Ahead of New Hampshire Primary UK Students Campaign for Clinton

ABC's Josh Haskell and Liz Kreutz catch up with a group of students who are in the US learning about the US election process.
16:30 | 02/09/16

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Transcript for Ahead of New Hampshire Primary UK Students Campaign for Clinton
ABC's Josh Haskell here with this Freud's I. We always run into each other campaigns or whether it's Iowa now New Hampshire. And were also running into some deterrents. Join the primary and caucus season but today we haven't really run into tourists these guys from the UK they're actively participating in the process. Happens brits are here in Derry New Hampshire to back how about some of the candidates which sent us an unexpected guest bridges as a reminder today of all of his eyes of the world. Are really. Here in New Hampshire and on the State's apple incident is paying attention which is pretty exciting here on the hundredth anniversary of the New Hampshire primary. In the group is called 45 for the 45 45. The 45 US president 45 students from the UK and they're gonna take what they learn here. Back to the political system in the UK to see if they can try and prove it and so we're gonna talk with them a little bit at this coffee shop in dairy. Thirty tax that it just getting there in the year that starts on how. Our actions proceed overseas his strong and all the talk about you know. Most Americans. And answer you. And to start things off I want to bring in my friend whose side who you might say yeah. He's back. And I say. Expected. You guys and see if we are dancing at a coffee shop into art while you just take it away. I was a vote today it. Sleep but believe it news. Candidates here. Did you may recognize my friend decide who I met in Iowa at a polling caucus location last Monday night in. He did adapt for us and were talking about the process and now I managed Ewing New Hampshire and so far what are expectations early what are your experience in New Hampshire compared to Iowa. Much more like Republicans and others those who see the presence at raincoat he goats back after so that business definitely see signs. I'm New Hampshire you can tell the people like. They've loved it on its accidentally that's different to Iowa the islands and tonight the very night. Except in an alien legacy hi Heidi did in. I'm sure in the coming weeks undated undecided and they don't beat you wanna say who that who doesn't. Primaries super that was expected. Slowly very similar to what was an eye and no experienced. And before we jump into the group and find out what. You guys have been up to you today what have you learned so far that you plan on taking back to the UK and how would you implement something like that or. Oh what is the sort of goal at the end this. Well the main island is that it will also fight young age. Every whether in Iowa DC over and hands out was he young people involved and even from. A it's been like five involved in the tradition. So. The making the reason why I'm actually because. Politics for me I've I'm against I don't really like politics there's no Quincy apartment locally to pop charts. I can expect of the young people like myself to get too involved and get it was his an obstacle enemy government. I'm beautiful on decisions that no human in me so cynical about the UK I want I guess that's the bullet and employment program we've. It's just it's most of its need to go back and actually. I'm trying to improve its system in my area and get people out to vote rub its thing completed last couple of minutes. Thank you so much to cyber talking to us and let's go meet Gordon who organized this program and as. You guys are telling me that you're not you're not parks and you urges here really to learn about the process. Why what is the perception today you're helping out Hillary Clinton door knocking or harm. Why is the perception that Clinton overseas what do you know it's hard to notice a difference you're telling me at the United States as she wasted procedure overseas where your front horses here in the states. Here. I mean I think claims she's hugely. Assistant I. Very important he retaking exit iPhone ahead he has. I've made. And I think. Really boxing and an agreement Mathieu Riviera Eileen this stuff is saying about how we elect Allen case in unexpected natural and to eject it hasn't increased 97 if someone from England she's Jane. They hate him you never heard and not talking even you know. He knows it. And no one's done Auschwitz generous. I don't know but as you islands resident state money and it just didn't you just try to box him in the next possible. And history. In any case I think it's the personal nature of its yes I there's no other issues that didn't discuss than just. How Amazon us and it just seems like that's what the main difference news he was in response. But what evidence I think you. Would about something here are some guys found uncomfortable at a at a political rally and speaking like that. So that. We minutes of the Taliban of his development bolanos. And being handed a lead in LA district is that things are deposited. About it and miss looms in about it navigation is up let us vigilant we signed him on us. Exists and people in the case merely Dixie image just recess so portable mind. Hannity really really involved on the game. What's that experience that's news team on TV which I know people in the UK have seen enough for him to the point that they want to ban him. But what's that like to now actually seen him in person in New Hampshire. Humans went on its fate is more people don't make it's restaurants. Malls. I don't. He was no and FC. West and it was news. Quick note some yes but of course and create. If any and says. How tell me how. Yes but I'd seen on TV. Saying. Community if it's not just got so. It pains in the new guys go about it seems like you need beating community you can talk about the most and Hillary you're with us. Trying to unseat yes I don't think he's. Welcome all people he he's going to be. That almost second he and avail because he's on it and then there's a process and I think he'd give it everything he's given the board has. And I would be civilians. A look at. Business traffic business. When the main thing since I'd been him if I was an Bolero fold. What is. Ted Cruz isn't any ads on and so witty and you know I didn't know anything about policies and still. I arrived I've been exposed them. Content and much blow close proximity. This seems like. Gospel of the key things to take back and tell other people listen to the other candidate is president Roosevelt's new money not winning and then by the postal Muster under the right out of them so what. Barry Sanders sounds like you guys heard about Barry Sanders overseas races yet hasn't had a popular area he's chairman and people. Sound as president. A long hot names. Bank Andy's bananas he's he's the only. Immediately lift my candidate I think all people noise and you can't. As an ambulance in Israel and you keep them he's known possibly less mine is all radical extremists all these respect him. Different site. Powell yet you are saying sir Hillary would be rule. What's right and unrest and yes. And what would take Christie's even on the charts here each yeah extreme extreme feelings he had he. And what about songs from. Same thing I need even danced. The notion that these big things he's as the sun news posits we not know how we operate in the U. Intimidate people himself right promised that position and there and in just hangs audit recently with Salmonella we're. And stuff saying the things that's sweeping seconds not enmity that and yeah yeah on TV tonight president and and yet each of incidentally I'm here. That's what you think what's been in a surprising. That you know about our process processor. And he's. It's just as critical. As we don't want and I'm close. And it. It's. Not we've just this is and that's what could experience. At any time. Images real problems companies use these types a lot of stating facts in. And I don't really. It was a kind of like refreshing years of hearing aid these people actually in New Hampshire vote the normally yet. It was yeah and we had called back into Dublin. And can you guys I know you're killing was about this but before we met up with you at this coffee shop. What were you guys up to show was that map and tell us kind of I know that you guys are non partisan but what are you doing today. And that's had been canvassing is that something that would happen in the UK. Day. In America separate. At Monday's accurate Democrats advocate you news on his vote to begin address. Did you knock on specific houses and and assigns approximately. Tonight. Whereas. No consequence of this. Month. An amateur. I honestly I agents yet and that's bound by that point in snow and you know. In no way. Right and kindness patience and he but people at W goes. Gone through many sizable segment not not pointed out it was sticking out like twice in the same house and you down and. I was telling you things. Nine minutes of the company today wow. It's also very look go to Iowa and New Hampshire he's currently about six up from California and it wasn't enough unless we stare at it that way and I don't heartening or not I and it just on the house and I and his buddies as tiny space and even how many delegates to conventions. So logical. I was bitten to a campus that I would say that reason I saw its process. It one month. An ugly that. No speech. Sending out Haiti's people on nine times and then on I was just give you long. He's paid yes. I smashing your viewers you're telling us speaking about certain vehicles meet people on access candidates are going door to argue US met. Repentance and write your sentence he's. That's right and I happen with the simply smear yeses middle school as its New England. Six. And it did it with signs anything. That's nightly Q and yet channel three's camera is not yeah. And yeah and went in. Stick your hand you're saying I think it's. Yeah I'm an enlightened in persistence cheese. Diet company. Is. She's. A lot like it's like bite into politics. I. When I'm high housing. In the Pentagon and it was an interesting today. I don't think issue of the new Obama administration and he's no link cult thing on the you can currently after the end. Nice and 8% of people I know you evening Obama licenses. His sentences. Still it's not as my place. As soon as being of all knows him as a. And mrs. Selby and Hillary Clinton we. And yeah I'm ready stuffy inside its ideals and our new video. The lives. It shows that men and. And a few guys and Sina. You can have a goalie look good fit at. Not I think people quality she's she's been taking I was encouraged snaps. Answer. Who also with extreme. Back to UK it was a union and Britain not with what's. Welcome and how you can't users learn here. Careers here. Religious custom variances and it's on how many million. So maintains his innocence and a lot of mourning and convincing argument and so it isn't what we think you should be let me how funny today's primary. Put things in yeah. It's interesting. That despite the price on this year thinks it is not a setting dates and Langevin cause surprised by Edwards and about it. Oops I mean what she's it is that's not what is without being seen as them and left wing Radek. But his son is ups its utmost successfully. But accidents bought and I think it just shows like. What is in the ninety atlas is the kind of celebrity coach and the politicians enjoy. Next little more accessible for younger people many on engaged in politics and more formal way. So and not way Condit on an album aside as agreement not against people well clothing and I doesn't liquor and. One thing I know I'm fighting it you're seeing from this conversation is that there experiences have not been that much different from what voters tell us. On their opinions of the candidates I definitely interest in the you to know anything about Ted Cruz. After you know he won Iowa is your daughter and trying that your take. Your yeah that's. Last out. There. So we have to ask you guys talking and here in New Hampshire. On primary day. Who do you think it's gonna hit even though you guys can't vote who what's the kind of sense that you're getting on the ground beating people. We must not hearing will go to your prediction on oh yeah I just New Hampshire. Spend at least and is adamant on a night event. And and it says the Republicans. I thought Mark Buehrle. Edmund famous moments today. So. I know my immediate days. I threw me into the crazies you yeah. I think it's about keeping that random hero of mine to the hospital rationing cases. As between Hillary Clinton in case you're going I still in his teens on the basic number has its hands. And one of the guys in line it is and then you enjoy the rest a year to China. ABC's Josh Haskell here with was Croix it's going to be all over the state tonight but that was great to get her to love our UK friend going to be dominant Christie and crews and national one of polling place or going to be with Hillary. Hillary Clinton and her non victory party and picked it. I already pegged as a victory party. Yes. So we'll have reporters everywhere and I think again these students for letting us know about their experience. And what they plan to take back to the UK so for now ABC's Josh Haskell escorts live in dairy.

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{"duration":"16:30","description":"ABC's Josh Haskell and Liz Kreutz catch up with a group of students who are in the US learning about the US election process.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/Politics","id":"36810005","title":"Ahead of New Hampshire Primary UK Students Campaign for Clinton","url":"/Politics/video/ahead-hampshire-primary-uk-students-campaign-clinton-36810005"}