Anchor Jorge Ramos Tossed From Donald Trump Event

Trump told Ramos to "go back to Univision" during the event in Iowa. Ramos works for Univision and ABC's sister station Fusion.
7:19 | 08/26/15

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Transcript for Anchor Jorge Ramos Tossed From Donald Trump Event
Okay lose next yet please. Excuse me since January call to down sit down sit down. Go ahead. Myriad out you have meant called. Go back to Univision. Go ahead but. Go ahead. You. Well all. It's a down blues. You weren't called. Well I. Yes go ahead. Like you guessed. Yes. Absolutely that absolute good to have you back. And you brought. I or that you. You. In it is children. You cannot do what you say that. Well a lot of people think known excuse me. A lot of people don't know but a lot of people think that's right that an act of congress can do it now it's possibly going to be have to be tested in courts. But a lot of people think that. If you come and you're on the other side of the but I'm not talking about Max somebody. On the other side of the border. A woman is getting ready to have a baby she crosses the border for one day has the baby all of a sudden. For the next eight years hopefully longer but for the next eighty years we have to take care of the people I don't think this no no no like I don't think so. Excuse me some of the greatest legal scholars and I know some of this television scholars agree with you but some of the great legal scholars. Agree that that's not true that if you come across tease me it just 12. And I am answer if you come across the one day one day he have a baby. Now the baby is gonna be an American citizen Derek greatly if she's been there a great legal scholars. The top that say that's absolutely wrong going to be tested it okay. Oh. Well the very easy on the builder. It's easy idle buildings that in 94. Catch and what's more complicated. What's more complicated is building the building it's 95 stories full. What. I don't think a lot of people don't think so. I don't believe that. I don't believe it. And the drugs come I see him try to have pictures have everything crawling over the fences. Which are by the way this guy I mean you up fences that are not as follows I am. Coming by many different ways spoke but the primary way that coming is being right through. Right past our border patrols who by the way a tremendous people and they can do the job but they're told not. Go to jail ready. McKay that was edited in a very humane fashion believe me I have a bigger heart than you do. You're never human finish in the one thing we're going to do. More. It. The one thing we're going to start it immediately. But the gangs and the real that would that you do agree there's some bad you can argue that everywhere it's just perfect. Not guided I'd ask you question do you agree with that we have tremendous crime we have tremendous prop. This I can't I can't do listen we have tremendous crime. We have tremendously. We have some very dad was and I think you would agree right. There are lot of that it's real it's good you know they looked at some of the gang's hit me. I looked at some of the gangs in Baltimore looked at some of the gangs in Chicago they look even in Ferguson and get some rough. Illegal immigrants in this game again that you might have I send them out. Now they come from Mexico do you mind of its in the back to Mexico now do you mind if I send them back to Max. Okay those people out there going to be up so fast she had lost right the rest we're going to do in remember you used the word illegal immigrants. Get what you should use because that's what the definitions. Okay. Well when they crossed the border from a legal standpoint it illegal immigrant when they don't have to pay. And I want to make it possible and I think you'll like this just deport you know like I want these people good people I want him to come back. And I want them to get documentation and get so they become legal. It's going to you know what's called management so you're not used to that matters because you you're always talking about government. God let me just say wait wait likely government. He's incompetent. Guys like bush. And some others that I won't name there weren't competent people they don't. They don't have. I agree they can't do but I'm a great manager and automatic thing I hire unbelievable people. When I look at the vets when I look at that the excuse me when I look at the VA we spend billions of dollars and people are treated horrible okay currently. That'll work mate what we're doing here will way and we want to get good people back and and also let me just tell you. I've given you specifics I've given used great management and they can hopefully come back in person OK another question. What. Go ahead art. I think shot because I'm their bring jobs back. If global community well that. How much of my suing Univision for right now I'm not ducked you know the number and an autonomy. Tell me you know the number you know you're part of the lawsuit how much in my suing Univision. Wait wait. 500 million. And they're very concerned about it that under I'm very good at this. You know. I don't think I will nationwide. I haven't even started. You got. You know how many Latinos. And won't won't go out and do. You're not an elected as work you know how many Hispanics are working okay. Let me. Let me you're not many Hispanics work from thousands Q how many have worked for me over the years tens of tests. Here's what happens. Once I win. If you're there to see things happen. You know what they want they want jobs that's what they want in Nevada did you see the poll of the Hispanics in the state of Nevada did you see that excuse me. Big Hispanic population. I wipe everybody yeah Hispanic and I won the Paul. She is not duck in each token the only poll I saw the one that came out which was in the state of Nevada. I wiped everybody. I want to talk with us that you said. Right did you did you see it wait did you see it. OK he's an honest guy now I liked him I'll get you and I will talk about what we're going to be talking a lot over the years. Well we well OK thank you everybody.

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{"duration":"7:19","description":"Trump told Ramos to \"go back to Univision\" during the event in Iowa. Ramos works for Univision and ABC's sister station Fusion.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/Politics","id":"33319167","title":"Anchor Jorge Ramos Tossed From Donald Trump Event","url":"/Politics/video/anchor-jorge-ramos-tossed-donald-trump-event-33319167"}