Al Franken Jokes About Trump University at DNC

Minnesota senator and comedian laughs about getting a doctorate in megalomania studies.
7:48 | 07/25/16

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Video Transcript
Transcript for Al Franken Jokes About Trump University at DNC
Please welcome United States senator Al Franken from Minnesota. Everybody. I. David David for the end. I'm now breathing. I'm Al Franken Minnesotan. Okay. Senator. And world renowned expert. On right wing megalomaniac. Rush Limbaugh. Bill O'Reilly and now Donald Trump. Now a little about my qualifications. I got my doctorate. And megalomania studied from trump university. Sure I had been empty out my 401K. Take a reverse mortgage my house to make tuition. But mr. trump. Or rather from people who said they once met him. Convince me that it was worth it. And frankly the crowd alone love from you. I think we maybe if under. Estimating Donald Trump. Sure he's scanned a lot of people. But did you know. That trump university's school of ripping people law is ranked second in the nation. Right behind. Bernie Madoff university. That is no mean be. And from the university is about more than just building people. Although truck. You will get bill. It's also about learning directly from the class expert. Mike Scott fail. Mike Tyson. And of course. A lifetime. Life size cardboard cutout of mr. trump himself. Now court for a university would be trump university without its business school. There bankruptcy program in particular is known. The route the real. State graphic community for its creativity. The most popular port bankruptcy 101. How to leave your partners holding the bag. His talk by thick cardboard cut out itself. The pride. From the university of course. Is its library. Located on a shelf in a closet on the third floor of trump tower. All loved mister Trump's best sellers. Are available for sale special rate. We're student. Which is 10% higher than the retail price. Look at clearly Donald Trump's enormous. There I say a huge. Success. As a businessman qualifies him to be president. And if you believe that. I've got some delicious trump steaks the cellular. In all seriousness. I think rather than voting for someone who's never done anything for anyone other than themselves maybe we should go with a candidate. Who spent her entire life. Working together important things done for the American people. I've known Hillary. I've known Hillary for almost a quarter century. I've never met anyone smarter. Tougher. Or more ready to lead us forward. I am proud. To call him early Hillary Clinton my friend and I can't wait to call her madame president. I. Now we're gonna have. We're analog a lot of fun this week. We're gonna have a lot of fun this week. But when we wake up Friday morning. There will be just a 102 days left until the election. And watched you yes all of you what you do in those. 102 days could determine. Who wins and I mean that literally. I won my first race. For the senate by 312. Above. Pairs behind Minnesota delegation. There are people out there. Coop contact did more than 312. People themselves and and literally I would not be. Here are the reason I am. They are they each of them individually the reason I am giving this speech here. And not into my bath room mirror. My friend. My friend Paul while soon. Or am. Night friend. My friend Paul Wellstone used to say the future belongs to those who are passionate and work hard. This week is about passion but starting Friday morning it all out battle work hard work. A many of you have job. Many of you have family. Ignore them. Let me tell you found. Kids who love it when their parents aren't home they lover and let me tell you something else. An eight year old kid. Knows how to use a microwave oven. And let me tell you something else. An eight year old kid can teach a four year old kids that use a microwave oven. It's just scientific. Don't worry about your kids they'll be fine you have work to do. Yet on those bones knock down those doors. And Salam. Al Franken thank you thank you. The in.

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{"id":40871429,"title":"Al Franken Jokes About Trump University at DNC","duration":"7:48","description":"Minnesota senator and comedian laughs about getting a doctorate in megalomania studies.","url":"/Politics/video/al-franken-jokes-trump-university-democratic-national-convention-40871429","section":"Politics","mediaType":"default"}