What Americans Should Care About According to the DNC

Fusion's Alicia Menendez talks about tonight's issues with Democratic National Committee Chair Debbie Wasserman Schultz.
6:41 | 12/20/15

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Transcript for What Americans Should Care About According to the DNC
Our colleagues over at fusion including at least in Menendez had an interview with the woman was at the heart of this issue right now that is the chair the Democratic National Committee. A Lisa F you got there. I've got it lost results aren't here in the form at all in house okay what you want to be states. Well what I'm confident that I'm getting here is a starkly. Contrasting message from what we heard from. Particular brand of crazy that if the Republican presidential field last night you know here are candidates continue to talk about how to move America powered focus on. Their vision the moon's. Towards building and people filled the cornerstone of the middle class life what does that mean a good job that pays you well above your head you can count on. Making spending continue to have access to quality affordable health care. Making sure they get a good education that doesn't bankrupt he went on with it means that you have a safe and secure retirement. Republicans don't want to roll all about back essentially it that they wanted cocoon and wall off the United States. That they're all up. Nearly. Slavishly listening to Donald Trump and you're even pledging to support him because none of them have announced their lives. But they would not support him if he were the nominee I mean this is a man who has essentially that if he were president he would list with McCarthy Aaron. And that's not directly and honor one. And yet tonight there's going to be because of recent news. Some other issues on that stage now we recently learned that you weren't aligned to break the news to senator Sanders than ever had been agreed to this information. What was his response. Well first of all I really think that where we're not gonna spend a lot of time on this I mean the the issues that are important to Americans. Are important to each of our candidates and they want to talk about those issues and aches or that they can. Articulate and lay out their vision or what they would do what Davis to become president had to the degree that gets addressed. You know I'm sure that they'll spend some time answering questions on that the process and what happens and then hopefully we'll move on. You know I was the one and one senator Sanders we've not been able to get any information or response from his campaign and so I took the extra step to call him to let him know. Didn't realize that he didn't know I was the one that informs him. And and that you know unfortunately about what we had to suspend his campaign access to the quarterfinals because we were not getting the answers the questions they had that we had. And we didn't know. What they had and wouldn't allow them to be able to manipulate and other campaigns information that they want. And senator was surprised and angry was grateful that you know it. It was a private call and I really don't feel like this I think it you know. Senators and as a man of integrity at an at rates in certain. What can we spent together in the US house and I don't think he had anything to do with us I think unfortunately his campaign staff. Knocks out. Oh talk about the fact that tonight treatment stay focused on issues that voters want to hear about right I do wonder from your perspective. Does the perception of democratic in fighting ultimate. To strap. From those age as well. Infighting. To any degree is never helpful but I mean you've got civil war that's been raging between that between the Republicans. Or number of years now. But the candidates hurricane Matt Stairs fell fourteen candidates and their race that's because they don't pass. The kind of consensus around the issues that are the top priorities for Americans and that we believe. President of the United States needs to champion our campaigns and on candidates view. And so that's the that's the bottom line we have a huge contract that going into a general election. It will will exist between our party's nominee and the Republican Party nominee and Americans will support for the sixth time. And seven presidential elections the democratic nominee who will you don't want to become president. I couldn't help but notice during the last Republican debate that you worked meeting about senator. And wonder I've created by an at a variety of them. Out of me because you know I do think that he's gaining traction look at the polling on your very familiar with and stayed up hour and a I want him to leave that he is the most challenging and Horry Democrat to go head to head with it. No. I mean. There are fourteen candidates on the other side of the aisle and that they are all busily trying to out right wing one another. And see who can say in view the most extreme things block rubio included. Automobile is also wouldn't it gates didn't sound. Hypocrisy and made some outrageous statements and those outrageous policies and I think he deserves to be caught out on them just like every other candidate does and so. That's what I did and I you know I'm I'm. When I'm watching their debate your I heights queens at Graham based on that my reaction to the things they say and. I do know my Marco better and as a result I'm medium a little more able to. Comment specifically on eye on him in. His proposals and last I should worry injury you know this harassing conduct work. Petition calling for your present understand the DNC over 49000. Signatures and responsible members of your own party. Criticized person action. A moveon.org if not a democratic or innocence left off so I don't know what's on those petitions and it doesn't really matter. You know that that that my role as. National party fares to make sure that we can. In a presidential election in particular prepare. To make sure that our nominee has the strongest possible fat woman with the run. And launch them into the general election and elect Democrats up and down the ballot that's my job you know you're gonna get bumped and bruised along the way back. You know I just half today tune out the noise and focus on what. My eminent Democratic National Committee members and President Obama had asked me to do and I'm gonna continue doing what artists and he's thank you went back to you. At. Thanks to leave imminent that and to the congress for making the topic and I think that if you are this issue rather the data breach it's going to be playing itself out again tonight. Well into the debates. There that's really interesting yet she asked some really tough questions but from me. Learn about the impact covers the issue where it was chairwoman. Three lost children who actually often. Can of you know what his action that the adhesive private conversations would get into it not that I. It has some. Real political intrigue and incredible behind the scenes insight there into what is going on with some of the candidate.

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{"duration":"6:41","description":"Fusion's Alicia Menendez talks about tonight's issues with Democratic National Committee Chair Debbie Wasserman Schultz. ","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/Politics","id":"35866881","title":"What Americans Should Care About According to the DNC","url":"/Politics/video/americans-care-dnc-35866881"}