Amid impeachment showdown, 2020 Dem. candidates 3rd quarter fundraising totals are in

On the heels of President Trump's impeachment inquiry, third quarter fundraising totals are in for Sanders, Buttigieg, Harris and Booker.
28:03 | 10/01/19

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Transcript for Amid impeachment showdown, 2020 Dem. candidates 3rd quarter fundraising totals are in
Everybody welcome to the brink here about Devin Dwyer Washington great to have you with us on this Tuesday impeachment is still the talk of the town in today's house Democrats try to expedite. There impeachment inquiry of president from the White House and Republicans are saying not so fast the secretary of state Mike Pompeo who himself. A was subpoenaed for documents as part of this probe today. Pushed back on the committee chairman requests by to interview officials from the State Department depose them back as soon as tomorrow. Are writing in a public letter take a look. That he will not tolerate such tactics referring to the rush here in this letter he said are we use all means at my disposal to prevent. And expose any attempts to intimidate the dedicated professionals. Whom I'm proud to leave and serve alongside at the Department of State Pompeo. Essentially daring these democratic committees to subpoena these officials although not not ruling out right that they will refuse to comply meanwhile. As we said Pompeo himself faces a subpoena to comply with also the president's personal attorney Rudy Giuliani yesterday. Here in the show we told you he was subpoenaed as well the turn over documents. And it doesn't sound like Giuliani or Pompeo or in any hurry. To abide by those requests here's Rudy Giuliani last night Nicholas. I'm not waiting the alternatives I'm. Al-Qaeda might go through it I'll get all my evidence together I get my charged. Don't they let me use videotapes or tape recordings that I have if they let me. Get somebody had been instead I gather and I have to tell you show on all this nonsense about either during the election I gathered all this evidence. Before the mall or for old ended. So what was clearly. Under my responsibility. As the lawyer for the president of the United States. All right Giuliani get take his time ABC news is also just learned he's hired an attorney. Two represented him in all of this here is who's gonna represent Rudy Giuliani attorney Jon sale take a look. Former assistant US attorney in New York also former assistant prosecutor in the Watergate. Our probe areas Jon sale now representing Giuliani. I so will the White House Stonewall. House Democrats in their requests how will. Democrats respond all this and of course what any of this information ultimately matter. As Democrats draft those impeachment articles that are expected for more on this or want to bring in our. Senior it congressional reporter today secure Phillips is up on Capitol Hill also want to bring in John beasts. I he's chief counsel with American oversight watchdog group here in town also former Justice Department official John thank you so much for coming -- great to see you. John don't start with you we've gotten sort of mixed signals from Rudy Giuliani we saw there he says in the one hand. I he's the president's personal attorney on the other hand. He was dispatched by the State Department may be executive privilege is at play can he have it both ways when facing these requests. I don't think you can have it both ways because those are very different roles and has obligations are very different. He was out there representing the president's personal interest has private interest the interest of his campaign. Who is making these trips he wasn't at the representing the people of the United States and that makes a big difference for how. Privileges and interactions with congress. It might help us understand that he's sort of asserting on the one hand attorney client for was on the other hand executive privilege are just trying to create a lot of smoke. How does this play out ultimately with will this end up in court. It could end up in court it's up to congress how they want to proceed if he doesn't agreed to answer. He would be in contempt of congress and they can take what steps they want they could draw an adverse inference and does proceed with the facts they have. Making that you know assuming that because you're obstructing stonewalling the investigation information is bad. Where they could try to get a quick court ruling that he's obligated respond. And you brought a lot of these kids is important I think it's quick when it comes to these demands for documents and so this. We could be headed toward court but also move the Democrats could likely just move on her they could decide it's better to move quickly and get the strong and mom take the time to go to court but. Yeah I Hernandez and nature Phillips we were talking before the show here that Democrats actually seem to be preparing themselves for the likelihood John basis talking about that this is. This isn't gonna go anywhere quickly and so they they seem inclined to send some signals up there Capitol Hill that they won't simply write this into the articles of impeachment. A slow walk a stonewalling refusing to comply and participate. Well it's interesting when you look back and forth at the tweets in the statements. Among his secretary state Pompeo and the three committees involved in this impeachment probe. All of them are accusing each other of intimidation. Now when it comes to these subpoenas that have been issued Pompeo as you said. Early on as saying hold on just a second. My employees are not gonna comply. That this is intimidation and bowling he actually states that in a tweak that he put out. This afternoon however the committee's. In that letter that she mentioned to Pompeo said quote the failure of any of these department employees to appear for their scheduled depositions. Shall constitute evidence of obstruction. Of the house's impeachment inquiry so they're going right to obstruction in that letter they're not looking for a court battle. And and that's what we song similar investigation but we're not seeing that here so if you read further on its important to point out the language here. And key Democrats also pointing to the third article of impeachment against Richard Nixon. Where his failure to comply with the committee subpoena we saw how that turned. It's of the showdown is played out both sides digging in on these document requests meanwhile John beast. There's a lot of of interest and a major fight brewing over the whistle blower this person who brought all this forward to raise the complaint to begin with. Hot the president had initially said that this person should not be believed because the information was secondhand than today. As you know the inspector general intelligence community came on set actually the whistle blower has some first hand. Information. And then we've seen Republicans are to rally to his defense along sharing our viewers a statement from senator Chuck Grassley. Influential Republican longtime advocate for whistle blowers throughout the govern here's what he said. In a public letter sort of responding to the president I think he says uninformed speculation grew by politicians. Or media commentators as a partisan weapon is counterproductive and doesn't serve the country. Complaints based on secondhand information should not be rejected out of hand that they do require additional leg work to get the facts and evaluate the claims. Credibility it does seem John that there is a growing consensus in this town you've dealt with whistle blowers before all the time in American oversight. I'm that this person is legitimate. He's measurement and he's entitled labs adamantly protected and you know you can have it both ways if your complaint is information a second hand but you're stonewalling on giving over the first hand information. Here it looks like obstruction of me and how useful do you think this information. Will be again you receive whistle do you hear from whistle blowers you guys are watch ducks you get these sort of complaints. I'm as the Democrats are to build their case. And how important is it to hear from the from the whistle war firsthand behind closed source I think if he has person information you can give them my accountant put the pieces together for them and I think they should also gun trying to do you can get all the person information they can get and that's what they're trying to do here. Meanwhile the White House in some bothered by all of this you've been talking to right S officials last 24 hours. And also following those Twitter accounts are some that supreme usual. Tweets coming out from from the but not just the president performs on this close it's in August. Well and it was a little odd this morning I first of all the president was getting criticized over the weekend for playing golf while this whole. Inquiry is taking place and then this morning we woke up to this. It posts by a dance give you know the White House director of social media. Good morning another great day in the smoke. Another great day in this one begins and then take a look at it it's. Let's listen. They've got a lot of time on their hands over their hero they've answered here apparently are signaling that they're not too bothered by him this. No end and that obviously I mean we really thought it was a bit odd we had to actually make sure this was stands casinos account when we all saw this come across. But then also as for trek president from you and I were talking about this DeVon he's definitely doubling down I mean first thing this morning heap puts out a tweet. Take a look at this he posted this image try to impeach this he says those words plastered across a deep red 2016. Election map suggesting that Democrats are threatening. To overturn. The will of the voters so pretty interesting weekend and morning. With regard to social media. And has a circus quality to it net. I'm at the outset of this inquiry as well day to hear only. Your thoughts on Capitol Hill thank you so much John be selling American oversight thanks for coming in John having for the political ramifications of all of this as this continues to play out the campaign is underway let's bring in our political director. How Rick Klein for his analysis and all this because we have seen a surge in support for impeachment the past few days in a number of public polls but they're still. A cautious this cop out there Rick and one that your reaction to what we've been hearing for some of the voters are campaign team has been. Taking the temperature out there on the campaign trail here's some of what we've been hearing. My feeling like Ben. They wouldn't be making his death they really feel like. Ability. You. It's things continent beyond the limits of them. Some of my friends were you know trump supporters. Some of the rarely yeah that's that's stepping over a line I think they need to be you know investigating him and other Cilic. No no there's no room to. In its system being given that society talks. I think Democrats voted seating and thousand of fame I think there's an thank you did I think going through right. Content of this city for a job and users can't prove. John up until very recently I've been leading. Right not going to impeachment my feeling it's not necessarily the best part time and money incidentally it's anything election. This. That being said the most recent events I'm a little bit more on this. At this point the these allegations are so egregious. Are ready. And. Rick so a search for impeachment a surge for potentially removal from office in the poll numbers at least that. Trash talking to people hearing from rural voters shows is that there's a good bit of skepticism merry apprehension about what's. Could go down here and it is a through line among democratic voters and the lawmakers they can't screw this up they recognize that the stakes are so big it once you pursue this once you go there. No false steps are a lap that once you get that you take that fateful step of pursuing an impeachment inquiry. And the vote may land wherever it lands but if you make a mistake along the way it can backfire big time we know this president is poised to take advantage of that I think that's the kind of banks you hear reflected. Among voters you're about this a little bit today in the note and I want to also bring in here's some new polling that came out talk about the poll numbers for impeachable also talk about some new fresh polling. Including some of our own on to actual conduct. At question here in two different two different questions rights of people can have a different view of the conduct and and they may be bigger than merit impeachment and this is striking to me in a Monmouth University pose I just out today almost half the country thinks that the president actually did. His statements notwithstanding the try to pressure the ukrainians to investigate Joseph Biden. Only 20% don't think he did that pay a handful. I think it might not really matter they don't know. How damaging is that to the White House though that the number and the negative view of the. Conduct here seems to be so. What's interesting is that you're hearing Republicans say they're not surprised by the conduct the question is do you think it's serious or not enough or not to pursue impeachment. I think people got used to this president to some degree but that's why Democrats are seizing on this moment because they say. This is a moment you have to stand up to the president otherwise we'll see more conduct like this that's why the investigations that's why any impeachment inquiry. And even within the party you alluded to this a little bit earlier on the democratic side as they remain divided their service the White House looks these numbers they're a little nervous Democrats very nervous as well but the risks. Alluded to that Hillary Clinton today when it's your action she was on Good Morning America she's been relatively quiet low profile on this whole fight until now she came out. Very forcefully and said all those concerns Democrats have about impeachment. Are unfounded hears her view. The evidence concerning Ukraine is so dramatic and irrefutable because it came right out at the White House. So let the impeachment inquiry proceeds. I know that they will do a thoughtful thorough job nobody should jump to any conclusions what do you think about president trump calling for a V. Accuser for the whistle blower to be out it. I think that's really dangerous pound from everything we know and we don't know much this is a and experience deaf person who saw things that bothered him that's what the whole whistle ball blower statue. Is for and it is to protect their identity. And I understand he's going to testify and we'll let the process unfold I. I'm struck for by the boldness of first sessions there perhaps not surprising. But then you have people like Andrew Yang who is your immigration room last week publicly wringing his hands over whether this is actually good idea to go down this pact are still a lot of annexed. Among between three candidates over this. There is there and they're all on board at this point including Yang and saying that the shooting impeachment inquiry but they don't know where the process lands and just an important piece of perspective just as a public service announcement you know DeVon about the baseball playoffs start tonight it's right there's going to be an entire other season. Add another playoffs and World Series after this one before next fall's election. So there's a lot of times it even if this plays out on this high minded Democrats are talking about by the end of the year in February or march. There's a lot of things are gonna happen after this drama plays out regardless of how it turns out. And that's why they're rushing to maybe get it under under the bus by the end of the year recliner always rich talk to you thanks for coming in released initiated. I impeachment has for some Democrats been a big money maker were starting to get the first sense of how much money. So those points when he presidential candidates hauled in in the third quarter. But let's take a look at some of these numbers here for third quarter totals so far the reporting deadline was yesterday. Some of the candidates have decided to publicly announce Bernie Sanders at least. And this early 224 hours after the deadline is on top of the charts here at 25 million dollars of the last three months that is. A big call for him of people to judge it down a little bit from the second quarter but still impressive nineteen million dollars Cory Booker. You may remember earlier this week announced he's gonna stand the race raised enough tint to meet his own mark their six million dollars in the third quarter sores all this mean let's bring in. Our two political mavericks your giant overhaul Rick. We'll speak any trouble and there's your covers the truck campaign guys great to see you seven lots talk we're here and Johnny went what do you make of of these numbers. I think right off the bat at you have to acknowledge and I think this is something that all of us sort of and often beginnings that. Pretty sooners is here to stand and that's an incredibly impressive number that you posted this morning the highest total of any democratic candidate. Thus far and I think it proves that you and he's still really has that that base of grass tree. It's keep unwanted change to know somebody who has been hanging out in the single digits at the polls. Holes in these impressive sums of money were orders are from. I that you can't under or understate how impressive it is the fact and this guy didn't have any malice to begin with was really kind of an unknown of the Democratic Party. Is raising he rich or fifteen million dollars this cycle today. Which you know is far more than you know sitting senators former governors you know people that have been in this race I think you know even though he's still down opposing this proves that he still has the resources to compete pretty foreign to. This thing and those three have met the new requirements obviously for the November debates the bargaining a little bit higher to meet those. What are you expecting to see from Andrew Yang someone who chest. The eked it out got an end it in the last round of debates he's talking to begin instructing some hints that he still going to be in the. For one that's right yesterday police said that his campaign that there are two million dollar goal for kind of the end of the quarter I think he'll be relishing an injury Angus somebody who's Candice is it was kind of -- online and is now coming into it into agent real life of a lecherous turning to get to know him. Through these first couple debates and I think his his numbers that this last quarter will be key in determining in a just how much staying power. Is he gonna have at we don't once we start to get people actually voting if and don't set February. Sorry it will stay can mean meantime the truck team. Also talking a big game when it comes to campaign cash this is the lifeblood of these campaigns and they severest fifteen million dollars in the past five days. Yeah actually in you have few days after an and symbolism of that announcements are treading that uses announcement about impeachment. Tom 50000 new donors what they're saying they got strictly after after that Nancy Pelosi thing and it's. They did that through a million dollar investment and on line and strictly FaceBook ads to get a million dollar ten mile IRC. East Eva. It into context for people a year all these numbers 101000000 and one million. Mean these are very significant sums this far out to be spending on after more than some Democrats were isn't a quarter. Yeah I'd and I think it shows just how much they think they can capitalize on this moment. I just talked of the campaign for an for a got on here and they're saying they view this is a positives impeachment push. And they see it in the numbers in the fundraising in the donors has had to do this senator concedes he forward push him in for impeachment they can they can capitalize on and so far it seems that Barack. There FEC numbers had never reported her. Or meaning is that we Sorrell wait for them to see how much the big number isn't. With the official farmers' debt big for them are mistaken thank you so much or trump came here report driver Holbrook is always our. Political guru of all the campaigns recovers Joseph Biden as well thank you so much guys were we don't know speaking of Joseph Biden we don't know. Joseph Biden's fundraising numbers just share for the quarter but we do know he's getting much more scrutiny. In this race right now in part. Because of his role in his place in this impeachment inquiry involving president trump. In the Ukraine those questions about his conduct as vice president and giving some Democrats a little bit of pause as they consider their front runner. If for more on this I want to bring clear Malone reporter with 538 just in the deep dive into the stated Joseph Biden's campaign she's joining us. From the road is she's reported also Mike muse this year. Our good friend like news from serious accident joins us from New York came might start with you Claire. And it your story is fascinating and here's the headline in the story it's Joseph Biden. Front runner. Question mark. What Fuller abilities have you uncovered there with Joseph Biden right now with which voters. Yeah to dishing that Joseph Biden is really quarter basis support comes from African American voters. And one thing that we watched over the summer. Is Joseph Biden kind of has his. Record and with race to get raped over and a lot of my piece was was trying to figure out what they're not support black community will hold. I think a lot of you know question marks our heads the headline a lot of question marks are rising especially as this. Hunter Biden Ukraine. Sure I'm the investigation into the skin folds. Even though cleared this little Adam. It's factual basis for those allegations that trump is making I'm Biden plus corruption in the news greeted me it's giving some voters pot so he's been a little bit more anemic in the in the polls lately and we seal is war nipping at his heels. So trying to figure out whether or not Joseph Biden who is around for president three times and X gold. And Mike muse you know as Claire was alluding to and it's it's written about in her piece. Bite his banked his candidacy time. The durability of support among African American voters especially in South Carolina and a you've spent some time down there. It is this pretty much sewn up for Joseph Biden among African American voters and is this is done at this stage if they haven't. This prime rivers have been peeled off O'Connell Harris Cory Booker I mean is it is pretty much yet. No nothing is guaranteed. Twins when he everything is still up in the air I don't think any demographic has really keyed in on who their candidate is going to be. But I would say though that the vice president Biden's position with academic community is really strong. I think you have to look at it in two particular segments and African American community. When the segments is now causing odors generation. And in the second one is the millennial Twitter verse of young African Americans. So the younger African Americans care a lot about digging into his past they care aloud about. What he represented Maine a really key in on is a crime bill. A lot of young act Americans really care about criminal justice protests is reform. The prison pipeline with reversing course than those scenarios they dig into his record they see trouble with that. Both the older generation though you see a split because they were there during that time they recognize the context what was happening in a crime bill. They also recognize that it just wasn't Joseph Biden who supporting it those also church community it was a black church leaders who support this crime bill with a black community who was also some horrendous crime bill. Is on the black community you know older. Had that history they have that context and they had an understanding of where we are then vs where we are now. The thing I have to ask abiding campaign is are they doing a good enough job and really bring in and the context of the history in what was going on around that time period in two of them black community was supporting it. And then winning and you are now two in dress. Criminal justice reform but I think the older community that bridge is his association with President Obama and that things are the Obama administration did to they do their best to curb criminal possesses in protest reform and we off. When a police commission. Yet and an all that concern all that history might that you talk about has been out there now it's been litigated in three debates could. Clare Maloney mean it'll what is it gonna take you raise some questions to talk what's in the yellow flashing lights potentially for the Biden campaign. With African American voters what he did did your reporting tell you about what might be enough. To break that that watershed of support. No one and it's interesting to watch Biden deal on the road is it kind of overcompensate. Almost four. The Crandall so when he speaks on the road he goes out of his way you talk abouts sentencing reform and his new criminal justice plan. And sometimes he talks about the crime bill. Almost so much that it obscures a lot of the issues the contemporary issues that I think a lot of young voters a lot of young black voters care about in general so you know. The school prison I'm his mansion but also things just about you know the minimum wage and the environment is kind of newer issues where I can. Biden and titans team. Q how big answered chip on their shoulder about the crime bill and about their petition that the end up talking about it quite a bit and I do think you see in the numbers that. That younger black voters don't have. A good feeling about about Joseph Biden now they're stronger. Around other Yahoo! groups in part I think probably because. The Obama connection. But I think Brighton in struggles with younger voters struggles to connect with them on some level. He's done a lot of just dwelling on his own history you. And I think that starts to make you look a little bit out of step with a lot of the changing ideas. Social justice at the parties discussing now. Really astute analysis it's a great piece 538 dot com. Front runner question mark by Claire Malone she's tough booking we're happy we got her day. Into her room Claire thanks a lot and I think she was always Mike muse great conversation guys think you so much thank you eat it. Our next today could Washington DC become the sex capital. Of the United States. That's a question that some people are asking after 3-D C council members. Have now proposed a bill to decriminalize sex work in the nation's capital to bill is called the community safety. And health amendment act between nineteen if it passes. They would make the district the only place in the United States outside of a few counties and in Nevada. Where prostitution and sex work are legal as you can imagine this a set up a pretty fierce debate a public hearing will be held next week. And a number of groups are raising questions about this today one of the advocates in that fight is here with us now he has mean. Boffo she is the executive director of rights for girls dot org he has me thinks common. It's great to see you pass a legal prostitution good idea. How I have so it's it's a frog question and I think one that is really complex. We're seeing legislation like this introduce not only in DC but in places like new York and elsewhere throughout the country under the guise of decriminalizing sex work. As you noted but I think what a lot of people fail to recognize is that in doing so we're actually legitimizing and legalizing the entire industry. So what this would do was actually repeal the laws against pimping and pandering purchasing sacks and brothel keeping which were concerned what actually fuel. Exploitation. A vulnerable community. You your organization right for girls that were very concerned about that advocates in this bill share your concerns of course it that they say that. This would allow for safer sex it would allow for some transparency. Allow women to come forward to regulate. The trade of course they say there would be protections against trafficking. But I was struck cut and in some reporting our time shines as senior producer here at any ABC news did some work on this EC found one victim of sex trafficking are supported. Did said that her pimp. Informed her that this was happening and was very excited about him and that's the sort of testimony that's got to trouble you. Absolutely I mean we do a lot of work with young survivors of the sex trade here locally as well as across the country. I'm through our partnership with Cortese house which is a survivor lunch program here in the district. We've heard from young survivors between the ages of nine to 24 many of them came to us because their traffickers told them about the legislation. We organize a closed door listening session with several members of the council under staffed to hear from these young people directly and they indicated that you know don't you think there's something wrong. If our traffickers are excited about discern fact planning. Around the passage of this legislation soon. A big debate ahead next weekend and indecent hope to have you back yes you apple with rights for girls got warmed uninteresting conversation to say the least thank you so much for coming in thanks for joining us here in the briefing her today on this Tuesday a packed show we I wish RO the 39 president of the United States are very happy birthday. I today Jimmy Carter turns 95 today he is now officially the oldest. Leaving former president in American history there is a salute to the sun a plane's Nobel Peace Prize winner and US Naval Academy graduate he's off. I in the coming days to Nashville to build some homes for habitat. For humanity. Happy birthday Jimmy Carter thanks for being here on Devin Dwyer Washington will be right back here 3:30 eastern time tomorrow. Everett after.

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