Zapruder: I Saw 'All Blood and Everything'

Abraham Zapruder tells WFAA's Jay Watson what he witnessed in Dealey Plaza.
3:02 | 10/18/13

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Video Transcript
Transcript for Zapruder: I Saw 'All Blood and Everything'
Gentlemen don't want to our studio I'm meeting for the first time as well as you justice WAOK to be no excuse my name producer. Abraham -- There's enough food -- -- And intelligence bulletins. I got -- about a half hour. -- -- -- -- -- The concrete block. Thought. -- -- -- -- -- And the Bible student. Has been thrown -- -- -- -- -- We'll have redundant. Shot. And you want to decide. Whether there's. And I have another shuttle to occur and there were one of truth. Missiles have thought that open up old. I think. I think -- pretty well equipped with the Americans -- You have the film camera we're going to have more who. We'll try to get that process to have missions possible right now we have videotape. Picture of the -- building. Where believe. Bullet came from there -- a picture of the building formidable list of killing possibly one of the wonders -- the we use. The top right hand. Okay which one which one was it. -- -- -- There it is there's a picture of the window. For the gun was allegedly part from that killed president -- Excuse me go ahead -- Though most of them a lot of -- but. -- block of and that was kind of fall. -- send a -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- The shot and demographic. -- I was about a hundred yards away from. One of our from the -- and I walked over to -- president Kennedy who about a hundred yards away and it sounded like there were three shots and after the first couple allies said. My god they shot the president. And we walked over smoke. It's good to people on the -- there imagine you'll -- people. You divide this. This happened this afternoon about what time 1235. Or at 1 o'clock this on the life. Personally sounded like firecrackers and -- -- -- exclusive their shooting off fireworks but then we realized the government to realize that they were. Lauer reports and for those. Familiar with you're in the market -- close. -- recognizable sound that.

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{"id":20614059,"title":"Zapruder: I Saw 'All Blood and Everything'","duration":"3:02","description":"Abraham Zapruder tells WFAA's Jay Watson what he witnessed in Dealey Plaza.","url":"/Politics/video/abraham-zapruder-described-kennedy-assassination-20614059","section":"Politics","mediaType":"default"}