Alternate Delegates Gather in Freedom Plaza

ABC News' Josh Haskell speaks with alternate delegates who are gathering in Freedom Plaza.
14:59 | 07/20/16

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Transcript for Alternate Delegates Gather in Freedom Plaza
Good evening from Cleveland on ABC's Josh Haskell make it after the some place it's called freedom flaws that it isn't always this best of but it is the area in between the Q. And cleared beaten when you leave right here. Field it's kind of been turned into this plot that hurt delegates alternate delegates to come and hang out. There is a lot of action going on inside the Q right now for the roll call sought caught up. With some alternate delegates who are serving at all about your eating dinner. Having some drinks and there have some strong opinions. I'm what's going on inside is there watching on screens so let's get right to the action let's talk to them. First up we have. Delegate from poor again this is toward great. Again Natalie Schmidt from Florida. And we have Dennis Wharton also grown Ford you know it's of the existing debt Dennis is telling me was that. You originally supported Ted Cruz pictured here is a delegate representing your state. Tell us what the last two days have been like for you. It's been very education literacy nights you know and coming across. Lauder. Started pretty good background and I have yet been very firm learning stuff coming across for a a number different speakers in the desert delegations. Then had him in talk about a variety of the process itself is an interesting process that he's got very well laid out. You have a contest that starts August 17 posted again refused camp in Oregon he has three people who. Ended up bars valve were remotely. And those. Our feet apart proportional loading those people ahead resident. Hopefully give us so you were in their right now is Dennis. According would be supporting. Victory because that's who I ran to support you know. Still watching the action out here what's your interpretation about what's going on in there because they're they're following the process and Ian in our state we have. State law and violence that we have future pace them first to balance. So this got desert now. You know all things in the it is obvious thing about smoke. Our state following. Usually yeah. Well if you feel like. So it's kind of chaotic last night is being started before work what is your interpretation Natalie. How this conventions go. I'm very concerned and especially during street. We're likely. I think doing a lot of steam. A fair process hand regardless. Candidate regardless. Who anyone's support certainly when the integrity of our election. To remain. Planes and so I'm very concerns. From what I saw last night. And disappointment and as a believer Christ I'm praying. And I was talking to Natalie earlier she also supported Ted Cruz she's from Florida. Something interesting about Natalie situation. You kind of approach the group is we were sitting here. Seems like you were surprised. Because support for trump so far during this roll call it. I well I'd seen wearing his show guy you. It's way past. So I I don't know and understand that loving answers to. How and what happens here I'm just curious and begin I would I would never want my candidate or any one candidate. Ever to be nominated to let. Yeah you know most fair process. Just wouldn't want to win like bands like I'm just I have some questions. And so I have some concerns again after what we saw last night just unprecedented and it's not just crying. Soon Natalie it seems like you're surprised about Iowa because Ted Cruz of course won Iowa over Dawson. Yes there's a lot of surprises going on it and frankly distancing makes sense since. I wonder where Thomas Payne what he would have to today. About what's going on and sadly the direction of the country. I'm afraid for where we're headed. I certainly don't receive judgment come on our country and Christine. I would hope that we would you know motor biblical values. Attempt to raise his exit eighteen points and righteous man appears. They human let's move a little bit down the line. To our other great thing here nor break in Norman at this table you're the lone he's sick supporter. Of course. We are. We're right now in the state of Ohio and Casey he's played a pretty big role in this convention although we hasn't even been here yes he set foot in the U. Almost as sort of protest. We asked him yesterday he would ask his delegates from Ohio to support Donald Trump and you wouldn't really answer the question how do you currently feel about. The Ohio governor nor well I think he's doing exactly what should mind you don't somebody like me. I can't meet its statement by not being here last night. The only way I can make a stand despite being here I am expressing my opinion. Telling people that no matter what the results. In that we're. Substantial. Number of Republicans in longtime Republicans thinking Gil did little Mike Carriker invite policy. Sounds. It is not all vice president and does not represent us and please stand. Hillary that may result and Hillary Clinton being elected that's on Tompkins filed. So into orbit doesn't totally clean like you. There about what he's out of this well I mean we know what the outcome it's going to be did not vote. You don't. The various things wouldn't rule all last night and this information this agreement Iowa delegation. All that. This is security Ryan's. The arm because. They could win anyway. And so the fact is seeing these. We'll lock it down. He's saying that it. Will it really. Not require any disease or practices. Like now I want him sent Seattle snow. Hi it is behind him it is a sad statement on them and reinforces. The message that I think I'm trying to send and other people maybe like your point sounds good this guy doesn't represent the public yeah. And after the debacle that's coming something else out. ABC's Josh Haskell here in freedom plaza it I'm joined by. Three delegates. We have knoller and man Lee and bring Dennis. Cue from board games she's supported moved into sporting pacing and they all are very skeptical about what's going on inside with the roll call right now want to go back to you Natalie. Tell us what. You've seen drug Donald Trump so far is the presumptive nominees like that concerns you. Time you know well. It's not about to leave. Would you believe you done your whole life insanity concerns I have. Com about many times statements about his sister being in federal judge can hear it live. On abortion and Second Amendment Ryan that concerns me. He has some of the things he's done with eminent domain. Concerns. Many of the things he's actually done we ran for president concerns have nothing personally against. I think or bankruptcies don't necessarily need blacks. A person who may possibly wise decisions about the economy. I'm not. When you're trying to have a standards board president and these are some of the things that concerns me about this. Again I say that without judgment. Snow is me go around the Serb. Quick Natalie and one word of your room right now. Hearing the news. Every parent would value Dennis. Business as usual. We value your work well actually I'm gratified that enough people here make a statement. I mean I'm. My I'm actually gratified. Or. Enough people who are making a statement it is unacceptable. And makes peace through reason. Activities. Ever. And you are are really. Giving affirmation. So I tried for one word I got a little bit more or no it's it's hard to sum up this process and I'm sure this convention. In one word I also want our viewers to know where we're three alternates. But it doesn't seem like you guys are at all disconnected from this process or from your other delegates inside. Tell us what your experiences inside the beans so far and also what it means to be an alternate here at this content. Golf course it's a privilege to participate in our Republic's process. And I'm honored to be here and justices are party. With the parties done exchanged again I'm very concerned about the integrity of our election. And I stayed at no matter who indicated side. On display it was supposed to be better than the and that transparency would be nice. Robinson a little learners. Regular process would be nice not to preserve our parties every. Because you are an alternate Dennis. You have your feelings leaning towards Ted Cruz. Is it okay figure an alternate (%expletive) outside not inside. Sadly finding of fact I just got a phone call from the television and people. Or anywhere from a sports teams were doing and I'm going to be an honorable. And why does he wanna come out of the floor I didn't ask immediate call goods. You know and I need these have been killed in Vietnam War could take my spot starts people we represent. Hey it's your state been part of the roll call yet you guys are coming up our speed ferry RD. Should you know what you'll roll what her role will be would you go down their Dennis. My community this game features of a sudden things that are happening this metres of you know like her mind. Delegate. Working your dorm oh yeah he wants. So folks happening in real time right now nor been Dennis. They're getting text messages from the delegates. Or Newark mayor responding to you these delicate and where you heard. Our well he's gonna I told me it was available and please let me know. Good lets you know well we can't. Can't go down here. There were canceled so they've got to the creek for a place. In exchange prevents him. And meanwhile Natalie he's just taken out and I am I'm ready and I delegate needs me now available. Tanks. I. Talk a little bit about this scene here outside. As I flipped the you wanna give everyone of look at what freedom plaza it is. Religious man. And bit his hand for a moment and show you if you. So there is a TV there's a TV in the distance we can kinda hear it. Some people are gathered over there but really more people are kinda paying it out here a lot of alternates waiting for their turn. Is this where you've spent most of your time this convention Natalie and what do you think about the grounds here in Cleveland. There's and I came out here to stay tonight and staying inside the arena. Just when you stretch my legs walking around a little bit. And it's hard cleaning and it has been wonderful people have been hospitable. I'm lovely city. Frank Harlow I'm or is it really great everybody is hardest rock. Greatly. Greg you're Dennis you give good year here is kind of hanging out to tell us your thoughts on this whole process and we. I think Cleveland's been aptly been testing the security here's been wonderful the logistics of getting in and out. I travel all over the world news. Smooth his biggest. Blues clues operating the conventions and I've ever attended as far as when he has moved in Newbury and becoming. Here it. There are a lot of what I should say what they have laws here. We don't feel we are restricted to turn him down but he Cleveland system badly fantastic job and it's been very plugged city. Here that folks it's only day two and Dennis authorities say wanted to smooth this best runs saved his conventions continue. Even though he may not completely agree. With the politics. He presumptive nominee who will it seems. Clint shortly police and not call him. The nominee yet we're still calling him Donaldson of the presumptive nominee. Also I just wanted to give our viewers a quick you the conversation that you're happy with groups. Any update on what you're hating and norm I'm pulling him right now you are now. You guys are going to get him. Well it seems like pretty appropriate time. You must sign off and let me get great to meet you to let you guys head out. We want to catch up with you a little bit later we're gonna stay here in freedom plaza show you all the action. Think they'll get Natalie. Right now it's just being that athletes Dennis and door hidden at. Dennis enormous left just so ABC's Josh acid gonna sign off for now from Cleveland Bolton will be back shortly with much more.

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