Actor Billy Baldwin Talks Politics at the Republican National Convention

ABC News' Amna Nawaz and LZ Granderson interview actor, Bill Baldwin on the second night of the Republican National Convention.
9:35 | 07/20/16

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Transcript for Actor Billy Baldwin Talks Politics at the Republican National Convention
We're excited because I was very passionate like I think you'd every veteran anti air. Being thanks for having me excited at beer we should mention that the second Alden rather been able to speak to today. But the thinly divided. It sure is a house divided its asked about it I've bid. Eight. State politics away your you know I've reports various. Political organizations that god at the DNC's. 88 at the RNC's. Sheila it is probably I had not all of that but it's the selectmen at the six RNC. To make them are. Well. So the subsidies would pay this or ethnic diversity of this cattle are little. There is a tactic that should. It is that there were these resistance that the peace or fireworks at that thinking is that the possibility work. An historic. Detention where they would challenged. She dropped out that a it convention I art public about the fireworks if it had he could test. It's frustrating repeated C. Rule over the way it happens a third or I. C a political and I your brother was speaking to his earlier he is here at support you rightly does not is. The right nominee at the right candidate. And and right. Where president of the United States you feel very differently tells. Or some yet essentially are. Understands. Why. The system that the static Protestant place one man one vote represented politics is broken it's broken badly broken for a long time. People are wise to it. Corporations this country not our elected officials sought to cast doubt about it I think Donald Trump. Similarly to the exits people wanna kind of blow it out but they wanted to they really want to lacked some double check refuses to support these watch. He's not a beltway insider he's not a political life for his total anti establishment outsider and Xu does sound like. Any politician in my lifetime. So those that you period where that's status at that it was going to be the hit it hurt that there was the crash current very quickly and it did go away. And it's at the exits I was very very surprised. I just disappointed frustrated that the Republican Party was at this credible historic opportunity. You expressed their frustration. And they could miss a different or better. Note or you know I know Donald Trump not well but I. Through my family through our brother Steve due Celebrity Apprentice. On numerous occasions. I used differently Marla Maples what they were dating I got married so I've had enough extortion and I I judged the miss universe pageant. I go ahead and I I just absolutely. Do you not think he's the right man at the right time but not the he possesses the leadership qualities that are required. As for Hillary. Frustrated as well I property guy topic iced where Hillary. I've always supported the Kennedys the club closed the clintons. I just. If you look at that property now with her with her negatives the so high coming out of respect Ghazi at at the L server they stood there really good chance they could the ticket. Anti establishment outsider a secret is like like Michael. Looper or warrant cockpit or or. Some of that bill and Hillary would be really really really in trouble because there negatives are so I think a lot of people. Are supporting chuck because they believe a lot of support chuck truck because it would blow it up. A lot of secret shop because. Anything butts the third term of Brock a cop or the clicked yet they just can't be like some precincts. We're gonna reelect George Bush is to respect the constitution George trust expects that's I think. There is good to him with a heartbeat that numerous times raucous campaign. These sort of spectacle but those polyps there's he's been around as much an adult lives even though its. Policies. He's very much part of the road system. With him to get people to connect the dots. Are you surprised the president you worked bones season which is super politician. At least that's it back just as many doctors as an outsider. Well clearly as an outsider because he's never held like office. You know every time Barack Obama's as any day. It's full tested its that it goes apple lawyers like the way down the law says something that got. Since the hearts as a cop could be it in the beginning it was no prompter. I don't think people connect that the shots he is he's part of the problem if you if you let you want a level playing field. If you want to change. Singularly. Change one that would ever greater impact. On. The future of democracy and equality of our lives second. Only to client client which it crisis. The public financing of campaigns if you take money out of politics and I don't Buckley callais note that body speech Richie on. Spokesperson at the rights but I don't think the attic office sent for that are being overwhelmed disproportional palace he still choose the 1%. And that's the way the system works at a computer and a politics and finance. Campaign system. You'd give democracy back to people. Brother for a second because there are a lot of people at hall school. This. At odds with them members or for political reasons just curious as to what answer questions like what you're saying that you rescue we're together now. Our project but how ridiculous riches. So close split. He's my brother and let them. I think it. Place at that want to read out it's I think at ease ease this or you know. After not let him devout Christian. Members of the Christians and Hollywood. Cutters used by President Bush. But on the picket like cultural attaches. Special cultural arts commission the system it tastes. Politics interspersed that he was very apolitical but rather out oh. Study political science degrees science little picture that we quotes we serve multiple awards various organizations that years. It was a good there was a vacuum you know and fill that spot my father passed away rather it now you know died the rule. You know broad liberal guy out. My father were alive these. Maybe if he. Stewart scandal but brother you know in a way that would would have allowed that but yet my father was. You know very very progress here but you taught it to my problem is teacher. For 35 years as a teacher a coach Long Island where recruitment that's looked at each odd governor elect is political science. History. Politics. You guys talk politics you debate this kind of plastic is still like to this campaign season been dominated by some of the really ugly rhetoric very device that link which where they're so like daylight. Between the two sides anything really outer reasonable conversation can you guys are that this. That passed changed I worked out though it was during Reagan's first term and all people talked about. Was gridlock at red state we've stated of the case that they. Tip O'Neil and Bob Dole could get into a room and locked the door addict gets up that got it right at that culture and they were signaled that it was back. But that's when network Bennett stuck with that today. We're so divided nobody what is your brought everybody wants to always. It's it's just it's just really frustrating we have to figure out a way you got I was participating. I was I was participating in a black lives matter march here that they were interviewed about it I set up not lack. Up blew up black people who are set I these people are heroes the great days at a critical services totally. To grant if they're not appreciated but clearly the way please. Practices and tactics and procedures in other interacting with the minority community. We've broken in asked to completely revamped by vehicle over for Brooke Elliott out of it shot killed for what reason. About black there's something that's. I guarantee you bring those two sides together at a huge. Huge day huge advances. It it can the black white matters because with the police department. Almost immediately if we have if we have the proper leadership you could look at ran for office. I don't if if this couple. Financing I would not I don't what looks at Derrick dial for dollars all they I worked at ballots electorate that. Line for constituent what are your constituents who has a bottle light 125000 dollar debtor. Below the idol. It I don't what does that their dial for dollars all day. Are difficult and they so much that I can't really take your time thank your coming haven't. They woke.

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{"duration":"9:35","description":"ABC News' Amna Nawaz and LZ Granderson interview actor, Bill Baldwin on the second night of the Republican National Convention.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/Politics","id":"40718206","title":"Actor Billy Baldwin Talks Politics at the Republican National Convention ","url":"/Politics/video/actor-billy-baldwin-talks-politics-republican-national-convention-40718206"}