What does it mean to be an American?

ABC News talks to newly naturalized American citizens to learn what it means to them to be an American.
4:32 | 07/05/19

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Transcript for What does it mean to be an American?
Congratulations you're doses. In the army from. Tonight three. Then for about the last 25 years. This and I had in my back pocket detonated. And that I want to do since you Steve become an American citizen. What does that citizenship means you would what do you tell people when. You were British citizen American citizens as the American students. The key thing that it really offers me is that. And maybe a controversial point of view but I really feel that things here in Washington are broken and as -- look from the outside in. You know I want this country to be great. And you learn things in the military how to solve really tough problems how how to deal would big issues how to bring people together to to achieve a common mission. And when you look at what's going on. Up here in Washington. Of these people are these extreme ideologies. You know and there so we entrenched in their positions that they can't come to the center to solve these really tough problems now I have the ability doing. These factors. Yes that is the responsibility you have that let you know you have to take that and and you can't get stale candidate here Republican in Iran in any Democrat. You've got to go and got to look at the people and you've got to do research and you've got to find people that are aligned with your personal values. And that. That to me. Is this the change that happened. What does it mean to you to be an American citizen why become an American citizen not a British citizen. While they're gonna Kelly under the constitution means freedom. I mean constitution means you've done outside the reached out to meet gold got you when I chipped in a land of opportunity. And I feel in the jet think I feel I'm gonna keep a lot of teams and us being used as a and also being used isn't means that depending at the right south law and I'd be novel about the US position and every process. What is American citizenship means to you go overseas. Legal immigration into the United States was at me and meets opportunity means democracy means liberty it's not a thinks. And I think. Some are new citizens to had a had a few words of some of them have been in the armed services some of them have created business. So it took it means a lots of them coming from all corners of the world to this country opportunity democracy. It's your responsibility. You need to learn about your government need to learn about what your responsibilities as a citizen are. And exercise them. A whole. Decade can. And you see. What I like to believe about America whether your families have been here for ten or 151000 years I have your first peoples. Whether you just being naturalized today that you're always welcome here and that's event horrible. Believe that democracy is alive and we need to keep it living up to us from. Being an American means to me that. Be grateful to live in this country and and being great that every day. And also always remembering our ancestors who came before us help give us this life and then always helping the person who's behind do the next person in line because they're both. And toss them. To be American. And what it means. It means something that's very very special. Means to be free. You get to do what ever it is you want. It's it's very very spent so I can really define it won't work but. I am agreed to this country thirty years ago so needless to say I wanted to be here but what would be. That is very very special to be in. I think it's important to remember. Imprisoned in American citizen are this people who died for us in service of their country. Standing here at the World War II memorial. It's kind of humbling to remember that so many people sacrificed their lives for the rest of us in our countries in the heat continue to enjoy our freedoms. To be admitted in his grades one of the biggest things then executed the melee. I don't know people. Whose daily admitting Ginsburg the kinds. Sam really blessings what does it mean to you to be an. American citizens to be an American citizen means being born in the greatest country on earth with the best opportunities on earth. Have to travel around with the military for twenty years I'm like Dora the and that was it applause there's no place like home Americas the greatest.

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{"duration":"4:32","description":"ABC News talks to newly naturalized American citizens to learn what it means to them to be an American.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/Politics","id":"64141841","title":"What does it mean to be an American?","url":"/Politics/video/american--64141841"}