Activist group Indivisible aims to kill the Graham-Cassidy health care bill

ABC News' Molly Nagle speaks with Indivisible co-founder Leah Greenberg about her group's efforts to stop the latest attempt to repeal Obamacare.
7:34 | 09/20/17

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Transcript for Activist group Indivisible aims to kill the Graham-Cassidy health care bill
I think so much for joining us I eat is my leaning over here here in Washington DC at individual hecklers or hear of Lee Greenberg she's beak hope I know co-founder and co executive director. And we're here to talk a little bit about the grand Kathy bell and their efforts to kill the bill so you have questions about. Indivisible or not there after it makes you meet them the FaceBook comments and Mitch children and plastering her life stream. So we think you so much for making time to talk us happy we're here in your indivisible hecklers US have been working not only on the the particular effort but are all congressional efforts to repeal the EPA. He went through a little bit about what you're doing specifically with grand cast he felt to and you were killed. Absolutely we've activated Internet market thousands of groups around the country to stand up let their senators now in every single state in the country but also especially in key target states that this is a bad dangerous incredibly radical bill. And that they do not want passed and so that means. Fully can. Doing and really respond calls. On having people show up directly to their senators offices. Indies even more importantly in home states so all around the country showing up to offices letting people now. Just demonstrating exactly how deep the public opposition is to this bill because it really is the most radical of all health care all of the efforts to repeal Obama care that we seem so far. And you and your background is in congress your congressional background while your husband whose cult. Indivisible weak U. Q you had no Libyans are now the houses where so one thing acting and singing that you are just calling senators themselves and also calling. Having him change having volunteers called constituent. Absolutely so one of the core things that we stress is no matter how are you learn the most important person for you to call is here on senator and so. If you're in new York and you're worried about this health care bill you should call your New York senator's Bolivia anyways that you can have an impact is calling calling somebody in West Virginia calling some you know Ohio and having them call there's an heir to the West Virginia send news they don't necessarily care what you have to say if you live in New York but they care what their own constituents say. And so that's what we're trying to do we launched a calling tool that allows people from all over the country to get passed through to progressives in key target states. So that's Alaska that's now that at that Arizona. That's Ohio that's West Virginia. And a couple of more and basically just connect directly people school who will also pose a health care bill and patched him through to their own senators' offices. So this bill is going to be coming up for to a vote we're learning today on the floor next week. You guys have I'm some events are planned for next week talk us through what your calling the day of action on September 25. Absolutely we're calling for a national day of action so all around the country indivisible groups and others will be including ultra violent and online digital network organizers will be turning to offices. All around the country in each state TU opposes. To just let everyone know that we're still watching we still think that this huge problem and just because it hasn't been an Atlanta last few weeks does not mean that senators will not suffer major political consequences if they vote. What Karenna talk about that you're not just calling for people. To call their senators and voice their opposition you're also calling for people who to call senators who like he already opposed to this bill. Two. Do everything they can to slow down the process you Wear even that's gonna cost backlash for Democrats in the future. So like we think that what's important is that this bill get fear here air a fair airing we think that what we've seen over and over and win these Republican efforts to repeal the Affordable Care Act is that sunlight kills them. Whenever there's enough time to actually fully understand what the bill as. It it acts because people don't actually like the consequences I mean what we're hearing from independent expect is that. 32 million people might lose their coverage and this bill that we don't have an independent score from the CBO because Republicans are trying to rush this through before they even that's collect. And so what we're seeing what we're calling on people to do is. To make sure that the AC clear transparent process. That would actually give people the chance to assess what this bill is what it does and then hold off. So. You're trying to make this little more clearly more transparent you want this to go through regular order have these hearings in congressional offices. Do you worry though that by Democrats doing everything they candid to obstruct the people are gonna come back Anthony wait a minute you guys are our phone regular order either you're going on around stops to stop this from happening. People want to see Democrats fighting for your health care. I think that bottom line what people care about at the end of the day is what they have health care or not and we're talking about a bill that could take late 32 million people health care. And couldn't remove protections for preexisting conditions and ultimately people are gonna. Hold you accountable based on the results. So President Obama spoke today and he's touched a little bit about these efforts to repeal the EPA he called them. Frustrating to watch people over and over again tried to repeal. This bill bird and and you know see people really takes attachment what keeps that we're constituent very. To the dutchman in fact. Do you what do you feel like you're constantly playing defense with these types of pills. Well for the last several months yes we have and constantly playing defense because Republicans of constantly undermining the fabric they've taken you know first they had a house bill passed back in May. Then in July they had several different kinds of efforts trying to pass a repeal the Affordable Care Act and then again assistance last revival. We've been calling it zombie child care and honor and our team because it just keeps coming back from the dead. An anyhow we are we are ready for this to be over and if we can make it that September 30 deadline without bill being passed then that will be in new world. It is that when you're going to switch an offense defense works for awhile but. Do you eventually have a announcements of plans to put things we think it's important due built with. It seemed timed so right now what we're focusing on is defending NC where look act and we're gonna continue to focus heavily on whatever is happening on legislative calendar and unfortunately the reality is that we don't control the legislative calendar. Republicans right now because there the majority in each house. Eight but just your minor we are live on FaceBook and we are taking your questions so if you have a question make sure you leave them on the likes him below Michigan question. Yeah leaving. Silly gets much harder after September 30 deadline because the September 30 deadline set by the current reconciliation instructions and so. Republicans could write new instructions for the filing your that they would need to do that stated they would need to redo the restart the process and it. Are it will bottom line this is coming to acquire next the where is he was going from here if it passes the senate do you have a plan for it goes into the house. Absolutely that passes the senate we will immediately have to the house will be reminding house rent members exactly how bad it was there are how how much pressure they got immediately after their first vote for. Repealing the Affordable Care Act and other reminding them of exactly how dangerous this bill will be especially in in various key states where people who voted for the Affordable Care Act the first appeal. Will be hanged he would again that are decimated by the style and so we will be will be reminding them very carefully. I think so much and thank you guys for joining if you let these idiots make street like that this that interest now lets these impeachment are all the latest breaking news head

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{"duration":"7:34","description":"ABC News' Molly Nagle speaks with Indivisible co-founder Leah Greenberg about her group's efforts to stop the latest attempt to repeal Obamacare.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/Politics","id":"49987116","title":"Activist group Indivisible aims to kill the Graham-Cassidy health care bill","url":"/Politics/video/activist-group-indivisible-aiming-kill-graham-cassidy-health-49987116"}