Acting ICE director defends agents

Matthew Albence defends the ICE agency and criticizes lawmakers in a sit-down interview with ABC News.
2:43 | 09/19/19

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Transcript for Acting ICE director defends agents
Our colleagues at Nightline have been working very hard. On immigration crisis we are still seen down up on the southern border wall caricatures he's gonna join us again for this segment because he spokesman nations. Top immigration enforcement official and he actually scolded. Lawmakers for their heated political rhetoric he's saying every one including president trump. Quote needs to take a deep breath caricatures Q what did you learn. Well we talked would would Mathieu ailments the acting director of immigration and customs enforcement John and and he was concerned about the impact of the rhetoric and and he noted the temperature. Of the national debate over immigration and he said. Politicians need to tone it down an admonition that could apply to critics of the administration's policies. And probably could apply to the president himself as his administration has taken a hard line all on immigration enforcement. His concern all bands is concerned. He is on the impact to be immigration officers who are carrying out the policy and whether they are in increased danger. Because of all the rhetoric take a listen to our conversation. Our you find in the political climate is impacting the work of your agent. I don't its impact in the work but I think what it's doing is is creating a situation where that work is becoming more dangerous. You continuing politicians and media vilifying. Sworn federal law forced officers that are doing their patriotic duty. Many of our officers were or our military veterans and their. A third of our workforce of veterans who were heroes before the universe put on that. And they're forcing these laws to the best of their ability. But when you have people going out there knowing full well. That we don't run concentration camps that ice doesn't put kids in cages. That were not Nazis. Enforcing a law and order signed by a federal judge on it's those kind that those kind of language and that kind of rhetoric. That results in people. Who may not be a vote of sound mind doing things like. Shooting bullets into a nice facility in San Antonio Texas almost hitting one of my agents or trying to blow the detention facility. And hurt the individuals are there working in those facilities as well the detainees that are contained therein. Indeed much more useful. And with my what Michael struck is just put the facts out there. He wants the facts out there I asked him about in addition today of the fear among the safety of for the safety of law enforcement officers about the fear. In immigrant communities because of the aggressive approach and he says ice consistently nine out of ten times goes after. Undocumented immigrants with criminal records to us. Caricatures he in New York thank you.

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{"duration":"2:43","description":"Matthew Albence defends the ICE agency and criticizes lawmakers in a sit-down interview with ABC News.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/Politics","id":"65729536","title":"Acting ICE director defends agents ","url":"/Politics/video/acting-ice-director-defends-agents-65729536"}