ANALYSIS: President Trump's first SOTU address

In a lengthy address, the president discussed several topics but can he get congress and the American people behind his rhetoric? ABC News' "Powerhouse Politics" team gives their analysis.
24:15 | 01/31/18

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Transcript for ANALYSIS: President Trump's first SOTU address
We're back to the hopped up up on Capitol Hill Billy had a the democratic response from congressman Joseph Kennedy 37 year old whose term congressman. Sort of a different responses of a contrast Democrats supported NAFTA don't come from Jordan River recliner political director terror on the area White House correspondent. A lot to. Attack tonight was a big night here at the foreign capital nobody wanna start. Bob I heading over to headquarters to Kenneth voting who's been tracking your reaction to social reaction as you watch it here on FaceBook. On We appreciate that glad you're with us tonight Kenneth. What was the reaction of social. DeVon I will say incredible reaction to the president's speech we thought on all sides. I'm positive and negative big night for the nation so no surprise. A lot of people jumped on social media on Twitter on FaceBook commenting about the president. First State of the Union Address the big headline I should tell you Twitter says. This was the most tweed has state of the union or joint session. Ever passing last year's record by at least three million of course there are concerns about fake accounts or bot. But for now live. Appear a lot of real people are talking and they were searching for the president's speech it's well if we got a Twitter right here but they a couple of steps back here I can show you that have been here she doubted offered to quickly president from. It Janet's speech discussing the devastating effects of hurricane RB but neglected tidbits in the impact that climate change. And pat on the severity and frequency of natural disasters what will it take for signs to be taken seriously. By the White House number of people sounded off about the president's environmental status and what he's had to say look reform the president's. We know the president it's in an outlined a plan or reform in the presence but. Josh your ass how about releasing marijuana related nonviolent drug. I've been says that's a good start we know President Obama commuted the sentences up thousands of low level offenders and drug offenders. President from. No such commutations from him on that point Jeff here overall. State of the union was pretty good and I'm proud of president rob nice work Mr. President. Hopefully we can see more of you like this so we thought from pop that it weeks. From trump supporters. We thought number I'm negative. Posts and tweets as well it's not likely because of the president is. Record low approval ratings but we're still doing some average accident we'll get some transfer Google through what with a big moments the big question. And a big issue people were talking about DeVon island within the back here. Right and I think so much thanks for Stan through the nights. We will come back Q&A little while guys. Ahead of the speech we knew that people will Google these searches. For health care immigration lot of emphasis on the topics that came out tonight. That we know we want to grow grow quickly to your reaction from the middle of the country down up here at the bar. Let's go out to honor devised out and now Washington university in Saint Louis she's beginning the temperature of a bunch of students out there. I'm not what are you here what are they like what they dislike. Hey had a lot of reaction here in the room they're all paying very close attention. To what the president had to say a lot of reaction we hat to the conversation or on immigration to these are some of the things. That mattered to a lot of the students here one of them was Ruth Bennett ribbon can join me here. We spoke before the president. And delivered his address he thank you gonna pay close attention to when he had to say about immigration and docket so what do you think about that. Oh I was really disappointed I think the rhetoric he used really inspired fear using grieving families. To pressure Favre ready rhesus immigration. Laws it's really disappointing and I think that congress has the it is hard line policies in order to. Fixed dock on lake he said originally helped streamers. They're all descendants from immigrants most of us except for native Americans sent. We've really disappointing it can unify the country is divided and more what about his plan for a pathway for citizenship or one point eight million people like to think. So I think it's important theater pathway for citizenship and I don't think that should be at the cost of building a wall there the other kind of policies like ending a diverse are you lottery I don't think that should be because I think got to be debates that we I'm. OK and this you know it just that's true we had a few. Students here where there is the diversity and opinion until Odyssey a lot of a discussion and some debate and then head over to the other side now walk with me now. You all these various seating options here at Washington University Blake joins us here and Blake thanks for joining me here. You mentioned immigration as something as important teacher you wanted to see tougher language when it comes to border security what you think about the president that well I thought a lot of pres. New trumps rhetoric with quite good I mean we definitely our nation with lots of immigrants but we are also a nation of laws. And definitely I think also we need to build a wall we need border security 'cause he was showing examples there are bad people coming into this country not on events are bad. But we just need to make sure that we can have that border security make sure our country safe and if we. Can come up with a compromise to the Democrats I am all for the cure anything new in there that made you think okay this is how this will move forward. I don't know I mean it's going to be I think it's going to be pretty rocky road ahead with Republicans and Democrats I'd like to see compromise you know we'll just have to see that happens. All right let's head back over to the other side of the cats are taking a little tour of Washington university's. Grew up here and I want to bring you and the conversation we're having early air. With Nicolaus and Nicholas he may have seen shopping your Twitter feed a few times to get he was sending a number of questions thank you for doing Matt. But there's one in particular the cop my attention and it was not about what we did hear the president say but what we didn't hear him say what was that question you contended laboratory. So are members are it was what will president trump have to say about the need to movement. Now as we all know me to movement capped off an October. Very important for women's rights for human rights for human dignity court not even to be referenced. In the state of the union speech is disrespecting to all of humanity. Got held up that back to you. Right on the net is an important question hold that thought we want to take that question but we're. Joined now quickly we want to go to them they were in the room here in the capital our senior. Congressional correspondent Mary Bruce chief White House correspondent Jonathan Karl there they are hey guys. Greetings from the hawk and dove across town. Let's. Usually action. That was done lately. To act because first we want to get to business in you guy's gonna have fun. You can cook you can you can look to leaders of the bustling guys the looted the lights are still honors along prominent moderately over the years. This action we went out but I don't you ask. Talk about what but the one thing that's taught us we just. It is the fact that speed would. Addresses. History they wig on and on and on and on any weren't derailment it was it seemed like the most divided audience. At least we've seen a very long time meaning you're just eating ready a positive giving me notes the most divided congress he's talked in awhile but. That room not exactly warm reception on those that's. You always see the left side right outside the partisan applause but this was tempered leave for Washington this week the Democrats. Were almost in this state of silent protest. Either grimacing or expressionless. Seated even to those lines about unity and we can win together and America's parade. They were they were letting it known they were not happy to be severely that he was president and then Mary I'm telling you when that's being chanted. They were in line and yet he is we're standing here guys in Statuary Hall are ever on right now it's giant traffic jam it ever on trying to leave the capital but man the Democrats just race. Madigan. The president was still worked his way down from these days coming down. And half of the chamber was completely empty. It more than a few Republicans. Look it was late OK we have Good Morning America in the morning went on what what's going on back there. Well we're gonna try to keep you as long as possible that have you got hit. I have come and join us we'll drink more than water and it's. But not. What are you doing any drinking re doing any drinking game now. Perfect for the speed surely won't won't what was Rick don't. Jon Karl Lee Lewis probably would. Hide your reading a lot more we'll reveal its response that's it nothing's gonna have problems right probably what was your take him. Congressman Kennedy Mary. What keeps track record of these speeches don't wait that they can really we've seen them go. Bringing down a pretty quickly got through it relatively unscathed I mean. The these speeches can really sort of squelch your career catapult it and the stakes are high for Kennedy. You know. Beyond just his last name any like most gorgeous to give this beach is a rising star in young dynamic. He checks a lot of boxes for the Democratic Party don't doesn't want to know he's not one of the Democrats eyeing a run it. Into money to money which yeah. Many in this BJ's received but I think it was also important for Democrats tale yeah. Yeah to have someone could represent the party but not easy to somebody trying to wrap up an adult. Yeah he's he's impressive he's one of the most impressive but Democrats I think in congress right now he's certainly the is somebody that. Almost anybody you talk to here in the democratic side and tell you this guy's got a future whether it means a run for governor of Massachusetts. Or or for the senate or beyond and it's a brutal assignments and absolutely. Brutal assignment but I thought it pretty good job. Yeah pulled it off again. John before we let you go you're one of the best political minds in town but to. Look in your crystal ball rickets and an excellent combat related but it's true. Where we're just now the time I don't know from. A by the way you should check these two guys out on powerhouse politics podcast. If you don't go to apple iTunes subscribed leave your feedback to. We'll take it isn't so it might have gotten so much for that cracked pipeline and for that that's Kate. That's right back you collect let kids know like I Java or yogurt give a supreme where where where does this go from here for the president. The next few days out terms of their strategy how is he you know latest. Well I thought that one of the more troubling indicators of this was the section on immigration. Which was the section that actually got. A couple of rounds of the he's with democratic support there was no indication the chamber tonight. There is any receptivity whatsoever on the democratic side of the aisle for his proposals on immigration. So I think that's going to be a very happy left but. You know the Democrats blew it with the shutdown so I think we're at we have another. Now we want that there's another chance to reduce damage another shutdown looming next Thursday they can't somehow work this out as part of a spending Bill Clinton President Obama. Shut them down a nightly news in other in a little. Dribble in this ball down the field another another continuing resolution but. The president outlined his proposals here he called the fair compromise. Not exactly how Democrats in not exactly how even many Republicans did I want top Democrat or do you want top Republican the other day tell me that. If they eat they are close to a bipartisan deal if they are in right now is being held together. Nice things. Spent while they help and I'm not. Chief White House correspondent then Jonathan Karl our senior congressional correspondent rivers you guys go get your beauty sleep. We'll see you tomorrow. Good luck we'll be hang in every change your mind art come back over. Makes passengers. We reliable pick up where we left off now with Tom and Abbas are esteemed colleague out in in the middle the country out of Washington today university Saint Louis. She was meeting with a group of students there and Tera one of the students just before reading jumped over to the chamber has asked a question about how the president. Was going to address the meat to movement in his speech. There certainly was it. They explicit mention of the meets your movement but he sort of alluded to. It apps. He alluded to the fact that all Americans have rights and that you know that's about your color your gender your relay Jiang. This is in the beginning of the speech when he was really painting these. Broad strokes about patriotic and really quite generalists. Types of add a talk about you know a lot of language that's in our constitution that's on our dollar Melvin. You know those are are really really broad. Topics and things that you would expect god. People clap for Democrats at least an epidemic kind of uncomfortable situation tell he really got down to the policy nitty gritty specifically immigration and then dealing. For the National Anthem and doesn't really divisive partisan issues but before that it was pretty broad meat soup trip does never address me to. Eat eat comes under fire when that happened and he endorsed Roy Moore who was a candidate in Alabama who is accused of molesting girls as young as fourteen so do we really think that he's going to suddenly be you know spearheading the need to sit out some. I think you'd use me to was the resistance and I think he used as a motivating tool on the on the democratic side even though there's been bipartisan issues that have. Washington Mutual but he was asked the other day by piers Morgan if he's a feminist and he said no I'm not like man I like when I like also meant that I quite liked it. Advocates for everyone it's I feel like it's not comfortable position for him to be put in and again there are part bipartisan piece is that but you wouldn't expect him to talk that way that's not that's not the home. The big picture would seek a step back now. I think you can get pretty good marks for that speech president. It's good to keeping his teleprompter speeches sort of beating the moment. Rick the Democrats were not bind India. I think he put forward any compelling vision of the presidency it's just not necessarily his presidency. He was almost asked for racial this is the presidency that he would like to put forward you'd like to be representing this is how he'd like to do the job he isn't don't know how he's actually done the job which is the point that Democrat. That's me. And I think towers right quickly either a lot of lies in this that it was it was difficult for Democrats it's a sit on their hands or because you talk about these broad strokes of patriotism and the lack. Yes that that Democrats and Republicans reached an agreement that they don't really does present they don't it is handling of these issues. NBC a speech like this in a match up against the actions of the last year and they say wait a second this just does not. And what was the computing out at wash you are meant to. He did did the rhetoric resonate with students there the president sort of did meet. That. Standard he set from south about being optimistic being forward looking. I think by any objective measure that was certainly a theme of the speech. That's right and there were actually a lot of folks in the room here said that the we what they wanted to hear was a unifying message. We're gonna get to that in just the second and fifth wanna check back in with some only talk to. Before the president even had a chance to speak that was last seen you met her before the president's speech it was. I'm really personal stories shared with us about the fact that your father had been in an accident he wanted to hear a plan from president counseling looking to how we can mitigate. Health care caught. Did you hear anything keeping open. I didn't hear anything that gave me concrete Hulk. He discussed how it let elimination of the individual mandate was Elaine for the Republicans in turn mean McCain's. Completely avoiding the fact that is going to raise gas prices in premium pricing is. He's gained began incidents acts how it's going to be a priority phrase administration to lower drug pricing is without following that up with a concretely and and also knowing the fact that much of his contributions come from pharmaceutical companies. And sell its less likely that he'll be able to negotiate an act has disappointed because I didn't see any concrete reform or hope for my team. And sitting right next to you here is Tyler course in Tyler you mentioned at the very top. Tolling mattered to you he wanted to hear the president speak to all Americans not just his eighth. What he didn't deliver you know bioethics well I think for. From what we mostly solace I talked in the you know very broad sentiments right and I'm not sure that's very helpful. And I think that. And like part of his speeches and words simply about. Sort of playing craps first base so I really am not confident that comes you'll be able to move forward from here that I think we're this yeah a lot of the same partisanship. The same could lock that if seen in the past year. Am not. A lot of hope in the room only ticket creek also the group guise of hands up if you thought it was the unifying message today. Any bad anybody. There you have it back in the view from right here at Washington University. In Saint Louis miss Mary thanks solid you guys for having us here by the way and the act he in DC. I'm thank you so much and thanks to the whole crew out there is great through their perspective an interest in here there at the end. We're concerned that their view is that this was in many ways a divisive speech. There were certainly some lines that are guy catching fire on Twitter right now that. All Americans many Americans are dreamers of references jab to force the dreamers I think you've been talking about. Let's go back to cannot and Kenneth moan over at the ABC news headquarters she's tracking. All of the social media trends right now I'm sure he's seen some of those lines and scenes in the speech that are popping Kenneth what what he's seen are now. Devin we just got some new numbers some new information after. Hot off the presses the Twitter and Google look behind me here you can see the top search State of the Union Address. According to our friends over Goebel he got pushed down there at 2006 Obama when he fifteen Obama 2011 Obama 28 and and then president prop 28 team a lot of people supporters. And critic for the president. Online tonight Google going on we also saw one point one of the Google Trends. Was back checking people want to fact check this president. Which is also no surprise that sometimes we can from the political rhetoric rhetoric that goes back and forth on some of the issues that people wanna check paid I don't that the new numbers then here on are we off my phone from Twitter four point five. Million tweets. Making this one of the most or the most tweeted about State of the Union Address those. In history. And some of the top moments we're seeing right here bodice. We'll saying we stand for the national an anthem with number one number two the president discussing immigration reform proposals. Number three the president discussing. And that's a thirteen weeks often tweets about that as well as people talked about the president's immigration policies saying that. It felt he only really talked about the negative thought. Groups like him a thirteen. On to talk much about more about the dreamers. As we looking toward that deadline for those hundreds of thousands of young immigrants those undocumented immigrants who are at risk of deportation. After march 5 after they were brought this country illegally as children take a look behind me here we've got you're gonna hear who says. On Twitter are all in all a good bet but not anything too much or permits a good speech but not in eating too much unexpected. People were also looking for more specifics they were looking for. I'm by the Democrats who came when the president Mitt send what he likes to call chain migration the president. The Fed something that he often says when it comes to refer to chain migration that. People were able to blame anyone they want who they might be might be a distant cousin with a related to and to the country. On if by their M a grant. That's not Bakley. A factor correct so this person called out Democrats for Boeing says some liken it to when Republicans. Republican yelled out. You know a liar to President Obama during his State of the Union Address so. To some sights and sounds from what we're hearing on Twitter DeVon immigrants and. I kept on thanks so much for stand on an all night over there to some news headquarters appreciated very much and guys. This was a big moment for the president just about things up a little bit his first State of the Union Address. It was a moment of incredible consequences and vice witnessed when he eighteen looming on the horizon Tara. Give me your bottom line would this mean for president from. I the part of the speech that was the most memorable and and that that the part of it that actually. I think a lot of viewers looking equate it maybe aren't less politically minded it how. Touching the stories were and that gas and how well they were woven into and I think. Listening to this story about that the two girls in the MS thirteen I mean he's not lower the billing MS thirteen at home and I mean those stories are extremely powerful. At and his address to congress last year. I would say that Karen L in the wife of the navy seal she really stole the show that was the most emotionally touching. Part of this story now did he win over the Democrats know but I think he he probably you know. Ate bit really advocated for those issues in a way that was really powerful that the gas. I was struck by. How much is a strong thing from we hear about it on the timing even in this formal setting. The president's has come too late in life. He he met the moment tonight let is so empty and many Democrats not embracing be called this bipartisanship. He has the rhetoric really not ringing true about being president for all Americans and in mind what we heard here tonight heard out in Saint Louis. I think it speaks of the challenges that he's increasing Hedrick. Not only in the next nine days when they need get on the government income revealed immigration and obviously. For those midterm election. What you saw is what she wanted to see in the president tonight and I think all of the contradictions in the contradictory impulses of the president Ron display. Is he uniter or is it divider what we've seen both sides of him we've heard all sides and even his attempts at unity I think showed a lot of division tonight. And I think ultimately. On both sides to my mind are happy with what they're doing right now. That's that's a stark statement about the divisions in this country that you had one side of the I'll standing up and applauding and looking and hollering. For president has been is that isn't as he's being the other side even when there were attempts at unity. Uncomfortable with applauding it because of the other extremist actions of this moment is up its applause not a pivot. I don't know that we're gonna be remembering this tone for much longer in the speech lasted itself to won't speech we should say besides I I think it. It'll be remembered as the moment that that crystallized the divisions in this country because the president was trying to seek different tone and I don't think that tone is gonna have begun to recede and anyway. We'll see if the president in effect tone tomorrow morning and beyond on Twitter horses favorite way. And it messaging through we'll see when you sell it happened last year. Of course you can follow all of us on Twitter and you should follow us on Twitter at her client at seven water at her home here it was really appreciate you joining us. Odd ABC news digital platform sedate FaceBook. Twitter declined as there all the time to roku box. Xbox. All of the above subscribe for updates to download the ABC news asked. The best way to stay up of us watch our live coverage. I of course a night like tonight if those fat checks were doing them for you we have a team tonight it is compiling the facts. Still at this hour I think they're up to over it doesn't factor exit things the president said go to Check out the fact check. I get up to speed big banks for a whole crew here poll from an outcome for a warm up in New York City our posts here at the hawk and dove up on Capitol Hill Washington. For Rick Klein political directed her primary or White House correspondent on Devin Dwyer. Thank you so much for watching we'll see you next time.

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