is ‘making everything hard for us’

Flor Crucera says she is still “in pain” after the death of her mother, and is “disappointed” in President Donald Trump’s answer to her question on immigration at Tuesday's town hall.
5:18 | 09/17/20

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Transcript for ABC town hall participant: Trump is ‘making everything hard for us’
I would play an emotional moment from ABC town hall last night an immigrant from the Dominican Republic who recently became a US citizen. Asked a question on behalf of her mother who died of cancer just days after she finally became an American citizen. She half. Brisk say well it may madrassas is on her brain Bonin islands. Keep facts on the 19100. Biggest dream what's to come. Us citizen to wolves and sheep being. TVs in the eighth before she'd and dammit I needed to Mr. Bush missile applied to the where am I beating this class put me. I hear it was apparent she was supposed to be here in mass hue and thinking you put it being. This station stayed put into inducing but today thank you made people curls there windowless a job. What we learn how to are partly to. So and I'm saying now from head. Vernon's. Flat. Compared play a show for you what because you're right that's what's. Well window. For our immigration system what would you change. The name what people like me. And I cared for Billy cub significant and bold. So we are doing something with immigration that I think is going to be very strong. Because we want people to come in to our country people like you. And like your mother. And that she shows ovation as the cove it is especially when you have another problem we have a heart problem or another type of a problem. Floor Chris set to joins us now thank you so much for your time we really appreciate you coming on. Question for you is 2.4 hours after that emotional moment how you feeling about the president's response. I I fear this plane tickets. He and the east soaking up Amy ray Sheehan and then he. Completely isolation twelve Colby I understand and that is this equation we aren't eating ring mount. I'm naming what I did Mac say dot com mom guy but equally. If you see me so on this until they meet all see who really yours changed. My equation and he is banning the outages. And I can that city. To heat and I mean that. Say to my mom got borrow only because analysts. My A Lawrence wasn't coming out of my mouth because I was too much crying. But. I was buying it. She recognized that the time that he was assuming that your mom had passed from color that you just felt it was inappropriate. To correct him. This isn't it let's say it broke it is that I lows. And AM yeah I've tried speak. Bull. I call you. I just too much in my brain I am not Mormon and I. Diet to understand that. Seeking Matt. Does. All she does strike the challenged. Mike wishing complete eating. Being in your family came to US in 200614. Years later you're finally a US citizen. Since president trump took office his administration has moved to put barriers on legal immigration and decrease the number of refugees allowed. By the thousands are you concerned that it appears to be getting harder for immigrants to legally come to the US and become citizens. It's making nearly hire our allies. I'm. I don't know what we can spit or. Was up many don't act fast acting acts. Let's use. I'm local people helped Spanish people and people like me. They'll be caught us citizen in bullets in nineteen. It's time for honestly isn't depressing and they eat my. Dose. Of comedy here. When they make and cream in April and half the morning compete any fluid. He and so did they ask Google what a gold. The mission and foggy but. Inhabits cuter and it is hot from utilities that. I patented dating. This does not speak up last night what I. I just break. I was so much last mine well I think in a lot of. People it is being in your situation would would perhaps feel the same man and our deepest condolences to you floor. For the loss of your mother and and we thank you so much for your time tonight in and sharing with us. Here. You sort it timing. But they opened clinics will be here we you it's.

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{"duration":"5:18","description":"Flor Crucera says she is still “in pain” after the death of her mother, and is “disappointed” in President Donald Trump’s answer to her question on immigration at Tuesday's town hall.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/Politics","id":"73062066","title":"ABC town hall participant: Trump is ‘making everything hard for us’","url":"/Politics/video/abc-town-hall-participant-trump-making-hard-us-73062066"}