Allies Say Syria Used Chemical Weapons. Now What?

White House won't affirm "game changing" assessment.
2:58 | 04/23/13

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Video Transcript
Transcript for Allies Say Syria Used Chemical Weapons. Now What?
-- back to Syria you know three separate American allies. Say they have evidence -- used weapons in multiple instances going back to sever its recent -- more. When the president talked about this he didn't just it was unacceptable to -- So my question is what does that mean what what does it mean that we are assessing. The reports chemical weapons use. And it is very important to do whatever we can to monitor investigate and verify any credible allegations. Given the enormous consequences for the Syrian people. And given as he said the clear president's clear statement about the fact the chemical weapons use. Is unacceptable. Is precisely because of the seriousness. The use of chemical weapons and the seriousness. With which the president make clear that that -- would be unacceptable that it is incumbent upon us and our partners to investigate thoroughly. And validate. Or -- Allegations of chemical weapons use and we are obviously doing. The president didn't just unacceptable. He -- chemical weapons use would be a game. So my question is what does that mean well again I'm not going to speculate about actions that may or may not. Speculation -- the president said president says he can't eat -- -- what what what it's a red line and use of chemical weapons. Is unacceptable and it would not be acceptable to the president of the United States. -- all the more reason why we have to monitor very closely. And take action to verify and validate. Credible claims of chemical weapons. When I won't do is jump to the next step. And say if claims are verified what -- and what we take. That's speculating in hand I -- -- but you can be sure based on what the president told you from this podium. That this is a very serious matter which is why we are investigating it. The way that we are you sure he's going to take action humans what the -- isn't going to do something about us. While you're you -- your thing to do to me about this we have to. Make sure that we monitor doesn't get crazy speculation and well I said the -- Physical evidence yet Israelis -- -- a strong case about him wherein we are as we. Absolutely must. Working with our partners to investigate these allegations. It is absolutely the case and and environment. Did like the one you have in Syria that. Proving chemical weapons use can be difficult. But we are engaged in a process of trying to. Investigate and verify its allegations what are we doing it matters we know that the friends and actually -- talks -- What what are we doing to -- to gonna get into the methods. Do we used to gather information -- intelligence but you can be sure there. We are utilizing the tools that we have available to us to investigate these very serious allegations.

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{"id":19024518,"title":"Allies Say Syria Used Chemical Weapons. Now What?","duration":"2:58","description":"White House won't affirm \"game changing\" assessment.","url":"/Politics/video/allies-syria-chemical-weapons-now-19024518","section":"Politics","mediaType":"default"}